Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Gotta go with my girl Leona. Praise the Sun! \[T]/
: 1: i was really wondering, whats the next lore rework event? Im really Interested Because You Guys Seem To be Doing A Good Job. And 2: How Did Sivir's Life get Restored? Through Magical Water? i thought the Ascended only got combat powers and immortality. but htey can bring people from the afterlife now?
i think it was more she was on the very cusp of death. Then boom, magic healing water.
: Shurima Story Q&A #2
Hey guys! So a couple of questions: 1.) Would Azir and/or Nasus forgive archaeologists (like Ezreal) from plundering tombs if they went to museums and other centers of learning? 2.) in that same vein, if Shurmia was integrated into a present day Voleran, can you imagine Nasus as a guest lecturer at some Piltover university? I think he would get a kick out it.
: As he lay on his bed...
Plague doctor {{champion:27}} with icon? YES PLEASE!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran
Bloodstone Taric reminds me of Mr. Sinister from X-Men.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mauve Thunder,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cfEdVAJd,comment-id=00170001,timestamp=2016-03-17T18:30:15.728+0000) > > You remind me of the babe What babe?
He's referencing a movie Bowie was in called Labyrinth.
: The hunt is on
Great reference to the Monster Hunter series there Rito. Outstanding work.
: I have only one question... WHY?! He's a cool champion and all, but WHY KILL {{champion:37}} ? She's so harmless, yet she was killed...
Oh she's not dead. That was just Jihn _fantasizing_ about killing her. And a few choice others. He often targets famous people and Sona is uber famous._
Gnarmaw (EUW)
: Why female yordles have hairless face including Poppy, any chance we get a female yordle with fur on her face?
They do. they're just very fine hairs.
: Poppy Update Q&A
Ok a few of questions. 1.) What's the story with her hammer? Its not Whomper anymore so where did it come from and how did she land this job of finding a hero for it? 2.) Is Galio's lore still the same? 3.) We know how she thinks of Damacians like Garen and Jarvan, but what do they think of her? also she looks f-ing adorable. gj rito
: Does Illaoi have a special relationship with Gangplank?
According to the wiki they used to be intimate but she chose her god over him.
Wallerrr (NA)
: I just bought illaoi being shes available now, and its got rid of my IP but I didn't get the champ?... whats going here? I've restarted the client even went into game and shes not there, still says locked..? cmon rito
There is an issue and they are looking into it.
Scorpio (NA)
: Seeing her lines towards an enemy Braum. I have to ask is there something special between the Illaoi and Braum or was it just for humor?
I think it's more that he caught her eye.
: Champion Q&A: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
Is Illoai descended from the people of the Blessed Isles? Because I find it AWFULLY CONVENIENT that a force that can not only push back the Shadow Isle's black fog, but also FREE THE TRAPPED SOULS to be a stone's throw away from spook central. Also what are the motivations of her deity? What does it want from mortalkind?
: Updated patch 5.23 notes
: I could've seen this being there ult =]
I laughed more than I should have.
: Totally didn't realize there was a Q&A for this so I made a separate board post for this question: I don't know if I'm on the right forums or if I need to be on PBE boards specifically or something, but regarding her damage and stuff, is there a particular reason her Q doesn't prioritize champions? I use my Q to try and finish off champions but all 3 arrows go into minions behind or beside me, I feel like if you played with her damage ratios on her w / third E proc, it would be more reasonable for at least the first arrow to focus a champion. It might've been a glitch but it's just what I've noticed feels off about her so far, if she's supposed to be viable for adc as well, I feel like the Q should focus champions.
1. you are on the right board and 2. it goes for the NEAREST enemies.
: Does kindred have feelings?
Well Lamb is very intelligent but feels little while Wolf is very dumb but feels everything.
: awww guess I'm back to reading dirty fanfics for lore xD
its the best place to pick up lore :D
: Is Kindred the same entity, or are they two separate entities at this point? I know they come from one single being, which I assume is death, and he broke himself in two. I guess I'm asking if they have a shared consciousness, or think on their own? Also, with the story "A Good Death," where Kindred asked that girl if she would take Wolf's hunt or Lamb's arrow, was it an analogy for accepting death and getting life and running from death which would avoid life? It's been tearing my mind apart trying to see if that was the meaning, and am wondering if that's what you guys had in mind when creating Kindred.
accepting Lamb's arrow means to accept your death. It will be clean and quick. To run from wolf means you get torn limb from limb and as agonizing as possible.
: Ok.. ive always been a huge fan of LoL lore so.. lore question here.. How the hell did the Institute Of War Convince death himself to be a champion? like the other champs.. there has to be a deal.. whats kindreds deal with the institute?
I hate to break it to ya skippy, but Rito kinda retcon'd the institute out of existence.
: Will there be a Definitely Not Kindred skin where Lamb looks like Ashe and Wolf like WW?
: **I have a question for you riot..... Why do my friends call you Rito?** ~~ ON~~ Kindred's life, How did Lamb and Wolf become friends? And How long have they been friends? Also, what is wrong with Devourer? I really need it for my {{champion:131}} jungle terror!!!!!!!!
just shift that o in Rito between the i and t and you have your answer. and Kindred has always been together.
: When people are offered who to die by, why would anyone choose Wolf's brutal and painful death as opposed to Lamb's swift arrow?
Because some people don't want to die and choose to try and escape it. That's where Wolf comes in.
: Two questions is the lamb a girl and the wolf a boy or are they just both gender less. And how hard will kindred be to play.
Can you put a gender on death itself?
RhIjOfT (NA)
: Good point. I have one more question. Does Kindred's Q apply on hit effects?
I don't know. I know the W doesn't
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
would Lamb object to one last hug/cuddle with her before I accept her arrow? She's just so fluffy.
: is he/them a darkin???if not who are they and how many of them are champions at this moment{{champion:266}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:24}} ???and is braum{{champion:201}} a 100 years bastard???sorry kindred i need to know more about u and try u to start asking..plz answer me{{item:3151}}
Kindred IS death. Like the Grim Reaper.
RhIjOfT (NA)
: And, where's Kindred from? Was Kindred ever human?
I don't think so. I think Kindred has always been there since long before man was around.
Carcino1 (NA)
: Ok, I have a question. Kindred is essentially "Death" so, why did they attack the people at the camp in the story? None of them seemed to be close to death, and they were spreading the word of kindred. Why did they let that random girl off and not all the others if they're an enforcer of mortality? Seems random that they'd scare the hell out of someone, and kill all their friends. What did that prove from Kindred's POV? They essentially just terrorized rather than enforce.
They didn't attack the camp. those were a group of bandits looking for an easy mark.
: How would Kindred look at a being or champion such as gnar, who avoided death by being frozen or taken out of time? Would they be angry since he didn't die at the correct time or would they still let him choose between the arrow or the chase, and, would gnar even know HOW to choose between the two of them?? Also great work, I basically despise the jungle but this champ makes me want to play it :D
How do we know that wasn't part of his fate? I mean he'll age and die at some point so what's another lifetime?
kmb180 (NA)
: For a sense of Kindred's' age could you tell me if this order is right (oldest to youngest): Bard, Tahm Kench, Kindred, Kalista. I'm basically going off the idea that Kindred and Kalista were both created from mortals but I'm not actually sure :V
I think Kindred came long before man was ever around. We're talking some real primordial forces here.
: > [{quoted}](name=cyberNurgle,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=012f0000,timestamp=2015-09-29T19:51:04.862+0000) > > They can be everywhere at once. why not blow off a little steam. besides i imagine Lamb needs to let Wolf run around for a while to calm him down. that would be if they decided to bring back the old lore, however riot has stated that they are not going to continue with the institute of war and what not (which i call bs on seeing as everything that references the old lore in anyway is still in the game), it would be wonderful however if riot would realize that coming up with why they joined the league is a lot easier than they are making it to be (i mean here you can plainly see that they could easily just let the fan base come up with that, seeing as there has been a reason coming from a fan for every champion riot made since they made that "change" to the lore)
I know I was just answering within the realm of the question.
gcashin (NA)
: Do you have an approximate date of when kindred will be released
: Why did Kindred join the League of Legends? Don't they have more pressing matters to attend to?
They can be everywhere at once. why not blow off a little steam. besides i imagine Lamb needs to let Wolf run around for a while to calm him down.
Sabiñ (NA)
: If I were to cuddle with Kindred in bed would I get warmer or colder?
I would imagine warmer. have you seen how fluffy Lamb is? Though you might have to contend with Wolf gnawing at your ankles.
Rif12 (EUNE)
: 1. WHY do Kindred kill people? I mean, death is inevitable, but Magga, for example, wasn't close to death age-wise. Why do they take lives, and how is it decided whose life they take? 2. Has anyone encountered Kindred and lived a normal life? 3. Will any details about their origin story be revealed? How did "the lonely man" become the mythical being that he/she/they/it is today?
I think i can answer some of these. 1.) They don't kill them, they just usher their souls to wherever they're suppose to go. That's what a reaper does. 2.) You may escape one encounter but eventually they claim you. No one truly lives forever. not sure about 3.
: What are Kindred's accurate pronouns? (He/She/They?) Is Kindred's Bow and Arrows physical or does Lamb manifest them from spiritual energy Who does Lamb and Wolf's voices? If Kindred ulted a Tahm Kench, and then Tahm ate Kindred, could Kindred still die? Weird question, but could skins team consider a sorta "Druid Spirit" skin one day, with green and brown nature-like themes? And lastly, would you all be opposed to a Kindred Animation at some point? I'm personally hoping the fandom hops on this, but Kindred just seems perfect for the medium. That's not to say i didnt read A Good Death like 5 times, but yeah just a thought. Thank you in advance for the answers!
Lamb is she, Wolf is he, and Kindred is they.
: Yes, they can. But you don't want that to happen. Ever.
Why? How cataclysmic are we talking?
: > [{quoted}](name=CABDOU15,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=00d2,timestamp=2015-09-29T19:07:03.489+0000) > > Do you think Kindred will be good friends with Amumu ?{{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} amummu is destined to never have any
> {{champion:32}} amummu is destined to never have any but what about {{champion:1}} ?
Soulliva (NA)
: So how does Kindred tie in with Ekko? Since lamb says "We know your name child. Woven across countless almost-lives."
I think they are commenting on all his re-dos.
: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
A few questions: Since Wolf and Lamb are the grim reaper of Rune Terra, do they know what really went down at the Shadow Isles? Do Wolf and Lamb bicker when no one is around? Are they aware of other beings like Bard or Tahm Kench?
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
I'm a {{champion:432}} main. I'm a compassionate person, who lets others bask in the limelight while I stick to the background. But there are times when I go off and do my own thing.
: Why haven't you guys made a nercromancer guy yet? like necromancer azir skin? where his guys he makes are skeletons{{champion:268}} {{champion:268}}
Uh what about {{champion:83}} ?
: So I have a question. Was Tahm Kench a resident of Bilgewater before the arrival of the Black Mist? If not did it have any role in his existence currently there?
I can help you with that. No and no. Tahm is....something else. Like a crossroads demon, offering solutions at steep prices. He feeds off people's misery. But he can only do this if you strike a deal with him. You have to "let him in".
: Champion Q&A: Tahm Kench, the River King
1.) How far has Tahm traveled in his never ending buffet of human misery? 2.) Aside from Kalista, are there other pact making devils out there other than Tahm? 3.) On that last note, Tahm and Kalista meet at a crossroads, what kind of conversation would that be? Would he view her as a colleague?
: The River King (Ability/Role Thoughts)
Hey guys just want to leave my thoughts on the River King. He has this whole "Devil at the Crossroads" vibe and looks like a giant man-catfish dressed as a Southern gentleman. Definitely a Jungler. As far as his abilities go here's what I got. His passive is most likely a debuff that requires him to "eat" and be "satisfied" He is going to have a charm since they referenced it a few times in the video He might have a teleport because "Boy, the world's one river, and I'm its King. Ain't no place I ain't been. Ain't no place I can't go again." Of course a bite move and maybe even a tongue grab (maybe even both at the same time). Thoughts?
: Champion Q&A: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time [COMPLETED]
What are Ekko's views on Noxus? And were in the world did he get his hands on time travel?
Utora (NA)
: Rek'sai Q&A [COMPLETED]
Does Rek'sai target the other void born entities when they're around? What do they think of her?
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
I'm more interested in Azir as a ruler. -what kind of a ruler was he? -now that he is returned, what are his views on the other City-States like Noxus and Piltover? -does Azir plan to rebuild Shurima? -and as a side question, can Azir shed some light onto Amumu's past?
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