: Stop feeding and throwing the game and no one will harass you. EASY. git gud
That's not even what I said? If you're gonna troll, at least be good at it.
: > [{quoted}](name=CarinaGirmies,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=d4iVazXi,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-10-08T04:20:33.666+0000) > > Yes because everyone has perfect games with perfect KDA and no one ever loses. Right? If you start to feed in a ranked match, the correct response is to play defensively. If you continue feed, you have no excuse.
Not true. Calculated, aggressive play can win games, when done properly. If you mess up, and feed, then you play defensively. But if you're in a winning matchup, playing defensively could lose your initial lead from the counter pick. Continuing to feed, I almost agree. No real excuse, but sometimes it's inevitable. I've lost lane as ADC due to poor coordination with my support, then had the support not peel for me in teamfights. Then I end up 2/7. Am I feeding, yes. Is it my fault? Mostly, but not solely. So in this case, I do have an excuse to "keep feeding" because I'm being killed immediately. Not due to bad positioning, or intentional 1v3s or whatever, but because I'm behind and the enemy is using me to snowball their lead. It happens. Though looking at your lolking, it's gotta be very different in Diamond. Though, looking at your match history, you have a few of those games.
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: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls - 2017 Season Ranked Changes
Does this mean players will have to choose a queue to climb in? I often do 3-man premades in ranked with DQ, but not always. If I plan to play 3-man games a lot, should only play Flex Queue?
: In most cases, yes it is being carried. But it has been abused by higher elo players to "boost" paying players to get into higher elos, since it's not punishable by ban. But very rare cases. Doesn't happen as often as others think :) For toxicity reporting: It doesn't work the same way anymore due to the Instant Feedback system. For Tribunal, as you stated, that makes much more sense and I can agree. But for the Instant Feedback system, that is no longer the case. 1 report or 9 reports does not speed up the process. It takes a single report to flag your account for review. If that account is getting repeated reports over multiple different games (i.e. 1 report for every 1 game they play), then that will help determine the level of punishment, if needed. But multiple reports does not speed up the process of getting punished. That is not how the new system works. Oh yes, refusing to communicate can be extremely annoying, but that isn't toxic behavior, nor is it reportable. Even the previous "refusing to communicate" report was actually a fake report haha. It didn't mean anything as did the "unskilled player" report option, and was more of a way for players to vent. Yes, trolls aren't always toxic, but overall their reason to "trolling" is to get a specific reaction out of players. Whether it be negative or positive. But the original use for the Troll label was for the people who purposefully lurked in forums and would post outlandish things in order to get others to argue or become upset. A good example is Laughing Fish on the boards. He mostly posted in M&G, but when he posts in Gameplay it's more of a "troll" post to get others angry saying outlandish things that aren't true. He's quite successful at it :P Ah yes, good point at BM. It can definitely be toxic, but it's mostly used to tilt the enemy. Much like taunting that happens in sports by fans or players on the bench. Usually no harm, but there is too much grey area on what is acceptable BM and toxic BM since the very nature of BMing is to tilt or fluster the enemy. Good point on Tilt as well :) I agree. As long as it's handled properly, and does not personally attack players or used as harassment, then I don't see it being an issue like BMing. But that's up to the individual on how far they want to go, which makes it impossible to monitor by Riot :(
Thanks for explaining how the new system works! I knew of the Instant Feedback system and I've seen it in action. But I didn't know the weight of one single report. Good to know! Was "refusing to communicate" really a fake report? I thought it applied to teammates who wouldn't follow up, respond to pings, etc. I understood it as a report for non-cooperative players who won't work with the team. (And not explain why they won't). Being so subjective, I also assumed Riot didn't give these reports as much weight, but would still view them. Agreed on trolls. Especially forum trolls, I remember the word was first being used across the Internet. And on tilting/BM'ing and monitoring them, I think that comes down to the rest of the behavior. In order for it to be toxic, there would have to be some sort of harassment, right?
: Allow me to expand a bit on your terminology as well :) 1: Boosted: Allowing another player of higher elo to play on your account to increase your rank. This can either be out of "kindness" or for monetary gains. Difficult for normal players to determine, but the MMR system will accurately sort these players the more they play. This can also apply to players who abuse the Dynamic Q system by queuing up with much higher skill level friends in order to get placed into higher ranks they normally wouldn't be able to achieve on their own. However, the latter example is not punishable, since there is no violating the ToS during this. Only the account sharing is punishable by permanent ban since that is breaking the ToS. As you also explained, a huge jump with a dip back to the previous rank can sometimes help identify suspected boosting, but is not always applicable. Some players may not play enough to reach back to that rank, or perhaps lost interest in the game between seasons. 2: Feeder: You explained this perfectly :) 3: Bad Player: Subjective, but your description is somewhat close enough to what everyone thinks. The issue becomes not separating the bad players skill-wise and attitude-wise, since a bad player can fall into one those different categories, or both. There are bad players who mechanically are not good at the game, but understand it mentally. There are bad players who understand the game and play well, but have terrible attitudes. And there are also bad players who don't understand the game, refuse to learn it, but are still enjoyable to play with. These vary depending on who the player is, but mostly it's associated with skill-level. 4: Bought Account: Any account sold to another player who is not the original owner. This can include: max level accounts, higher elo accounts, and even accounts with many and/or all cosmetic items. Punishable by permanent ban since this violates the ToS. 5: Toxic: Subjective, but mostly relates to point 3 in terms of negative behavior. Not all toxic players are good at the game, and vice versa, but all toxic players do get punished. Toxicity can occur in multiple ways that are verbal and non-verbal. As for your points on describing toxicity; calling a player "toxic" can perceive you as being toxic. It all depends on how you word it. If you say "Please stop being toxic" then that isn't an issue. But if you call someone "Omg why are you so fkn toxic" then it could be perceived as negative. But this usually is never the case, so not much need for worry. Rallying for reports or announcing to a player you're reporting them is toxic, and can be considered harassment. It is recommend to never rally for reports or announce you are reporting a player. It only takes 1 report to trigger a review of the player, so there is simply no need to ever type that into chat. Intentionally feeding is indeed considered toxic, but it's best left to Riot to determine those cases. Players cannot determine if someone was intent feeding since we cannot compare all their games and logs to see if it was true. Taking someone's role (in draft) is reportable under "Unsportsmanlike conduct". But I don't know if I would inherently consider this toxic. It's much different in blind pick considering there are no pre-determined roles, and players don't have to give you the role you called if they pick before you. It can be toxic, but that is usually up to how the individual acts. Your example of "purposefully throwing off a team comp with a bad pick" isn't toxic however. This is purely subjective, and not applicable for every situation. Perhaps that player is only good at that champion? Or perhaps they wanted to play something off-meta. It's not toxic, nor can you report a player for this. It can be annoying, but annoying =/= toxic. Bonus 6: Trolls: A player who uses verbal or non-verbal means to create negative environments, or to get a specific negative reaction out of other players. This includes, but not limited to; intentional feeding, verbal abuse, harassment (v & nv), and taunting. This is much harder to define since there are many different means of trolling, and they vary from game to game. However the basic description of what a troll is, is unchanging. It's just harder to determine what is considered trolling in League, since it changes every season as the game continues to evolve. Same with the playerbase.
You pretty much it the nail on the head. But queueing up with someone of a higher rank is being "Carried" not boosted. Thanks for adding that part though! I really like your explanation of a bad player too :) On toxicity, I disagree with the part where only 1 report is needed. You're absolutely right that only 1 report will get it into the system, but frequent reports bring quicker punishment to those deserving. That said, I guess it's subjective. If someone wants to report me, I'd them say it. Even if I know I'm not doing anything wrong, I want to know what my teammates think I'm doing wrong. That said, you're probably right that it's perceived to be more toxic than not. When I "served" on the tribunal back in Season 3, I found multiple reports to be better for a more accurate decision. 1 report, in my opinion, seemed more like 1 player being angry. But again, subjective. "Purposefully throwing off a team comp with a bad pick." I'm now inclined to agree that it isn't inherently toxic. I forgot that "Refusing to communicate with team" is no longer reportable. It could be, but with further thought, you're right. It's toxic ONLY if picked with malicious intent. I'll edit and credit you. Trolls: completely agree. Though trolling doesn't have to be toxic. You never said it does, but I'd like to clarify that. I lost a ranked game to a troll team yesterday. 5 trolls, but it worked. Another bonus: BM = "Bad Manners." Usually found in emote spamming or flashing mastery icons. Can be toxic in rare cases, but it's usually in good fun, or an attempt to tilt. Tilt = a change in player attitude that causes him/her to play worse. A player can be tilted due to anger/rage, losing lane, misplaying, or the enemy's attitude. BM can cause the enemy to rage, as can camping their lane. Just a few examples. Tilting another player isn't toxic, unless done via harassment or other examples listed above. Tilting an enemy via non-toxic means: for example, friendly all chat banter (not insulting them!) or BM'ing can win games. Of course, these CAN be considered toxic if handled poorly.
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: Never gank and yet still blame others
You're both wrong. But if you're not getting ganks, you're either not setting them up, or your jungler never had an opening. Or the jg was bad, I wasn't there.
djjomon (NA)
: Good Jungle streamers to watch? (Not NB3)
Thanks! I followed everyone suggested here. I'll filter them out as I can lol
EVG Mike (NA)
: valkrin is awesome jungle/mid/support player
I'll have to watch him more. Watched him a bit here and there. Thanks!
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Kody119 (NA)
: my suggestion would be, as you already have a decent amount of essence, wait for a third skin shard. if you like it, make it permanent, repeat until you need to disenchant or you get one you don't like, then reroll the 3 you have into a permanent. as with most resources, the non-converted version that can be used in multiple situations is the most valuable. also, from what i can tell, it's actaully really hard to get alot of good skins or anything out of the boxes, i've gotten a few boxes that i have yet to open from S Rank play so far.
> [{quoted}](name=Kody119,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=I0QBYFYy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-19T18:03:39.326+0000) > > my suggestion would be, as you already have a decent amount of essence, wait for a third skin shard. > > if you like it, make it permanent, repeat until you need to disenchant or you get one you don't like, then reroll the 3 you have into a permanent. > > as with most resources, the non-converted version that can be used in multiple situations is the most valuable. > > also, from what i can tell, it's actaully really hard to get alot of good skins or anything out of the boxes, i've gotten a few boxes that i have yet to open from S Rank play so far. Thanks for actually answering :)
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ImaLoki (NA)
: [CLIENT] Random forced dodge in ranked queue.
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: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
I doubt I'm the only one who thought of it. But why keep replacing Mage Jungle enchantments? Each iteration of it has the same problem - good for some champs, bad for others. So why not leave Runeglaive and then introduce a second Mage enchantment? Let players choose based on the role they want to play. Then balance around both having an intended use. Because one will inevtiably greatly outshine the other on release.
: Can we stop with new game modes.....?
That's not a game mode problem. That's a player community problem
: Fiora single handedly won the koo vs kt games
: S6 predictions
ADC changes will make one or two carries OP for a patch, then once balanced we'll be back to the status quo. But with more (hopefully better) options. New {{item:3134}} item. In this process, tanks will be briefly unviable. Minor changes to the jungle, both making it harder over all and making it easier for weaker tanks. I don't know how, I don't get how. But Riot will attempt this. More interactions with Crit. Be it along the lines of Ashe's new passive, more defensive or offensive options, or what. Again, I don't know. But I see something happening with it. {{item:3152}} rework. Again. {{item:3124}} removed. In favor of a new item that's nothing similar, or no replacement at all. {{summoner:2}} removed or massively buffed. (One can wish) Better MR itemization, after the ADC thing. Mandrake ward scrapped, {{item:2043}} made more expensive. Because pro play.
: How do you get off Prisoner's Island (being matched with other people who have been reported)?
Stopped reading at "AKD'ed". Continued reading to answer your question. Riot doesn't do Prisoner's Island queues/matchmaking. Not in the true sense. If you're in a low priority queue, I suppose chances are you're with other toxic players. But it's not a Prisoner's Island intent. Just more of a coincidence. That said, just keep playing without being toxic (yes, AFK'ing is toxic). And you'll get back to regular queue eventually. If you're not in low priority queue... just dumb luck. That you deserve.
: "Kindred Plays the role of a Mobile Marksan"
: Voli is a problem
Loving the downvotes. Good, people think Voli's bad. I'll be enjoying my freelo in the mean time
: Voli was like this before Juggernaut/Devourer. With the amount of CC, slows, and mobility in this game, it's hard for him to stay relevant. He has to be on top of you to do damage. Don't let him get on top of you. His passive is near useless outside of jungle. By the time it actually activates, you can usually just nuke through it. Just bait it out, or don't let him run away with it up.
As a Voli main, I can tell you his passive is very good. Basically a get out of jail free card
: I may not have made it clear but I was suggesting to remove a large chunk of their early game range and instead give it back over a series of levels. It would bring a significant level of risk-reward to duo laning. I wasn't so much proposing a dissolution of marksman but rather of the marksman/support lane.
I think it would still result in a lategame based, ADC meta. But rebalancing in that way would at least keep power creep lower than it would otherwise.
: Is alistar top good?
Top Alistar pretty much died when they made so you can't AA after the W cast, but before the knockback. Do I still think it's good though? Probably works if you know how to do it. He gets kited easily, of course. And his damage isn't anything crazy. But if you need a sustain tank who can be safe in lane, I don't see why not.
: What if range was a scaling attribute?
{{champion:18}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:150}}. So it's not unheard of. But if all ADC/ranged carries had scaling range, it would be probably be an ADC meta all over again. And these champs would need a slight rework to be niche
: Stop Banning Fiora
Why ban Fiora when you can ban {{champion:67}}? I say this as a {{champion:106}} main, of course.
: Gangplank PBE nerf is too harsh!
That's why it's not a live nerf...
: Titanic Hydra active cancels stealth
Does Ravenous Hydra's active not cancel stealth?
: > [{quoted}](name=djjomon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RIWrhRAh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-08T17:11:45.216+0000) > > Riot can't just peer with the ISP like it's nothing. It takes time, effort, and the ISP has to agree. And stop blaming Riot for your shitty Internet connection. If you're playing on 1000+ ping, it's either a shitty connection on your end, you're really far away from the server, or you're getting throttled. None of these are Riot's fault. > > Fix your own damn problems dude it takes all of 5 minutes to reach out to a isp and see if they are interested in peering, it's not a process that takes weeks on end a simple phone call could start the process. also lets talk about that ping issue shall we, "its either a shitty connection on your end" on friday i had a steady ping of 80 all day, and in cod a game with more going on then league i have a steady 100 ping on a server from chicago so it's obviously a shitty connection on my end. "you're really far from the server" if you had read my post, you would know i live in michigan one state away from chicago also my isp is in lower michigan which is even closer so i'm not that far away from the server. "you're getting throttled" as i have never heard of this i have no response, however from my first two points you can very obviously see unless you are blind that it's not my connection nor is it the fact that i live to far away from the server. however i am considering moving to latin america north to fix these issues as i'm really getting tired of people defending riot like they can do no wrong. so i will see how it works
You said your ISP is close to the server, not you yourself. So thank you for answering, finally. If it were that easy to pair with your ISP, Riot would've by now. They've paired with every ISP they could, so far. Have you seen the list? Stop blaming Riot. I bet you blame your teammates in games too
troytech (NA)
: you idiots nerfed ryze into an unplayble pile of excrement.
Lyless (NA)
: Thanks Riot for ruining Kayle!
: can't play because of high ping? enjoy your five - ten game ban to lower que
Riot can't just peer with the ISP like it's nothing. It takes time, effort, and the ISP has to agree. And stop blaming Riot for your shitty Internet connection. If you're playing on 1000+ ping, it's either a shitty connection on your end, you're really far away from the server, or you're getting throttled. None of these are Riot's fault. Fix your own damn problems
merczero (NA)
: Stop letting everyone play ranked.
There are 2 huge problems with that prerequisite: 1. Implementing this fairly would be near impossible 2. Many players who are already ranked, and climbing, would be forced out How does an automated system judge your basic game knowledge? If you don't average X CS by X time, do you get kicked out of ranked? If your KDA is consistently negative? (This one might work actually). How would the system judge map awareness or falling for baits? And like you admitted, you're not the best player. But you do have a good understanding of the game. Other players, in all skill levels, feel the same way. For example, I think my map awareness is pretty good, but my CS isn't. My KDAs are usually decent, but my deaths are higher than I'd like. Yet, I'm climbing. (My winrate still sucks, but I'm steadily improving). Should I be banned from Ranked because of that? Should I lose my opportunity to improve due to my low winrate? I can't win games if I can't play. And "you suck don't play ranked" doesn't count, because ranked makes you better.
: tanks die in 3 seconds max, even with full armor/hp items vs ad team, why is this still a thing?
If you're 1v2'ing them, and the team isn't there to support... you should go 1 for 1 at best. But if you're a 0 damage tank without inherent damage in skills, you should probably be initiating or peeling, not directly fighting
Swizzle (NA)
: What was the biggest mistake of Season 5 in terms of balance?
Initial Runeglaive is probably the worst thing to happen from a gameplay standpoint. But if we're talking in terms of fundamental mistakes... maybe the introduction of {{item:3711}}? This item might as well not exist.
: http://img.pandawhale.com/46894-Your-post-truly-disgusted-me-I-Sq2v.gif
I got nothing against breaking the meta or whatever. But some things just scare me
djjomon (NA)
: Entering a promo game with a mid Soraka and ADC Lulu
Soraka was really good. Like, really really good. The Lulu was.. well... ADC Lulu. Nothing exceptional. But yeah, we won that game. 1-1 in Promos! Then I lost the next game because the team wouldn't focus squishies (Annie ulting Cho alone, every time). And an 18 minute AFK ADC. Before anyone says "promos suck" or whatever. Yeah, it sucks, it could've been any game. This had nothing to do with promos. Just bad timing.
Rioter Comments
: might as well say it because you're losing anyways.
No, you shouldn't. Ever. That's not reportable and makes you the asshole for saying it.
: > [{quoted}](name=djjomon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=73EbvsHW,comment-id=00020000000000000001,timestamp=2015-09-02T20:46:06.825+0000) > > Actually, he edited his comment since I posted. It previously said something like "OMG if you mean that love tap he got some time ago that doesn't really count. just shut up." Nice try What? Are you talking about. I never edited that comment. And I never told you to shut up because that would be out of character for me. :P Now, you're either crazy or you're looking for an argument over something that didn't even happen. xD
Fine, I'll take your word for it. I'd never start a fight, ever. I'll delete my rude post then.
: That's it Riot, I Officially Quit
Rioter Comments
Cloud273 (NA)
: Why does Riot hate Maokai so much?
Like NeoSeraphi said, if he can be built safely, he will be. And if Cho become a problem for the same reason, Riot will address that too (in like 5 patches)
: > [{quoted}](name=djjomon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=73EbvsHW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-02T19:16:55.149+0000) > > Thresh has been nerfed. Just not in a long time OMG if you mean that love tap he got some time ago just to make us shut up, then that doesn't really count.
"Thresh needs to be nerfed like other supports" "It's happened before" "Shut up that doesn't count" He's been nerfed before that too. "Shut up that doesn't count" Your negativity is not only appreciated, but an honest, meaningful contribution to our community.
: Why Have Blitzcrank, Braum, and Janna Been Nerfed but Thresh Hasn't?
Thresh has been nerfed. Just not in a long time
: Clearly Shen and Janna are OP
You're right, if OP means over played. Okay, sarcasm aside, they're both very good at what they do. Wouldn't quite say OP, but probably the best at their specific, niche, roles.
Budupops (NA)
: you got carried, then flame the enemy jungler. ok
I didn't flame anyone. I did get carried. So what's your point?
: That's the thing, they do. they can Ip ban them. Easy peasy. Edit: Fine you don't like IP bans, Ranked bans, account bans, anything would help at this point.
IP banning, of any sort, is a horrible idea. Some people have siblings/roommates who play on the same IP. Just because one of them is toxic, doesn't mean the other is...
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