Basaren (NA)
: Legends of Runeterra
I really want to enjoy the game, and there's a LOT of things I like. I even thought this would top league for a go-to multiplayer game but... judgement. Judgement SUCKS. It would be acceptable for it to maybe hit 3 minions even, or deal a fixed amount of damage, somewhere around three so it's still good AOE. I've been playing for all of about two days and I'm already sick of losing games I should normally win (especially the one where I had double their minions out with a zed and leveled jinx) because somebody just happens to draw an attack buff and judgement. It's like losing to black lotus, for those of you who understand. Just not strategic or fun from my point of view, although I may just be salty, can't rule that out.
: Didn't Riot's founders... create DotA?
(@terrhy because there's no reply button for some reason)Um... not SC, Warcraft III. It only existed because Warcraft III brought in hero units and inventories, whereas SC had no such thing.
: explains why it's being added to League of Legends in a patch for League of Legends through the client of League of Legends where you play all the other new and unique modes for League of Legends
I would personally consider this an alternate mode as well, but you all are worrying about the wrong thing. I want NB back too, but I don't think that's gonna happen. Just appreciate the FREE stuff that's being given to you now instead of whining about it. I don't want to be overaggressive, but the fact that people are genuinely unhappy about getting free stuff they didn't want as much as other free stuff is just sad.
: You know what they say, P u r b l e.
did somebody say purble place?
JDOG3838 (NA)
: council just waiting til the 4th week to get into first right? right? :({{item:3070}}
Here's my reasoning: The council, whilst filled with true intellectuals (such as myself, I assume) also has a strong majority of iron players who are convinced they are intellectuals and their team is holding them back. Therefore, we get a bunch of people who don't actually do much work, and bring the ratio down. This means its up to us to bring it back up. All Hail the Council.
BigBad (NA)
: Council is too big brained for you fools. Don't even see that this is just strategy. We are exactly where we want to be.
We will lull you into a false sense of security... ...then probably do absolutely nothing about it tbh
: The Council will prevail! {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
ALL HAIL! WE SHALL PREVAIL!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The Trials Begin
The watch and learn missions aren't required to get points/mission progress, are they? Because that would be a serious hose, as nearly all the games are before 7 AM in my timezone...
: The Trials Begin
The Houses: Blue -- Junglers and Supports Green -- Casuals playing with friends Red -- Darkk Mane subscribers Purple -- Yasuo mains
: The Council will prevail! {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
Junglers and Supports. My kinda place.
: Learn More: Trials Pass
I gotta say... this ain't great. I've checked the scheduling for MSI games and I can't really watch any because 90% of them are before 7 AM in my time zone! Please, please fix this either by removing the watch games as a required mission for the path or allowing us to watch previous games and still get loot...
: Agreed. I wish it could be that easy though to "trade" skins to your friends. Unfortunately, riot wouldnt make any money that way. :/
> [{quoted}](name=chaoticgabby,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QQBU6rmm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-04T07:46:43.823+0000) > > Agreed. I wish it could be that easy though to "trade" skins to your friends. Unfortunately, riot wouldnt make any money that way. :/ i mean, maybe shards could let people gift at reduced rp cost? riot would still make money, just less I guess.
: Nexus Blitz: All Champs Unlocked
Nexus blitz really is a fun experience, nice job guys. Also I appreciate all the new events, making some of them stand-alone is a lot more fun than some certain events (SNOWBALL FIGHT!!)
: Academy Adventures 3
Finally!! ACADEMY ZOE! Thanks for listening to our requests, or at least sharing an idea ;)
: Now I know theirs a nurse Akali skin but since there, in school, I think it should be nurse miss fortune it would be hilarious all the girls wondering why the boys are always in the nurse's office just to find out its because of it being miss fortune
actually, that joke has already been made in a previous season (see "bloodrush")
: Academy Adventures 3
OK but why is this extremely accurate for my female friend who is like "I NEED THIS ONE THING PLEASE GET IT" and I'm like "umm no you don't need that" Also, loving the recent tabletop gaming theme! REPRESENT!
: Academy Adventures 3
Ah Kayn... Not only one of my mains, but a great representative of teenagers in this comic. The constant war between "cool" and "nerdy fun" is something most high-schoolers can relate to. Glad to see Kayn chose my side ;) (speaking of which, is "Academy Kayn" going to be another BA skin that Riot should make but will pass up?)
: Academy Adventures 3
Amumu, my man, just chillin' under the table alone. Same, bro.
: That's doable in SR now, I actually very much dislike the Nexii fighting eachother because it ensures the team that's pushed in has an advantage.
that's the point. How sudden death is supposed to work is to give the current winning team an advantage for their previous work without simply forcing a win, so the losing team can still come back.
xllucsx (NA)
: Fucking sucks too. Bruisers need the buff. They've been ignored for so damn long.
umm... are you kidding? for a whole set of patches adc's were just flat out done and bruisers took their place...
: Nexus Blitz patch notes
2 Things: 1. This mode looks awesome! I've submitted to Ask Riot if we could have "permanent RGMs" (I know it's contradictory, you know what I mean), even in custom games. I really hope this becomes permanent, and it would be nice if we had siege, and other non-event gamemode variations back as well... 2. Fix the RP grants on the PBE... it's been like 2 months now, and if you can't fix it for some reason, I know that I and the rest of the PBE community (or what's left of it) would really appreciate an update, it was one of the biggest incentives of the PBE, and now it looks like it's gonna be gone forever...
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
: League of Stats
Ima explain this now because of all these people getting triggered without thinking. IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT IT SAYS YOU'RE BETTER THAN A CHALLENGER. It's all relative. In silver, you play against other silver players. In challenger, you play against other challengers, therefore it averages out to about the same. The only time that it actually matters how well you play compared to a certain rank is your own.
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
I read page 6 2 days late this time, I'm a failure as a fan :\
: Haha! I'm glad you're invested. Hmm it's funny cause I could probably do the majority of the female/yordle voices here but I can't do Zyra at all.
TriCookie (EUW)
: "The ball is angry" The villain, if it isn't Ahri, is after people who are described as "good-looking" I guess, if it is Ahri then maybe she's destroying potential competition. (Trying to think of "bad-looking" champions as potential jealous villains)
YES. Please let my man jhin be the villain{{champion:202}}
: Heyo this doesn't relate to canon League lore at all. All our community collabs are just fun alternate universe explorations! Also new page is up :)
Ok! I assumed so, but being somebody that reads the lore reliably, I just wanted to see.
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
It's Monday, 10:04 AM, Risu. I NEED PAGE 4!!!! Seriously, I think I've grown the least bit dependent on this comic. Keep up the awesome work! Also, it says here in your bio that you like doing voice impressions of the league characters. Maybe we could see a dub? *drops pouch of 1000 gold on the table* "get yourself something nice."
TriCookie (EUW)
: I bet she's the villain. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} {{champion:432}} is there... I'm happy... But I'm really hoping for an appearance from {{champion:142}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:163}}
Ekko actually did show up in the first series, just as an extra. I would also, though, like to see good references/appearances of some of the more unusual champs (void champs like cho or kai'sa because they could be like some neutral, *underground* faction (get it?), zoe because where would she even fit, and jhin because he'd be a great villain.
: Why do the Udyr plushes need robotic arms? And when are these plushes and the others coming to the riot store *slips a crisp one dollar bill under the table* Keep the change
Seriously, Riot could make so much money off of these comics. I guess they're worried we'd see it as low? WE WON'T! Just know your limits.
dqflynn (NA)
: They did say Popstar Ahri was gonna make an appearance... Also, Vi is my spirit animal right here when I try to gank bottom lane. Forget "Blame the Jungler," How about "Blame the Support?"
Also, Ahri looks a little to evil compared to normal... It's awfully suspicious!
: Nobody else noticed Hatsur was misspelled Hastur on pg 2- the building?
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
They did say Popstar Ahri was gonna make an appearance... Also, Vi is my spirit animal right here when I try to gank bottom lane. Forget "Blame the Jungler," How about "Blame the Support?"
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
When you buy hot skin for $20 "This is for investigatory purposes"
dqflynn (NA)
: *Phone Rings* {{champion:268}} Hello? {{champion:31}} I'd like a 4-stack pizza. {{champion:268}} THE ORDER IS GIVEN
{{champion:80}} What's the order?? {{champion:268}} I DON'T KNOW, IT'S JUST GIVEN {{champion:80}} *sigh* fine. *makes pizza* {{champion:80}} SIVER GO DELIVER IT {{champion:15}} *SCREAMS* FINE
: Summoner Submissions!
*Phone Rings* {{champion:268}} Hello? {{champion:31}} I'd like a 4-stack pizza. {{champion:268}} THE ORDER IS GIVEN
Tamuut (NA)
: Shen is a good support. He saw that Vlad was feeding Darius, so he stepped in to stop it.
OMG THAT'S BEAUTIFUL!! (I have to admit, it took me quite a while before I figured out who replaced akali)
: Do Blitzcranks dream of electric Kindred?
I dunno. Love that quote though.
: Fan Fiction Theater Vol. 1
beautiful. Next: {{champion:77}} x{{champion:76}}
: Gifting skins
I agree with the botting problem. However, it is really disappointing that we can't sell, or even trade skin shards from HT crafting. It would be really nice if they just made a level 20+ restriction or something which would prevent botting (mostly). It's far from perfect, but it's a lot closer to what we would want. For example, somebody I know has an epic shard for {{champion:21}} , but he never plays her. Somebody else I know, on the other hand, plays {{champion:21}} nearly all the time. They could just make a friend list & level 20-30+ restriction, and botting is mostly solved. I mean, if somebody goes through all the time to level up a bot to that level, it's kinda a lost cause in the terms of cheating the system. Also, you've got the professional designers, rito. PLEASE find a way to make this happen, your community would really appreciate it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Practice with purpose
I am very excited about this! however, I would like to request the option of using this with friends. Not as a matchmade, just invite only. This is because there are people who I enjoy playing LOL with but feel like I need to teach them some more things. I am sure it would be very helpful if this tool were made multiplayer!


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