Tomathin (NA)
: Why do we have to lock in bans with the new queue? Isn't that something that can be changed?
Having to lock in bans forces a more involved champ select; it prevents people from making selections and then just afk'ing till game start.
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: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
This new champ is going to make getting Baron and Dragon really easy or hard depending on what side she's on... she also has tons of defending potential. Enemy starting a siege? Pull their spirit under tower! :/
: The Climb: Cast Abilities Faster | Bodytags
Hey Bodytags, The video on offensive input buffering was really helpful and easy to understand; just have one quick question: input buffering will not work on linear skillshots, but they do work on ground-targeted aoe skillshots, correct? (and by ground targeted aoe, I mean skills along the line of a {{champion:63}} Q or an {{champion:1}} ult.) So I tried to understand your video on defensive input buffering, but there is still something that I don't understand regarding timing: Do you have to "cancel" your ability as close as possible to when the enemy tries to go in? I'm guessing that leaving too much time between the buffer and the enemy's all-in will result in your skill not going off.
: Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!
"Marksman are judged on only one competition (damage)" Are we ignoring the mechanics needed to play as a marksman, and the fact that each one has a unique kit that has strengths and weaknesses? Not that I'm upset about the changes (I am by no means a skilled marksman); rather, I'm questioning Riot's motive for changing them. I'm a support main, so bot lane changes are definitely important to me.
: Community Patch Recap - 5.17
"We don't like to enforce the meta" I actually laughed out loud at that. It seems like all they do is enforce the meta- everything recent is outrageously powerful. I'm not too good at top/jg, and I can't figure out how to counter any of the especially powerful picks (like Fiora, Darius, and Garen). Oh, and no Fiora nerfs in sight :/
IiIiana (NA)
: Skarner is probably still the strongest in there, but in this patch specifically I'd say the changes benefited {{champion:99}} Lux or {{champion:56}} Nocturne the most. The least benefited I'd say... {{champion:40}} Janna. Yeah
At first I was on the fence about the {{champion:40}} Q nerf (a range drop of 250 units- 1100 -> 850) when i first read about it, then I actually took her into a game. That huge range nerf basically shuts down any potential engage she had (unless you charge it, but that makes it so easy to predict). Not only that, {{champion:40}} now has no quick-reaction peel vs. a {{champion:412}} hook (which has a range of 1100) or a {{champion:53}} grab unless she's close enough to either to be in range. But it's risky to get too close, considering {{champion:40}} has terrible stats during laning. The one thing the nerf hasn't affected is peel for {{champion:89}}, since her engage pulls her within tornado range. I'm a supp main, and Janna is one of my best supports. I am thoroughly upset; least benefited doesn't even begin to describe her this patch.
: I don't like it. She went from a high risk high reward assassin to a tank buster. Her kit isn't even remotely the same in terms of gameplay. Sadface.
Then why not call it a "rework"? They changed her play style; why would you play her the same way?
: Champion Update: Fiora
So Lunge prioritizes enemy champs; does it prioritize enemies tagged w/ her ult on top of that? And can the people marked by her passive see their vitals as well?
: Champion Update: Gangplank
Ok so a few questions about the powder kegs... 1) Do they provide vision (i.e., something similar to the vision provided by {{champion:17}} shrooms)? 2) If you have kegs in two different bushes but within range of each other (i.e. top lane bushes), is the trail between them visible to enemy champs, or is it stealthed as well?


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