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: Hi djigglybits, Sorry for the inconvenience on this! It is indeed a bug. It has already been taken care of and the fix will be patched out with the next patch. Thanks for your patience on this!
: I don't understand why the sudden people are all going of on some elaborate conspiracy theory instead of comming at the logic conclusion. Yes this completely some sort of wild conspiracy to scan innocent people instead of just an unfortunate bug...
Riot thanks you for your continued noble defense of their namesake, m'sir.
: Hey djiggly, sorry you've had a hard time getting a hold of someone. I've filed a few bug tickets the past few days myself. (I played a game with a Championship Ashe recently, whose Hawkshot only traveled a few feet away from her no matter where she clicked... Kind of a hilarious fail, actually.) {{sticker:poppy-wink}} And yeah, I suspect this is a bug. It's happened in the past, often when we update gameplay and it changes how things work in a way the CAC system doesn't account for. (More on [it here!)]( I passed this on to the sound designers, if I hear anything official I'll letchu know.
thanks for the response. I just needed to know that it was a bug and not just some major change. I really love that skin haha
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Broporo (NA)
: It's definitely NOT okay!! Reports can sometimes take a little bit to process, mostly due to the sheer number of reports we receive on a normal basis. It looks like that report is only 2 days old as of posting this reply, so it hasn't exactly been *too* long. No worries though, I'll make sure this gets sent to the right people.
Thanks. I apologize - I'm just kind of irritated because this happens more times than I'd like to see. As someone who has dealt with the auto-response system first hand I just don't get why something like that wouldn't get caught automatically. In-game chat usually warrants a notification of punishment before I start my next match...
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: it happened to me as well. from 5 games last night, only 1 was bot free. it's frustrating and painful to see the enemy team fed that you cannot even get to the tower and get half your HP off a Katarin, par example. Someone said that i should increase my MMR in ARAM but how can that be if i am only placed with Bots and no matter how strong the normal players in my team become, the enemy team will be twice as big due to 1/26/1 TAric or 2/23/2 Gnar, etc
yeah that was my expectations posting this - that everyone would tell me its my fault for being in low mmr or whatever. I agree though, it's almost as bad as the ranked elo hell conundrum
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