: Fiora is D tier for a really long time. The higher the elo you go the useless fiora is!
She is not a healthy champion. All she can do is give her lane opponent cancer but cant carry the game off of it. The champion does nothing but make the game less fun for everyone.
: Vi Rework v2
Meh she still has the problem of being a bruiser that can't build full tank yet has to go in 1v5 no escape and hope for follow up. That's why I just play her as a split pusher and pick maker. If my team doesn't let me split I just lose game don't care. Other bruisers/fighters like Jax Irelia Camille have actual effective survivability steroids that allow them to team fight better than her. Not to mention Vi is actually really easy to peel if the enemy knows how to time their CC properly against her. In her current state she's good against bad players that's about it.
: Two of the best if not the most dominant top laners and the best adc have black cleaver as their first core item (lucian mostly as second core item tho). Buffing it wouldnt be smart.
Darius and Garen are going triforce more these days.
: [Runes Reforged]: The Hail of Blades
IMO this keystone is pretty meh.
: Irrefutable proof that Lucian passive did count as 2 stacks for the original Rageblade.
Wait I thought rageblade stack was an "on-attack" effect, so that you still stack it while blinded or through panth passive or through counterstrike for example. Lucian passive applies "on-hit" effects twice. The two are considered separate. Edit: Oh okay I get what you're saying. Yeah if Lucian passive applies on-attack effects for other things it should apply for rageblade. It should be coded the same as Master Yi double strike. I don't even see why is would be overpowered, he sucks right now.
: Given what {{champion:119}} does with simple autoattacks using a {{item:3072}} , I don't see why it would need any efficiency buffs.
{{item:3812}} is straight up better and cheaper. Haven't seen a {{item:3072}} on him in a while, at least not before building {{item:3812}}
: With the last whisper revert, i think there should be a new ap/armor item, the only option is Zhonyas and it isn't too great, the active is quite situational and can backfire since it can put you in an Undesirable position when you're forced to zhonyas.
Nah dude. Tired of mages just building {{item:3047}} {{item:3191}} against AD mids and just sitting back playing safe waveclearing and outscaling. Pretty much Zed is the only somewhat viable AD midlaner right now, maybe Yasuo, well at least Yasuo scales, unlike Zed.
: Stormrazor, if it applies to jungle monsters, seems like it could significantly improve junglers clear and gank potential massively for weaker clearing AD champs. Maybe too much for the stronger clearers. But I guess it's a trade off, could be too expensive. Interested to see what happens.
The item is 3400 gold. By then your clear is fine and laning/ganking phase is basically over. What?
: Thank you Riot Gods. I have been wishing for an item that boosts the first auto in combat for like ever for {{champion:51}} and {{champion:21}}
I think Stormrazor is going to be too good on Caitlyn. Oppressive
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Will Essence Reaver have any crit chance at all?
: Don't you think marksmen are getting a bit too many keystones? The precision tree is almost entirely dedicated to them (lethal tempo, fleet footwork, press the attack), and now a new one on top of that. For comparison, mages have comet and aery (which are almost identical), plus maybe electrocute if you can swallow going into the domination tree.
If this Hall of Blades is similar to Stormrazor passive then I can see it being good on more than just ranged.
: What's taken the fun out of league for you?
Winning a stomp game where the ADC did 80% of my teams damage doesn't feel satisfying at all.
Rioter Comments
: Riot continues to ignore Muramana when the only champ who uses it is EZ.....
Iv'e been complaining about Manamune for years. I'd love to be able to build it on Vi but it's basically trolling throwing away your early game. She runs out of mana very easily at nearly all stages of the game. Most AD champions only have relevant mana costs in the early game.
Cloud273 (NA)
: My support did more damage than our top laner last game...
Damage dealt to champs isn't everything but I feel you. My friend is on a 13 loss streak in ranked getting mid silvers on his teams while enemy team has mid plats (he recently got demoted to gold 4). I'm on like a 6 loss streak, recently got demoted to gold 4 as well. Riot wants me to 1v9 or 2v8 every game to climb right now. I feel like I basically have to be a low diamond level player just to get to low plat. It was never like this before this patch. I didn't think a 13 loss streak was even possible unless you literally int/troll every game. My friend literally not feeding and legitimately trying to win the game and he can't even get carried one game in 13 games. I've never seen it before.
: Just for fun. Talking about Sterak's Gage's Mechanic's
I hate the item because you build a bunch of bonus AD in the components and then you lose it all for base AD by completing the item. It just feels bad that your bonus-AD-scaling abilities actually get weaker for spending gold and completing an item. A lot of champs don't have many total AD ratios and are all bonus AD. Not to mention a LOT of players don't even understand this. The item is really too complex.
: So how come nobody is talking about what 7.22 did to Leona?
People are. She's busted. Has a top winrate prob the only thing broken enough to beat Sona.
Itankyou (NA)
: Everything got buffed
Idk why the bot lane turret doesn't have the early game shield like the other turrets. I understand it was to stop the lane swapping in pro play but then why could't they just enable that shit only in pro play and not in soloq? Is it really that hard to just have two slightly different versions of the game, one for pro play, and one for soloq?
: Jungle minions not attacking Yi
Were they still doing damage but their attack animations weren't going? I've had that happen before and not just on Yi.
: Anyone realised that URF isn't going to come back again?
I didn't read your post but I thought I'd share that I'm actually really curious of how URF CDR will interact with the Transcendence mastery.
: riot has said before that it is griefing and bannable.... but only if the winning team says it if the losing team says it apparantly its in good humor... having said that though i find it on the same lvl as the old GG... not all games are good and saying GG to a team you just stomped when obviously it was not a GG for them is rude. and apparantly saying BG is considered griefing and bannable also whether you win or lose
Winner saying GG is considered major BM in Starcraft but not so much League imo.
: Is "easy" new GG?
I only say ggez when I lose.
: Is NA getting DDossed?
can't even login to PBE
: As someone who has been playing on the PBE you are in a world of pain. Dark Harvest is a keystone that shouldn't exist. Bruisers are even worse now. i.e there isn't a decent replacement for losing Fervor Tanks have really shitty Keystone options. Also the resolve tree is objectively weaker than the damage trees. Certain junglers are going to really suffer in skirmishes/ganks because lack of AS vs champions. I could think of more problems that I've already noticed but I think you get the point. Edit: Arcane Comet is not a suitable replacement for DFT I don't care what Riot says.
Don't forget the general lack of MR and bruiser oriented MR options that aren't pure tank items. You basically have {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} and {{item:3091}} (lul) and {{item:3111}} (which most melee/bruiser can't afford to take over {{item:3047}} most games anyway)
Brantsing32 (EUNE)
: Riot
Naalith (NA)
: He might not be boosting. I had over an 85% winrate on Kayn until I hit Gold 1 or so, and even now after getting into Platinum I'm still sitting at like 69% on him. There's a bunch of people like me who absolutely hate playing ranked and avoid it at all costs, but when they finally start they rank up super fast and I've been on 20+ game win streaks before. Unless this is a Diamond 1 or above player, high winrates don't mean they're boosting, it just means they haven't reached their appropriate rank yet.
Summoner key change dead giveaway. No one just randomly changes which keys they bind their summoners to. This guy also plays nothing but tanky supporty "carry me" champions then suddenly starts dominating with a carry.
: yes? hello? dinosaurs called and they want their meme back
He's not memeing he's talking about the fact that your champion literally hard-counters Yi with your blinding dart.
: Yeah, because that really had an impact, lmfao. Riot: "hmm lets see what's happening on Reddit and Boards. Oh? ADC in 2k17? Okay, since we take balance direction from both forums, we'll definitely buff ADCs because they said so" You're a meme.
I mean, the US president got memed in so clearly memes can do just about anything ;)
: Vi has completely fallen off of the face of this game She and Hecarim were strong middle of last season, were nerfed, and were never to be seen again
Yeah I think they are going to have to buff her since they are releasing a Projevt Vi skin for her.
Ahris (NA)
: Twitch was always able to do it. Now that every champ was basically nerfed, ADC just becomes a stupid role.
: crit item MS shouldn't stack
Part of the problem is that bruisers and assassins have hardly any constant MS options. All their items give only some gimmicky conditional MS. I can literally only think of {{item:3078}} that gives constant MS increase. Most melee champions can only buy {{item:3047}} and cannot afford to be so squishy by getting {{item:3009}}.
Yenn (NA)
: My bottom lane just gave the enemy Tristana 4 kills. The game is basically over. This is dumb.
Ardent was only a small part of the problem. ADC itemization has gotten too efficient too early. {{champion:18}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3035}} has already hit late game while everyone else is struggling to complete their second item. EDIT: Yeah I'm exaggerating about everyone else struggling to complete their second item but it still stands that {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} is the strongest three item spike in the game and for only 8600g. Why is {{item:3031}} 3400g again? Why are {{item:3085}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3087}} only 2600g? When {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3812}} are all 3500+
Rioter Comments
: Thank GOD Udyr is getting an AP ratio buff
IDK but you could probably try {{item:3078}} + {{item:3053}} since his base AD is so high now.
Shiznyte (NA)
: Diana the Fighter
Almost no bruisers are particularly good right now. Hope that changes in 7.21
: I love fighting Akali
Yeah she is pretty low counter-play.
SlashXel (EUNE)
: Lethality Based Jungle Items
Yeah warrior is the stat stick jungle item. Boring.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I still appreciate the buff and think it's goooood. They've been buffing Vi pretty consistently. I think another good buff for her would be to lower the duration of blast shield even more. She's a diver but I don't think anyone wants to be building Stone Plate on Vi, they wanna be dunking people and bringing on the pain. Blast shield will help her stay in the fight longer once she gets in the fight. RIght now the cooldown maxes out at level 13 at 8 seconds. Maybe let it decrease by another 2 seconds with more levels.
Well her last change was a pretty hard nerf. She feels awful clunky with that AS nerf. And now she has juggernaut class movement speed with no kind of conditional MS steroid like many juggernauts have. You have to land your Q to stick to people and that can be hard against half decent players. Yeah her passive is one of the weaker passives in the game and probably has room for more power in it.
Rioter Comments
: Who beats Darius in melee combat late game?
CatSith (NA)
: Trinity Force needs a buff.
It only feels bad if you are a high AD champion and you only have the components built. {{item:3044}} only give 15 AD and the other items give nothing. So if you are bonus AD reliant it feels bad until it's completed. {{item:3071}} is in the same boat now since it builds out of {{item:3067}} instead of {{item:3133}} . Both items suck to rush if you need high bonus AD early. The classic triforce users such as {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} don't really need a lot of bonus AD to do damage so they can rush it.
: Why are supports and mages the only champs gated by mana?
{{champion:254}} {{champion:56}} are very mana gated just to name a couple. Especially Vi, even late game.
DeusVult (NA)
: Riot, since were talking about masteries, can we do something about Fervor of Battle?
"Yasuo takes it when he should have been banned." This actually made me laugh. Edit: also one small flaw in your logic is that Darius gets a bunch of bonus AD from his passive so if fervor amplified a champions current bonus AD it would still be ridiculous on Darius probably even more so than now.
: Is there any reason at all to pick Akali over Diana anymore?
Diana can actually get caught out unlike Akali with her shroud. Diana actually gankable. Laner has to bait out Akali shroud somehow or you just can't really gank her effectively.
: Soraka is a bad champion now this does not mean she's weak... being strong does in no way mean good or vice versa... usually they even seem to be in opposition... soraka is bad because... she's not a healer anymore... the healer-mor of the game is a bad healer... when you rank support champions soraka should be on the far end of the least tanky and least aggressive champ... for that matter support champs should deal slightly less damage and should suck up the utility that many adcs have... now for soraka... her heal is a bad heal... depending on its level... her level and her itemization her heal can go from a very weak heal to a negative heal... because you cant consider just the hp gained by your team member... you have to consider the overall group's health... what happends its that her heal then has to have a short cooldown which in turn forces it to heal less for balance and you end up with a heal that... doesn't feel meaningful... so while it might seem for the enemy that her heal is un-fun because it heals her teammates too fast... its also un-fun from the soraka player because it doesn't actually heal and it doesn't feel good as meaningful... add to this that her heal is now on a very short range only makes it so much worse... it feels terrible her passive is also bad because it it doesn't add anything... usually at 40% health the teammate is as good as dead... well below the safe threshold... also saving said teammate usually requires soraka to actually dip below her own safe threshold... forcing her to return to base after returning from base which would be the most common use of said passive... so overall... feels bad as for her Q its now the unfortunate way of healing... forcing a weakened champion (from using W) to make aggressive plays when she shouldn't a very unreliable way of healing... with a very very weak heal... as for a soraka player it's usually not fun wasting too much mana having to nearly spam her Q to regain small amounts of heal only a few times... on the other team being constantly spammed by something that has a long range and that can slow is just plain annoying... and un-fun... so it doesn't feel good to use it... only barely when it hits... so overall... feels bad as for her E... its just... wrong... giving mana was a core of soraka... her E has a too long a cooldown and its barely able to be useful... sure... an instant aoe silence is something powerful and this skill is somehow the one it actually feels less bad... but its still incredibly hard to be used fully... the aoe silence zone is fairly easy to be walked off so using its full potential is uncommon, and when it does the pay off finally feels good... but only then... so... overall... it feels mostly bad her ultimate had the least changes... except it now has a longer cooldown... and this is unfortunately the actual only way she has of healing herself her health cost is 10% maximum health... so... she should have a percentage healing system... at least... every time you heal you pay more and more effective health unlike other health % costs meaning she cant build health because any hp regen becomes weaker... unless you build warmog's... a tanky item witch itself is badly design (but for other reasons)... and forces you to keep building HP witch is in a way building to make weaker until it activates and it becomes viable or you can build tanky to make more aggressive plays... but end up not being able to make decent heals or meaningful plays later in the game... you can build AP witch could make you an actual healer... the closest you can be to the role you should have but you end up reducing your plays to healing a few times in a very very small time and... doing nothing else because u cant regain health though any viable means... or you can build support items... being more useful for the team and forgetting you have a Q a W... or a mix of any of these but... in the end... they don't feel good... of all the champions i used to consider my main soraka was the one above all... the one that fit my play style the best... and this rework... it really hurt me... not just because of soraka... but because almost all my other main champions... safe for maybe 2 (for now as it seems)... were reworked and lost what made me chose them in the first place... i've played since season 2 and i main as a support... i'm one of those players who actually wants to play as a support... who's first pick IS support... and in the end... i think the problem with riot isn't as simple as most players end up thinking... riot designers have to work with the data and the players that play the game... but... unless the hypotheses of player archetypes is considered the game might not reach what the designers truly want... most players don't want to play as a support... they don't feel it as fur to play as... i do so it got me wondering as to why i like to play as a support and why other might not and why the champions i liked the most were reworked into ones i didn't i've considered that i could very easily be angry or frustrated at the change for change itself... but that only lasts before the change and for a short amount after the change... in this case... it didn't... i've also noticed that most players consider a good champion as a strong champion but the once i find or used to find most fun weren't usually the strongest ones... they usually felt fun for a certain play style i could have or for a theme... so i think the reason most reworked where made were because they fit the game better... for a certain player archetype... witch is the archetype of players in the majority... reason why even after reworks usually see more play it fits the majority's archetype... unfortunately... riot has be slowly weening out players that don't have that archetype... players that joined the game when there was a... place for them to play... but no anymore... unfortunate... the archetype of players riot seems to be focusing on... doesn't fit a supportive play style... sure there are other reasons why players don't play support... losing xp, losing gold... but i think that's only part of the reason... and why there have been so many reworks... soraka wasn't as good in her previous state... but she's worse now... as in less good karma, xerath, soraka, mazalahr, zilean, heimerdinger, yorick... all of these... i got them for a reason... and it wasn't because they were powerful... it was because they felt good... because they fit me... i didn't get other champions... i got these... and after the rework... they had lost they spark to me... and i guess like me many other players... not most players...but many others... felt the same... the game has changed... and i don't mean its a bad thing... it gained a lot of traction... its risen a lot... but... unfortunately... with each rework of one of these champions, and others like them... its slowly became less and less fun to the point it starts to become sad...and emotionally painful to play... riot made fun game but... for many players... that game is slowly disappearing and for some its gone {{champion:43}} once a diplomat team player oriented support... now speaks in platitudes and is a self centered mage {{champion:101}} once a powerful archon with a fun mechanic ... now while still strong doesn't actually feel powerful at all, lost a fun mechanic and much more {{champion:90}} a champion with some very interesting skills ... now strong but too much agency has been lost {{champion:26}} my first champion, fun mechanic ... now very downplayed mechanic, feels less useful {{champion:74}} first champion to play as, fun turrets ... now is focused on annoying rockets (also gives me longing/nostalgia for karma's old ult) {{champion:83}} even though it had its problems, wonderful theme and cool mechanics, very diverse ... now, lost everything appealing to him and yes {{champion:16}} the arch-healer of the game ... now not an actual healer (i explained everything else about her already)
Looter (NA)
: Does Trumps Victory Effect Riot Games?
: a mana regen item for zed. good stuff...
It's actually plenty efficient without the mana passive.
Darkwind (NA)
: Luden's exists. He'd only need 823 AP to do that. Perfectly plausible with blue buff.
: id honestly rather fight graves than cancer teemo or zac. Teemo just hit me for 1.1k blinding dart when i was sej. i had 140 MR
So he had over 2000 AP? You are lying.
: I just had a game in which I had more played ranked games than my entire team combined...
I mean, how do you know everyone was on their only account and not smurfing?
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