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: So.... did we realise yet how stupid black cleaver is?
The armor thingy is getting nerfed this patch 4% instead of 5% per stack
: Renek needs a nerf
: Is support Miss Fortune a good idea?
If you are talking about the semifinals at worlds last year, yes she was picked to stomp zyra but also because of her synergy with ashe. In general i dont think it works
: > [{quoted}](name=nighthunter1342,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y5OeKWIT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-29T02:31:04.099+0000) > > cs the system loves cs shouldnt it be good if you get over 100cs?
If your going jg diana 4/5 cs per minute might do it. Lane diana might be harder 6/7 cs per minute
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Warpes (NA)
: Can't tell if troll, or if head so far up own ass that not even light or time can escape the void it's entered in to.
: Fiora is still nerfed badly after the rework.
Find a new main man. Your missing out on 137/138th of the game.
: why is my first game of the day.
A. That is not what hacks look like. Hacks dont increase stats above me is a video explaining how scripts work(not mine btw) B. I'm pretty sure if someone were scripting they would play better than a B4 level and not be matched with you
: How do you counter Eve?
If you saw her top side you could use that opportunity to place a deep ward by her bot side buff or other camps which she will be visible to clear.
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Arduno (NA)
: So how do I get rid of my tier 2 runes?
You cant sell them if thats what youre asking. On the rune page there is a check you can use to only show the tier 3 runes
: i don't know what you call productive, but if you were fizz i would have advised you to wait your entire team to fight instead of jumping mindlessly and then complaining about shield and heals i hate lulu so hard as she's imbalanced and permabanned, but it doesn't prevent me from telling to people the mistakes they made in a game. especially when teamfights end in 10 sec compared to what we had in season 2 and season 3, saying that damage creep isn't real is a lie fater than the average american person
To Be Fair your comment did seem a lot like you were mocking him
PitchBlack4 (EUNE)
: Damage creep is the problem...
Are you downvoteing everyone from NA?
PitchBlack4 (EUNE)
: Damage creep is the problem...
Lulu ulted him and gave him a locket shield..... Edit: And her E shield i didnt see i before
tSSheila (EUW)
: Tank-Item against AD-Caster
Thats what Armor does. Reduced damage from physical abilities.
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Meteora (NA)
: Who's more OP alone ?
I would say Xayah is more op on her own. Rakan gets self benefits from being with Xayah being longer Dash range. Rakan doesnt buff Xayah any more than he buffs other champions besides the maybe faster recall
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: I consider my self lucky.
Damn the best skin shard i ever got was pulsefire Ezreal
: Sshhh, thinking is not allowed here. People revel in trashtalking about anything that stomps them. Why bother to analyze and do research about a champ? That's for the weak, just get toxic, scream and hope that your childish wrath gets you a win against the object of your rational anger! xD
Dont forget asking for a nerf and then giving like a one sentence reasoning that make absolutely no sense.
DeusVult (NA)
: Why do Iverns not upgrade their jungle item into a Trackers Knife???
Yes getting support items on ivern earlier is why you play him. I rely on control wards and my yellow when i play him personally
: I dunno. Is 2 a general example, and you mean all types of posts like those, or just those specific ones? If the former, then my money's on two. If the latter, I'm betting on one.
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: How do I grab multiple balls with Sandra's w?
: We were about to end but someone did /ff and we voted yes accidently
: Stupid Jungler Mentality
In most cases it is very risky to gank a losing lane as it could help the enemy more than you. Syndra has 3 AoE spells a stun and a hugh single target burst. Unless your jungler has follow up CC on top of Cho's knock-up and silence, she more than likely would have gotten a double kill
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: couple questions bout rengo
No rengar doesnt get bonus damage unless he has the greenfathers gift mastery. I believe it is because it's much quicker than auto attacking normally. As for the Q thing i have no idea.
: the q heal per level is a lot better than you think. it means he can max q last and go for w and e bigger shields and more engages and still have a decent heal. all you get from maxing q is the damage and cd? portion. he was designed with a weq or ewq max in mind, though I always start q first.
Why would i max Q last? It has higher base damage than his W.
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: buff katarina and her E
> [{quoted}](name=SantasHardPole,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hN7bFMLc,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-22T15:14:49.852+0000) > > like i dont understand kata is one of the hardest assassins this season. you need to have fast reactions calculate your plays and if you do one mistake it could be your last. Or Or Or Or you can Q something and if the enemy is near the dagger you can E to the dagger and take away half of their health. Also the mistakes thing applies to every single champion in the game. Edit: having mobi's as your only item is also not good
Chrige (NA)
: Ohmwrecker still exists? Havnt seen anyone build it in years.
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: Whats it Called ?
Nice meme. Too bad its on the wrong board
: A message to you Lee Sin bandwagoners
Ok his mobility and low CD ult seem to take most of the blame. In my personally opinion Lee Sin is ok for the most part. He doesnt really do too much damage and he can only kick one person. He is a diver and out of all the divers he probably has the most tools. Insane mobility through his Q and W. Flash Kicking to change the trajectory(Its really not that hard to pull off just press your R and Flash Key at around the same time). And completely safe thanks to the the tankiness he builds. I think the problem is mainly people dont know how to play against him. At 40% CDR his W has like an 8.5 sec CD so thats 8.5 secs you can punish him for using it wrong. And dont forget his R-Q combo. If you get close to him knowing he has it or too far away from your team for him to W up to you without out worry you probably deserve to get killed by it. Also you cant stop him diving into your team and kicking some poor carry into his team to die but if its completely obvious who hes gonna kick aim your cc behind that person and burst him down. I feel like I am saying that Lee Sin is broken and you just have to try outplay him. And he kinda is if the player knows how to play him. Most people on the boards that qq bout it are under the impression that a brain dead monkey can play lee sin. Most bad lee sin player wont build tank and just dive into your team hoping their life steal will save them. Honestly i feel the same way about Zed. I have no idea how to deal with a good Zed player and a bad Zed player just hands me kills on silver platers
: do you mean except?
Yes I am an idiot mb
: Xayah's passive crit?
It does not apply on hit effects so no it does not crit expect for the original target
: Will she ever be balanced?
According to her worst matchups are Pantheon Probably because of his passive and near instant stun Swain probably because of his constant healing. And Malphite. I really dont have a explanation for this one its kinda random. maybe because of the the AS hes reducing?
: Holy shit the combos, using his abilities during his ult, all that speed. Yup, Rakan is gonna be a top tier support for pros, he's also gonna feed so hard in low elo.
As someone in bronze who played Rakan twice and fed both times i can confirm(was norms dw) Edit: Make that three times
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SanKakU (NA)
: My flash alternates between R and T, depending on what my other summoner spell is. Flash isn't my favorite summoner spell, unlike most people. I don't even have a favorite summoner spell. D is the hotkey for the item in the top right of my inventory. F is the hotkey for my 'Q'. I'll never understand why people submit to the default hotkeys. -- --R-- -- --T -- -- {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:7}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}}
To lazy to switch them
Well i thought i had the power to delete comments on my post. I was wrong.
: Both. Draven was inting/throwing, his team was flaming and report calling.
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: "Jhin, what are you doing?"
Huh 40 upvotes shame if I......Upvoted
: Can someone tell me what's wrong in this picture
: Whos the best carry and funnest champ 3150-4800
Darius is pretty easy. I dont know when the guy above me first bought him but hes 4800 now. Talon is kinda hard so it might take a few games for you to get used to him GP is incredible difficult but if you do master him he works wonders Fizz is great if you want everyone on the enemy team to despise you Same with Blitzcrank MF goes go damage with a well placed ult Renekton is a big lane bully Caitlyn is one of the easist adcs out there
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