Rαy (EUW)
: If Aatrox got reworked because he was a stat-check champion, what about Jax?
aatrox literally loses to anything that can get into his face his inner Q's do no damage and there for cannot heal him and also since his Q's take a millenia to land you can easily just keep walking behind him to dodge them or just wait till his waste it on minions then dumpster him 14 seconds on his Only damage ability btw meanwhile trynd can crit you hard level 1 and jax can mawl you with his Q and conqerer old aatrox can duel anybody and has reliable cc and escape. riven 2.0{{champion:266}} ? has nothing. no escapes shit dash no real cc i mean 0.25? serously? and here goes fiora buffs with a random 2 second stun like why does she need 2 seconds and aatrox gets 0 seconds?!?!?! also aatrox cant use his third Q on fiora cuz he will get stunned for 2 seconds then dies so there goes all his damage riven can just bum rush aatrox and aatrox cant get all his sweet spots on her he cant chase her and he cant run from her. jax and just simply E Q on aatrox and hes dead trynd E W bum rush him hes head he does no fucking damage and cant run away now riot is taking his revive away? his only way of dealing with these brain dead champs? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Lovelle (NA)
: He didn't get reworked because he was a "stat-check" champion, but because his kit was very difficult to make work in most scenarios. To put it into perspective, Aatrox was seen as borderline useless on Dominion, a mode where nearly every champion worked and even had multiple builds. Quite a large portion of the roster are "stat-check" champions, especially most of the marksmen.
can you explain how aatrox was useless? he was pretty much a yi with lifesteal and cc so if yi is an ok champ shouldnt aatrox be as well? i mean shit he can even be compared trynd without the crit somehow trynd is fine but aatrox isnt? thats questionable{{champion:266}} {{champion:23}}
Quepha (NA)
: Aatrox was a bullying statcheck who fell off. You go out to lane, jump on people, and win for a while and hope you win hard enough that the game ends before you become useless. When Aatrox is strong is the same phase of the game where you’re just stuck with your lane opponent and have no objectives to fight over or teammates to maneuver around. That doesn’t really feel like you’re playing a game and the matches he wins feel like really discouraging stomps. Jax is a scaling statcheck. At the start of the game he has no good farming or harass tools, is pretty vulnerable to ganks, and probably won’t win 1v1s unless the enemy fails to harass him and makes a big error. He has to dodge abilities and sneak in cs whenever possible and try to stall the game until his scaling kicks in. Then he becomes strong and starts to turn the game around. When he becomes strong is when the game becomes more complicated in other ways, he can still be outnumbered and killed, outmaneuvered and lose objectives, or fail an engage without backup due to bad communication. Even if his actual kit is pretty basic, his matches are still overall complex and dynamic.
jax buys sheen and he cant be 1v1'ed what do u mean jax should be able to win easily vs riven 2.0 he can easily just jump on him run him down with e and dodge his Q's aatrox literally loses to any auto attack based champ. hes like a melee adc once you get into his face he can escape and dies easily hes only good if the enemy has no mobility and doesnt get in his face can build full tank and legit 1v5 and thats unfair same shit with nasus. nasus doesnt even need to fight just farm under tower until you get your armor item and its gg for top lane
: Even after the nerfs he still has a higher playrate then the old one meaning the people playing him don't want a revert.
and the people who played him before this trash rework didnt want to rework him but oh well{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: https://i.imgflip.com/qgnc4.jpg
yes riven 2.0 makes my eyes burn
Sukishoo (NA)
: Reverts to Visual and Gameplay Updated Champions DO NOT HAPPEN. They are meant to last a long time and fix issues they previously had. All they do to them is further adjust various aspects of the champions (as seen with the effects that were removed from Akali and Irelia) Also, stopped reading after like one second cause a full page of CAPS no one is going to care about.
the people who actually played aatrox will...... not these kids who cried for a rework he didnt need{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Jhinjer (NA)
: I see someone forgot to take their Prozac. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ill need it after his 20th nerf
: How the f*ck can't you chase someone down as Aatrox?
cuz he has a shitty dash and cant move while using q unless he has his shitty dash off cooldown that gets him nowhere in the first place
: Olaf vs. Everything 2
{{champion:266}} oh i thought aatrox was gonna get reverted to his better self. nice click bait though
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