: Ranked game
In one of my series games to get out of bronze my whole team was Bronze 3 or Bronze 2 except for me, and the enemy team had a bronze 1 then 2 silver 4 a silver 3 and a Gold 5. I was so confused by this game and lost the series because of it. I was 2 and 2, it was the final game
: Is this real or urf?
It looks like a custom game. There is no list of teammates above the minimap or on the side of the hud
: What do your top three have in common?
{{champion:45}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:5}} They all have legs and have some sort of ap scaling(even if almost worthless on xin)
: What do you guys think of viegar
Veigar is so fun to play as now. You can actually play against mobile champs with the new passive
: one for all
I've played quite a few games as Yorick and it's really fun
Sandixcx (NA)
: thoughts on orianna :U
She is a very burst champion. She is good at zoning her lane opponent by just having good placement on her orb. Very good on non-mobile champs. Assassins can be deadly against her if they can burst her down, or tanks are good against her. If she gets ccd she is done
: Need more Angels
Aatrox is an angel to some
Nhifu (NA)
: Should base attack speed increase for all champions?
Allowing for attack speed runes gives a trade off for other runes. With some champs getting off attacks is more important than health for example on Ashe attackspeed is way more important than on Jhin. But with Volibear you can choose to go attack speed instead of health or armor which weakens the early game. There are runes for everything in the game, including extra gold income. SO the meta will cause a few of the rune types to be predominantly used over another type of runes.
Pozezt (NA)
: I'll try this in future! Get my laner behind, push them under tower, roam? :)
Yeah. Get an early kill or be up in cs. Dont do this if you are behind in cs because you will fall even me behind. If they back to base then push your lane forward and roam
Pozezt (NA)
: Help Me Convert Good Scores into More Wins.
In the early game when you get ahead of your lane opponent start ganking a lane which is losing. So if mid is doing bad just wander down and put pressure on that laner. It is not necessary for the jungler to be the only one to gank a lane.
: Count to 100,000
: I miss the old ryze
I miss the old Kanye
wombar (NA)
: Just a friendly thank you
I also wish this was a thing. So many games I've played with very nice people but they dont accept friend request so I cant tell if they are on or chat with them at all
: Someone help me here!!!!
It has to be a premade team S to get you a chest. So were you in a premade? Also the key drop isnt affected by how good or bad you do, only if you win. Also with keys, the more you get the lower a chance of getting them is. So you might have to wait a week until you get more key fragments again Edit: You only get 1 chest for a champion getting an S in a season
: Why does Mordekaiser eats ice cream instantly?
When you instantly think of tootsie pops while reading the joke, but its already been said {{item:3070}}
Veltox (NA)
: We need a tank item that reduces %damage taken
There should be an active item which flat reduces 70% incoming damage for 5 seconds, but also your damage is decreased by 40% maybe. So you can dive turrets and tank team fights, but you just need some support from your team.
: why isn't sunfire built anymore?
With cinderhulk you dont need it in the jg anymore
Dynikus (NA)
: Instructions weren't clear. I killed all their turrets then exited the game because that should mean I won. Then I logged back on and it counted as a loss.
So what do we do with this glowing thing called a Nexus being protected by the turrets? Is it useless? It does only give 50 gold
: Cho's Feast goes on CD when he eats a minion right as it dies, no stack, no halved CD.
It does this if you start feasting and a {{champion:44}} ult or {{champion:10}} ult is popped at the same time. Its the same thing as using an ult on a champion and before it reaches the champion, they die and the ult goes on cooldown. But with your problem of missing minions on feast, you can feast a full health minion. It has 1000 true damage as its base damage + some ap%. The minions normally only have around 500 to 600 health. I've played a lot of games as {{champion:31}} and it just takes practice to know when to feast and when to not feast on a minion.
Itankyou (NA)
: Killing Turrets
From now on I'll just split push while my team loses dragon and baron. It wont matter because I killed the towers {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Why is it so hard to get an S
If you buy a pink ward it helps a lot. I havent gotten an S a game i didnt buy at least one
: improvement to champion 6/7 mastery
Play games in ARAM to build ip. You get just a little less and game times are halved.
: If vision items flashed brighter the longer they weren't used in low elo
Why is there an item with an eye{{item:2049}} in my recommended build as a sup. Its probably unneeded so i wont buy it
: New Pings and Oracle's Extract
You can ping all activatable items except potions
: improvement to champion 6/7 mastery
You could just get blue essence from buying champion shards worth 1700 ip
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Zuil (NA)
The thing is if you get smite and then in champion select someone leaves your summoner spells reset and you might not think of looking when the next game loads because you had previously selected it.
: I hope Kled isnt like recent releases.
How about instead of channeled circles make him all channeled **squares**?
: Discussion: "I'm not having fun if I'm not winning."
I have fun depending on how well I do. Even if my team wins but i get destroyed the whole game i don't have fun. But the games where I do really well and still lose, I'm fine with and have fun in them because I did well myself and it was probably my teams fault that we lost.
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Which hard carry champion is best to master?
Just master veigar. You can carry any game even if you start 0/4
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: Yeah this. I only build Rylai's if we have tanks at Support/Jungle. I usually go ROA>Distortion Boots>Frozen Heart>SpiritVisage Then I stack armor or MR depending on who we are playing. You wont do a ton of damage, but your ult is still deadly and you will get kills.
> [{quoted}](name=God of Bagels,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nGFNzWE4,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-06-26T22:13:17.992+0000) > > Yeah this. I only build Rylai's if we have tanks at Support/Jungle. I usually go ROA>Distortion Boots>Frozen Heart>SpiritVisage > > Then I stack armor or MR depending on who we are playing. You wont do a ton of damage, but your ult is still deadly and you will get kills. When playing Cho jg what item do you start or do you think is best?
: Is RIOT forgeting about champion pool in competitive play ?
One day soon Yorick will show up in the LCS once more and people will start playing him
: Should Cho'gath be played like a mage or like a tank?
Build roa and rylai's as your ap items, and then full tank. Rylai's should only be second item if you are really far ahead. Ult helps make him tanky that's why full ap works on him
: When another player gets your main in ARAM
When they get your main and say they'd give it to you, but don't have the champ you got stuck with so cant trade
: LF bronze or low silver to play with mellow people only please
: see these are the kinda questions I am curious about.
> [{quoted}](name=nosafterburn,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=0vMsX3Iy,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-23T04:26:08.388+0000) > > see these are the kinda questions I am curious about. How about teemo shrooms or shaco boxes
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: Syndra/Thresh related question
She cant pick it up because its not a minion or dark sphere but an unmovable object. But if she could Thresh's lantern has a max range so what would happen if she traveled out of the range with it? Would it just disappear?
: Add Black Market Brawlers to the Rotating Game Mode
The new nexus attack game mode looks similar and maybe just as fun. Also many of the items for the game mode have since become permanent items such as dead mans plate.
: Anyone else done with ranked ?
I just play so much ARAM now because ranked is way too stressful to play. Make ranked random champ assignment so people can't just always play their main. aka {{champion:157}} in bronze

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