: Endgame spoilers.
i hope these mods dont get paid cuz lol......
Rainfall (EUNE)
: What Happens When You Reach Level 100?
keeps going until a stack overflow
: I've attended two psychology lectures so far
Yeah i have a PhD as well... PhD = Pretty Huge Dick
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: Ask a dude that draws /certain things/ anything (100% not a bait thread)
can you draw Kanye West sitting at a computer and playing league
: I love phane sorter
love him, hes like a brother to me
: Most irritatijg one tricks? Most respected one tricks?
: say some gay shit
> [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UuZnLuaw,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-13T06:38:45.529+0000) > > say some gay shit i do all the time but they think im kidding
: Your Favorite Game of LoL Ever?
the ones where i win
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Akaash (NA)
: ITT: Kanye West butchers Bohemian Rhapsody.
I wouldn't classify him as a good singer, but his production and creative skills are pretty remarkable. Have you listened to any of his albums before?
: I really didn't know what "dabbing" was until recently.
fuck people having fun without hurting anyone, right?
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: My biggest issue with GD wardens tbh
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: Malzahar casts his Malefic Visions on you irl...what do you see?
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: I'm at a cookout looking at a Doberman still in bandages from ear cropping and I'm so mad rn
: "support mains get carried" -diamond 2 support main (previously high diamond 1)
: The End-er Times: The Final-er Chapter of GD.
: Are we allowed to get in heated political debates over city states within the LoL universe?
[This post requires a League of Legends Diamond Pass to view]
: There is so much less quality content on gd due 2 the banning of a certain someone (more info below)
: We should get a huge Age of Empires or Civilization game going on GD
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: Negative Leveling
hello custom custom custom? hello custom? customcustom?????customcustom?????customcustom?????customcustom?????customcustom?????customcustom?????customcustom?????customcustom?????
: There are so many Bronzies that love talking shit.
[This post requires a League of Legends Diamond Pass to view]
: Teamwork or Anarchy
: Things you're not allowed to talk about in the New GD Order
[This post requires a League of Legends Diamond Pass to view]
Engelin (NA)
: I don't typically like rap but I can't stop listening to this
: [This post requires a League of Legends Diamond Pass to view]
yeah i agree, low elo still shouldnt have a say in anything around here. good points
: Champs in the game can hear you in real life
: Don't be fooled by other ice cream flavors...
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: Guns [Off Topic]
I have an desert camo AR-15 variant and a polymer AK-74 with a skeleton stock. All guns in my opinion are fun to shoot. Modern AR's shoot pretty nicely without too much kick. I shot a few WW2 rifles like a Mosin Nagant and a Swedish Mauser and those things kick hard, theyre like hand cannons. My shoulder was sore for a whole day after.
: [ GOAT DISCUSSION ] stream dropping THIS sunday
: Proposing in League?
is she a thot?
: HekaPOO xd
Tyvan (NA)
: Bearded vulture thread
: Has anyone here met a famous person before?
: reminder to the cringeposters here that their circlejerk threads are seen on the home page
NotSid (NA)
: H-Hi.. umm.. this is my first post on GD
make me some fried chicken you food service worker
Kythers (NA)
: Diamond master race thread
any lower elos shouldnt speak, get in your place
: The song "Watch Me Whip" is the worst song I have ever heard
: Depression needs a nerf...
: Post your most successful threads.
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: my wife's son just told me that i need to stop wasting time on a stupid video game board
Méta (NA)
: Whelp no political discussions.
moon landing and != straight
: Don't get me wrong...animu/waifu thread
it still boggles my mind that this stuff actually appeals to people. you disgust me.
: Making 10 posts in half an hour
all i see is a plethora of unique topics
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