: Why not Taric?
He gets kited, Mana problems, Low heal, Ult time is hard to use jg taric is really good though
Tomosima (EUNE)
: Reasons season 7 is trash: Its a continuation on season 6
Did you enjoy getting oneshot by a nid spear when she was op
: "Fizz has level 1 poke." This is by far the stupidest thing I have heard about fizz. AND i have heard a LOT of stupid things about him.
: Can't be an official skin for the same reasons we can't have a Mario & Yoshi skin for Kled. {{champion:240}} Them big city corporations is just too damn touchy with they's "int'lectual property" to let us have what we want. Property ain't int'lectial, property's the land under your feet, and the tresspassers yer lizard eats!
xxXX0XXxx (EUW)
: Silver 5 Elo Ranked Help
{{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:51}} got me out of s5 and s4 it's my personal preference on adcs but Cait and jinx scale hard and people in silver just don't understand how to counter Kalista, also because the BOTRK changes they were op BUT thats's probably gonna get nerfed. Personally I barely see a {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:110}} do that great in Silver
Wanfear (NA)
: Fizz needs a base damage nerf
The problem I have with him is he can poke level 1 when you're under tower and escape for free. Other champions that can block tower shots have less mobility {{champion:80}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:238}} and they usually have their invulnerability mechanic on their ult. I remember onetime I played against fizz top with thunder-lords and he was able to do 75% of my health at level 1 while I was playing a tank. From my experience going against a good Fizz is hell but I guess I just don't know how to outplay him.
: Why do people care about ranks so much?
: How about something like a VO pack. It changes Kled's lines for the Sir Kled skin so he quotes Don Quixote! ######I'm not serious.
All I can remember from that movie is the part with the windmill
: Same age as ekko. He is just REALLY stressed.
I always thought Ekko's hair was an effect of time travel or it's just a hair dye thing.
MrMalrin (NA)
: Annie drawn by my 13 yr old daughter
This is really impressive for digital art like for real all i can draw on ms-paint is a stick figure
Derpyon (NA)
: Rakan and Xayah have so many skin themes to explore, and here are some of mine
Rioter Comments
: Gonna main Orianna any tips?
My favorite thing to do is wait till enemy is all grouped ult on yourself THEN flash into all of them; if you time it correctly you can ult all 5
  Rioter Comments
: Who's a champ that you want to see reworked?
{{champion:92}} Used to main her, Her ult is kinda boring
: Heres a thought
Himer?? I haven't seen a Himer nerf thread since S5
: Pick My Main(s)?
{{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:222}}
: Name or list a champion with the most boring kit currently
{{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:32}} boring-->kinda boring but not really boring
: Double RP?
Where did you see this?
: Not too sure about Janna think she's a bit more upscaled in her lores
Yeah that's true her q and ult match very well though
Sw4g3tti (EUNE)
: Champions whose kits match 100% with their lore
{{champion:114}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:40}}
Bultz (NA)
: what if star guardian Ezreal is like based off of dbz and not sailor moon
We really need skins for classic sh┼Źnen animes
Sciela (NA)
: Give me a main for each role.
Riven for top Kalista or jinx adc Kata mid bard support elise top
Skorch (NA)
: RGM Idea: All moves are Global
No one would like that, everyone would just sit in base and attack each other doing nothing like the Xerath bug.
: Rakan's ult tweak
Yeah let's make his ult a faster Sion ult that can be controlled by the player on tight turns and also give Rakan a Karthus ult on q. Maybe add in a kayle ult on 1 second cd on e it would make him really fun and cool!!!!111
: the minions just walk over them but god forbid one gets covered up and u step over it. bye half hp!!!!
Then just remember where it is and don't step on it
: As an ADC Nautilus Ult is instant death
: can someone put a picture of it or something riots shit website lags my computer when they do stupid shit like that
Nothing is there it's just the old page.....
: If its not too late, may I offer my suggestion for AngelBlade Riven?
Long cloth would work so weird on her but maybe not really sure how the concept will turn out other than the wings
: https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.gyazo.com%2Fa0b2ed422ddd7b8fbc6c574c4a863819.png&key=a45e967db0914c7fb472fd4381e6c85b&width=425 oh yeah, adc are so weak which is why challenger adc mains think they're strong
Elstir (EUW)
: Wow ty Riot!!! :D
I've gotten 2 Dunkmaster Darius skins from Hextech Crafting so i got one and then disenchanted the other and now I have so much essence
: In Alpha. ######also, content releases tend to be staggered through the patch, not all at once
Took me a minute to get the joke lol :P
: The entire ranked progression system needs to be reworked.
Looking at your match history; I wouldn't play Rakan until maybe Monday or people don't understand anything he does.
: The Riven one is a lie. They buffed her health regen a while back. It is average now
: Mao's W speed is a BUG, not a feature
I like it to be slow it's cooler and has counterplay
Lyseth (NA)
: Leblanc's snare radius feels a bit one sided.
{{champion:10}} only takes no damage she isn't un-targetable
samco ludi (EUNE)
: Champions without mana and energy
Riven has one of the lowest health regens in the game but she has alot of movement and shield, Katarina has no cc and is squishy and has the movement, Garen has no cc and no dash but he is tank. They are all no mana but they have things that make them balanced.
: Good question. But more importantly, why are my mana costs so high? http://www.auplod.com/u/pdolua802d6.png
Jeez ikr e is at a good cost since it's very important but w and q are WAYYY too much
Nostormo (EUNE)
: Uses 300 second cooldown Summoner Spell. "kill him for free" Yeah, and the circlejerk is already emerging. Surely his W is useless. Because all champs have 500+ MS just like that. It's not fair to him. Because point-click dash+root was. I'll just move and suddenly he's fucked. Because he's not a tank with defense, small direct disengage and decent indirect disengage and other 2 basic abilities. I'll flash out of it and fuck him up for free, because 300 second cooldown doesn't mean anything today.
{{champion:55}} It's {{champion:103}} not {{champion:38}} like {{champion:164}} flash {{champion:23}} matters
Rioter Comments
: It's surprising that Riot reduced the health pool of Poros by 99%, but the real question is...
: Tower Glitch URGENT
That's so creepy, I've also had some problems this patch one of them was when I spawned as Ivern I was halfway underground. lol.
: You're mistaken, it's one of the best. Sorry for the confusion!
It's pretty good. Just a old skin; If she ever gets an art change i'd be really happy because I own it. https://i.gyazo.com/a5695ddc230be0d63bd51ac3cdc6e00a.png Pix is really my pet peeve about the skin though bc I use low graphics and the texture on Pix is too blurry.
: Maokai's W is slow af now
I can't wait for Maokai top to w me and then flash into my tower and kill him for free lol
: practice mode
Lugg (NA)
: I actually like the fact that he can't do those things, it gives him real counterplay. Plus it makes it risky to blind pick him.
Yeah basically his only counters are champions that can hop inside of the the stars. With the q being able to detonate inside he would basically have no counter.
: Just me or do the new Dark Star Skins look... Bad
Orianna's skin personally I don't find that great. I feel like the only thing she fits the theme with is her ball because she's not smooth and sleek enough imo good skin just on the wrong champ
Ralanr (NA)
: Which spell?
The mini bad hydra one, its basically just a {{item:3025}} procer
Ralanr (NA)
: Respectfully I disagree. He's basically an ult bot that doesn't have much visible impact when he's not ulting. Yeah he can slow your AS to a crawl, but rarely does it feel appreciated whenever I'm with one.
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