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Kaos X (NA)
: looking for a fifth
I'm looking for flex! add me ign: cteveacoaTom
: Looking for Jung for our team, High Plat/Diamond
Add me on this account I'll PM you my names IGN just busy dropping to B5
: Looking for Flex
: Looking for Flex
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: Can I get a coach??
add me up: cteveacoaTom my main is D5 i'm just feeding to Bronze V 0LP atm I'll tell you my mains name once add me
: need 1 more for ranked flex
i'll join! add my IGN: cteveacoaTom
: Clockwork Essence Theft seeking Jungle for a 5's Flex/Tournament team (Bronze-Silver)
Username: cteveacoaTom Season 6 Rank: Unranked Current Rank: Bronze V Main 3 champions: Hecarim, amumu, blitz Other played champions: annie Availability: 4pm-11pm est Discord & Mic Y/N: Y
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: LF 2 players for a bronze/silver team.
: Looking for ranked flex members bronze/silver
: B4 Looking for other bronze or silver that take the game seriously.
: Looking for a sub supp for a scrim
Application In game name: cteveacoaTom Top five champions in order of comfort: Blitz, leo, ali, soraka When can you play consistently: 4pm-11pm est Strengths and weaknesses as a player: Strong positive attitude! weak map awareness
: 3 diamond smurfs looking for a diamond top laner whos atleast gold in flex queue
Quîver (NA)
: Looking For Free Coaching Diamond +
Don't listen to this guy that took 600 games to get diamond. A diamond player knows what it takes to get out of every ELO, but if you cant find a diamond player, find a plat+
What is your main? Main: AngeVashes (HIGH KDAs in diamond) Gold Smurf: Hydrocodien (91% winrate hecarim)
: LF Dia Duo
winrate not as high but my KDAs pretty good.
: Masters smurfing LF a SMURF support duo
Main - AngeVashes Smurf - Hydrocodien add me up on hydrocodien
: lf a smurf support duo. adc smurf
main: AngeVashes smurf added you on: Hydrocodien
: Making Ranked Team Bronze-Silver
: DIamond team looking for lasting Jungler ANTI-MATTER WHITE
Ign: AngeVashes {{champion:120}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}}
IGN: cteveacoaTom Age: 24 Role: Supp Top 5 Champs: blitz, soraka, annie Type of Player? (example Aggressive/passive/farm heavy): I play off of tactical disposition Strengths: Positive Attitude Weaknesses: Map Awareness Why do you want to join Spawned 2 Kill?: To have fun Past experience: None Do you meet the requirements and have discord?: Yes Additional Notes / Questions you may have: No ragers please.
: Plat/Diam Team LF Serious Jungler for our starter spot!
My only question is, why have you been plat for 4 seasons?
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Gleeski (NA)
: LF diamond BOT LANE [read description] [Tritan Esports]
Add my main: AngeVashes I used to main supp in s3 & s4 been gone for 2 years came back and Diamond again.
: Looking to start a Bronze ranked team
Ign: cteveacoaTom Rank: Bronze 3 Role: jungle Age: 24 Strengths: Positive attitude Weaknesses: map awareness Top Champs: hec / amumu If you have a working mic with discord: yes
Kéiro (NA)
: Competitive silver team looking for JG/Mid
IGN: cteveacoaTom Role: jg Strengths: Positive attitude Weaknesses: map awareness Top champs: hec/amumu Timezone: est A question: do you eat pineapples on pizza?
: Discharge Gaming Seeking Players to Join Our Team
Application: What is your IGN: cteveacoaTom What Server do you play on? NA What is your current rank? Bronze III What is your highest rank achieved? Bronze I What Roles do you play? Supp / Jg What are you five main champions for those positions? Blitz, soraka, hec, amumu How long have you been playing league of legends? 3 months What days/hours are you available to play? 4pm-11pm est What is your Timezone/Location. EST Will you show up to every practice unless you have an excuse? yes What do you prefer to be called? Alex Do you have Discord and a working mic? Yes What are your strengths? Teamfights What do you need to improve on? Map awareness What would you bring to the team? Positive attitude What do you expect from your teammates? not to rage Anything else you think would be relevant to know let us know? nope Any questions for the team. Nope
: LF Smurf Duo Hit me up. that is my smurf ^ and this account im on is a smurf. So add hydrocodien (which is my better smurf)
: LF Supp duo Bronze
Hit me up coach, I want to flex with your team
Kelyx (NA)
: Dawn eSports BRONZE/SILVER Tryouts tonight 6 est
IGN: cteveacoaTom Role: Supp Rank last season: Unranked Rank this season: Bronze 3 Top 5 Champs: Blitz, annie, soraka Strengths: Team fights / Positive attitude Weaknesses: I don't like to talk much Availability: 4pm-10pm est
: playing support on stream teaching support
You were Gold 5, you can check on
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: Making a late night team silver and gold.
Rank: Bronze 3 (Give me 1 chance and you won't be dissapointed) / unranked flex Role: Any Top 3 champs in that role: annie, hec, leona Age: 24 Discord: yes Playstyle: I play off of tactical disposition hard
: Looking for Bronze-Gold players
Age: 24 Discord or Curse Voice: Discord pref Role: Any Champ Pool: All Best Traits as a player: Game mechanics Best Traits as a person: Never rage, always fun to play with Favorite band: Artist - Eminem Something that needs work as a player: Working on my mistakes even though I realize them Time you have available for team: 4pm-10pm est Can you shot call??: pref not too Suggested Team Name: Insanity Rains Secondary Role: Any Rank: Bronze 3 (just give me a chance :D) Are you a raging baby?: yes big time, 100% rage all the time. (sarcasm)
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