Aurelyce (EUW)
: Upper right corner of these boards -> Your name -> Settings -> Pre-release testing (or something lime that). Play and give feedback~
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: Because even if you're in promos, it detracts the LP you would've lost from that match from your total, because Riot doesn't want players automatically getting another promo immediately after dropping out of one. Working as intended.
I meant to add I played the rest of the games and it acted like I wasn't in promos ever.
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: "X is fine, X doesn't need changes"
Had 16+ kills mid game as jinx, they had a rengar that did "ok" I sat in the middle of my team surrounded by pinks. We lost.
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Arie (NA)
: Just Noob Things
I recently {{champion:429}} ulted my {{champion:25}} support AFTER he had chained 2 enemies with his ult. He just sighed in skype.
: Veigar's Stacks could use an indicative buff/icon like nasus.
Veigar is one of my favorites, and this should be easy to add, of course I want this!
: This. Yes. The first time I saw it felt like when I first watched The Matrix in theaters.
DSG Delay (EUW)
: That's a joke man, you destroyed it. :(
the joke is already played out and not funny
AntoSerr (EUW)
: That means i won't be able to find a match :<
be prepared to have him banned every game so he can't be played TO BLIND PICK!!!!


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