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: [Champion Request] Teiko, The Avatar of Greed and Evil (anti-mage)
He's supposed to be an anti-Mage but he has 3 (if you count the silence) anti-Mage spells. His ult should definitely be more damage based on total ap of the enemy it hits. His E and W are instant. His W has more range than Jinx with Rockets and has a .35 delay. There's simply not enough time for someone to walk out of. His E is an instant silence for almost 2 seconds and is way too good. There's a reason Rito took out a lot of the silences. No counter play involved. His passive is terrible if you don't build attack speed. His gap closer has no synergy with his passive because he can't attack effectively without it. I would suggest changing those two things. He has a good theme but he doesn't really stay true to it. His passive is useless and his kit has little synergy with his anti-Mage theme. My verdict is 5/10. He adds nothing unique to the game and looks bland to play as. Nice concept art though.
: While reading your comment,i realized what i did completely wrong. I over estimated the Maximum HP damage. So i've adjusted some of the rates to be ~2x the effectiveness as well as the base damage. I believe the W & R should be able to now burst more damage. Also thank you for the detailed feedback instead of a " -1 fk you, you suck at this."
It's really no problem. I love to help make a champion better and more balanced. I search for the newer posts that have no comments so I can help fix problems with these concepts. The changes you have made are excellent! I especially like the new R. It could be unclear to someone reading though I know you mean that you put a mark on them that deals damage over time. The ratios for scaling are great now. The Gangplank calculation jumps to a respectable 83 damage attack with a good cool down. You would need 7.5 Q's to kill with a max level Q. The Q at low levels does around half which is to be expected. The W didn't need much change and still looks good. His E changes create good mechanical play. Jumping to a minion for a cool down reduction on your W and a slight pull makes him useful for high level play. The R change is awesome and makes him less bursty but gives him some sustained damage that would do a third of a tank's health. I give him a 9/10 now. I like the fact that he has several builds. It makes him look appealing to be both a top and mid lamer. He could even jungle with devourer potentially. Great work man.
: Techno, the Junk Kid
His ult is reminiscent of Ryze, his Q is pretty boring, his E is reminiscent of Trundle and Nasus and his W is just a cookie cutter shield with a small synergy with E. His kit is under loaded. There's nothing in it. He does no damage since he has one damaging spell. His kit also has little to no synergy. It's all just ok at best. His E and R need to be changed and you need to add things to his Q. I suggest for his E give him some movement option while giving him damage and for his R make it a damaging move. His passive is also way too boring and needs to give him a special flavor. You would do well to change it. I give this champ 3/10 for now since he has little direction. Almost all his skills have to change given they're Avery similar to others in the game.
: Agoroth: The Wraith Warrior
I love the hell out of this guy. Everything about him and his kit screams cool. Few questions though. Say he is built damage and gets a crit for say, 1000 damage during his Q will you add that to his heal at the end of the combo? If so building him AD crit chance would make him juggernaut class. Healing for 400+ on a good cool down attack steroid would be pretty broken. I would recommend him healing for 25% of the **average** of his three attacks. Does his ult fear just from the beginning or from the whole duration like Wukong's? My verdict is 9/10. Seems a little too good AD but overall very balanced. Nice jokes as well.
: [Champion CONCEPT] Synthic, Death's Student
He is completely useless in all stages of the game. Against the highest hp champion at level 1 (Gangplank at 631.08 hp) his Q at **max level does 19 damage rounded up. ** It's complete trash. Even against a high hp target with 3000 or lower health his Q does 90 damage on a 3 second cooldown. This all does not include the fact that armor and magic resistance reduce the amount of damage as well. I understand the concept of this champion, and I like the hp scaling abilities but he would need some very fine tuning to be not incredibly weak early game, but severely broken late game. His mana costs are also absurdly high for how little damage he does. He needs a flat amount of damage on his skills plus his hp%. Now for actual skill concept critique, his W should have a similar synergy with his R, maybe making his mana costs 15% percent less in a regular RZ. That is if you choose to keep it. It's a carbon copy with extra buffs. It makes his ult unoriginal. His E is too random for an assassin. It would be extremely frustrating to play as him since he literally can't do his only job. He would jump to minions first, then low health monsters, then tanks, then squishies. Make it targetable on low health targets and raise the health cap on all levels. At level 5 it should be 100% health and make the starting cap 65% Overall, my verdict is 4/10. Terrible mana costs, horrible gap closer, inconceivably low damage. There is little right with this champion. His W and R are basically the same skill but one has an extra source of damage and makes his costs free. I give 4 points because the concept of this character is cool and sounds fun. I was looking forward to reading it but then noticed his terrible kit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xilvers Homie,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=OlYOJAWj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-20T19:52:47.249+0000) > > Amazing concept. I love the reload system since it rewards smart play. 2-3 seconds seems a bit long. It doesn't seem that long to most people since it's seconds but a 2-3 second stun seems like ages in game. 1.5-1.8 seems like a more reasonable amount of time. I love the interactions and the attention to detail. Overall I would play this champion and enjoy mastering his resource management. > > Rating: 9.5/10 It's not that hard to manage it, just save E or W for when you have 1 bullet, he's pretty much resourceless ...
As an ADC waiting for 20 seconds just to be able to auto is pretty much a cripple. His E also only procs if you walk up to an enemy with one bullet (telling the enemy that you can't defend yourself) and use an almost melee AOE stun just to dash away and get 6 bullets. It's not easy to manage and his resource is unique, something I would like to see more of.
: Thanks for the comment, Ill take another look at his kit :3
I commend you for taking constructive criticism so well. It makes you look mature and smart. Good job.
: [Champion Concept] Elias, the Renegade Gunslinger
Amazing concept. I love the reload system since it rewards smart play. 2-3 seconds seems a bit long. It doesn't seem that long to most people since it's seconds but a 2-3 second stun seems like ages in game. 1.5-1.8 seems like a more reasonable amount of time. I love the interactions and the attention to detail. Overall I would play this champion and enjoy mastering his resource management. Rating: 9.5/10
: [Champion Concept] Hyun-Tae, The Mysterious Warlord.
Will his Q be a cone? Also he has shitty mobility for an assassin. I would suggest working that his Q gives him movement speed for every unit hit. Minions would give less of a speed boost and is multiplicative for non-champions. For champions make it additive and with no cap. I would suggest 5% for every champion and 2.5% for minions with it lowering for each minion by .3%. I assume his W is an area of effect? If so it's a good move. I would suggest maybe his sword has a chain attached or a similar contraption for his R so that he could maybe pull people with his ult. Even with the Q buff I mention I still see him having a problem catching people since he has no movement options. If his R becomes a pull it should probably become a skill shot. So far he has very little cohesion between his moves. His passive is pretty terrible. It provides no immediate use to him at the start of the game and depends on him getting several kills to even be remotely useful. I would suggest putting that passive on one of his abilities and giving him a different innate. I like the concept but he is really underpowered so far. This is all my opinion of course I'm not a pro or anything.
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