: > [{quoted}](name=Glaistig Uaine,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AMbfsp11,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-07-21T14:55:49.154+0000) > > I just went 15/5/3 Wukong with Thornmail and Fleet Footwork against a Yasuo with a skin I'm Mastery 2 with Wukong. I might've played a little more seriously than usual, but I also took fleet footwork because I felt like it. Their support was a Bard, ours was a Thresh, their jung Kha'Zix, ours Elise. So they had a far more damage focussed comp, I went thorn mail and I was pretty tanky and got out of a number of tricky situations because of my extra durability. I think you are making more out of this than it needs to be. Stop going cleanse exahust on every champion first thing, that alone will win you 20% more games. > > Armour is actually great against Lethality since it removes a flat amount and going from 50 armour to 90 matters more than going from 90 to 130, if your opponent isn't building lethality you want a mix of armour and HP if they go percentage armour pen you want more health than armour and if they do build lethality you want more armour than health. > > The fact that Rammus is okay and that he always builds TM pretty much proves that the issue isn't as big as you are making it out to be. Garen, Voli, Amumu are all great ATM and they are tanks or at least tanky. As a longtime Support Rammus main, I can say comfortably that Thornmail isn't doing the job it used to by any stretch. Rammus used to be an unholy terror to ADCs. Now they can take a taunt, play through, and then just kite the rest of the fight out with impunity in most cases.
Is someone else helping you kill the ADC? Or are you asking for Rammus to kill someone with full tank and Thornmail within a taunt or so?
: Can someone explain why he's so hated? So far 4 people have mentioned him but he doesn't seem as obnoxious as people say.
: > [{quoted}](name=TrikzterzArma,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1lAdAk9c,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-07-20T22:38:07.295+0000) > > If you truly believe Shaco needs nerfs, you need to rethink Not like a massive champ killer nerf But he could take one
> [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1lAdAk9c,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-20T22:39:44.107+0000) > > Not like a massive champ killer nerf > > But he could take one Shaco's pretty bad though. No clear, eh sustain in the jungle because boxes tank for him but that's only just literally better than nothing, low damage, heavily item reliant, and all of his damage is melee auto attacks. Shaco's E does like no damage, his Q needs levels in it to function and basically is just really annoying for the enemy since it gives Shaco an easy way to someone (not away), boxes are useless outside of wards for most of the game, and his clone is as buggy and terrible to control as all other controlled pets and clones in the game.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Pyke gets far too much gold from his ultimate now
Perhaps they could cut the amount of gold from your cuts in half, then give the assistee two cuts. This means that instead of getting two kills worth of gold on himself, pyke gets one and a half.
: {{champion:119}} range
I think Jimmy was talking about Q and W specifically.
Hwke94 (NA)
: 3600 gold bro
I'm sure he can manage to farm it up decently enough.
: > [{quoted}](name=chipndip1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZwxdRZro,comment-id=0003000100000001,timestamp=2019-07-18T16:45:16.854+0000) > > Why is this a consistent problem if you have to blow flash to do it? Ask Riot. That's why they nerfed Galio, because flash W was too consistent of a problem.
Flash W is a large AOE CC that lasts long enough to burst down anyone hit by it. This on a semi global champion who is the one delivering said burst damage is probably why they did it. Now I don't agree with the making it interruptable as well personally, but I get why they'd nerf the flash W.
: The WHOLE point of Malzahar's shield is to block 1 important spell / dmg amount. Now its useless because this new mechanic totally negates his shield. Meaning Blitz doesn't even have to waste an AA, knockup or Pull all he has to do is R in range.
Couldn't he do that anyway to pop Malz shield?
: When an "assassin" support is safer than the quintessential backline "safe" supports
Probably because assassins are by default extremely mobile and they want Pyke to be an assassin with moderate assassination potential (I say moderate because his abilities are very slow to come out) who can't lane by himself with good CC (so he is played support) and has incentives to build damage over tanky items (which is what they're doing with their passive and ultimate by making them scale with damage items super hard). So I get why they're doing it, but maybe doubling the bonus gold generated by his ultimate was a bit much. EDIT: Also because he's encouraged to take a ton of kills and thus killstreak they probably don't want him to be too easy to kill since optimally he should have a ridonk kill count to satisfy his gold needs despite his inability to farm.
: Support first with what? his stun? because the other 90% of his kit is assassin based abilities with scaling on par with solo lane assassins.
The hook's pretty supporty. If his kit didn't have assassin scalings then he'd go back to building Tank Pyke which nobody wants. (For those that don't know, Pyke might not gain HP from items but stacking a bunch of resistances on a character who has to dive in to stun is very helpful for his overall effectiveness. Riot has been trying to get people to build full damage on him instead of just relying on ultimate executes for damage and using his CC for everything else.
: Neither of those are ultimates.
Yes, and the guy who said it never claimed they were. He was responding to 'holding resets' not 'holding reset ultimates'.
: I think it would do a lot if this theory is true, and I hope the Warwick encounter with young Vi and Jinx (and later older Vi) turn out to be true. with Jinx, we know the reason her skin is so pale is because it's a powder drug. everything appears brighter and such. the idea that she may have killed people in the destruction of a building would be her breaking point that caused this edition. the idea that Camille had to do with anything connects to Jinx's hate for piltover. Piltover had taken away her happiness, and now that hate is what guides her (and the drugs and destruction distract her from feeling bored, but bored as in "incredibly broken and depressed". also I believe Ekko used to be friends with Jinx till "she went crazy". and we should not Jinx seems to remember Vi as for Warwick, I really love this further tragedy to his character. what makes his character great is that the more backstory we get, the sadder his current state becomes. there's the possibility he may have actually HELPED somebody become a good person, and yet he probably does not even remember doing so. and then there is Jinx, an innocent girl turned into a maniac that he contributed. that would be horrible to remember, and that's why he has that line. now Vi, while I'm the least interested in, has good story potential. she can now see that Jinx is her sister that she inadvertently left behind, and maybe understand she is more than just some crazy woman. she could realize who Warwick is, that this used to be the man who helped her become who she is today. it could all play into her feeling some guilt that isnt her fault (sorta something like survivor's guilt, which to point out, is an absolutely horrible mental condition that effects survivors thinking they should've been killed instead of someone else) one more thing I have to say about Warwick, whether he sees Jinx or Vi, it should be a tear breaking and PAINFUL moment. he could see VI, and after enough encounters or certain interaction, have enough clarity, clarity that would possibly open up his human side just a little bit. he would realise he did something good, he rescued someone from a life he had lived. we know he considers the man he was dead and saw that man as unforgivable. with Vi, he may learn that who he was did do good, and help him ever so slightly regain sanity. the heartbreaker would be when he sinks back into savagery, only having a slightly bigger chance of becoming who he was due to accepting the man and not the beast. if he fully remembers Jinx, absolute guilt would fill him. he did not kill the girl like he thought, he made her a monster like he is today, and he may sink into savagery before saying, almost like a growling whimper "please, dont let me define you" or howl "DONT BE LIKE ME".
This just let me place why I like WW so much, reminds me of ice king. Thanks.
: Two sisters and a wolf [Lore theory about Jinx, Vi, and Warwick]
I like this theory. Ties them all together quite well.
usul1202 (NA)
: That would have the most awkward roll animation
: Kat doesn't "reset", it just subtracts 15 (?) seconds from the CD every kill / assist (as long as you damaged the person in the last few seconds, not the full assist window) Trist's ult doesn't reset at all. Kha ult does not reset at all. Darius ult does, but at least it isn't AoE, ranged, a dash, or grant bonus kill gold, and even requires him to first get a target to 5 stacks of passive before he can deal full damage.
He meant Kha E prolly and trist bounce.
: Psst, Riot: WE GET IT.
I feel like I'm out of the loop, was the trigger for this project pyke talking to project vi?
Abandon (OCE)
: So uh, how long is Mordekaiser going to stay at 53% winrate in top and mid for?
About a patch, they released him a bit overtuned because he has no AP bruiser items yet. If they need to scale him back more after the next patch when they nerf his passive flat damage and his E's penetration it'll be fine. He's still a Juggernaut with decently dodgeable abilities, damage is just a bit too high even if he misses everything in the Death Realm.
GankLord (NA)
: Lmao how I feel about Swain right now
Riot King Cobra is working on him right now, unless you mean old swain.
: I used to main nocturne and akali. Now I barely play the game anymore except for tft. I quit playing akali after Riot gave RicklessAbandon her mini rework, where he shredded everything I liked about her (she felt smooth to play). Then Riot reworked her, continuing on the dumb direction RicklessAbandon took, despite many of his reworks being reverted and him actually being fired. Nowadays I don’t even bother looking at or trying akali. She just isn’t the same champion and has none of the strengths of the old akali. Nocturne’s last patch was in 8.13, just over a year ago now. That patch happened to be a significant nerf, by the way, he lost 3 base AD and lost 0.3 AD scaling from his ult. His last real buff was in 5.17 where his ult gained some extra range. He has a 1.5% pickrate with a 47-48% winrates, and his mains have on average a 47% winrate. Riot has furthermore “fixed” crit itemization by making it completely rotate around ADC’s, making him garbage because that was the best itemization for him. Lethality makes him fall off because he only has 2 AD scaling damaging skills. Bruiser he is simply not comparable to the alternatives. There were and are several things they could do to make him playable, but Riot cares so little for him that he was bugged to lose his unit collision passive when he had phantom dancer for over a year, they’re not going to magically remember he exists. Then, when they finally get around to reworking I can happily kiss the champion I know and love good bye because you can bet they will put some gimmick into him and completely overturn his thematic. Because that’s what reworks are for, right? Edit: thanks for the downvotes. How _dare_ I dislike that one of my champions was reworked into something else while my other champion is unviable garbage.
What's the Akali mini rework that you are referring to? I can't for the life of me remember.
: the problem isnt jhin the problem are the other adc who do a better job exploding targest than him with more dps
Currently I think Jhin's niche is that he has a lot of long ranged CC, only unlike Varus and Ashe his is a bit slower to come out so he can't really start teamfights with it. (He's still the coolest ADC though).
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=32YV2EiF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-11T14:20:26.850+0000) > > RNG items helps ensure you build different comps each game It's randomized champions which ensure that. The items would be built accordingly.
It's possible to force champs through proper economy management though, that's why the higher end players build comps based on items and not on champion rolls.
EdgeLady (NA)
: Let's talk about the big armored Demacian in the room
I voted for it maybe being both, but I genuinely think it's just his equipment. Swain mentions it when he meets Garen too.
CD8 (NA)
: its because he's inherently broken as a champion. This is the entire reason you find him fun. He has everything you could possibly want in a kit. **He has AOE, waveclear, poke. stun. slow, a dash, shield, healing, a passive that does damage because you landed something, a pull, and he has the ability to use ultimates BETTER than the champs they were designed for.** This is why he's so 'fun' to play because hes fail-safe and makes the enemy team miserable. Like most of certainly T's designs. Fun to play, extremely unfun to play against. Tell us again how fun he is when you're the one laning against him.
By pull do you mean third dash? Pull implies he brings someone closer to himself (as opposed to moving his own body) which he can't do with his base kit.
: So I agree with the Aatrox nerf
Hash gave a suggestion a while back to have the ultimate instead of revive just burst heal when he would instead die. That way it's functionally the same thing only without the stasis.
: Great, I'm always going to build Adaptive Helm on Evelynn from now on. Thanks!
I mean if you're Eve you shouldn't really be anywhere Morde can get you most of the time anyway so I think you should be fine? If he tries to ult you your ult can cancel the animation or get you away from him long enough to survive (especially since you can buy Zhonyas too).
: Great! When I play a tank champion I will consider alongside the health items I build to get adaptive helm too. Oh wait, he deals more damage the more max health you have. Welp, scrap that plan.
: I love league for all of it's diverse champs and playstyles.
Adaptive Helm heavily cuts his damage by the way. You'd be surprised on how much of it is his passive. His Q is his only other source of damage and it's on a very short CD, so it can get hit by Adaptive as well.
: How do you lose to Morde as Yi? That shouldn't even be possible. If you bought a Wits and had Bloodrazor, you'd end his sorry ass in seconds.
: so, doesn't that make him similar to olaf?
A mix actually kinda but not really, to describe Zul'jin accurately I should describe how HotS works. Keep in mind he is designed around the HotS engine and is their take on the low HP berserker mad lad. In HotS, characters have 3 abilities and a passive baseline, with some exceptions. All heroes level up together sharing XP and at levels 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 20 you can upgrade your character with a list of upgrades. Otherwise levels only give linear stat increases. At level 10 you may chose your ultimate from a list, level 20 usually lets you upgrade these ultimate abilities or pick something else neat. Zul'Jin's abilities are as follows, keep in mind he is ranged. 1. Grievous Throw, line skillshot, does damage to the first two enemies hit, next 3 autos crit against them for 50% bonus damage. There are no random critical hits in HotS, only triggers for crits dedicated in the character's kit. 2. Twin Cleave, throws two axes in a fixed circular path (think Cassiopea's poison cloud things, always goes a fixed distance he just chooses the direction), does damage and slows. 3. Regeneration, Channel, heal for 25% of your hp. Damage interrupts the channel. 4. Berserker, his trait. Every 5 autos boosts his AA damage by 1, 75 total autos increase his auto range by 1.1, 150 autos double Twin Cleave's spins. Activating the ability increases his AA damage, lower HP gives him attack speed. 5. His own personal extra ability, Amani Rage. Cuts his current HP in half which he then regenerates. His first ultimate is basically Tryn's, he can't die while its active, and he cannot use it while in CC. This ability basically just is to make it so that diving him while he's low is Suicide. His second ultimate is Guillotine, he throws a big ole axe that lands in a target location dealing damage based on HIS missing HP. Meaning the lower Zul'jin is when it touches down, the more it'll hurt.
: I forget what his crit rate was at max fury...35% I think for 3 in a row, you have 35% at 1, roughly 10% at 2, roughly 3% at 3 so roughly 3 in 100 tryndamere matchups can have this possibility
It gets higher to like 45% at level 11 to 50% at level 16. So he gets max crit on 2 items like yas does.
: Heroes of The Storm also has a champ like Trynd, but his passive is that he does more damage the lower his health is. Zul'jin is the character's name. Because of that passive, Zul'jin players are always playing that risky balance of having as little HP as possible without dying. This generally means the effectiveness of his R is based entirely on how good of reflexes the player has. Zul'jin also has a self heal, but it's channeled. He also had Mana as a resource, so there are times when he can't R because he's oom. All of these things made that champ much less annoying than Trynd when I used to play HoTS.
Actually his passive is he can use hp to add damage and low hp gives attack speed. While passive is on all autos drop your hp so the lower you are, faster it goes down.
: Actually the fact he can proc electrocute with 2 spells is the problem (technically, two shurikens still count as 1spell). He deals 1/2 of your lifebar at level 3 with too much safety (W E Q) since he don't need to stick you.
Just because one spell doesn't do damage by itself, doesn't mean he is doing electrocute with one spell. If he uses Shadow to proc Electrocute, that's W, E, Q, which is three including his escape. If you're talking about using two spells and an auto attack, everyone can do that.
: Use blitz...
I tried that against a Veigar with RFC, my units ignored him and I was a sad boy. Pulled him out every single time though, so Blitz definitely works.
Moody P (NA)
: Darius hook is delayed and 535 range
Won't Dar be able to close that decently enough with Phage or boots? Or with Ghost since most Darius players run that anyway?
: Similar bad AI for most of the mages ult honestly. Kennen will ult and stay out of range to hit anyone with it. Veigar seems to pick a unit at random with his ult. Usually ending in taking 30% hp off a random carry in the back instead of finishing off any of the lower hp targets in front. Varus and Asol pick random targets for there line shot instead of trying to hit as many as possible. Liss ults herself sometimes, assassins targeting her sometimes, and other times the enemy backline. No idea what decides it. Brand usually will ult the 1 target alone by themself. Lulu polys the targets with the lowest total hp instead of lowest % hp. the list goes on and on, they really need to update the AI
Liss hits herself whenever she's under half health if I recall correctly.
: Qiyana is fine
I think her ult's wall hit might be a big uh, huge, but that's just me.
Nea104 (EUW)
: Endgame recap doesn't appear, nor there is a Game History whatsoever.
if you have your client open during the game at least the ending screen appears.
Drathlord (EUNE)
: Swain is good now, changes are perfect.
I'll be glad to have the ability to fight inside of minion waves.
Rioter Comments
: There's actually a worse unit: Karthus himself. Or should I say "I'm gonna channel for 3s aaaaaaaand im stunned..." or "Let's try this agaaaaaand I'm ded." Plus, You can *easily* get Morde to rank 3, and you'd be hard pressed to find 3 Karthus in one game.
If your comp Is set up for Karthus he hurts a ton.
: Swain is a really interesting champion and his gameplay is really enjoyable
Riot King Cobra is working on updates for him that I believe are slotted for next PTR cycle. Current run down is passive now increases ult damage infinitely, ultimate now drains everyone (r2 is now locked behind a timer rather than amount drained), souls give back mana as well as health, Q no longer gives mana, pierces always, and is wider.
: [SHACO] Now.. i see a lot of people complaining about things that are mainstream. Lets talk Shaco.
Boxes first is because the order is siege, summons, closest minions. And summons are champ damage.
: I can tell you a different story. I just saw a full glacial comp getting destroyed by no synergy comp with high tier unit.{{champion:34}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:106}}
What was the comp they were fighting? Also full glacial isn't as good as glacial ranger knight phantom and it's harder to get imo.
: Neeko E is the strongest non-ultimate CC Ability in the game; on a burst mage.
: I disliked her character before, but I hate it even more now. She literally went out of her way to murder innocent people just to prove how much better she is than her sister. She's fucking insane. Though, I suppose that's the point. I'd say Riot succeeded in portraying her as a spoiled, psychotic brat who is willing to do anything to prove her superiority. Some people love Qiyana, other people(such as me) hate her, and that's fine.
Imagine rooting for literally world ending and inhuman monsters more than her. {{champion:266}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:110}}
Kirika (EUW)
: If you touch my Lux I break your neck- After that beeing said I can start using real arguments. Her ultimate CD was reduced because they wanted to make Lux mid a character able to carry a team in need. Let's be fair the whole oneshot thing only works if you land three skillshots in a short time and your opponent is dumb enough to have no MR, QSS or support with the ability to save someone. She is highly skill reliant and I dont see why her initiate Q should be a high cd if every assassns engage is low cd. (Talon Q, Zed E [okay was nerfed at last but still you get the point]). Most champs played mid have high mobility and easily dodge the snare and thus make all her other ability aside from her E poke pretty hard to hit. Her ultimate CD can go down to 7 seconds if you REALLY want it. Still she can in a TF only take out two people if she is really, really good and thus gain this kind of CD. If she needs to Carry a team thats the only way to do it. By the way the hard nerf on her E is never mentioned because only those who really play her see how frustrating slow it is now. You throw it on the mid fo the enemy and with brownboots they just walk out...
Doesn't her root secure the other 2 skillshots? Not to detract from the rest of what you said but I disagree with the landing 3 skillshots bit specifically.
Anatera (NA)
: Dodge skillshot
Reminds me of killing a Yasuo with a stolen Cait ultimate because of Luden's hitting him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Star PlatinumELO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tzK6dYfN,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-06-19T15:20:30.834+0000) > > Man, Ryze not being nearly as free in top... What a tragedy. > > {{item:3070}} Yea free with that 46% winrate wooooh soo free.
Isn't Ryze one of those characters whose winrate doesn't reflect their power due to how bad the average League player is?
: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?
Blade of the Ruined King on Garen because he had a sword.
Who are you playing? I haven't had a single game with Morde in it that the top laner didn't pick a counter to him.
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