Wannawiz (NA)
: Champions like Velkoz
{{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:134}} are the champs that come to mind
: Is Feast or Famine Gameplay Healthy on Assassins?
: lol i have arcade and thank you for the reply i think i might go practice this. also why specifically ghostblade first? dont you need the 20% cdr from black cleaver?
Black cleaver isnt very great anymore duo to it's buildpath
: Understanding How to play Riven
1. You usually don't need the fast combo (q auto move q auto move q auto move) for much, or atleast I don't. Just auto in between each q, you don't need to move. 2. Use your e before your first cast of your ultimate to cancel the animation. 3. You can use your r then flash, this is kinda like lux's q flash or ahri's charm flash. 4. You can click hydra then w right after to make them go at the same time. 5. Go ghostblade first. 6. I usually always use e to cancel my r when chasing or engaging. 7. The best skin is Arcade
: Another suggestion for Angel Blade Riven
I realized this but, I really didn't want to say it because I felt like I would have been downvoted. The skin wasn't really what I expected, I thought of it to look more like Kayle. I really like this skin and I might buy it if it's 945 but if it isn't ill just stick to Arcade or Championship
: TBT when ____ was banned constantly
{{champion:245}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:74}} all from their respective times
kasfas (NA)
: Which tanks are up next to be buffed?
Taric needs a mana buff badly on his q and w
: If you're that much in "elo hell", you should consider running tp. I don't think everyone in your team is trash, but if you can give them some early kills it's pretty useful.
It's really hard to get an advantage without ignite on Riven from what I've experienced but I'll try.
: It depends on your playstyle - are you pushing a lot, or mostly sticking with your team? Are you defending your adc, or assassinating theirs? Your playstyle makes a much bigger difference than the champ you're playing.
So I should be playing more defensively and sticking with the team?
Rioter Comments
: Counterplay to garden top
Try not to have a Leona on your team, her sunlight spells will help the garden grow. I would suggest using Brand because his fire can wither away the plants top.
: No, having multiple accounts is not against the rules. Why would it be?
It creates a toxic gameplay environment for the low elo players
: In contrast to the 10 man ban system, Rather than banning a champion how about instead is a handicap
That would be kinda biased poorly toward all the hyper carry and adc champions. No one would ban tanks and supports anymore because they don't deal much damage but people will only ban assassins, skirmishers, and adcs.
: When your in promos does it purposly place you with lower ranked or even unranked people more?
Probably yeah, I can just tell even without looking at rank it seems to put you with players that are on a lose streak
KoKoboto (NA)
: Daily Reminder that Pengquinn is still not a thing yet
Rioter Comments
: You Guys Ever Realize That You've Been Playing The Champion Wrong?
Until about 100 games on her I though Riven was more like a juggernaut than a skirmisher.
: While I welcome the cait nerfs, I wish riot did this
The problem is there the only strat that would work on her after that would be where the player places traps around the enemy tower and block it off, which in my opinion is worse.
: Akali hit level 6
Abuse her pre 6 and then play safe she's like assassin trynd but for early instead of lategame, you kinda already explained that in your title but ok
stun=/=sustain and alot of other champions also have abilities that do more than smite
: Can Diana get sustain in her passive like akali?
I feel like she's kinda like Lux comparing the mage rework to the diver rework. I really don't think she will be in the Diver rework but I agree she is kinda weak compared to the other assassins. Just a idea I thought of (I don't play Diana much) but it could be cool if she got a heal for hitting the w things.
: Do you build crit or lethality on Miss fortune.
Crit does more damage on Q and autos then lethality. Lethality does more on the ult then crit. It's a preference I think but most people say crit is alot better
Lakrosin (NA)
: But Super Smash Brother's Melee tier list never changed. Never. Winrates never changed. Never. Nothing new was ever discovered. Never. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: ive seen this happen about 50 times even in diamond elo. they see the enemy jungler and mid get in position to 4 man dive and yet they stay so that when they die they can type "adc in 2k17" or "wheres my help" knowing damn well the top has no tp and the mid has just recalled. just . leave. thats it. if you know you're going to die, how about you dont do whats goign to get you killed? edit: this coming from a moron who stays even when he sees the jungler walking top thinking he can survive the turret dive but is always corrected by his death. working on it.
Same with Silver people stay under tower when the Mid and Jg are coming down but it's from just bad awareness. I do it sometimes too.
: Bronze tips
Personally I thought Bronze had alot better matchmaking then Silver. There's more smurfs in Silver, More new accounts, More trolls, More people and the attitude is really different from what I've experienced. Most people try to copy the pros, playing highly intensive champions, using new Korean strategies and ALOT more of that one mistake = gg attitude; the worst I've seen is people opening their lanes because the enemy takes a objective. Oh yeah, there's also alot of fighting. People start out with "hey don't do that" and it devolves into throwing slurs, standing afk writing a whole paragraph and the throwing. I would rather be in bronze than silver if it weren't for the "ranked status" This post has some pretty good tips though.
: What do you do when 4 people dive bottom tower?
Pray support protects you and instead of walking back to dodge just walk to the side or flash? Usually what I see is people walk back and that's basically a death sentence btw riot please make janna shield focus champions under tower instead of the tower
YambrinZ (NA)
: I agree, wasnt too fun to me, but im bad at the game so that may be biased :p
It was really one sided when I played it. All 3 people on my team were still kinda confused what to do and 2 other guys on the enemy team the same but the other guy just carried on the enemy team. It would be nice if there was more instructions imo
: Star Guardian Ezreal is not funny to anyone over 15 years of age
It's not meant to be a joke though, and the skin isn't even out or confirmed yet.
: What's With This Bird Skeleton?
It's actually really interesting not sure if it's a art choice or a actual Easter egg but, Gnars skull is larger and Xayah and Rakan's skulls are alot smaller hinting that the animal that this skull is from evolved over a long course.
Ralanr (NA)
: Can more supports have mana scalings?
SickAnto (EUW)
: {{champion:22}} If is still canon, the original color of her hair was blond(Freljord Ashe skin) They have become white probably after taking the bow of Avarosa. So is magic. {{champion:164}} She is 80-90 years old, so is normal. {{champion:131}} In her Lore is just said was originally with sable hair and after become the Aspect they changed. So yeah, magic. Oh, even the color of the eyes have changed: before they were violet. {{champion:245}} dyed hair. {{champion:114}} I think the tuft is dyed {{champion:40}} Is a natural colour, peolpe with this type of hair exist. {{champion:222}} dyed hair. {{champion:55}} I think is natural, doubt is dyed. {{champion:7}} Magic? Don't know but she is very old. {{champion:127}} Like Ashe but different: she become Iceborn and so their hair changed. {{champion:21}} Blonde hair but become red for the blood of her mother...in real life is possible? {{champion:25}} If Morgana Exiled is still canon, then the hair changed with magic: from blond to purple. {{champion:133}} Natural, she did not have any contacts with magic. {{champion:92}} I think is natural, but it can also be her runic sword. {{champion:113}} Like Janna, is a possible natural hair. {{champion:37}} Maybe she dyed the hair...if you see the end, they are blond. {{champion:134}} They are too white to be natural and Ionia is the place with a lot of magic influence. {{champion:110}} Become white after take the bow, i'm sure of this. {{champion:254}} dyed hair. {{champion:8}} Natural? Idk. {{champion:83}} It has become a kind of non-dead guy...magic! {{champion:26}} Uuuuuh...magic! I excluded magic creatures like Vastaya and Yordle, because their are magic and who care about logic. :T Did I already say magic? No...because...MAGIC!
{{champion:164}} Hair is because of her old age {{champion:92}} Is probably because of the chemicals during the Ionia invasion
: PSA Kat x Garen...
Talon is better husbandu
: It shows a lot about gameplay where I can type up a reasonable analysis of Darius and his flaws and get over 30 downvotes in total but this is fine
: Some love for Heimerdinger?
Hazmat heimer chroma could be very nice too
: Which champ has your favorite voiceover?
Super Galaxy Rumble and Star Guardian Jinx if skins count but {{champion:150}} is prob my favorite VO because I can just imagine someone making high pitched grunting noises in the Riot HQ
: We need a champion that says "Damn she thicc" as an interaction with Karma, Syndra, and Illaoi.
: The Most Powerful Chempion
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Skarner Skin concept!
Soraka main gets Skarner ulted and attacked by a Caitlyn and Vi
: Nerf the healing effects of spirit visage
Hidden op on karma everyone in the game says "lol why are you building tank karma" until they see you use empowered w and heal half your health
: > [{quoted}](name=cinomenapplebae,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xos5fv80,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-06T17:17:42.056+0000) > > It was really annoying at first but I got the hang of it later on it just feels normal since i've had it for like 5 months now I've had this client since the alpha stage and soon as it went out of beta i just stopped using this client and stuck with the legacy one. Getting better at having to put up with the client. Its running fine but it always slows down on Blind Pick's lobby same as the old client. Its alot faster with hextech crafting than the older client.
Yeah there's alot of problems ex. laggy, sometimes crashes, sometimes the role circle stays when you exit but, It looks alot better and the playbase will prob grow because of the nicer aesthetics. also sometimes i get sad thinking about the old orange shop bar on the legacy client
: Caitlin has been the most oprressive ADC since season 4 and nothing has been done about it
She wasn't that great in S5 until near the end if i remember correctly it was mostly the {{item:3094}} meta and {{champion:67}} was really good
: I feel so stupid for failing to pick or ban champions in draft mode now.
It was really annoying at first but I got the hang of it later on it just feels normal since i've had it for like 5 months now
: Why not just make Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank a good behavior reward instead of wasting them?
: Is there a reason we don't have a anti-ranged top item?
an item with an active that's the opposite of {{item:3152}} where it pulls a champion in could be really cool but balance wise it would be a disaster
: Winning games makes you less toxic : FACT
Doozku (NA)
: Why the Ryze Rework Failed, and what Riot can do to fix him.
> PS: don't look up ryze on google images jesus christ that one image
: Skin thematic Concept : Temptress
Riven and Leona don't fit very well
: Best Lore-Based Team Comps?
{{champion:85}} adc {{champion:84}} mid {{champion:98}} support {{champion:11}} jungle {{champion:62}} top
: In a blog post about sexy champions, Riot acknowledge the early mistakes they made: a sexy champions that doesn't make sense for the game lore. Like, ahri is good, but cait is not. it doesn't make sense for her lore as a police detective. With the newest Caitlyn skin, I can only wish they do a VU on Caitlyn to fix that.
{{champion:51}} {{champion:40}} Both need that, Janna's outfit really doesn't reflect her lore that well
: {{champion:57}} i prefer molasses
{{champion:154}} i prefer beans in a condom being slapped at a wall
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