: Why League of Legends Isn't As Awesome As It Could Be - @Morello, @Meddler
I believe you're not looking at the whole picture when it comes to game design in the MOBA genre and therein lies your mistake. Using all of the knowledge you have learned, would you honestly say you could create a MOBA based on what you have given us? Your post is titled "Why league of legends isn't as awesome as it could be," yet most of it is your insight on character design and the disconnect between visuals and gameplay, I'm not saying it's not important don't get me wrong, but I don't think you need to emphasize it so much. As a casual player of these games, some of my most favorite champs/heros/gods attracted me because of how they played and how their abilities allowed me to have an impact on the game (Nasus in LoL, Sand King in DotA 2, Ymir in Smite for my personal favorites). Would it be cool if they were 100% thematic/readable? Absolutely. But does it matter at the end of the day, when i'm in the heat of the moment having fun and making cool plays? Not too much. So, in Riot's defence, they can afford to sacrifice some clarity and accessibility as long as the game is fun and it has strategic depth. Ask yourself, would you rather play the most perfect MOBA and it not be fun or play an imperfect one that's a blast?
: Making the Vieger Changes not a complete nerf while staying true to the spirit of the changes.
The only way that would work is if you removed the stun and left it as just the cage, similar to disruptor's kinetic field in DotA. Without the stun, the proposed change would still be better because of it's ability to act as a Jarvan Ult on a lower cooldown but I do like it though.
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: Can you make nasus a bit fun to lane against?
: Riot, you know that Zed uses ENERGY, right?
Why don't they just make him do less damage against minions and then revert the attack speed nerf? That would've probably fixed just about everyone's problems with him in lane.
: If your friends can't understand that you need your space, you should rethink who you call your friends.
Wanting a little privacy is actually pretty reasonable in my opinion and doesn't insinuate that the person has chosen wrong or bad friends.
: > [{quoted}](name=Demonsolder21,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QfzrV4bF,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2014-12-21T09:36:45.900+0000) > > I just think that its completely unnecessary to report people for saying gg ez. Its completely stupid. I mean how is it toxic? Did they say anything that violates riots universal rules? all they said was good game easy how is that toxic i just dont get it. I remember when i was 10 year old i will always play soccer and when i won i will always scream out loud that was a easy game didn't even break a sweat. LOL, then your poor sportsmanship started as a 10 year old, and you haven't grown up any.
> [{quoted}](name=Cornerstone1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QfzrV4bF,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2014-12-21T23:35:25.108+0000) > > LOL, then your poor sportsmanship started as a 10 year old, and you haven't grown up any. I don't think it's poor sportsmanship as much as it is human nature. I mean, many people brag and boast, especially in competition. There's always going to be a winner and a loser in any sort of sport or game, so most people should already be prepared for such an outcome and anything that follows it. An old football coach of mine always used to encourage us by basically telling us we were bad and needed to improve. If someone is using it in a situation where they aren't being sarcastic/funny or when they clearly don't deserve to use it, then you can just dismiss those people as idiots and move on with your day.
: > [{quoted}](name=windwolf777,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0nMR0PzN,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2014-12-12T23:42:10.639+0000) > 2 counter arguments. Dota 2, and tf2. Dota 2, everything is free except for sets/cosmetics which have no impact on games at all. TF2, can easily get the things that impact games from trading, crafting, or just playing. (Yes tf2 does have bonuses for not being f2p ((bigger backpack, chance to get cosmetics from drop system). But LoL puts this to a painful extreme. DotA is offering you a very attractive deal because they're trying to convert established League players. If the situation reversed, so would the business models. I agree that DotA has a more consumer-friendly business model, but I still prefer League the game, so I play League. Others disagree, and that's fine. Everything that affects League games is free, too. In fact, they made a particular point of ensuring that runes cannot be purchased with RP.
Couple things wrong here. Firstly, Valve does this because it has been proven that it works (TF2) and also because they just can. They have steam and other games, so if DotA 2 wasn't turning a profit they'd still have something to fall back on. It's also not a ploy to attract League players since their target audience are the hardcore gamers.
: Crit needs reworking.
Is crit in ths game multiplicative or additive?
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