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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
Any idea when we can expect the MF splash update? Last we heard (~3 months ago) it was on hold for the Eve rework.
: MF's splash art looks pretty good already
Some (base, captain, arcade, pool party) do, but others (cowgirl and Waterloo especially ) are of a noticeably lower quality or are a different art style. Reav3 said back in April they were in the early stages of doing a splash update to bring the quality up, but it was put on hold during the Evelynn rework.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, last we'd heard was they were on hold due to them being down an Artist. Though from some of the recent updates on champions/lore they've said Xin & Varus would be getting new bases, so you'd think that MFs set was back in motion as well (especially since it was said that Varus' was in the final stages of polish). Though they do also have their VGUs (Swain and Irelia) in progress... so anything could happen I guess.
Yeah, they definitely have a lot on their plate atm, but we first heard about this about 8 months ago. Would hope it doesn't take a full year to get this kind of project done, even if it is lower priority.
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