Owen L9 (NA)
: Typical league player flex queue game fun time
dont suck and u wont get flamed all these scariors are u sucking
: > [{quoted}](name=Galiö,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JlENY34E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-20T02:05:04.689+0000) > > Lol I do that on my smurfs as well. People don't know how to apply any pressure and end up killing me when I try to... > Can't shove a lame while my team 4 mans a scuttle then base after.. That sounds frustrating. Why do you smurf if they just piss you off with their lack of skill? I know you didn't say it pisses you off, but I hope you get what I mean.
cuz we like to rekt people, and relax, and the toilet gameplay of my team is killing my joy
Galiö (NA)
: Yeah... if rather them actually do something so I can win though. Usually the entire team does nothing for aboit 10 to 15 minutes. And then flames how i 'can't be diamond' even though they literraly were afk for 10 minutes without understanding that they were afk.
i rather lose when im smurfing than win a game 1v5, if not at least half team doing something i will play like them and lose
: This happens to me sometimes too... Some guy from Korea was like "stupid NA players" he was like 10+ kills in 15 mins or something as Katerina.. no one was doing absolutely horrible though, but he definitely was carrying.. but he flamed so much and tilted himself.. he kept 1v5ing before the rest of the team could reach him.. and he carried us early then literally lost the game all by himself ... I was like "yea we are playing pretty bad and u are carrying" but then it was like now that u carried the early we are playing really good now and caught up.. but then he just inting, even hinted at it in chat. I don't like having smurfs in my game either. they always on some high horse.. and end up being the cause of the loss of the match. because they got so many kills but gave all the gold back cause they tried to carry everyone on their back with out allowing anyone to help/ waiting for help.. Grouping is a 2 way street. #1 coming together #2 waiting to come together
you cant blame him for the loss since he was your only hope in winning anyway. You said he was carrying which meant u guys were uselees enough to be flamed.
: Still really confused as to what I should do here. I really want my main account back to play even though I have 2 others. Rito pls {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
just play on new acc its what riot likes, new acc more $$$${{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Isuga (OCE)
: Sorry
chat logs plz
Shadòw (EUW)
: on the one hand yes, on the other hand he could just say that he banned the pick cause he didn't want to play against it. banning a pick is not reportable.
ye u cant report for banning a pick, thats why u dont show pick intent
verysalt (EUW)
: You should start leveling new account, honestly. It takes minimum at least half in year to reset. You are more than likely will get perma ban simply by saying neutral things like ez gg, rekt, 0/6, and anything else what's not being simply positive. In short - RIOT will be looking for any reason to kick you out.
: Stop holding games hostage
just leave, its just a video game u can leave when ever u want LOL
: > [{quoted}](name=hi ìm groot,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dEmEPOgB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-22T19:43:57.352+0000) > > Aight for real... there's like... one of these every 3 days. People really need to stop taking random nobodies on the internets words so seriously. yes lets not promote sportsmanship, lets promote compliance....
eactly its a friggen video game get over it, if it makes u so sad to lose a video game dont play
i say it everygame too
: Rude player chat
thats it ? man thats nothing
: Player added me to be toxic
what did u expect {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Keep your team motivated and encourage them when they do something good.
no they are not little kids in kindergarden i will not hold their hand
: > [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AZj8AOEw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-22T16:53:25.058+0000) > > Yeah, sometimes it can be really frustrating. > > My recommendation? See if you can find a community to play with. A 3-5 man queue is often MUCH more enjoyable than queuing up with a bunch of random players, and gives you a big measure more control over the entire experience. There are quite a few friendly, welcoming, mature gaming communities out there, and it's definitely worth the time to find one. :) Actually what I frequent is a 5 man group of friends, but everytime I get into solo queue(usually earlier morning) its a shock to the system how terrible the community is. I know at my age I should be able to let these things go, it just seems a little too much sometimes. And thanks for the advice.
mute dude its easy /mute all in game when it start
: A VGU is basically Making a new champion from the concepts of an old one, and then also making like 8 skins at once for them. Months of Iteration for Visual design, Modeling, Kit and Gameplay design, Prototyping, bugfixing It's not just a Model Swap. Singed got a Model swap, but that's not a VGU. They didn't change his kit, his voice acting, any animations, they just made him look prettier. A VGU is something like Sion, Poppy, or Warwick, Totally new Models, animations, voices, and kits.
: You're saying this as if it's a Quick and easy thing to do
well, its not like the vgu are complex, the graphics in this game are cartoonish. not many particles. Its just like a skin a change on the outside and see how many skins they make a year right
: There is one, though: only 1 new champion release every 2 VGUs (or 2 new champion releases every 3 VGUs), until they're done with the worst offenders {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:39}}
how many employees do they have to do only 5 a year ???
: even if they are dating. that is none of your business and have no place in comments on the rift. They don't hand out restrictions nor bans after 1 game. maybe not after 2 games. unless it's highly punishable offenses. threats, etc. your restriction of 14 days came from a sum of all 3 games. game 2 was the one triggering the 2 step skip.
then why do u think it is homophobia, you are just asusming they are both men playing this game, ur opinion is no longer valid
Drugoth (NA)
: I read your thread that you shamelessly plugged btw, your excuse is that you didn't receive a warning, when in fact you did! You encouraged a person to take their own life which is counted under hate speech and _very heavily_ punished by Riot. You're lucky you only got a 2 week ban and not just an instant perma ban.
no i never received a warning u false acuastions are sad, u have yet to explain an excuse in my thread, that u have not made up
Drugoth (NA)
: I would consider your instant 2 week ban as a very important, dire warning. Instead of coming up with excuses I would focus on repenting if I were you, or next time you're getting perma'd
what excuse i aklowndge i was toxic, ur thread talks about warnings, yet i receivce no warnings, what excuse am making ?
Drugoth (NA)
: When Riot issues a warning...
i was never warned https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/sFjfAZLm-2-week-ban?comment=00060000000000000000
Sukishoo (NA)
: Depending on how bad the level of toxicity is deemed, you can skip tiers of punishment (which you have). "cissco45: kys zed u shit" That is one thing that will definitely push the limit on the punishments. Saying things like that has been deemed not okay at all. So there is why the tier probably jumped.
lol lots of people have told others to kys in game, and they are still playing
: If it's bad enough you can skip punishment tiers. And your chat is bad enough to do so. You do not tell people to kill themselves.
so one thing is enough to ban, what about the other logs ?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ashen Rider,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sFjfAZLm,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-18T06:49:12.953+0000) > > Just saying gg ez is not going to get you permabanned. It will... You would first receive the 10, 25, CR and two week ban, but if you keep it up, this will get you permabanned.
well i never got the chat ban so ye
: Game 1: cissco45: gg ez (banable by itself (perma to be exact)) Game 2: cissco45: come bot for fb (don't know if this was for your team or if intentionally telling the enemy where to get an easy kill.) (banable) cissco45: blame brand toxic little boy (blamegame: banable) cissco45: bye we dont miss u(hatespeech (banable) cissco45: never seen a zed lose to velkoz (deconstuctive behavior to blame other: banable) cissco45: zed u trash as tris (-||-) cissco45: ye cuz u feed(-||-) cissco45: lol 1 5(-||-) cissco45: zed is ez vs velkoz(-||-) cissco45: and u lose 1v1(-||-) cissco45: ye cuz u suck(-||-) cissco45: kys zed u shit (telling a person to commit suicide is in fact committing half the murder yourself: banable and punished by most countries laws) Game 3: cissco45: just report vel and shac (report calling: banable) cissco45: ban my champ and im the torll (threatening to troll: unsportsmanlike conduct: Banable) cissco45: u so dum shaco go kiss ur boyfrined vel some more (bordering to Homophobia and is banable under "hate-speech") Yes. all of these warrant more than a chat restriction in fact. 75% of these were by your luck not punished severely enough. if you are asking for my opinion which you are not. but alas. here it comes: you escaped with far less punishment than you should have. just the last one from game 2 should warrant a permaban straight off the bat.
lol they shac and vel were dating, and when i said ban my champ and i am the troll i impllied that since these 2 banned both my champs, and yet they call me a troll, gg ez for real ? so i have one bad thin in game 1 and it shows up in reform card ? the only real bad thing was game 2, game 1 and 3 hardly have anything worthy of a ban
cissco45 (NA)
: no
it was staright 14 day ban, thats why i am wondering why wasnt i chat restricted, instead i am hit with a quick 14 day ban
: Have you gotten a chat ban before....?
: "blame brand toxic little boy" "zed u trash as tris" "kys zed you shit" "u so dum shaco go kiss ur boyfrined vel some more" Yea, no ban should be used.
ty i knew it wasnt that bad for a ban hoping for like a chat restrict
: You got it well deserved. This is just a warning, I don't think you want a permanent ban...
i thought warnings were chat bans ?
cissco45 (NA)
: ty
i chat ban would be more warranted wouldnt it ?
: "blame brand toxic little boy" "zed u trash as tris" "kys zed you shit" "u so dum shaco go kiss ur boyfrined vel some more" Yea, no ban should be used.
: As someone who's been through legitimate medicated depression, telling someone "kys" is totally not cool. I think that's enough to earn the ban by itself, biased that I am. However, we also lack knowledge of anything outside that game that may have contributed to your ban.
it is only toxic behavior i can ss the reform card if u like
: If toxicity is against the rules, then yeah. Stop distracting and tilting your team with negative, offensively misspelled, diarrhea of the mouth. I wish they'd permaban cringey, trying to be edgy kids like you to be honest.
it is against the rules who doesnt know that, im not saying i shudnt be punished i am saying that i dont think this warrants a 2 week ban, rather a 25 game chat restruction
: Saying "kys" is ban worthy dickhead.
well apart from that in one game, is their anything that warrants a 14 day ban and not a chat restriction ?
Infernape (EUW)
: Well telling someone to commit suicide tends to net you punishments...
well apart from that in one game, is their anything that warrants a 14 day ban and not a chat restriction ?
AssauIto (NA)
: You definately do not deserve a ban for that, Riot needs to lighten up about this.
thx im sending a ticket
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: cuz ur mmr were shit from last season
Rioter Comments
: silver 1/2 are roughly average.... sooo for placements or whatever, it's very common to play against silvers
Not when they r all first time ranked
cissco45 (NA)
: how is it fair to have 3 unranked on one team and the enemy team full of silver1 s
if u cant crasp how stupid that was u need help
cissco45 (NA)
: so I got 3 unrankeds and the enemy team all silver1s plus ? then what is that ?
how is it fair to have 3 unranked on one team and the enemy team full of silver1 s
: Your matchmaking is not based on your rank so much as it is based on your MMR. If I go on a win streak and I'm Gold 5, and a Plat player goes on a loss streak, both our MMR's may be the same. Therefore, It's possible that I may be in a plat game with plat players who are on loss streaks.
so I got 3 unrankeds and the enemy team all silver1s plus ? then what is that ?
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cissco45 (NA)
like I shoudlve been gold so long .. I get an afk every 3 games
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