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: This white screen and unresponsiveness can be caused by your network trying to reach our game server, but an unstable connection is blocking that from happening. There currently aren't any issues with the servers that would be causing it. You should go through each step of our [connection issues]( guide to troubleshoot this by tuning up and configuring your connection settings. Test it out in a custom game to prevent further [leaverbuster]( penalties. I hope it helps!
Um, I lived in NY, I have Verizon 100MB {i don't know it was a stable company or not.} , And I bought a 1000 dollar computer just few week from now. And I can perfectly fine to play the solo game like witch 3. So, I was curious about the problems. I was so lazy to go to solve the problem like this. And it made me exhaust. So hard to find the information that I NEEDED. It was a mess. Complicated website lol.
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