: ok so klepto i bet it was real fun to see your enemy laner get 4 potions early game and 2 bags of gold that was so much more counterplay focused ezreal with biscuits getting 2 more biscuits 2 mana potions and 3 bags was great interactive gameplay the games where you would go klepto and get only some ad potions on your kayle was also great when you were vsing a renekton and couldn't reach the wave oh man that felt a blast to play as the kayle it's much better concept omnistone than klepto here is why there is a cool down that is ticking only out of combat ie you can't just randomly change to conq after smashing your aftershock in his face ie your opponent has the ability to realize that aftershock is his current keystone and will know that in that trade there won't be anything surprising outside of the aftershock so yes it's rng yes sometimes you will get shit on by the bad keystone proc but maybe sometime you will learn to proc those bad keystones so you get them out of the way and wait for the better one to make your move on and maybe then you would enjoy the keystone
I mean you are absolutely right, there are times when it can work, but I think adding so much RNG into the game at one time was an unhealthy way to deal with the removal of klepto, which was already a broken rune. Omnistone doesn’t feel like a useful transition to a new rune which will get any sort of usefulness outside of trolling. IMO.
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