: Patch 9.14 notes
when is mini rework {{champion:62}} will be out on live ik its on the pbe atm atlest that i know of canceled teemos idc about teemos but {{champion:62}} i am looking forward too thats why i grinded to get one skin in my loot and that was underword but i did got it now im waiting on it just wanted to know when it is and if its gonna get canceled like teemos
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: - {{champion:62}} is not really a monkey. He just plays one on Piltover TV. His real name is "David Steel", Piltover's most popular celebrity known for his "true to life" acting method. - {{champion:150}} can speak normal, he invented the language in fact. he chooses not to cause he is really a brilliant tactician and wants everyone to think he's incompetent until he's ready to make his move. - {{champion:432}} his portals are REALLY one way. When someone hops into his portal, they are being transported to another dimension for good. the person who comes out the other side is them from another dimension that had ALSO used a portal at that exact same moment. - {{champion:142}} Her hair is a wig. a magic wig made in Ionia where she is known by her real name, "Natasha the Kid". famous for her notorious string of robberies across Ionia's magical banks. - {{champion:6}} He really just wanted to be a dancer, but his dad told him he had to go to executioner school. He got spider legs in order to go tell his dad "oh no, they gave me spider legs. Now I HAVE to become a dancer. I got too many legs to be an executioner." - {{champion:79}} He's not really overweight, that's just a suit made to help keep him warm in the Freljord. He's really a fit strong man rivaling Braum. - {{champion:164}} Her legs are not swords, those are just really fancy shoes. All the rage in Piltover. Same for the grappling hooks on her hips. Only thing truly modified on her is her hair, which is so sharp it could cut through solid steel. - {{champion:266}} Came up with the double A thing just to tease Varus. Varus is not amused. Rhaast is VERY amused - {{champion:3}} He doesn't really need magic to function, it's just that no one ever thought to give the giant statue a cup of coffee to wake him up in the morning. - {{champion:41}} He really hates Oranges. But he will put up with them because they have strange healing properties on him and allow him to make exploding barrels appear out of nowhere. like a super power you can only use by eating your least favorite food, it is a blessing and a curse. - {{champion:21}} LOVES oranges. so much so she has a Yandere relationship with oranges. GP is her enemy not because he killed her family, that is just what she tells people to hide the truth. She just wants all the oranges to herself and will stop at nothing to make them hers. - {{champion:518}} Neeko isn't really Neeko. Neeko is really J4 who is really Leblanc who is really Leblanc's clone who is REALLY Neeko's clone who is really pretending to be cho'gath who got polymorphed into leblanc's clone - {{champion:517}} Is really J4's secret brother. Separated at birth, neither one has any memory of each other. - {{champion:39}} Is not really Irelia. It's Warring Kingdoms Kat who hit her head and lost her memory. She made up an entire story of who she is that was SO believable even she thinks it's true. How does she make her blades levitate then? She always had that power, she just never knew until she lost her memory. - {{champion:427}} Sometimes watches as animals kill unsuspecting travelers and yearns for the days where he was known as "Ivern the Cruel". Though he very well understands that his situation will likely get worse if he goes back to his old ways. - {{champion:50}} was on the cover of "foxy grandpa monthly". - {{champion:58}} is really an Alligator. He just doesn't want to be a bother by correcting anyone.
i dont like the {{champion:62}} one -_-
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: kayn has 3 icons and its a legendary tier skin {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Of course he has 3 icons he have normal kayn darke and shadow they hace to have 3 icons for him
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MORA2003 (NA)
: I want to buy him and he is a good character
> [{quoted}](name=MORA2003,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EsAeyrog,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-27T23:55:52.160+0000) > > I want to buy him and he is a good champion
Lyaso (EUW)
: New Roadmap ! Reav3 can you give us an update on the Tier 1 VGU list you mentioned one year ago ?
: I mean, I would rather remake if an ally bugsplats and misses the first 3+ minutes of the game. The game could basically be decided by that time lol
it was better without the remake there are teams that won a 4v5 game if just group up all together and push lane come up with a plan to win the game counter build will give the team more of a chance to win with only 4 people my brother won a 3v5 game its called play safe group up come up with a plan do anything to make their team feel bad about losing a 1v5 2v5 3v5 or a 4v5 game can just ask him TROUBLE66 he will not add any one he is setting at max player friend request yes its hard it is a 40% win rate for 4v5 game 5% win rate for 1v5 but someone that can get a 1v5 penta kill on 5v5 every time will give you more chance of winng the 1v5 games it be hard to win if not a good player but idc what people think about this comment
: if you bugsplat, it is acceptable. but you can always restart your client and reconnect. if you got your a** up and went to the restroom, yes, you deserved to be flagged as AFK because that was an action of your own volition
i dont mean me but there are people go to the rr and get bugsplat
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: "We have restored this installation to an older version of LoL. Now we'll try to patch.."
so i uninstalled the pbe to fix it and i reinstall it back and there was a error that poped up it would not let me reinstall it because it was wanting to go into a different file location so i changed it to home and it worked and when it reinstalled back on my pc it worked just a little fyi the date it happen to me was on the 1/1/17 idk how to fix it so i thought about uninstallingit to see if it works out for me and it did {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: The Tahm Kench Cookbook


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