: Winning the game isn't just damage. Triple mountain lets you delete turrets like you delete the enemy support and triple ocean is basically a warmogs.
I'ma stop you right there with some actual data. The highest winning combination of drakes is 3 internals. Link below with proof. That said, Girahem made plenty of other good points I do agree with. Objective control is the entire teams job. Not just the junglers. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/drakes
: Screen shake doesn't make it easier to see what's going on, that by design goes against clarity, nor does it improve accessibility. Also seen plenty of posts disliking and detailing what's wrong with the skins, I wouldn't get them anyway so I wasn't going to explain that.
"ENABLE SCREEN SHAKE On by default" Read more closely. **ON BY DEFAULT**
blanabas (NA)
: I wish you’d stop gutting champions because of pro-play. That seems unfair considering 99% of your player base is not pro play. Can’t you nerf it for just pro games or something? Also I haven’t seen a single A-Sol main say they enjoy the changes. The Ekko buffs are not needed nor wanted. Even Ekko mains are like hey what? How much did you add to his stun?? Lee sin doesn’t need these buffs I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with him. Oh it’s for worlds. How about you stop fucking over the player base for worlds. Seriously what is that .02 of the player base? You guy make me fucking sick sometimes, prestige skins are pathetic cash grab, the new champs are unbalanced as fuck, Sylas has a dash, shield, stun/knock up, a HEAL THAT ALSO IS AN EXECUTE, Mordes ult? New akali? New Irelia? Pykes gold share? Zoe? What the fuck is your balance team smoking and can I have some? I would 100% quit this game if I wasn’t addicted.
> Oh it’s for worlds. How about you stop fucking over the player base for worlds. Seriously what is that .02 of the player base? Well it's a lot more than .02% of the playerbase that watches worlds and it would be nice to not watch the exact same matchups 30 games in a row. They also normally revert a lot of the changes in preseason, so you only have to put up with the worlds meta for a little over a month. Your other complains however are valid and I agree.
: Ive been looking forward to playing clash since it came out, but im really sad to see that your having it come back the day of the finals. Ive bought tickets and want to be excited to go to the event, not feel like im missing out on something.
I think this is actually intentional. Since this is a test run, it means less player will be playing which means less server load. That's the best way to run an initial test without making the entire playerbase unhappy again.
: How to buy 2018 NA LCS Summer Finals tickets
> All prop firearms are prohibited by Oracle Arena. > All prop bow-type weapons are prohibited by Oracle Arena. > All prop swords or imitations of bladed weapons are prohibited by Oracle Arena. > All prop staffs or poles are prohibited by Oracle Arena. So you're saying lamp posts are okay?
: I'm not even a Linux user but the idea that you would suddenly make your game not compatible for Linux is somewhere between mind-blowing and pathetic.
> suddenly make your game not compatible for Linux Keep in mind, the game was NEVER compatible with Linux. Linux users were simply using user made workarounds to make it run on Linux and those workarounds will not longer function. That said, I would like to see a native version of League for Linux in the future. I think native support would massively grow their Linux user base.
: What's ~80 000 Linux players on a 80 million player base ? 0.1% ? Nothing ? Well, I'm a linux player. I came to this game with my friends, windows friends... Some of them only connect when I message them "hey, get online it's game time...". And they come, we have fun, occasionally we buy RP... That 0.1% of Linux user that you are going to punish as much as cheaters soon become 1% of your player base. And you know what happens when the snowball start... Soon Riot loose his Nexus. How much does it cost to hire a Linux engeener to make a Linux version, worst case scenario from the Mac one, and maybe 1 extra support guy ? A lot less than that ! I really appreciate the work of the game design team, tweaking the game to get the best gameplay possible... That made me appreciate riot as a company. But if you are going to be so humiliating against Linux players as if we don't exist. After tweeting that we should keep our hope up for news of a Linux client in the near future... https://mobile.twitter.com/RiotSupport/status/855140809229967362 I'm going to call all my friends to join me on the next game I will be playing instead of league. Best regards. Pierre
> How much does it cost to hire a Linux engeener to make a Linux version, worst case scenario from the Mac one, and maybe 1 extra support guy ? A lot less than that ! For a Linux user, you have surprisingly little knowledge about what goes into supporting a Linux version of the software. It would take an entire team of engineers to port League to Linux, and an entire team just to simply maintain the Linux version through updates. I'm not saying Riot shouldn't invest in Linux, but I don't think it is the simple process you make it out to be or they would have done it already. And while, yes there are some similarities between macOS and many Linux distros, you can't simply run a script that magically makes it work. Some of the most basic parts of the code, such as how graphics are rendered, run completely differently between the two OS'es. Fortunately, with Apple announcing that they will be dropping support for OpenGL and OpenCL soon, maybe Riot will take a look at both macOS and Linux and come up with some good solutions.
: Now manaless midlaners like Zed will have an easier time shoving lane with 0 punishment because their skills are basically free, and mages will have to waste all mana to contest, or save their mana and lose farm, like uh? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
They did a bunch of big damage buffs to AP mages though, and almost every mage's early game is now stronger with the larger mana pools. Melee ADs like Zed and Talon will get bullied out of lane so easily now.
: Your Shop Returns
I'm a Shaco 1 trick and somehow I only got 1 Shaco skin in my shop at 20% off. > If you don’t like what you get, I will personally walk over to the sweet little robot and yell at it for you. I think I'd like you to yell at the bot for me.
: 19-15 1-18-5 20-8-5-18-5 1-14-25 9-4-5-1-19 15-6 23-8-1-20 20-8-5 14-5-24-20 3-12-9-5-14-20 21-16-4-1-20-5 23-9-12-12 12-15-15-11 12-9-11-5 13-15-18-5 15-6 20-8-9-19 15-18 13-15-18-5 15-6 20-8-5 15-18-9-7-9-14-1-12 I wanna see how smart you guys are.
"SO ARE THERE ANY IDEAS OF WHAT THE NEXT CLIENT UPDATE WILL LOOK LIKE MORE OF THIS OR MORE OF THE ORIGINAL" [You aren't that smart.](http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/numbers.php) {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: In the config files isn't Low-Spec mode variable named Potato mode?
http://imgur.com/a/TkaT3 Yes. Yes it is.
: "hello good people and also yasuo mains" Fuck you to rito <3{{champion:157}}
Cadrach (EUW)
: [WebTool] Item Set Editor
Thanks a lot! Just wanted to thank you for this and let you know people are still discovering this through google. Your work is greatly appreciated.
: http://imgur.com/a/WlB8j guys pls help me understand why magic resist glyphs are conch shells WHY IS ARMOR A BUNCH OF LITTLE CUPS
[Because the magic conch.](http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/spongebob/images/1/17/Club_SpongeBob_06.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130420195146)
: The reason why this will never be multiplayer is because of cheating. If I know how to send a packet that says give me a level to the server, well guess what level I would be at 10 sec into my ranked game? The same goes for every other mod that this mode allow us to use. Also it might create ways to reverse engineer the encryption of the data. Might is the key word here.
Yeah, that's not how servers work unless they're programmed by monkeys. Those commands would be specific to custom game mode servers only.
: The new client is a piece of shite.
Well it is a beta and Rito has repeatedly stated that.
: ***
I read that as "SO Tilted". I think I have Talon PTSD.
: box box is love, box box is life {{champion:92}}
{{champion:35}} Did someone say box?
QQsha (NA)
: There is no such thing as ELO hell.
There is no ELO hell within the walls. Here, everyone is safe. No one is boosted.
: ugh...no one would ever play support then
Lol so basically what it is now.
: git gud m8*
Sonozaki (NA)
: I feel like ascension is being used too much honestly.. that one is a bit stale to me {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Same. I never liked Ascension much from the start and don't get why it has shown up so much. I wonder if its popularity supports Riot's decision.
: Your fault for playing games on a mac. PC master race 4life. #getapc#Swag69#money
Apple computers have no real difference from PC's besides the Apple logo on the back and a different operating system. Have you ever played League on a high end MacbookPro with a retina display with settings maxed? It looks absolutely stunning and far better than on most gaming PC's on the market. There is absolutely no reason for Riot to stop focusing on the Mac client considering more than 10% of their userbase plays on Macs. I understand part of your choice to use a Windows operating system as there is more software and games available for it, however people like you are part of the reason this is the case. As a multi operating system user, I'd love to see more devs like Riot program their software to run across multiple OS'es.
: I got DJ Sona and a gemstone outta my first chest =3
{{champion:83}} Give to me
: The closest thing they could reasonably do for spectating from a phone would be to let you see everything that's 2D about a game. Minimap, Items, Summoner Spells, KDA, CS, towers destroyed, respawn timers, etc. You wouldn't be able to see those \#BigPlays, but you would be able to tell if your friend is in a close match or almost done.
They could actually show plays using a heavily simplified game interface. Floating unanimated icons for characters and they pop when they die. Then you still have a feel for what's going on. In the future, they could even have basic lines appear for attacks and health bars over the icons.
Rhykes (NA)
: I find it rather odd that there's almost nothing "artistic" about his playstyle, his kit, appearance, or graphics. I'm assuming he has unique taunt interactions with a few champions, but beyond that, the teaser seems... amazing but totally irrelevant. I don't see why they didn't add something like getting a Killing Blow with an R bullet summons a tree on the enemy's corpse that grants a small amount of vision and slows around them for a couple seconds. It would be more unique than yet another super-long range skillshot ult, and would help tie the teaser with the champion more. Disappointed, but at least he looks more engaging than other marksmen... not that that is particularly hard to do.
As a developer myself, I think one of the main reasons that Riot didn't include a number of the particle features that everyone keeps suggesting is for performance reasons. Riot has done a great job optimizing this game to run on low end hardware while keeping it beautiful (ignoring mac performance here). By adding tree generation animation coupled with lighting effects, blooming flowers, and particle effects, it would really slow a computer down and tax the graphics card. In addition, by having the appearance of the effects different between the player and other players on the team, you'll have a disparity in processing speed that could cause a problem for players. I'd love to see riot still add these features, but I think it would result in a massive difference in how the character and his attacks appear between the high quality settings and the low quality settings. In my opinion, they're wanting to avoid that and as a result, are catering to the minority.
Veolan (NA)
: Metal and Mac OS X - Game Performance
It seems like some of you don't completely understand what Metal is. It won't magically make every app and game on your Mac suddenly be able to run on higher settings after updating to El Capitan. It's an API library which developers can use to optimize their apps and games. This means that a developer has to manually go and change their code in order for the game to use Metal. I'm a registered Apple Developer, but personally haven't used Metal as I've been out of the dev scene for a while now. However, I believe that it is no easy process to convert a game to work with Metal. It would require a major code rewrite in how objects are displayed on screen. As the Mac client seems to be a second thought for Riot, I wouldn't hold your breath hoping Metal will be available for LoL any time soon. I'd love to see it happen though as I can't run League at anything above medium high on my 4 year old MBPro right now.


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