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: One awesome note before patching your game would be to know how much the actual patch is, 1 gb - 4 gb - 7 gb? Sure at the start of the patch, it gives you an idea of an amount in a packed stage, not unpacked. This is one thing that I'm sure plenty of users suffer if their game resides on another drive. (I know, plenty are just gonna answer, get a bigger drive) However with league just starting to implement a way for their client to patch files while it's on the simple loadup screen. Pretty sad to be honest when many other popular games do patch while you play or let you know the exact a - z on what the entirety of the patch is. Similar to this: Like the usual auto answer most will give is: it's your connection , but what if it's not? No, it is. No it's not. The one thing that not one soul will fully attempt to answer. So for example, what if you had a 1 GB connection, fully ported and fully functional with all games but this one? Since when does a 24.8 Mb turn into a GB of data? The compression rate with riots files are a bit baffling for a p2p connection.
Generally speaking, our patches are usually around 100-300 mb. Its been higher recently due to getting all the files for LCU, but the last two have been pretty low around 150. Specifically for this patch, it was 115.3mb. As to why the patcher needs to download files bigger or more than this? It has to do with how the patcher works. Everytime there is a deploy, the patch does a type of self-check on itself to see if it has all the files it needs or if any are corrupted or missing. If it finds files missing or corrupted, it identifies it and re-downloads it. As to what causes this corruption, its hard to say specifically since every case is different. Also since you mentioned it, our patcher does not use p2p connections (for NA) at all. We used to years ago, but we stopped around 2013. Are you experiencing any specific issues this patch? Reply back and let me know!
Apsalar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=ziqxhQk4,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-06-02T00:21:16.375+0000) > > Hmmm....this might not be an issue with Firewall or Anti-virus, but more about how stable your connection is to our patching servers. This isn't to say that your connection is overall shitty, just that it has a hard time maintaining a stable connection to our patcher servers specifically. > > Lets make sure this isn't the root cause at all by completing all of the steps in our [Connection Issues Guide]( There are a lot of steps there, but they are all crucial to making sure we can get you patched up. > > Let me know if you are still having this issue! I'm literally about to reformat my PC just to see if that fixes it because my connection is fine and it's been fine for every. single. patch. before. this. one. D:
:O That is a pretty extreme step! I know your connection might have been stable to our servers before, but League did go through a massive update. Something could have changed. It might save you a lot of time and energy to try some of the steps I linked first than go straight to reformat. But if nothing seems to work out and you want to take that step, let us know if you are still having issues!
Loopien (NA)
: It just won't update, ever. I have tried all the solutions and I still have a greyed out play bar. It just is not even recognizing it needs to patch.
The greyed our play bar is something that is actually pretty rare and can include some pretty in-depth troubleshooting to fix. The best option I can give you is to [submit a ticket]( so our Tech Team can take a closer look. I wish I could give you a better answer here on Boards!
: Hello, ive been trying to find a solution to install this patch; ive created exceptions in my firewall for all Riot files and exceptions in my Anti virus software to no avail. After the files have been scanned my download starts off around 5000kb/s. But it instantly drops like a rock and starts to stagnate around 70 kb/s; it still drops although much slower... also have done speedtests to be certain it is not my connection. im getting 170 mb/s down and 16 mb/s up
Hmmm....this might not be an issue with Firewall or Anti-virus, but more about how stable your connection is to our patching servers. This isn't to say that your connection is overall shitty, just that it has a hard time maintaining a stable connection to our patcher servers specifically. Lets make sure this isn't the root cause at all by completing all of the steps in our [Connection Issues Guide]( There are a lot of steps there, but they are all crucial to making sure we can get you patched up. Let me know if you are still having this issue!
ZeKiKun (NA)
: Give us 10 bans system now.. I'm currently on NA Draft Pick only finding myself a sequence 6 bans system
The 10 ban system was supposed to be live with Normal Draft matches once the patch came out, but it looks like it came out a little later >.< Really sorry about the confusion for that, ***but it is up now!!!*** Step into a normal draft game and take it out for a spin!
: Well, the new rek sai ultimate is kinda weird. The ult does relatively low damage when leaping onto someone; not to mention that everyone can dodge it fairly easily. Would have been cool if the ultimate was one like Warwick's leap. Even when chasing off champions with low health, the ult leap damage is low and easily dodgeable. Missed the old ult a little, but I will arrange masteries and runes as needed. Thanks.
Definitely appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Her Rank 6 damage is very low, but it has a relatively high scaling with bonus AD. Seems like her ult is dependent upon what you build. If you build more tank, it isn't gonna chunk people. But if you build her more glass cannon, that ult is gonna hit like a truck. Make sure to head over to the [Gameplay Board]( as well! You will find more people to talk about it in-depth, and possibly some of our designers may pop in as well!
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Limid (NA)
: Don't do it till you guys have actually fixed all the bugs, or at least the ones that make it so that you can get completely stuck and miss picking or banning a champ so you get a dodge over your head and lose 3- how ever much lp. legit just happened to me twice and i'm now writing this because i just lost 13 lp plus sitting in a 30min wait time.
I feel ya. We believe that we fixed most of the issues around Champ Select and overall client responsiveness with the Low Spec Mode. I know you said that it legit just happened, but to clarify, do you mean today? And is Low Spec Mode enabled? If so, it may be a separate issue altogether, but its hard to differentiate. The best way to find out is to [hit us up with a ticket]( so we can dig a little more into it!
: I find it amusing when Riot specifically comes out with elaborate articles addressing things like this when we all know you know whats wrong with the client because you have testers that work for Riot. You know like the players know, that this client is, lets be real, piss-poor. It's even to the point where people CANNOT even play the game because of it. And I'm not just referring to people with toasters or low spec laptops. I've tested the alpha beta bs client on multiple desktops and laptops and it is uhhhh, well I strongly prefer the smoothness of the legacy client. The legacy client itself was actually just getting good. This is coming from someone who's played since the beginning. The legacy client was not always the best and I honestly can admit that it took years for the legacy client to even be what it is today. To just scrap it for some half-assed polished pos is bogus. I get it tho, deadlines and manpower. Why keep working on 2 clients when you can focus on one, It's clear the new client needs attention, that is why I'm guessing you are scrapping the obviously better optimized legacy client. But the reality is as the players, we have no real say and we do understand that you aren't concerned with us as much as you lead other people to believe. I've seen a real shift in company/player relationships since around Season 3/4. Bottom line is you're worried about your bottom line. Which is understandable because it is a free game so I appreciate what you do, I just wish you were more honest, straight up and transparent with your community. This is really starting to feel like a dictatorship. I no longer fall for the illusion that you really care about all of the community because you are definitely catering to e-sports and people with high-end computers. It's fine tho. All companies shift once they see that money, respect and attention coming in. League of Legends is the only MOBA like it so you pretty much have that going for you right now. Once that is factored out and LoL becomes stale and old, remember the reasons that happened were entirely your fault and not the fault of your loyal playerbase. I'm excited to see where League is going, it really has come a long way but again, work on your honesty because you've blatantly lied in the past and have done it here. Usually I would say I dont mind a company changing their mind about something but you basically don't even change your mind... You say one thing and do another knowing that we are just going to accept it. Thats Love. P.S. Ignoring real issues by saying "Enable Low-Spec Mode" isn't fixing anything. The client is laggy, unresponsive, crashes, etc. BUT yall already know that lmao This has become a pointless conversation at this point as your responses have become predictable while offering no _real_ solutions.
Really appreciate you taking the time to write this up! Seriously, its super helpful to hear your perspective on it. You brought up a lot of different aspects, but I do want to focus in on one thing: that some players cannot even play the game due to the updated client being unresponsive and laggy. We have dedicated immense amounts of resources over the past few patches to improve the responsiveness of the updated client, especially when Low Spec Mode is enabled. This was one of our most important goals we needed to hit before we considered doing this kind of switchover. In the last few patches, we believe we got the updated client to be on-par with the Legacy Client. Now, I know you said that "Enable Low-Spec Mode" isn't "fixing" anything. Just to clarify though, when was the last time you've tried using the updated client with this enabled? Did you updated it yesterday or today and tried it out? We really did make some fairly important improvements very recently. We are at the point now that if you do find it laggy, we want you to [submit a ticket]( over to us so we can have our engineers take a direct look at them. At the very least, we just want you to give it another chance in case you tested it out months ago.
Reset213 (NA)
: You have got to be kidding me. How dumb can you be to give us this unfinished piece of garbage? What happened to implementing it when it was 100% finished? Right now its buggy/laggy/slow/and missing features the old client had. A fucking toaster could run League, but now people like me, with actual fucking potatoes for computers are screwed, since there's at least a 6 second delay for every click. I've missed picks and bans because of this new client. I've gotten wait times from how slow champ select is. And dear god the hour long wait to get the after game results is god awful. I might get downvoted to hell but this new client is complete shit compared to the old one, and it's had nearly an entire fucking year of development. But hey one good thing about it is it now has replays and a sandbox mode.
Definitely get where you are coming from. I would be pissed as hell if it took 6 seconds for me to do anything on the client as well. Just to follow-up with that though, when was the last time you tried using the Updated Client? With the latest updates, we have made some pretty significant upgrades to Low Spec Mode to make it run as smoothly as possible. We believe this should resolve the unresponsiveness for most players. If you haven't, make sure its fully up to date and test it out! If it still isn't working the way you thought, make sure to [submit a ticket to our Tech Team]( so we can forward your logs to our Dev Team so they can take a closer look!
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: Well then, regarding player support - do you have a lot of people working in that team? I frequently see comments and threads complaining about all the "automatic" responses related to support. Also, if it isn't confidential, how many messages related to permanent bans do you recieve on average per week? Do you keep a record over how many accounts are banned? How many players have recieved indefinite bans in this game? Such as Tyler1, that is? Its fine if you cant disclose their nicknames due to the rule against naming and shaming, i'm just interested in the numbers. Oh and lastly, one a little more personal: Do you have a specific role in your team?
I saw your questions and wanted to help answer them as best as I can: While I can't give you an exact number, there are quite a lot of people who work in Player Support. We have [offices all around the world](, and there is a Player Support presence in the majority of these offices so we can provide the best experience for each individual region. About how we respond to requests, our agents do sometimes use prepared responses, but they are all customized and handwritten before we send a response. We do use automated responses for a few select issues, but in these cases we tell you immediately and up-front that you are talking to a bot, and you can talk to a real person if you want to. Regarding your data/metrics questions, these are things I'm not really able to share. However, we do collect a massive amount of information to let us know how we are doing, and how we can provide even better support. Lastly, as for a specific role, Targons Blade is in Player Support helping answer player questions on Boards, as well as on our @RiotSupport Twitter account. Myself, I help manage various social media platforms (including Boards) specifically regarding Support. I know I wasn't able to answer all of your questions, but I hope this satisfies some curiosity!
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: Will Riot take the bait?
Wait....that's Benedict Cumberbatch? He was in The Hobbit? Da fuq, my mind is legit blown right now. Also, you shouldn't feel obligated to get that prepaid card! We want people to purchase RP for something they truly enjoy and are going to feel good about, not because of ultimatums or because they feel they need to. Be a master of your own fate!
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: i got unsuspended around 5 days ago with no chat restriction, so will i be good?
Nope. If you earned a 14 day suspension after August 7th, you are ineligible for rewards. If you identify the behavior other players deem unacceptable and prevent it in the future, you'll have a shot at 2017 season rewards!
Oglaf (EUNE)
: So yah hello? Rito?
I'm here! I'm doing my best to give updates as quickly as I get them. As soon as I know more, you will too! ^.^
Oglaf (EUNE)
: Still waiting, and slightly panicking, Rito...!
Don't Panic! We are making another pass to make sure everyone who earned rewards does! Just sit tight for a bit longer!
: If only riot cared about us lmaoo {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I know when it comes to caring, actions speak louder than words. For Ranked Rewards, our teams wanted to get these out to everyone as quickly as possible. They put in some impossibly long hours and got it done mostly within a few days. Once they learned some might have been skipped due to a bug, they put even more time in to get it fixed as quickly as possible. All things considered, this was a herculean effort, given the sheer number of players around the world. If you earned rewards, we are going to get them to you guys as quickly as possible!
Oglaf (EUNE)
: Don't hold out on us, Rito. *nervous scratching*
We're not trying to hold out on you, honest! As I mentioned in my updates in the original post, we are hopefully running another pass at granting rewards out to those who may have been skipped due to a bug. Generally, this only affected people who didn't own Maokai, as they didn't get the Victorious skin. Once I get some further information, I"ll make sure to give everyone an update!
: Don't know if this is where I'm supposed to post this, but I can't log into League. I click the Alpha client but it doesn't open. My friends told me to try uninstalling it then reinstalling, so I did. Now it opens! (kinda) It gets to the log in screen, telling me that it couldn't update and I need to restart it. It tells me this every time I click the restart button. I tried the old client, but it just kept getting stuck at 33% before telling me that there was an error. It worked just fine yesterday and its not my internet connection that's messing it up :( Edit: Thank you! I got it working again~
Unfortunately, we can't offer any specific assistance with the alpha client. Many of the bugs and issues with the alpha client will be resolved once we launch the open beta. This will be happening in NA in the near future, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, you might want to try completing the steps in our [Connection Issues Guide]( to rule this out as a possible root cause as to why the alpha client isn't logging in normally. Can't make any promises this will be the one shot, one fix though :(
: I updated the alpha client today and was able to log in and play a game, but when I exited the client I noticed the desktop icon was gone and I can't find the alpha client anywhere on my computer.
This is actually a known bug with the alpha client that will be fixed with the open beta. In the meantime, find the installation folder of the updated client, find the LeagueClient .exe and make a shortcut on your desktop from that. Sorry about the confusion >.<
: The download to update to beta client isn't even appearing in my client when i launch it. Am i perhaps just looking in the wrong place, or can you guys post something to let us know where exactly it should be?
Just to follow-up, it will only be available in OCE in the very near future (hopefully this week). NA won't have the option for the open beta until a few weeks later. Just sit tight for now! We'll let you know when you can grab it on NA ^.^
Sean9090 (OCE)
: How can i check when i had my suspension?
Your suspension was in the middle of August, and therefore after the August deadline. Because of that, you are disqualified from earning rewards this season. The silver lining in this is you are eligible for earning rewards in the 2017 season as long as you don't garner any further punishments!
: If i get demoted to silver in 2017 preseason ranked, i don't get the ranked rewards for gold?
Nope! You earn rewards based on what tier you were at exactly 00:01 on November 8th. It doesn't matter what happened after that, all that matters is where you were at that exact moment.
: I'm going to assume this is a client bug, I've been Gold V 0 LP for a very long time this season. didn't play because of scared of the demote and re-earning.
Must be a type of display bug. You are definitely Gold V at the end of the season. No need to worry!
: i got banned for 2 weeks(idk when), can u check my acc if i will still get my rewards
Your suspension was from May-June, and therefore was before the August deadline. This suspension would not disqualify you from rewards.
: wait, I had chat ban for 10 games but I don't have it anymore will I still get the rewards? and what do you mean by ''Players who had LeaverBuster suspensions are still eligible''
Sure, I can explain this a bit more in-depth. If you had an active chat restriction, meaning you still had games where you were chat restricted the moment the season ended, then you would be disqualified. If you played through all of these games and did not currently have any games left BEFORE the end of the season, you're good to go. As for Leaverbuster, any penalties from this system would not disqualify you. Hope that helps!
: So I know rewards aren't being given out yet. But in my profile under the leagues tab, there's the 2016 rewards window with "tier reward earned" But it's not showing me what I was supposed to earn. Is that not updated, or is my account messed up? @dArtagnan
Given how the Pre-season/2017 Season is pretty different (not to mention the progress towards transferring everyone to the updated client), I imagine this is a display bug. Rest assured, if you earned rewards last season, you should get them!
: does a reward count as the silver border around my thing on the loading screen?
Yep! The 3 main rewards are the border, the Summoner Icon, and the Victorious Skin.
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DaP0tat0 (NA)
: What if im in my promos to gold when season ends q.q
You need to be in the tier itself, not in the process of getting into that tier. While you can be so close you can almost taste it, you need that pop-up welcoming you to your new tier to get the rewards of that tier.
: I had a chat restriction for a few games, and a loot restriction for a few games after that. Have been off of both for about a month now, am I eligible to earn ranked rewards?
From the sounds of it, you should be eligible to earn rewards. You just need to have no active chat restrictions at the time the season ended. Hope that helps out!
Dominik (NA)
: "Currently banned or having active chat/ranked restrictions at November 8th, 00:01" Hello I just want someone to clarify this for me. I have been chat restricted before but I played out all of the games which was 10 or so. Does this mean it is still "Active". I would just like to know.
Active in this sense means that there are remaining Chat restricted games to be played at the moment 00:01 hits on Nov 8th. So if there were no games left to be played, you are good!
Namu (NA)
: So my last game for my promos to diamond started at 2:40am at 11-7-16, and ended at 3:10am at 11-8-16. Will it still count for US pacific time?
That....isn't possible. That means your game last 24 hours and 30 minutes O.o If you mean that it started at 2:40am on 11/8, then yes, this is too late and that game will not count towards Season 6 rewards.
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