: after i read the title i read your name and i thought it was pretty funny lol
datfatguy (OCE)
: Tristana is an actual disgrace to this game
I just hate playing with tristanas. I ban her every game. When you play with a tristana they either jump away at the first sign of danger and leave you alone to die after you just used your shield/speed up on them, or they jump into 3 enemies alone and die while you're hurrying to catch up to them {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Nvreformat (EUNE)
: 7 Black Dots Appearing During Gameplay
They're those hp bar dots that separate 100 hp I think. There's this one that appears sometimes in the bot lane and it moves. I've seen it twice but you have to be looking for it. [clip](https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingHonestRutabagaJKanStyle) This just started happening since the last patch tho
Bultz (NA)
: Can we have a Yordle update?
Lulu needs some help too. She has a potato face right now
: Ahh I get it, you are plenty aware the drawing sucks because you aren't retarded but you are an apologist and you feel the need to stand up for the sake of political correctness or some other non sense, man, what a waste of time, why not just say so from the start, I knew your arguments were fishy but I couldn't tell what motivated you before.
Lol, apologist. Repeating this for the tenth time because you don't get it. Pose exaggeration is fine, she doesn't look like a lizard. If you look at ANY game art collections, you will see exaggerated poses. It looks good, it gives flow and life to the drawing.
: runeterra people are human for the most part, taliyah is human, not some fantasy cross specie between human and some imaginary lizard creature thingie with no spine, the op is simply not very good at drawing and taliyah anatomy is fcked up, why are you trying to justify it with bs? it's not the end of the world, he'll get better.
You have nothing better to comment than rude remarks mocking the op's drawing ability, for what? I imagine you cannot draw very well yourself or you wouldn't feel the need to bring someone else's artwork down. And like I said, and keep saying, pose exaggeration is fine, she doesn't look like a lizard. If you look at ANY game art collections, you will see exaggerated poses. It looks good, it gives flow and life to the drawing.
: wth am I reading. taliyah back and torso/ abdomen is like 10 feet long and twisted in half in that drawing, it's really jarring, you are describing a monster, a snake with a human head and legs LOL. 'it's possible' sure, in the world of narnia or the world of escher LOL https://www.scotholme.com/uploads/1/4/6/0/14603394/1330996_orig.jpg 'very possible indeed'
A monster? A snake with a human head and legs? WHAT LOL. Are we looking at the same picture? What are you even talking about. You realize this is a FANTASY game, right? You know there are no stone weavers in real life? Games are not real life, art is not real life unless you're painting realism. This is a fantasy game, nothing is REAL. You are so dramatic, OP pic looks absolutely fine.
: whos genius idea was it to place summoner spells horizontally instead of veritcally on scoreboard?
Why did they also make the rune icons the same size as the summoner spell icons? You ping the runes what, once or twice in the beginning of the game? And summoner spells are pinged constantly throughout the whole game. Make them bigger so I can quickly ping them easier. I tend to ping them right after it happens which means a fight could still be going on and I need to do it hastily. It's easier to see and click when it's bigger.
: you are a funny one, you can draw dynamic poses and still get your anatomy right. anatomy is hard tho, if you never went to a proper school to draw actual models on a weekly basis, you are unlikely to get it right. then you have those who make bad drawings on purpose in favour of something else, usually sexualisation with the infamous boobs and butt pose also known as the brokeback pose, like in the OP art.
I don't think you understood my post. Slight exaggeration of a real pose is fine. Have you ever done gesture drawing? Look up Glenn Vilppu gesture drawings. The POINT is to exaggerate poses. It doesn't look bad in the OP, they did a good job of giving the painting movement. Unless you're being nitpicky about it you shouldn't care. And of course you should study your fundamentals. I know this, I've been to life drawing classes. By the way, OP pose is possible if you're flexible and fit, try it out. Also there's nothing wrong with sexualisation, and the OP isn't even very sexualised by league standards.
: Rakan and Bard: Give Allies some indicators
Actually there IS an indicator on rakan e, if you try to use it on an out of range ally it will make a green ring around you. But I don't expect people to know what it even means, or to even notice it. I always spam ping "e - ready". It's so frustrating to save the adc from their positioning and to have them run from me when they are just out of range so I die. Also I can never play rakan with trist or ezreal because at the slight indication of danger they're like "lmao I'm out bye" edit: WTF THAT RING ONLY APPEARS FOR ME?? serious??
: no one gonna comment on the broken back in the splash art? jesus christ, poor girl got her body ripped in half http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/450/481/8e5.jpg
It's fine to exaggerate features in art. Otherwise you're just making classical realism paintings and that's just boring. Dynamic poses look much more exciting and give movement to the painting.
: What? Why would you keep something in the game that is only relevant 10% of the time, and during the other 90% is more harmful than helpful? I mean Riot has specifically removed entire items from the game because they were decent 10% of the time but next to useless the rest of the time. I don't want anything in LOL that results in facepalms 9 times for every one time it ends up being useful, and not really that useful.
Maybe YOU didn't use it, but I used it very often and so did other people. Besides, 90% of the time, the people with the bounties ARE the priority targets. If anything it just HELPS your teammates pick out the priorities easier in a teamfight or with split second moments that need quick decisions.
: As far as not seeing ally ward stacks, I've witnessed players flaming supports for "not warding enough" or "no fucking wards on map" and the support would counterflame by spam pinging the flamer's 2 unused trinket ward stacks. I personally wouldn't see that as bad, but I can see why Riot would.
But now what happens is, players still flame supports but now the supports can't defend themselves when needed. A few days ago I had my jungler get caught out alone in the jg and complained to me that there were no wards. I had all 3 wards placed in our jg and a control ward. No one else has any wards on the map including control wards.
: I don't know, but my guess for the bounty thing is that it was noob bait more often than it is helping. For instance maybe the support picked up three early kills in the game so they on a streak, but then the ARAM mid phase happens and your Elise decides that she wants to cocoon the support instead of the ADC for that sweet gold boost. Despite the fact that by this point death timers are long enough and the ADC has farmed enough that he is STILL the priority target. Basically my dude, due to things like objective control, scaling champions, and increasing death timers, the window in the game where shutdown gold is actually significant enough to warrant you changing target priority is very small, like literally just early lane phase.
Yea, I still don't see why removing it is good though. If it's noob bait then that's not really riot's business, it's the business of the players that play the game to make decisions based on their skill level, the knowledge they have, and the information presented to them at that time in the game.
: Whattttttttttttttttt they didnt seriously remove trinket ward stacks visibility on allies? How do you know? I just played yesterday and swear I saw them (but now that i think of it mayhbe i just thought my ally was out of wards), where did you see this change?
For the last 3+ days I've been playing, you see absolutely no yellow ward stacks. Go watch a streamer and wait til they tab, you'll see it then. You can still see control ward stacks and sightstone stacks.
  Rioter Comments
: WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS??? O_O It happens a lot and I can't understand why. I always wonder if they mistook me for someone else in the game who they didn't hate, but most of the time it's people who seemed to hate everyone.
They do it to continue flaming you
: Tahm Kench in Wonderland needs to happen!
I frickin love it The guy who made it put so much thought into it too RIOT PLS
: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
I wish rerolling skins made you more likely to get a skin for a champ you played. I have never gotten a skin for ANY champion I play. Just yesterday I rerolled 3 skins into a new one and got snow fawn poppy. Cute skin and all, but I played poppy like 3 times, and that was two years ago. I'm not gonna play champions I don't enjoy just because I'm getting legendary skins for them.
: It's pretty sad playing ranked
this is exactly how I feel, especially if I just won a game
: Think this is a real thing, can speak for the links he provided but Honey bees are threatened now
: I started reading your post and wanted to say thank you for reassuring me that the bee species is not dying off in the west but then I read the rest and now I just feel bad again...
Haha no, don't feel bad. The truth is it's an easy problem to fix. Commercial farms just need to take a look at their farming practices. But that needed to happen anyway, and not just for the bees' sakes
: "You had to Xv1 me, you must really suck!" Stop Shaming people for Teamwork
They aren't shaming you, they're just mad that they got ganked. They will 2v1 you any time given the opportunity. They just want to make you feel as bad as they do for dying (and probably not warding). Just ignore it and take it as a sign that they're tilted and you can win lane.
: Beekeeper Singed Skin/Icon to help save the Western Honey bees?
Hello, I would like to put your mind at ease. You don't have to worry about the Western/European honey bees. Colony collapse disorder was picked up as the media in 2006 as the next thing to freak out about, but as always, the media was just trying to make headlines. If you dig deeper into the issue, you find out a few things. First, there are ~4,000 species of native bees that live in the U.S. right now. **None** of those species were reported to have these same die-offs. And yes, the honey bees you're wanting to donate to save, are not natives to North America. They were brought here by European Settlers (Hence the European/Western honey bee). Indians called them the white man's fly. These none-native bees are used extensively in commercial crop pollination. They are literally trucked around the country to various farms. Should we talk about some causes of bee death? How about stress? These bees live lives of nonstop work in toxic conditions. Interestingly enough...organic bee farmers don't experience these same die-offs. Commercial bees nowadays are forced to pollinate large fields of only one thing, never experiencing diversity, and being dusted with pesticides at every flower. The natural pastures of grasses and wildflowers that used to help sustain the bees are disappearing more and more. I think the real problem here is commercial farming. Their practices are destroying their own bees. But, they don't care. You can buy a new queen for cheap on the internet. New hives are always available. I'm not worried about the European honey bee, I'm worried about pesticide use and habitat destruction, and the protection of our native bee species (many of which actually do a much better job of pollinating, AND work in conditions that European bees will not). Your links seem to be working on restoring habitat for wild, native bees. This is a good thing of course. Your title suggests saving the commercialized honey bees and I hope I cleared up some things for you. Honestly, it would be great if the skin focused on protecting our native bees.
: > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A8co90tt,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-04T19:28:16.777+0000) > > I'm not inventing definitions, I'm telling you how it's used. Look around the PB&M Board at how others use it if you don't believe me. I just quoted one of the REAL definitions, and you want to argue with facts? I don't think so. Go argue with a mirror.
Definitions change with the people using them. Language is not static and no dictionary will have 100% correct definitions of the way words are used. Different communities also have different uses or words. You won't find the Leage of Legends community description of toxic in a dictionary.
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: As support, I try to turn back to cc the enemies to buy my team some time. Usually works, but no S for me :(
Or they think you want to turn and fight despite your 'BACK OFF!!' ping spam ..and then you get aced. "Wtf support why did you go back in?!"
: > [{quoted}](name=draecina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E9msPP4v,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-08-08T13:24:09.650+0000) > > Where did he say he belonged in master?? The whole point of the post was that he DOESN'T want such high mmr players in his game. Read the post before you flame. He was low key pointing out "Hey, i lose vs Silver but i Win vs Master. I am probably challenger". Believe me, been there, done that. > [{quoted}](name=Aotsuke,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E9msPP4v,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-08-08T14:14:46.018+0000) > > Said this one before, you can also try to check people around level 15 games, they get matched against golds, silver, worst one I saw was a diamond V. > Quite enjoyable for the newcomers. Can confirm, currently leveling an acc and it's so frustrating to get matched even against a silver or gold player. Yes, they suck, but they have a clear rune-mastery advantage and it hella sucks.. Although i can beat them cuz im the best player this game has ever seen. Don't wanna know how a real new player feels when he plays against a gold player....
Okay, he never implied that anywhere. "Nor should I be playing against the top 1%" "All of my games have been so messed up in their matchmaking" "Which is complete BS by any standard" "Doesn't mean I should be playing against people 3+ tiers higher than me" NOWHERE in his post does he SAY or IMPLY at ALL that he's not silver. Stop projecting your insecurities onto him, this dude just wants to play vs other silvers.
: LMAO normal... So what ? I had high diamond mmr in normals since i was always playing against diamonds and stuff, and gold 3 in ranked .. Do i deserve diamond ? nah. Stop making excuses. You belong in Silver.
Where did he say he belonged in master?? The whole point of the post was that he DOESN'T want such high mmr players in his game. Read the post before you flame.
: I don't think Riot would cheat us out of Honor Levels, but without a clear progress bar it just feels like we're being given the "run around". Personally, it took like 2 honors for me to reach Level 2. I've been receiving honors, and bonus team honor all day and I'm stuck at Level 2. A lot of people are already skeptical of the new honor system.. I think hiding the progress is kind of neglectful on Riot's part.
You didn't get level 2 after two honors; everyone started at level 2. If you'll notice in your games, people are indeed starting to reach level 3. I reached it 2 days ago. Depending on how much you play, you'll get it soon.
: Moderator Report - Laughing Fish
This seems a little over the top for saying someone lacks game .knowledge and experience. That is a fact in some cases. You didn't say it in a mean way. People get insulted so easily, it's like you always have to walk on eggshells on the internet.
: > [{quoted}](name=draecina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H02g71OE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-24T16:31:16.204+0000) > > Wait...you said ad champions can't deal with her shield? You know it only blocks magic damage right..how would that affect an AD champion .... her shield blocks all forms of CC until it breaks... if they are AD they cant break it so she cant be CCed until it wears off. morg isnt op... but it is a lot easier to deal with her as AP champs as they can blow up the shield before they try to cc her... while ad champs cant
In a 1v1 with an adc morg's shield isn't going to help her when the adc just right clicks
DimePRO2003 (EUNE)
: Trolling me beacuse i help them.....
You're actually not allowed to name people. If you reported them it will be taken care of even if you still see them playing. Or send a ticket to riot support.
Wait...you said ad champions can't deal with her shield? You know it only blocks magic damage right..how would that affect an AD champion
: Increase marksman diversity. Exe.: increase Cait's range; let creeps and champions block her autos
Lol you had a good well thought out post but people read one thing and didn't like that one example so they ignore all your other ideas and downvote you. They really should remove up/downvoting from these boards.
Moooose2 (NA)
: Appearing offline to a certain player
I literally created a separate account just to avoid playing with people I like playing alone :l
: > [{quoted}](name=Rena,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IPrjPAlj,comment-id=0000000000000001,timestamp=2017-06-23T20:42:56.084+0000) > > why does he have to apologize to you anyway? LOL Noone asked him to apologize . And tbh , his nation has to apologize to mine, and not only mine , for a lot
You realize Germany has been apologizing for years and has a lot of self hate in the country now. When the people that live there now didn't even do anything.
: On behalf of the vast majority of Germans who don't behave like this internationally, I am really sorry.
Why are you apologizing to this guy
: my last 5 games.
I found it interesting that you listed your own assists but you didn't list the assists of anyone else. Not that they didn't do bad still, but it's a little biased.
: I've been sick of thresh for so goddamn long. He's rarely below a 10% playrate and he's constantly a very powerful force in the games i play. If you get hooked by him and laning phase you're dead. If you get E'd by him in laning phase you are dead. If you catch out his ADC, nope, lantern. I legitimately hate facing him, but i never say it because "ermagerd supports are garbage"
It's so frustrating that every time you catch someone out thresh will always be there with a lantern over the wall. I'm also sick of the Lucian/Thresh lanes that are so tough to deal with. I've been starting to ban Thresh now.
: > [{quoted}](name=draecina,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MZwqeofF,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-06-10T13:14:33.486+0000) > > Isn't this just going to nerf enchanter supports? They have the highest win rates, proof that shields are OP.
...but in a list of the top 12 supports (the supports with above 50% win rate) the only enchanters with shields are sona, janna, and taric.
: Shield effects on champions that are already shielded are now 50% as effective
: Bots Dodge all skillshots.
Play easy bots if it's that much of a problem for you. FYI the bots walk near walls a lot, all you have to do is put the skillshot so they're in between the wall and the outer hitbox of the spell and they have nowhere to dodge.
gremgar (NA)
Okay have you considered that increase timers will just make the game even more snowbally for the winning team
: Straight C h l o r i n e
If it's a public pool, then you mean: Straight U r i n e
: I consider taking Rakan to be basically inting, (unless you have Xayah and provide her the buff) Honestly if I compare Rakan to my mains, (Leona, Thresh) - his issues are obvious. Rakan's E is a requirement to keep him alive after providing CC (his ONLY real use). All it gives to his team is a tiny little shield to one ally, and by shielding someone in a clutch situation, he often ends up taking additional damage (a net loss) Alternatively you can shield preemptively and walk out of range (something that no other shielding support has to waste time doing.) It's useless, and basically he's short an ability so that he can fulfil the criteria of 'squishy CC support'. In a teamfight he can at best dish out 1 second of CC at an 8 second intervals. He goes in, looks pretty, and leaves, because he's a liability. Compare to Thresh. Thresh's CC is longer, has a very long range, and the engage is optional. He can provide heals from relic equal to Rakan's. His shields don't endanger him to cast (both W and FOTM if chosen) and shields both him and an ally. He has a double the basic CC abilities of Rakan. His ult (played correctly) is more powerful in laning, and equally as powerful in teamfights. In a teamfight, Thresh can land a 1.5 second stun every 3 seconds (then flay, additionally). He can also stay in there, bodyblock things, displace enemies, deliver AOE debuffs and shields, and draw focus due to his short cooldowns. (Leona is very similar). Rakan having to _go in_ but being unable to _stay in_ is huge. Rakan isn't suffering because he 'needs coordination' or is 'hard to master'. He's a controversial character design and it's not surprising he's not working perfectly.
Yea, for now I'm going to stop playing him in ranked and just keep spamming him in normals on my other account to stay fresh with him. Otherwise I feel like I'm not going to be as useful as any other support even if I do well with him.
Mig89 (NA)
: I main her and the single biggest nerf was the plant AI. I tend to put a few points in E then max W first but if they're lowering plant health without increasing the damage, what's the point. She's already a lot less oppressive than last season and they want to nerf her even further??????
Before they changed the plants AI to not automatically hit enemies I thought she was a little too strong. After that nerf though, I now noticed she's way too underpowered when I play against her. Not sure why they're nerfing the plants further. No one is even complaining about her.
: You can still use Relic Shield on Rakan. Just last hit the minion, like Thresh does.
The thing is, when Rakan is in lane it's common for him to be pushed under tower by a lot of matchups (like Sona and Cait). Last hitting under tower is easy for adcs. Let the tower hit melee creeps twice, and auto mage creeps once before the tower hits. But Rakan (and many other supports) have so low AD that after setting up a wave to be last hit, your autos won't even finish off the creep. You need 2 autos and by that time the creep is dead.
: If you're more useful than your adc, then it sure is.
Or if your adc is at 100% health with no enemies near him and the enemies all target you. Hmm guess I gotta ult the adc (sarcasm)
Tusutaki (NA)
: Is there any reason to choose Ancient Coin over Frost Queen's Claim?
Agreed. Coin was good when you needed to play passive in lane. Now it's very risky. You have to walk into the minions to get your coins which can be deadly or downright stupid sometimes. Say the enemy is a blitz who just happens to be zoning you off. No gold for you. Or a zyra who can just snare you in the minion wave and you better hope you don't get creep blocked.
: I say do this: - Find a middle ground between his standard E and his "lover's E". Make that the new distance for all scenarios. - Make his new thing "Able to heal Xayah with his Q's healing effect from the max distance of his AA range". Or "Healing Xayah with Q makes the aoe larger". E is just too important for it to feel so "bleh" unless you're with Xayah.
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