Dasdi96 (NA)
: Even in pro play players don't know how to teamfight, I am literally seeing adc players frontlining and dying 1st.
> [{quoted}](name=Dasdi96,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=flXkdui7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-04T21:08:27.048+0000) > > Even in pro play players don't know how to teamfight, I am literally seeing adc players frontlining and dying 1st. This is the dumbest take I've seen all week.
Mythrandill (EUNE)
: Actually if you are below D2 you are trash by definition, myself included (P1)
> [{quoted}](name=Mythrandill,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Pq5BEZNA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-16T21:07:50.961+0000) > > Actually if you are below D2 you are trash by definition, myself included (P1) Actually the definition of trash relative to the playerbase is subjective, but if we were going to make it objective it'd probably be the bottom 10% of players. So really anybody above Iron isn't trash.
GigglesO (NA)
: Stage a Protest?
I've been banning Yasuo every single game for 3 years. I doubt anything will change.
CytheGuy (NA)
: Pretty sure I saw a post in the past here on the Boards highlighting someone who had like over 400 games total (that or it was a duo who played together those 400 games) of inting. I think it was an outlier case, but if we're talking about stress tests then that is easily the highest someone/a duo has ever gone.
Thanks for the answer. You don't happen to have a link to this case do you? Like a thread about it. If not it's fine. I don't have any reason to believe you're lying, but just seeing the proof would be nice.
: At least 200. Assuming you don't call people names. If you start being mean, 2-3. Lol.
Lmao, I'm starting to think this is the real answer. Don't say anything and int and it will take forever to get banned.
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: Do you want me to list the other supports that can do that to?
Sure, I want to know. Name another support that can do that.
: God no, when it was a thing Ziggs later on could permamently stall two lanes at once and with minimal risk. We don't need that back in League. If he needs buffs - which I imagine might be the case - let's add more power to the interactive parts of his kit, not to braindead waveclear.
What exactly would you buff that wouldn't buff his wave clear? lmfao Ziggs isn't a very interactive champion to begin with, that's just how his kit is designed.
Hawt (NA)
: He used to be able to clear waves very efficiently and safely, but that was a long time ago. It's been so long, I can't remember what season he was played frequently in worlds.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Standard wave freezing and wave manipulation is not the same as fully stalling a lane across the map lmao
I thought the criteria was being able to push it in extremely fast and prevent the tower from taking damage. Akali fits this criteria because she literally kills the enemy laner post 6 if they try to contest something like that. Lots of champions actually fit this criteria if you think like that though. The problem is you can't really buff other parts of Ziggs kit without him just doing too much number-wise or being a better version of another champion. Also, Xerath literally does what Ziggs does with his Ultimate, so why can't Ziggs do it???
Hotarµ (NA)
: >Multiple champions can stall lanes and back early (Akali notably) _what_ You mean freezing waves? That's something every champion can do. I'm talking about stalling out **lanes**, when it's impossible for the enemy laner to touch your tower. Also, "he has to use his ultimate to actually do it in the first place" isn't that big a drawback as it's cooldown was just buffed and Ziggs gets a lot of CDR in general. It's not that big a drawback considering it's a cross-map tower defender. > Ziggs pushes a wave or backs when it's stalemated > Buys items > Walks back and drops an ult on the wave that's pushing his tower, saving it from damage > Enemy laner has to back off or goes to roam > Ziggs shoves lane due to his insane pushing power > repeat
Yes, Akali can stall waves. She shoves in instantly at level 9 and recalls and gets back before the wave crashes all the time. Why is this surprising to you? Also, you're overestimating Ziggs pushing power. It's not as insane as you think it is.
: Dark Harvest questions
It only deals the damage if you damage while they are currently below 50% health. So... 1. No it doesn't add it's damage if they are above 50%. 2. If your R as Pyke it depends. If your Threshhold won't execute but they're below 50% health your Dark Harvest may indeed kill them, but it won't give you the bonus Pyke gold or anything.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >I'd like it if Ziggs was able to siege towers better since that's kind of his niche now (even though he sucks at it.) Ziggs literally hasn't received a **single** meaningful nerf since his mini-rework. The only thing that indirectly hit his pushing power was tower plating and even then, if he somehow manages to get a tower that low that early (be it through roaming or shoving while his laner roams) he gets a _massive_ spike in gold due to the plating. > If you need to revert the Ulti cooldown changes I don't think it would matter that much, but I highly doubt this will even put him above a 48% winrate and will just be a nice buff/revert for him. I doubt this is something they'd add back, Ziggs was too good at stalling his own lane (backing early and ulting to clear the enemy wave as they pushed) and roaming to side lanes to ult and save his allies' towers. I'm not really much of a Ziggs player, but they could buff his Satchel Charge destruction %s or give him QOL buffs like mana regeneration or higher movespeed and see how that works out.
The meta has changed. Multiple champions can stall lanes and back early (Akali notably). I don't see why Ziggs shouldn't be able to do it himself considering he has to use his Ultimate to actually do it in the first place.
: Buff tryndamere
Tryndamere is a very solid pick right now. You're not playing him right guaranteed. This is coming from a guy who defended Tryndamere when the boards would not stop complaining about how OP he was recently.
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Mythrandill (EUNE)
: I will buy it for my main champ only and it;s the only thing that they will get from me
: So...No stats on Pyke's strength? Just listing his kit? Did you mean to click on rant?
15% pickrate 64% banrate. 2nd Highest picked support and the most banned champion in the game. Happy?
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: Do you need high skill champions to climb?
Whoever told you that is low elo. Play low skill champs up till Diamond 3 to be honest.
: I like how people say worst season ever yet give no reason as to why? The only thing that changes from season to season is jungling. Being items , wards, smite, respawn on monsters or spawning of them , drag . All has to do with jungling out side of that nothing changes
: matchmaking is rly cancer bad
This would probably be funnier if you weren't hardstuck gold 47% winrate on EUNE.
: Is practice tool disabled?
: Pick a different one and report him after the game.
He won't get banned lmao. I'd just int him instead.
: So you're saying that I have no right to express my thoughts because_my main is... half a champion???_ Makes no sense.
: You're only allowed to play one champion for the rest of your life.
: Can Ya'll Kindly Confirm That Vi and Jinx are Sisters??
: Why Rengar and Riven are poorly designed champions.
Look man, just because your main is half of a champion doesn't mean you have to take it out on Rengar and Riven.
: League is just rng
TF Blade must be the luckiest player ever then, wow! https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=humility+is+key
: I have an idea for his Undying Rage, just spitballing here so don't roast me too hard. What if instead of just making him completely unable to die for 5 seconds, it have him a Full HP heal at the cost of losing a percentage of his HP every second. For example: LV 1 ult; instant full heal but loses 15% hp every second for 6 seconds. Healing during this time reduced by 50%. Damage taken reduced by 10% LV 2 ult; instant full heal but loses 12% hp every second for 6 seconds. Healing during this time reduced by 40%. Damage taken reduced by 20% LV 3 ult; instant full heal but loses 9% hp every second for 6 seconds. Healing during this time reduced by 30%. Damage taken reduced by 30% The damage from his ultimate would be true damage but Tryndamere can't die from the damage from his ultimate. I think this would still fulfill the theme of a berserkers last rage-fueled outburst while still providing counterplay and the healing reduction would make Tryndamere have to wait until after his ult to use his Q to heal or recieve less of a heal and make it harder for him to lifesteal through the damage Right now I feel like tryndamere can ult at like 100 HP and end the ult well above half hp simply thanks to lifesteal and I think it's pretty unfair for him to be both undying and able to heal so much during his ult.
Okay, but he'll just fucking die immediately when he ults. It is going to take 1 second for the enemy team to burn through a 2000 health hp bar. Especially if it's depleting as well. If you're having troubles with him healing might I suggest: {{item:3076}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3123}}
d0riyah (NA)
: My ideas for a mini Trynd rework
These 1st changes are terrible. 5% more damage level 1 full fury, is that a joke? Crit's DOUBLE your damage dude. 5% increased damage is literally a meme. 2nd of all, the way you beat Tryndamere from cheesing your tower is literally just making sure your team is clearing the waves instead of brainlet grouping mid the whole game while you let him split a side lane. It doesn't make any sense that his ult should deal less damage to towers, somebody should just take teleport against him and keep him in check so he doesn't take a tower instead. I don't think the -20% damage to structures would even affect him at all, I just think it's a placebo change and kinda dumb. Lastly, this is an interesting change, but then his ultimate needs to be buffed. As it stands the ability at 11 and 16 is dog shit. Leveling it up does absolutely nothing besides cooldown and fury gain.
: So what's the time distribution after first baron? That stat chart tells me squat. There's also the fact that the game itself is in a snowball meta, which doesn't have anything to do with baron. They buffed baron so that games where you are getting stomped or stomping will help you close. You don't seem to understand how the game works. If you get shit on early and mid game, you don't deserve to have an easy way to come back. It's like running a race and asking the person in first to slow down.
Yeah, I wish I had stats on the time distribution, but they don't show that anywhere. If I were to estimate based on my own games I'd say around 23-25 minutes is when first baron is taken on average. If their whole idea of buffing baron to make it a very broken objective was to make the game snowbally then they did a good job. I mean I honestly can't tell what your post is about, because you claim the snowball meta has nothing to do with baron. When Baron is probably the main reason games are snowballing so quickly. My problem is that if you get shit on mid and early you literally have no way to comeback. They'll just take baron and tempo their way through the rest of the game. There isn't even a hard way to comeback besides getting lucky and the enemy team throwing.
: "If played correctly"
Most people can play it correctly enough to gain a ton of tempo with it and win. If you can look at this image and think that's fair I literally can't imagine you understand how the game works. https://i.gyazo.com/2ceee17bb11d182f437a67b598565a39.png
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: too insecure to shit talk a **weak** champ from you main account? i think we know why
bro chill, just a game {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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Lakega (NA)
: This happens far too often in games...
At first, I thought this was a video making fun of Leona, but now I see it's just a typical silver game.
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: Foggedftw2 - Tryndamere Keegun - Pantheon SirhcEz - Nasus (sometimes Singed) Riste - Garen Tobias Fate - Usually GP, sometimes TF and sometimes just random stuff Cowsep - Master Yi Professor Akali - Akali Trick2G - Udyr (?). Lately seeing him play a lot of other stuff, don't know if he quit.
: [New Player] Been playing a'lot of Darius
I'd argue that the whole point of taking Glacial Augment is to get some extra hits in since they're slow. So if you want to go that path you should probably just take Hail of Blades and go Resolve, but I could see Glacial Augment being fairly good on Darius too if you play it right. However, the best rune on Darius is probably conqueror. But it's all preference in the end if you have a much better win rate with Glacial Augment then I say just do that.
: A lot of games I say no in because from personal experience with my team throwing the freeist wins, I can consider the possibility of it happening to the opponent. And half the time I do look for possible win cons, I do look for who's carrying the most weight, and what's still workable. If their entire team is legendary and mine is negative legendary, then sure I'll say yes, but if 2 people are legendary while everybody on mine is even or even with 1 behind, then I'm not sold its over if we make a pick on them, thats a lot of turning shutdown gold. Either way i view it this way; if I ff I lose, if I don't ff a hopeless game, I lose anyway, if the game is truely a loss, its a loss, ff or not, ffing just makes it shorter without any clue what other possible outcomes could've happened. Only thing wasted is time if the outcome is expected anyway. If I got time and truthfully believe its not over, then I'm willing to see it through. Sadly tho, nobody really sees it through, even if you explain to your 0/5 mid that we have a 5/0 jg and top, they'll still do everything in their power to FF vote at every minute mark and make the game harder without acknowledging why they're losing.
Yeah, I don't ff those games either. People like that are hopeless and the most you can do is mute them and move on. I'm pretty sure we see eye to eye on when to FF though. I'm just not a fan of people who say no and don't explain why when the game is extremely unfavorable. Like I said, if you want to keep playing for the win, that's great and I'm totally willing to help the person who votes no. However, I feel like an explanation on the win condition is in order when you do that. Whether that be: "we have a fed bot lane" or "what if everyone on the enemy team disconnects."
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Aneirin (OCE)
: > I am seriously still in favor for a system that shows visibly in lobby or in loading screen that someone has been toxic recently or is dishonorable. I feel like that would have the potential to tilt their teammates in advance. Knowing that one of your teammates is toxic will make you more likely to overreact to their behaviour where in other cases you might just brush it off. For example: I've played basketball at A and B grades locally for close to 10 years now; and among all the teams there was one that had a reputation (mostly deserved) for being dirty and rough. Problem was even after they started cleaning up their act other teams would go into the game expecting them to be rough and with an intent to dish it back out at them; so the games were invariably heated and overly physical purely because of their reputation. Teams would go out and be dirty and physical back at the slightest provocation, and honestly behaved worse than the team they would then make complaints about. Obviously only a very rough comparison, but that's the kind of thing I would expect to happen. Just like if you know your teammate is low elo; people will watch their play and look for mistakes that confirm their assumptions.
You're right, that system is pretty bad. It actually does it worst justice of reforming because it just makes toxic players feel less human. I wish they'd make a system where if you were being toxic somebody could message you about your behavior when it's good or something. Obviously not reasonable, but who knows.
: Isn't placing toxic people among other toxic people counter productive? (Warning: Rant)
Okay, well it's good to know that it's just bad luck and not because of my dishonorable. I am seriously still in favor for a system that shows visibly in lobby or in loading screen that someone has been toxic recently or is dishonorable.
: >"Isn't placing toxic people among other toxic people counter productive?" That is why Riot has repeatedly stressed that they have no desire to implement systems that would have such an effect when they are suggested.
So it's literally just bad luck that I got paired with the biggest douches for teammates today?
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: 100 to 0 under tower at lvl 1, in 2 Seconds
I think what's more disgusting is a Talon playing correctly would have 100-0'd you there, which is extremely unfair if someone is sitting under their tower.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: i'm not 49% win rate and 11% pick rate is balanced additionally while Darius counters tanks toplane, if they get buffed in the jungle they will fuck him hard in teamfight with massive cc **unlike garen who gets cc immunity tenacity and slow cleanse+movement speed** in next patch darius is going to be worse
Did you just not want to mention he has a 50% ban rate on top of having a 10% pick rate? I don't think Darius is broken either, but that is an absurd ban rate and he's probably definitely in need of some nerfs.
Áery (NA)
: In what world is a tank killing you as fast as an assassin?
{{champion:54}} {{item:3089}} "Rock Solid." /s
: I'm having the best time. The past 2.5 years on Morde having a 46% Winrate. Brought about some serious depression. What role do you play?
> [{quoted}](name=Mordepool,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lpAYzmx6,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-08-11T20:05:11.420+0000) > > I'm having the best time. The past 2.5 years on Morde having a 46% Winrate. Brought about some serious depression. > > What role do you play? I played top and mid. Now I just play whatever sounds fun. I went through a huge Mordekaiser and Yorick phase, but Mordekaiser is hard to win or do well with (imo) and Yorick got reworked.
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