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: > [{quoted}](name=cllesh,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=rxs3qTIE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-12T19:59:51.358+0000)I'm not sure what Im doing wrong, and i think that might be part of the problem. So, your main issue here is that you keep engaging with the problematic players and keep reminding everyone of their behavior. That's just focusing on the negative and picking arguments, and even if it's relatively minor it leads to a worse game environment. Just mute them and play the game, and you shouldn't have this issue in the future.
i cant seem to shut the fuck up, even when i know i need to... suggestions pls... i know i tilt easily, i dont want to but when people insult me i just want top pounch them in the face honestly and not being able to rly gets me.... i want to be a good player, i want to be nice, i just get so fucking pissed when people astart insulting me in pregame chat.... any suggestions please, i rly do know im not an easy person but being calles useless in pregame chat just makes me crazy... edit: its al ot me i see, in hindsight.... i rail on players not doing what i want... i just need to shut up... fuck me, i just need to shut up
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: Posts in PB are to help people understand how and why the system works the way it does. It is not for laughing at those who have received punishments or for "enjoying" chat logs.
do you think i am laughing at the fact i got punished, i am not.... if im using the wrong words then fine, can you tell me how to say this in a way you would respect? "this is an insightful discussion on player behavior and why we act the way we do in a no context environment"
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rujitra (NA)
: If you already understand your punishment, what is the point of this post?
i literally said it twice in the title... just enjoy it... personally i love going through pb and reading peoples reports.... i always get a good laugh... also this is an insightful discussion on player behavior and why we act the way we do in a no context environment
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: > [{quoted}](name=cllesh,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yyOkGmti,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-12-01T04:47:02.677+0000) > > ur wrong, ive been told many times my chats are at the least passive aggressive and annoying Dunno if (and how much) you are being ironic but...suits yourself dude. I am sorry you got punished for something like that.
: wtf, not nearly enough stuff to grant you a punishment, and the 10 games chat ban is actually the harder punishment to get (the other become more and more easy to..."achieve" once you started down that road I would almost say that you could try the support tbh
ur wrong, ive been told many times my chats are at the least passive aggressive and annoying, and i think that is punishable if enough people report u... well it happens to me every so often so its definitely punishable
Kei143 (NA)
: So .. what do you want us to do here? Analyze your chat? Rant? Complain about rito?
nothing, i just sometimes post my chat bans, hence the title enjoy... or dont, personally i like reading them, i find em funny and sad... a window into people souls maybe, who the hell knows
: > [{quoted}](name=cllesh,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=yyOkGmti,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-01T03:40:19.168+0000) > > Game 1 > Pre-Game > cllesh: i was just trolled the entire time last game so u know what u dont talk to me and i dont care what u play > cllesh: ping if anyone wants anything from me im muting u all So... what happened to you muting them
idk, i guess im a liar as well as toxic? to be a lil real i was prob using it as another way to say f-u to my team, im not justifying im just explain, in case u wanted a real answer, but we both know u didnt, so good snark, +1
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: Aurelion Sol is probably going to be very annoying on ARAM
u should check out the video where he does a stun ball the size of their base :) there is one on aram but a fast google search gave me the one on SR with dryus its silly but ya u can do it on SR:
: I'm a Nunu top main
disco nunu was a troll build where they would cast clarity and clairvoience, maybe a sweeper and dance under it while feeding.... some people claimed it was a "response" to trolls in pregame lobby's... but anyway u look at it... it was because nunu was dancing under a "disco ball" they might be insulting u and calling u a feeder but in a way that will not be reportable... because the new meta is being a nonreportable troll
: Am I the only one who almost dozed off while watching every LCS matches?
: The "false support"
think about it for a second and it seems normal to do so to a "rational person" who is unwilling to play support but wants low queue times -Riot increases queue times for other lanes and "support" queue times are lowest in dynamic queue -Riot says you cannot be reported for playing the game in an "off meta" way -what a support is can be open to interpretation -if you didnt get your wanted role or mid/top/ whatever and you get support there is nothing saying you cant go for CS, go for kills, go for damage, move lanes ect, ect... these people are abusing the system but following the rules while doing so.... its the new meta... people troll but troll in a rule following way... so they often get away with it... (flaming is not part of this thought since that is obviously reportable)
GlockHammer (EUNE)
: I feel guilty.
so u were rdy to cry after every game for the past few years, but now that YOU are not personally experiencing this pain, but other people are, u think riot should be given some slack? did u feel the same way when u were rdy to cry after every game? the toxicity isnt gone, for whatever reason u just are not experiencing it in the same way.... toxicity is still rampant... i mean, this game is known in pop culture as toxic as fuck.... thats not a good reputation to have glade ur having a better time though, this game can be a lot of fun
: Can i report someone for suspected buying of an account?
ummm, u can but it wont do anything, u could even put in a thing to support, give em prtscrn and stuff... and maybe or maybe not anything would be done... so why bother... just let it go and keep going on with ur life... riot doesnt care why should we... report the worse of the worse if u want, but the "rest" wont get but a slap on the wrist if that... look at what they do to pro's who get caught cheating or verbally abusing or buying accounts or whatever else.... let them right back in to do it all over again...
: Bullshite
ur paid by riot right? or maybe u just get a check to maker silly post that say whatever they want u to say... because why would any normal person say what u just did.... seems only a paid shill would "A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing or other business areas" naw... prob a bot
: Got Leaver Busted Low Priority Queue for 5 games
did u also go into base while the enemy team pushed mid,,,, if u did then you deserve the low priority queue, because u see, you went afk in a game... the punishment given to people who go to base an do nothing during a game
Trap Nap (NA)
i have to question the moderation of the boards.... after seeing this post im sure im not the only one.... this... is allowed in gameplay... 2 words.... which would be filtered normally.... and have bout 60 upvotes as of this writing.....
: I'm not here to debate the mechanics of the forums and when Rioters should/shouldn't reply. Ideally, we would reply to all threads :) It would be great if we could respond to everyone. I just happen to be on the forums today in particular, happened to see this, and wanted to engage. Players who reach out should get a response if possible, even if they break the rules sometimes.
i apologize, it was wrong for me to put that on you you are correct... you are an employee with individual opinions and i should not call you out for anything... i want to say im sry, that was wrong of me
: But if someone says 'fuck you' in any game, they also need to be banned if they're flaming. I don't think anyone hasn't said that in his league career. If you think of it like that, you realise just how stupid that rule is.
people who say "fuck you" consistently in game deserve to be banned, its not even about saying it once in your "league career" its about saying it often enough that enough people report it to have riots system think about giving you a warning, then giving you a warning, then giving you like 4 more, then finally banning you after you have bad mannered (bm) and told "fuck you" to hundreds of people over months of time.... system working?
: Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger
: I don't understand, I'm just sitting here in my house.
well, i ask this because in the first sentence of your comment you state that you willingly and knowingly violate the rules of the game. why would u write this? u state over and over again how you violated the rules of this game, the rules that allow you to play the game.... then you say how you dont even want to play LoL... so why are you posting? i have to assume you are a bot, or an employee of some company that would want you to say these things... > [{quoted}](name=StereoHeart,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sowj0yt8,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-08T19:04:49.311+0000) > > Okay, I'm a flamer and toxic. I got banned 3 months ago for 2 weeks for I myself think borderline insane comments to my team. That was 2 weeks. I'm normally a nice and shy person but I seem to be a keyboard warrior. The last 3 games I could be considered a flamer, I say could be because some people like to make a mouse into a elephant. I probably got reported for building some armor on Fiora when I was accidentally feeding a Yasuo top lane. Now they were not being nice to say the least. Okay, I spammed some pings and said 'lee' ( my jungler) a couple times, but so did they. I do think I could be banned for 1 week but not permanently, it's not even my desire to play LoL, my brother and his friends will make fun of me forever, maybe my parents will get upset. > > Dear regards, StereoHeart.
: It's not about bumping or anything :) I just happened to see it. I don't recommend bumping your own thread.
and i love that u comment pls dont think im attacking u or anything, but i dont get why these squeaky rude wheels get attention when some other more bland same exact statement post does not.... is this a [i work for riot but im a person and have my own opinions] thing.... do riot employees also have other accounts without shouting out they are riot employees? it puts a red name text next to it, it puts a riot fist next to the thing... how is it not sponsored by riot just by being commented on? and great that you dont recommend bumping a thread but it is against the rules right? and u responded with the authority of a red response to a thread that violated rules.... is that not a support of the breaking of the rules? more so if u want a response from a riot red?
: Permantely banned, without a warning that I would.
ur a bot or a person controlled by riot right... someone to say i got banned so people think riot is doing something... i mean... otherwise why else would u write this.....
: Toxic community
you cannot control anyone but yourself.... try to make yourself happy and you will be happy...
: Hey Beatzboy~ We'll be announcing the full schedule of modes soon :) so just hang tight. This is a new permanent queue! So the idea is for it to continue to exist, and for us to bring you featured game modes more often! We pick the game modes based on a lot of factors, usually focused around timing (what can we deliver and where does it make sense to deliver it), and popularity/reception. We want to make sure we release fun game modes that you guys will enjoy! :) In terms of champ mastery, people will earn what they hopefully feel is a fair amount. You're probably not going to receive the same amount of points for an S+ on SR and an S+ on URF, for instance. We're going to be weighting these pretty consciously to make sure that people are earning at a fair and balanced rate. It's not necessarily true that there's "no mastery" in featured modes, but there are varying degrees of mastery for sure :) And we want to balance that. Personally, I think with the recent tie-ins to Loot and Mastery, it would be sad (or almost punishing) to not give players mastery for playing in this queue. Hopefully this answers most of your questions :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
u respond to a person who breaks the rules by bumping their own thread... calls out Rioters for a response... is this how i should make my comments so i too can get a red response?
: I quit the game period and started playing Ori and the Blind Forest.
well thats just weird.... try fallout 4
: I only do aram / tournement events
love aram.... dont love everything thats happened to it, but still love it
: at my elo (bronze 1) they jsut dont know how. not only that they dont know how strong they are, htey dont know where to stand, when to engage, and when to fall back, when to chase or not, or where the enemy team is etc. The part that makes me die inside is when they think the ARE good! and verbally shit all over their team about how bad they are. EDIT: I know how, its the execution that i have trouble with. Between a TBI i picked up in Afg that caused nerve damage making my hands tremble like a 90 year olds, i have tunnel vision pretty bad =D makes playing h ard. but still a fun game so I keep trying. I AINT NO QUITTER! lol
ya, a mortar gave me a nice tbi, my battle saved my life though by tossing me to the ground, so who am i to complain..... no worries on the tremors i get em too.... just try to have fun when ur playing, remember its a game... and no surrender, its all a learning experience =^D p.s. what gets me is the afk farming adc's... i poke, i dodge, i interact with the enemy and they farm.... i place a pink and the enemy goes to contest it... my adc farms.... i chunk down the enemy adc's health to 10% and my adc goes after the tanky support because its attacking them.... ya we all have things that set us off... remember though you dont control anything but yourself.... which means you can control yourself... have faith hooah
: I quit rank until solo que is implemented.
i quit dynamic que and went to blind pick
: KDA doesn't win games. Taking Objectives does.
also xp is so based off of kills now... if that jhin is 16/3/0 and lv 18... and the rest of the team is lv 14 or less and almost no kills.... well.... i dont play in lcs, my carries dont always carry no matter how much they are fed
: Why support mains are disagreeing and why the support role is suffering
so if i understand you: support mains disagree because different people have different opinions and different play styles... the support role is suffering because supports are weak bout right?
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
i love this idea, i just wish it was also on a rotating days of the week... weekend is not the best time for some of us to play
: Mandatory defeats
do a thought experiment.... riot says the game is balances at a 50% win rate yes? so if u are above that rate u need to climb...or lose so the game rises u in rank, but because of queue times it expands ur players bases... so it needs to grp u with dodges, afkers and people who are "less skilled" while u balance the team because u are a better player i think they call it mmr so the game balances itself by setting you up for failure when it thinks you need to lose... seems bout right
: It's his reliance on auto attacks, making him quite easy to counter. Same with Jax, Yi, Xin... You know, I don't get these boards in the slightest...
because sarcasm requires facial twitches and voice inflections to come across well, especially between strangers... so it is vry hard to communicate properly between people on the boards.... =^D
PalPlays (NA)
: Poke Supports Are Shoehorned
well... i disagree with a lot u had to say... but i think i agree supports need dedicated items... as riot has gone the route of dedicating an item to a role to be able to nerf or buff that item to nerf or buff the entire class i think supports need items that do the same.... i would suggest an item with a special ability that is tailored to supports, poke supports in your example, not with just ap or with just cdr though... otherwise its not a dedicated poke support item... think duskblade as the new standard riot is using for class specific items and use that example to make one for supports for example your item could be used by ap jg easily.. or ap mids
: Thoughts on becoming a support main?
if u are not a stone wall of emotion dont do it... if you can remember this is a game and it is intended to be fun, then go forth and have some fun.... dont say u were not warned though... it is as rewarding as it is frustrating ... imho
: Rune tracking spreadsheet
i love ur idea, but i have to question, will u support it through every update and change in every champ? lists like these change vry often and if not updated can be misleading ... but whatever i think its a great idea and i wish u the best
: Not sure how I feel about Pantheon's lore now...
seriously though... cuz riot works on stereotypes.... and will continue to do so... because it works
: Not sure how I feel about Pantheon's lore now...
Ternt (NA)
: Permanent Bans Recently
not to mention that if people who spend money are banned they will come back and make new accounts to spend more money...
: How many games do you think it takes to get to your "actual" ELO?
50-100 according to the game 30 minimum if it was just some numbers u wanted to trust reasonable well
Núll (EUW)
: ***
ya... but in a bad way... not in a wh40k way...
: {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:201}} etc have lot of abilities to protect, empower or annoy any champ. That's utility. Sure {{champion:22}} can be used as sup but her utility is limited to slow W which may or may not work. Champs who scale decently even without 4 AP items. ( Boots and vision/wards are two items always expected from sup)
: Supports are people like{{champion:201}} Strong shoulders, Strong and silent (sometimes) Be like braum my friend
I like {{champion:37}} can i use sona like {{champion:201}} as in a good support?
: In terms of champion, a support is a character who functions at a high level without significant gold income. They have large amounts of flat utility and high base values. They tend to have a good deal of crowd control, although this is far from a universal trait.
could u explain that again in different simpler words, like what do u mean "high level"? what do u consider "flat utility"?
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