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: Dodges happen in all elo. This game works off a % system and you have a good chance to get a better team if you dodge or you might get stuck with your Trolling set. That they expect you to Carry. Because every team needs to be 50 50 even if that 50 50 is really 60 40. Easy example if you lose 4 games in a row you are on the low end so you will get matched with 3 good players and 1 bad assuming you as the 2nd bad one. While if you win 4 games in a row you get matched up with Trash so every team works like this WIn Win Loss Loss Loss vs WIN WIN WIN Loss Loss. What I have found is the 2 losses or wins are almost always Mid and Top if you are lucky to get one the as Jungle or ADC you can still win But if there Mid and top Together its a waste of time. And so they dodge. Unless you are a top main then you DODge with a bad Jungle and Bot.
makes sense.. lol
: I feel like you're exaggerating a lot. Also dodges have their purpose in higher elo.
okay maybe 24 hrs is excessive. lol. however, it is hard to get into a game without someone dodging... but at least more than five minutes... you know?
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