: Also with champions being insanely high-priced in RP at low-mid tier. Seriously? A couple bucks for a 450 BE champion? And then about $7 for a 6300? pls
Yeah, I feel like I can get characters faster in some mobile gacha games then in league.
: I very much agree with this. For most of the time I've spent playing and following League, it felt like there was a clear direction the developers were following. They certainly stumbled a fair bit along the way, but the playerbase was hopeful, because we knew that the developers had the best intentions in mind, and communicated with us to push the game towards the right place. Riot had made significant efforts to give us a shared vocabulary, and to let us in on their design pillars and philosophy, all of which we have still held onto to this day. It felt like Riot was truly growing, and that we players had agency over this growth as equal participants in League. Fast-forward to now, and the near-totality of this has been lost. Where League once went in a specific direction, it's now all over the place, with entire tonal shifts happening from patch to patch. Entire portions of the game get reworked, rebalanced, and re-reworked, all without producing any satisfying results, because the underlying work process feels disorganized and lacking in well-defined goals. Communications have also broken down in the extreme, with players and developers voicing open disdain for each other. The shared vocabulary we once had no longer seems to be in use, and it doesn't seem like Riot follows their old design pillars either. The developer posts we've gotten have largely devolved into self-congratulatory puff pieces, with no real insights given on the development principles or methodology Riot uses, and despite the addition of the Dev Corner, its contents mostly boil down to an announcement of the next patch cycle's changes, with the developers there being notorious for very obviously avoiding addressing more pertinent questions and concerns. This isn't a healthy atmosphere, which is also why I think we as a playerbase are much less of forgiving of Riot when they mess up (which happens often). At this point, I'm also not sure if League can ever go back to previous levels of success, but if the devs at least tried to reconnect with their players, that'd be a start.
Yeah, this game's dev notes used to be a nice insight into the nuts and bolts of "here's where we think the problem is and why it's a problem" now it's "we wanted to nerf so-and-so in this area, so we did", just like HotS's are. I hate it when a company puts that much effort into creating something with as much substance as wad of cotton candy.
La Bello (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ZackTheWaffleMan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xlM4deT0,comment-id=00030000000000010000,timestamp=2018-07-24T01:24:23.845+0000) > > GC isn't the right villain for us, though Morello had controversial idea's that often had a bit of truth to them. _"Too much healing is bad for the game"_ He was completely right. Even in Overwatch a completely unrelated game you can see how the "Mercy meta" took shape and how Ana/Mercy completely dominated the scene. the ability to nullify damage is completely gamewarping in a game balanced around constantly taking damage. Every MMO party needs a healer ladies and gents. _"I care very little about originality and only focus on making stuff thats good"_ much like "Simpsons did it" EVERYTHING has been done by now. its okay to steal ideas. Rengar is pretty much a knock off of Ajani Goldmane and Predator yet people absolutely LOVE him. Jinx is one of the most popular females and she is very reminiscent of Harley Quinn. Kayn is totally not Sasuke from Naruto and everyones favorite PROJECT skinline is clearly based off of dystopian cyberpunk world of William Gibson, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner and other crazy sci-fi media. Originality is pretty much dead or extremely hard to pull off by this point. thanks to the internet EVERYTHING has been done before somewhere at some point so its okay to borrow ideas. _"Irelia is a statcheck monster and shouldn't be playable. You'll thank me later for keeping her and others like her in the dirt" _ I mean have you guys SEEN mundo recently? yeah. Certain champs are funsucking by design its arguably okay if those champions are purposefully made subpar until bigger work can be done. Mundo,Kassadin,Pantheon perhaps even Caitlyn? Morello didnt nerf champs like Trundle and Irelia for funsies. There was a clear goal behind it. with Ghostcrawler its really just.... He doesn't say anything that illicit a powerful debative response from me. "you dont need to play a game to design it". I mean yeah thats technically true but why would you ever do that.... On purpose? You could also technically sail a boat with your eyes closed but why in the world would you ever do that?
>Irelia is a statcheck monster that reminds me, that rework seems to be one of the last bits of good to come out of riot's balance team. Olaf'ing people is a useful strategy, but it also leaves people salty since it feels like core issues aren't being addressed. Then again, Old Riot could afford to do that because LoL was THE moba for years, and remained so even when significant competitors like D2 came out.
: Can we please put the "safe space" argument to rest?
Logged in to upvote. Don't be an asshole. It's not that hard.
: It´s just that "be near it and get movement speed" might aswell be a passive on his Q instead of taking his whole passive slot. The amount of stuff we have in passives today compared to the early days of the game: Look at Mundo. Then look at Jhin :D there is just a lot of room for improvement
I'm not sure Jhin was an improvement lol not every champion needs a novel in their tooltips
DeusVult (NA)
: IMO, karma isnt as bad as the other three Karma mains definitely dont like her as much as the old Karma, but the rework turned into into a poke mage with a niche rather than a champ that had a little strength in every category with strange play patterns that didnt lend to her enemies understanding what happened. (ie nuking shield when at low health) Ryze morde and Malz are all reworks that served no real point and didnt seek to address any issues other than to simply create new ones
Karma: "Let's make this character usable again, anything can go as long as she's a viable support mage at the end" Ryze: "having a magical machine gun with a point-and-click root just isn't a balanced concept, but let's keep trying anyway" Malz: "hey this mage isn't the most interactive thing in 1v1, let's fix--aaaand we broke it" Morde: "Just fuck this champion in particular"
: Book of responses to Meddler's design questions about marksmen
I used to like Tristana's unique power-curve, where she was strong early, but fell off midgame, so she really had to leverage that early game strength in order to coast onto her strong lategame. But that was *years* ago.
: I honestly just hope this champion gets delayed or deleted. I love everything about the Void, but Kai’Sa just takes those feelings and shits all over them for me. The Void is supposed to be a place where the creatures are the end of your imagination, but we get this basic, generic, unoriginal human instead.
Yeah. A character who has spent as long in the void as Kai'sa (_the longest of any human/yordle ever_), should be (_profoundly_) affected by it.
AmazoX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MxAK8Equ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-02-22T02:46:14.729+0000) > > . > > there you go > no but she's been stranded in the void for years it's a Wonder she can still talk, and quite decently too #Exactly my thoughts. If an innocent girl from runeterra has been stranded in the Void for years with nothing but own survival instincts yet still doesn't change her in a way that would make her feel different and unique like having Kai'Sai losing her insanity to some extent! as the Void itself is a dangerous place acknowledged even by a celestial being known as Aurelion Sol. Void the most dangerous place of all in the entire universe of League of Legends filled with Voidling monsters that are capable of devouring planets and other dangerous creatures that are similar to Kha'Zix & Rek Sai who must have been near Kai'Sai during her early years of being stranded alone with nothing but her own survival instincts doesn't impact Kai'Sai and her character with some extent of madness into her mind then Void just feels like a joke. Kai'Sai must have seen things in the Void in her years of being in the Void that should have driven her mad to some extent, it should have changed her yet nothing in her personality screams that to me, if you think about this character without knowing she was stranded in the Void for years, you wouldn't even have guessed except for the fact that there is a Void Parasite/Symbiote attached to her.
> [{quoted}](name=AmazoX,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MxAK8Equ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-02-22T02:58:44.915+0000) > > #Exactly my thoughts. > If an innocent girl from runeterra has been stranded in the Void for years with nothing but own survival instincts yet still doesn't change her in a way that would make her feel different and unique like having Kai'Sai losing her insanity to some extent! as the Void itself is a dangerous place acknowledged even by a celestial being known as Aurelion Sol. > > > > Void the most dangerous place of all in the entire universe of League of Legends filled with Voidling monsters that are capable of devouring planets and other dangerous creatures that are similar to Kha'Zix & Rek Sai who must have been near Kai'Sai during her early years of being stranded alone with nothing but her own survival instincts doesn't impact Kai'Sai and her character with some extent of madness into her mind then Void just feels like a joke. Kai'Sai must have seen things in the Void in her years of being in the Void that should have driven her mad to some extent, it should have changed her yet nothing in her personality screams that to me, if you think about this character without knowing she was stranded in the Void for years, you wouldn't even have guessed except for the fact that there is a Void Parasite/Symbiote attached to her. Yeah I'd have figured Kai'sa should at least have some lines about how damn bright it is, considering Cho'gath's old _THE LIGHT, IT BURNS!!!_ line
GigglesO (NA)
: Or we could make it so that rapid fire and shiv atleast don't stack...
Yeah IDK why they don't, I think they used to be exclusive
GigglesO (NA)
: It is just really sad because nothing is being done about it. There are so many things that change from low damage to high damage metas. Sure too low of damage is shit because then everyone just build tank and nothing happens, but on the other side you remove a lot of skill expression when damage is too high. It also makes the game infuriating to play when losing.
In addition, damage metas make comp boring to watch because the "fights" are just a team pulling the trigger after so many minutes of posturing.
: I largely agree with this, and I think we need to abandon the idea of tanks as the main class to focus in MOBA-style combat. Tanks gather aggro in PVE combat because there's gameplay to having only one class of player character be able to take sustained damage, but the moment you switch even to World of Warcraft's PvP, they occupy a completely different function by being _one_ of the characters worth focusing. Often in WoW PvP, it's generally better to focus the healer, as is also the case in HotS, because they can otherwise keep their whole team alive, and meanwhile the tank classes lay down heavy disruption to enable or prevent that. Aggro in PvE is a matter of managing a system so that the enemy side's damage output is focused on the right players, but aggro or focus in PvP combat is a matter of collectively choosing which opponent to focus from a selection of enemies _who should all be worth focusing_. Fail to focus the carry, and they can wipe your team. Fail to focus the support, and the enemy team will operate at a huge power surplus. Fail to focus the tank, and they will mess up your team's plays via general disruption and targeted lockdown. Fail to focus the assassin or the mage, and they'll immediately put you at a numbers disadvantage by taking out a key target. Each teammate's contribution should be a good reason to focus them, and optimal focus should be dynamic every fight, not a matter of always going for the tank or even the marksman. As a side note, I also feel personal health reserves aren't really a contribution one brings to a fight, so much as a means of being able to contribute: when an ADC gets survivability through life steal, they're not trying to tank more for their team, they're just trying to survive longer so that they can output their DPS better. If a champion outputs damage, crowd control or utility (and it's always an output of some kind onto other players), then there's a reason to focus them; if that champion has nothing but durability or mobility, there is strictly no reason to care about them if they don't output anything. Because of this, I think we need to look at both tanks and fighters differently: to grossly oversimplify, fighters make the same contribution as marksmen in that they both output DPS, just as mages and assassins both output burst. Meanwhile, tanks specialize in outputting CC, and supports specialize in outputting CC and utility. Assuming the DPS capabilities of marksmen and fighters were the same (and that's admittedly making a big assumption), and all else held equal, the durability of fighters would have to be on par with the range of marksmen in allowing them to contribute on average, at least in some parts of the match if the classes are intended to curve at different stages of the game. Currently, melee champions do tend to have higher base stats across the board than ranged champions, but I'm not sure if that stat difference is significant or focused enough to allow all melee characters to operate properly in today's environment. Because of this, it might help to choose just one aspect in which melee champions surpass ranged opponents, either in durability or mobility depending on the character, and thereby focus their stats and mechanics around that until they get to compete about equally.
Yeah, ADC damage/survivability creep has dramatically warped the melee-ranged dynamic.
: Because it's not quite as simple as that. You're not taking into account things like the innate advantage of range, the different forms of surviving (Life steal, resistances, shields, % reduction, etc.) and things like statistical power in raw stats. And I'm not even going to bother with concepts like viability by rank, gameplay feel, meta-placement and otherwise. Those usually get ugly because those are more feel and opinion-oriented than fact-oriented. In addition, there's an innate problem with tanks in MOBA-style games. DOTA, for example, doesn't have "tanks". They have initiators; tanky characters who start fights but don't deal as much damage as a carry. This is because traditional RPG-style tanking doesn't work. You need a reason to focus a tank, which usually ends up being A.) giving them a fuckton of CC that they can constantly cycle or B.) giving them decent damage so ignoring them will rack up damage. Bruisers would have to deal more damage. Also, there's the scale/power curve that has to be determined: Are bruisers late game behemoths who have tank-level surviability and assassin-level DPS? Are they early game monsters that get outscaled in both offense and defense? Are they mid-game beasts? And we're not even getting into the two subclasses of divers vs. juggernauts. The fact is that if it seems simple but it's not done in a day, than it's not as simple as it should be.
HotS has a large number of tanks, with their CC on decent cooldowns (like ETC who has 10 and 12 second cooldowns on his cc skills, although the 10 second cd point-blank-aoe knockback can go lower if he hits multiple people at a time). Muradin has a single-target stun on a 10-second cd, along with a similar-cd slow. The real problem, _as it has been for a while now,_ is damage creep. No sane amount of CC can actually keep enemy adcs in check anymore, which tanks shouldn't have to do, but actual assassins almost die faster than they can burst in this game. This is likely the reason for the damage increase--former tanks now need to act as assassins because the assassins can't actually kill their marks(men). This ofc makes life even worse for assassins, who now have to avoid getting blown up by one more person who would only have been able to ward them off otherwise.
Hügö (EUW)
: To make a tanke a threat without damage you need to lower the cooldown of their cc's by a shitton that it nearly reaches urf level.
As someone who plays HotS, you really don't. ETC has very reasonable cooldowns, but he's one of the game's best tanks. The real problem is likely mobility creep--the only HotS characters that approach league levels of hypermobility either have less control, little-to-no sustain, and/or exactly three (3) hitpoints. Mobility is countered by CC, but mobility also allows a character to avoid CC. As such, you need wayyyy too much CC, an amount that would choke out anything less mobile.
zero356 (NA)
: One issue of this is that a lot of those other games are PvE, where aggro is a thing. Aggro against human opponents is a much more interesting thing. Not saying your wrong, but it is worth noting
There's other MOBAs, however. HotS, for example, has Diablo, who has next to no damage outside his % hp damage on charge, but can flip people over him, then charge and shove them back. However, bodyblocking is intentionally easier in that game, letting the big red devil use his own hitbox as additional CC, plus he has a massive HP bar once he gets farmed up, kinda like Cho'gath. Athena (Smite) has a charged dash, a point-blank aoe damage ability (still doesn't deal that much, only really painful to assassins), a cone taunt, and a more explodey shen ult. In both cases, they aren't the focus targets--MOBA tanks never are--but they're instead very disruptive and can keep enemies off of their allies, as well as help set up kills. You never *want* to hit a tank, but sometimes they're the only target you *can* hit. In addition, Tanks ward off assassins by bodyguarding the backline and dunking on anything that gets too close. I'm not sure where riot got the idea to start upping their damage. We've got the whole mADC end of the class spectrum to do that--Rumble, Riven, Irelia, etc. Maybe it was that mobility has been creeped to the point where tanks an be easily avoided in the fight? It could also be damage creep in general.
: Never have I ever gone AFK because I had to pee.
Never have I ever been a minute or two late to lane because I went during the load screen
: Never have I ever played Urgot in any mode other than ARAM.
Cryo00 (NA)
: Never have I ever bought a skin less than 975 RP.
never have I ever come into possession of a legacy skin
: Never have I ever tried to repeatedly murder the adc
does it count if the adc in question is teemo?
Arakadia (NA)
: Why does that matter though? its not like he's going to use CoC
yeah its not really *that* hard, considering that it doesn't last very long and a few champions can quickly negate that gap anyways (hey fizz, yas, and riven)
: rules are made to be broken. like buildings, or turrets.
you can't make an omlet without breaking a few towers before 7 minutes!
: i have one problem with your post ** it's dota 3 not dota 2** This dota has nothing to do with the old one, and every streamers/viewers are calling it Dota 3, the entire game literally changed, you take dota2 heroes and put them in a new game Jokes aside, this is a good post
oh please it can't that ba--- _googles the patch notes_ _takes off sunglasses_ Mother of God......
: DotA 2 Episode 2
: Good post. i agree but also think she needs a new passive.
yeah her current passive is all of those bad words riot loves to use, "hidden power" "ball-of-stats" or whatever 'cause she's just faster than you with no interaction she just catches up to you and that's life
: Looks like its time to make lol great again.
neither league nor the source material were ever really great.
: jarvan does a lot more damage and is really strong right now he is easier to play and is scary as hell, can buff his teams Attack speed while being mobile himself and his ult can chuck adc and mages, something people are overlooking is that when she pushs people out they can(and will) walk back in and murder her cause she will not instakill her target unless shes full ad
yeah j4 can get way tankier and he has way more TF utility with his aoe knockup and ult
: Tank Camille will be cancerous af im calling it right now.
y'all do realize that that's the intended style, right? she's like irelia or xin, she does great damage with stupid scalings because she'll only be able to fit a few offensive items in between her tankiness. if she goes in to a fight glass-cannon she can't get back out again.
Reimυ (EUNE)
: So intead of 2k true damage she will deal 0.7k-1k true damage now, on a 2 second cooldown.
pawnce did a video and he could only hit about .8k
: to be fair he is classified as an assassin too.
teamfight aoe wombo has always been twitch's thing, it's just that with new support itemization he's unstoppable
Bombardox (EUW)
: Upvote if you are that one guy
I almost upvoted, but then I remembered that this post was a violation of international law.
: I mean...AP janna shields/waveclear AD janna carry Tank janna (pretty fun actually) She would be pretty good in it tbh
tank janna has a sick flash-ult teamfight combo. if your opponents aren't really, really bursty/can't break the channel odds are they simply cannot kill you
aspects1 (NA)
: but the e stacks :)
not to mention how they all get the point-control buff!
: Aatrox..Azir...Kalista...Urgot..Sejuani. Hm..even a full Support composition could outdamage them from range.
excuse you urgot hurts like hell early. also that's one hell of a cc comp, bunch up too close and you might not be moving for a long, long time.
"this ~~collar~~ ward will make you see what I see, make you uh--want what I want"
: {{champion:7}} "Tricky, aren't y- HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT WTF IS HAPPENING"
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Wait, really? o.o That might be a bug, afaik she's supposed to be immune to CC during her Ultimate Leap
you used to be able to do this w/ jayce's e vs. malphite's ult too. it also changed the team of the damage, so you (jayce) could kill people with it
: And before anyone asks "How can Politifact possibly be biased?", the thing is, they aren't obliged to judge EVERYTHING EVERYONE says. And so, sometimes, they pick only the statements that are either true or false to judge a certain person.
"I am the least racist person" "my IQ is among the highest" his campaign promise to build a wall (not gonna happen) "she had blood coming out of her...whatever" the entirety of trump university why he won't release his tax returns we have major media outlets repeating facist rhetoric and you're going after fact-checkers? frankly, since the trump campaign politics has changed. as long as it's hateful enough it doesn't have to be true, people will vote for you anyway.
: I noticed that you can say "fool", "moron", and "imbecile", but not "idiot".
of course. calling yoru lane opponent a "fool" is essential to proper viktor gameplay
SaaDistic (EUW)
: i made fanart of the new champ "Camille"
your art is beautiful. also it looks like camille is about to kill me and I am 100% ok with that.
Zarvanis (NA)
: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/929/906/a33.gif?noredirect
you know what's really funny? the author of jojo's suddenly decided he didn't like smoking, so Hol Horse and others just don't smoke any more.
: When you are trying not to get tilted, but there is a rustling deep in your soul
I saw this on tumblr like a day ago. how long have you been stealing posts?
: Holy Hips Batman
those hips don't lie
: Isn't she old or just have gray hair? ~~I mean get this is the internet so you guys can do what you want with her~~
I think she just has silver hair, to go with her metal aesthetic
: yep and i have the feeling she will run or illaoi will win XD. when she is released i have a feeling no matter how broken she is, illaoi will win due to illaoi wanting to be trapped with one person XD
the only problem is that camille can bait ill so easily. just go in and beat on her until ill ults, then e away.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=JLsE7BJi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-22T12:16:16.483+0000) > > Actually, Camille can leave her ult zone :P If Camille leaves her ult zone, it ends. Unlike J4, she can't ult her teammates and leave them to die though. So Jarvan still helps more.
yeah but hers is way better for catching slippery solo targets ala talon and zed
: i wanna see MS paint bard
that would probably involve some kind of quest...
Ha1man (EUW)
: Lee has a 260% ad combo if you dodge his Q. 460% if you don't, though. However, compared to 420% ad crits from vayne every 2 seconds without any skill involved, that does not look that impressive.
Enlegacy (NA)
: The gameplay boards should be moved under memes and games.
: The 12 zodiac signs of League of Legends
personally i'd put illaoi as aquarius since she "bears" a "water" god's idol, but you do you.] also since when is aries a dog?
: Best counter to Aurelion Sol? Veiger
do you ever.....think before you post........before you make me read this with my own two eyes?
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