: Ok... what does it matter if you get Male or female shards only? Are they from any champion you enjoy playing in the slightest? If yes the who cares! If no? Then tough luck and better luck next draw.
> [{quoted}](name=ZephyrDrake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Aes65lKq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-13T03:53:19.969+0000) > > Ok... what does it matter if you get Male or female shards only? It matters if it shows it's not just RNG. If something I did makes it so I get all dude skins, maybe there's a way to do something different and get only skins you want to play.
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: I have something to say: I know from surrender at 20 that you removed the heart designs on Quinn's thighs, but why? I feel like the skin was better before...
It looks like it wasn't just the hearts, but they changed her from wearing thigh-highs on PBE to tights on live. Seems like it's more reasonable clothing, plus it has the added benefit of not being 24/7 panty shots every time she uses her E. They also changed her hair color, it looks like. Edit: Okay, originally it was thigh-highs with a design at the top, then it was tights with the design things at the same place on the leg, then the design was removed. Here's the PBE thread: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/TfEjpf2y-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-heartseeker-quinn
: Some thoughts on Support
**Give players a shorter queue time when they put support as their 2nd role.** In low gold/high silver, my queue time is about 10 seconds when I choose fill or support/fill. If I choose something else like bot/mid, it takes about 2-3 minutes to get a game. **One of the worst feelings in league is queuing as bot/support, waiting 3 minutes for a game, and ending up as support.** There's no valid reason for it to take that long, it's just a waste of time. I know the queue system has complexities in it, but I'm guessing most of that time boils down to waiting my turn in line. So what I'm suggesting here is letting people skip ahead in line if they put support as one of their options. This would obviously attract people on its own, but it would also be a quality of life buff for supports, helping retain them. I would also like to see things like letting players who play a lot of support (say 50%+) jump to the front of queues even when they queue as two non-support roles. These players on average would still reduce queue times for everyone else, even when skipping in line. This would require more thought for how to do it right, though.
: Looking ahead: NA and EU LCS format changes for Summer Split 2016
This seems like a first baby step towards expanding into multiple regional leagues (think east coast/west coast). Think of what needs to happen for Riot to expand to regional leagues: **Riot needs a lot more infrastructure** * Casters * Tech people * Referees * Equipment * Locations **The format needs to accommodate the players (and the players need to adapt to it)** * Cross-league play is an important part of these league systems, meaning players will have to travel. * When you're traveling across the country, to an unfamiliar venue, to face teams you're less familiar with, one BO2/3 is a much easier thing to prepare for than two BO1s. **The format needs to accommodate the spectators (and the spectators need to adapt to it)** * Spectators will spend more money if they are emotionally invested * It's a lot easier to be emotionally invested in a particular team than the league as a whole * It's really time consuming to watch all of the games in the LCS (I know, I do) but people love sitting down for a few hours one evening a week to watch their favorite team * People will spend thousands of dollars on sports merch, but all of it is for "their" team * Facing one team a week provides a better experience than facing multiple teams * "We won!" or "We lost!" is much easier for spectators to talk about and bond over than "We beat one team but lost to the other" Now, think about all those things that they need to do to have regional leagues, and then think about what these current changes do. There's a lot of overlap. What's being done here is all the less risky parts of expanding, all the parts that can be done reasonably cheaply and won't cause major problems if they go wrong. At the same time, the spectators and the players get used to the halfway point, and making the step later to expanding isn't as big of a shock. (P.S. Riot: Am I right? I want to be right)
: Champion Update: Miss Fortune struts to PBE
I think that this update does good things with updating and improving her details while keeping her core playstyle, but it fails to fix the deficiencies that make her problematic to play. I see MF's core play style as the following: 1. Lots of damage 2. Positioning is extremely important. If she's ever in the wrong place, she dies 3. Strut to help her get to the right position. Strut is a fantastic ability for making the game interesting, since it can't help you at all once you've already made a mistake. Very few (if any?) other abilities are like that, and when she's played right it's a very rewarding experience to the player. I think the changes to strut are very positive. The intent is that it goes away when she's attacked, but in a chaotic battlefield there's lots of incidental damage that was also triggering it unintentionally. Making it not go away for that damage matches the intent, and feels very good. Additionally, giving her a way to reset it if enemies _stop_ attacking her also seems like a positive change. With regards to removing grievous wounds, it does mean she doesn't fill certain niches, but I never really felt it was core to her. However, if the removal takes away from core play style #1 (lots of damage) too much, then it needs something else to compensate. That was the positive, now for the negative: The biggest problem with MF is that she doesn't have an E skill. Unfortunately, this update doesn't fix that. A little hyperbolic? Maybe. But play a game with her and don't take E until level 13 and see how different it feels: not very. What she has for an E doesn't interact with her core playstyle at all. Why is she slowing people down in the first place? Is she ganking? Her job is damage, not CC. Is she being ganked? If she's not caught out of position, she shouldn't need a slow, and if she is caught out of position, she's supposed to die. As for damage, she's supposed to do _lots_ of damage, not 7.5 (minus resistances) damage per tick. The only thing that does interact well with her is the fact that it gives vision, which matches with positioning being important. And having a useless E is really problematic. In a teamfight, her options are autoattack, (Q) modified autoattack, (W) autoattack faster, and (R) ultimate. In other words, all she can do is autoattack, and ult once. That lack of options makes her more predictable and being predictable makes positioning harder. And additionally, having an option that's completely useless feels bad, and takes away fun. A lot of people have already suggested replacing the damage with Impure Shots stacks, and I also agree with that idea. Doing that would give her an actual ability to use in a teamfight that's not either her ultimate or a modified autoattack--and that would make her feel a lot better to play. It would reinforce how important positioning is to her: getting off both an E and her ult is harder, but even more rewarding. And the mismatched slow could be removed and people still wouldn't want to walk through it, but now not because it slows them but because she'd turn around and shoot them for lots of damage, which actually makes sense for her.


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