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: She does have a 300% bonus AD scaling on her ult
This was old Katarina tho idk if she had ad scalings back then
: What dumb things did you do/say when you started League?
I remember wondering why Katarina built magic damage. She did her damage with daggers and shit so i thought she was ad.
: soo. i was just vs a riven in lane who was very obviously scripting...
Well no thats not cheating thats just riven. If you searched Riven Combos on youtube you'd probably see similar things.
: Twtich has a 53% winrate
What is your source. Last I checked on twitch had an average win rate of 49.34%
: Imagine an Enchanter Support like this...
>Provide damage (on-hit damage, ability damage, next basic attack?) Soooo Sona Q. >Provide other offensive tools Soooo Ivern Q. The last thing is so broken that riot wont even consider it. Lots of basic abilites have longish cooldowns to punish players for misusing them such as Gragas E and Jinx E. You really want a champion who can Body Slam you then gtfo a second later.
One35 (NA)
: Your Least Favorite Champion in the Game
{{champion:38}} I hate this guy. Hard to lane against and just blows his god damn load on you post-6 destroying you instantly. Also if hes on your team he'll make an annoying Darth Vader ish sound whenever you walk next to him.
: > [{quoted}](name=6DollaSuckySucky,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B73IEmqh,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-12-02T16:51:44.097+0000) > > If you want literally anyone to ever believe even a fraction of claims like this, you need to provide video proof. Otherwise I will assume you are exaggerating/lying because you're tilted from losing a game to a character you don't understand how to play against. how do i do that
Go to your match history. At the top right corner of each match there is replay button. Download and watch the replay to find the moment you were describing in your OP. Click the red record button just left of the middle of the screen and record it. When you are done recording a file name will appear above the record button. Find that file on your computer and upload it to youtube. Post the video link here so we can see it.
: [HITBOX] - Zoe's ult hit box remains for too long, after going back to her original location.
I think its more of i problem with hecarim e. it has always interacted weirdly with dashes.
MysterQ (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=dolphinosplash24,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vahMMK9i,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-26T22:14:42.649+0000) > > Well if a champion has one ability that does any sort of damage and that champion isnt a tank the i say let that ability do a shit ton of damage Yea, it sounds fine. Until it happens in game and you literally see people being one shot out of nowhere. And that is why those types of kits shouldn't exist. Or should Janna Bird start doing 50% hp? (taken to the extreme based on your sentence, clearly Janna and Zoe are meant for different roles).
I should have said a champion that isnt a damage dealer mainly, you are correct in that sense.
: Zoe. Roit actually needs to either fire their Balance Team or their Champion Design Team
Well if a champion has one ability that does any sort of damage and that champion isnt a tank the i say let that ability do a shit ton of damage
: Surrendering in RANKED? How can I ever get ahead...?
If 4 of 5 people are too tired to play the game anymore then it would probably still end up in a loss
: > [{quoted}](name=Kai Guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=86QW6dee,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-13T03:42:27.220+0000) > > Dude your exaggerating or intentionally lying to folks once again. Once again, one tricking shaco has consequences on your teams comp, At the time you died to darius, which only happened once all game, you did not have 3k gold lead on him. This is easily proven looking at your checking kill map and then referencing that to your gold over time compared to his. > > Stop making QQ threads after every frustrating loss, Learn your champions pros and cons better and if your sick and tired of being wrecked by bruisers or having a bad mid game STOP WITH THE SHACO 1 TRICK BROOOSKI IM LITEREALLY USING CAPS LOCKS TO MAKE IT CLEAR I WANT TO YELL THIS INTO YOUR EARS TO GET IT TO STICK! Or don't, ill look over your post briefly, warn folks to not attempt to help you because you will refuse any and all help and only be a waste time to the folks who want to assist others. > > I hope you have fun playing lol but at some point I really want you to get the constant salt and QQ spam threads you make do not benefit any one, and its annoying that your constantly exaggerating or lying to folks. > > If you really feel I'm wrong, please take the time to download replays, record the exact death in a clip, post it with your opening so folks can see it and talk specifically to what ever you feel the issue is. why do people refuse to talk about balance. its not a qq issue. its a balance issue. i want a game that is balance and fair for everyone. I had to run as a level 18 shaco from a level 15 jax. Have you ever played shaco? do you understand how subpar this champion is. This champion being so useless against bruisers is a balance issue. When i can play so much better than my opponent and it doesnt matter because of champion picks. Thats a balance issue. Did you know when the darius killed me it was a 1v2? While i had 8 kills a level up on him and he had 1 kill. you think im lying because you dont think the balance team is this bad. if you think im lying or exaggerating thats on you. I just want a game thats balanced.
>.i want a game that is balance and fair for everyone. Call me crazy but it sounds like to me that you want the game to balance for shaco OTP like yourself. Also sounds like your blaming riot for not being able to play the champion properly
> its literally free shit. Are you sure you don't want to reword that. Because that's pretty much the opposite of what your trying to say
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: I said 10 champions at mastery level 5. This creates commitment and helps spread understanding of the game and a variety of champions. It's by no means a end all be all fix to the issue but it is a large step in the right direction.
>I said 10 champions at mastery level 5. In order to get a mastery 5 champion all you have to do is play a lot. What in the system is stopping me from inting on 10 champions and going into ranked >This creates commitment and helps spread understanding of the game and a variety of champions. How does playing only one champion for 2 or 3 years NOT create commitment. Yes, an understanding of each champions abilities will help, but this is bronze and silver we are talking about. Half of the people barely understand the champion they're playing. >It's by no means a end all be all fix to the issue but it is a large step in the right direction. HOW? Champion mastery means jack shit if you don't actively look at your mistakes and try to fix them and better your understanding of that champion instead of just mindlessly playing the champion and getting a few S ranks here and there
: Please make the requirement for Ranked:
This won't keep noobs out of ranked. It just means you have to play a lot longer to get into ranked. These players have played Velkoz and Gnar the most since the mastery system update. They are both mastery 7 and as you can see by no means good at their champion mechanically. Sure they do get some kills but ultimately they suck. How is a mastery 5 any better if you don't learn from playing
: i almost hit urgot for 10% of his health.....
Urgots a juggernaut thou. Not a bruiser.
: And as with so many things we become the last moba without a modern feature.
I wouldn't mind voice chat IF people used it for its intended purpose. But seeing as we can't even use the resources riot gives us to talk strategy I don't see any reason why they should give us more. Besides any one I've met who wanted to voice chat would just put their discord link in the pregame chat.
Paroe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Seto Kaìba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Jsi3TjkN,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2017-11-05T04:12:41.024+0000) > > dont hate on my boy delly plz (Which ones Delly?) Also id just not like these people to have access to voice comms in a game like league, where it wouldnt be policed effectively or they could easily get other people punished.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: How can I become a better player?
Watch youtube videos and get advice from someone who figured it out already. I recommend Blitz Esports or the official LoL esports channel and watch there break down video. It mostly focuses on organized competitive play especially the official channel but they have tips that can be used for solo queue too .( ) Seeing as you mostly jg you could as watch foxdrop whos a diamond jg who makes great guides although he can be repetitive( )
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Jozitor (NA)
: Is it Worth Playing Kindred
If you find them enjoyable to play them play them
: Is there any taunt...
{{champion:201}} Dont worry, Braum was trying little bit.
Cerastes (NA)
: Is jungle Mordekaiser good?
dont know unless you try
: Twitch's stealth vs human reaction time
> [{quoted}](name=My Hands r 2 Big,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Xw1xgVEa,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-23T19:49:33.314+0000) > > > If he fire his first attack from stealth at t=0.0, his second at t=0.4, and his third at t=0.8.... > Fixed your typo And lets not forget about the new lethal tempo rune coming next season. Boy o boy fun times.
: 6 of the last 10 champions have knockups/displacements
If Ivern's ult, Daisy auto's you three times you get knocked up too. Why isnt he here
: How to fix Nunu
or you know use stoneborn pact
: 0/271/0 yasuo is still relevant because his kit is overloaded
If a team has the gold from at least 271 kills then they probably should have won already.
: What's a good build for AD, speed and tanky?
Cinderhulk and Titantic and then depending on their team comp you could get spirit visage or deadmans plate.
: Need serious help leveling as a jungler - tips please!
Looks like you play alot of warwick. This depends alot on the champion you are playing but in general you should try to balance ganking and farming. Warwick can be a good early ganker but lacks gap closing pre 6. Post 6 however ganking when you ult is available is almost a garenteed kill for your team if you can land it. No farming the enemy jg doesnt grant more xp than farming your own. Helping out lanes is ok as long as you dont waste to much time. Side Note Warwick doesnt really work well as a full ap champion. More successful builds involve him going tanky. Also getting a tiamat will help you in the jungle faster
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: Least favorite aspects of your favorite champions
{{champion:427}} How god damn stupid Daisy can be sometimes.
: Champions like tryndamere/yi?
Kayle and Jax come to mind
: {{champion:34}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:268}} (?) {{champion:59}} (not that he likes AP) {{champion:516}}...and that's it? I think that's right. There certainly aren't more than 10 champions that can actually use that passive anyway.
: They fixed Evelynn's new splash art
I half expected evelynn to be removed from the picture. I was mistaken.
You play camille and you want to remove a champion with two dashes and a stun. Ok.
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: Which Kayn form is better? Or is it a subjective choice?
Malkoto (NA)
: Junglers in silver...
> [{quoted}](name=Malkoto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v36oGget,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-15T22:21:16.060+0000) > > Why is it in silver that every freaking jungler refuses to gank a lane that's pushed to their side? Idk the enemy jungler seems to have a pretty good handle on it. Also how do you "tank" Swains snare. It's an AoE ability why cant you avoid it
Cloud273 (NA)
: Why is Tryndamere able to ult through HARD CC, but Yasuo can't?
Why does yasou get a knock up but not Tryndamere
: When runes are going to be free?
: 3 champions in 1 month whooohooo!!!!
Ornn can buy stuff anywhere and can upgrade certain items for his team.
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: Lee Sin Jungle Guide Season 7 explained by a Diamond Jungler
Video and stuff that you made go under concepts and creations
Zekutsu (EUW)
: Does Miss Fortune suck? [DISCLAIMER - Bronze 3 Player!]
You forgot to mention Game changing ult. It does a lot of damage if the opponents are forced to stand in it via CC or in the jungle.
: how far does urgot's ult reach
The initial cast range is pretty long(Probably about a screen) and the execute is global
: 🔒 Fuck Riot and their pansy-ass babysitting "toxicity" suspension bullshit
Maybe you could act like a somewhat decent human being towards people you see for less than an hour.
Sciela (NA)
: So what does Vayne give up for her fucking bullshit everything?
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