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: rank needs to be fixed.
Honestly I am the highest rank I have been this season, but there seems to be a never ending amount of trolls. I am really sad about the state of the game currently.
USAstar (NA)
: Just another day in the office pray you won't match up with iron.
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dune32 (NA)
: I am not saying the ult does not hit you I am saying she follows you thru the wall, Instead of pulling you out of the animation.
It is not the same with kayns or bards just fyi
: If she locks on to you, you're targeted, it's the same with Nautilus ult. It's a point-click target. You can't escape it just by dashing alone. Given how much mobility Talon has, Vi ult should have interaction with his E. I believe it's the same thing with Kayn and Bard's wall dash.
I am not saying the ult does not hit you I am saying she follows you thru the wall, Instead of pulling you out of the animation.
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: @Riot, can we please revert that Talon buff on PBE and fix the following?
I as a talon main 160k mastery points. I will agree you are buffing the wrong part of talon. Talons ultimate was never under powered. I however see other problems 1 he can not take towers even after killing his laner multiple times he is just to slow to push, if you look at my match history it will clearly show it's not about me not wanting to push but rather his auto's being to slow with even when fed! This used to not be a problem given ghost blades old passive. His w cost to much Mana. I am always running out of manna against AP match ups after first back even if ahead in farm and a kill up because they naturally have AP built into their build paths where as talon Mana hungry has to be super careful casting to many W's so champs like malz, ziggs, Ori,tf, Tali, ekko, garen,Cho,Yorick,any tank can just push talon out of lane even if they lost lane makes it almost miserable to play against. I hope to see these buff reversed and an auto speed update. I also would like to see talon a little healthier as levels progress maybe a small buff of like 50+ per level after level for better sustain mid 8-18 levels where he falls off the hardest. I don't want damage I just wanna be able to take some towers after going 17/1 :(
: Patch 7.14 notes
Ult that makes you untargetable with an E that makes you untargetable not broken at all riot?
Keyru (NA)
: Welcome to Player Behavior!
I think before the game starts their should be a way to report toxic players that you don't get banned from dodging. One guy said he would feed and he did all game. This makes it harder for everyone to move up and is very annoying. If we could do reports before the game started would be nice to get those players removed from ranked. That the players who actually care to play and are trying have a better customer experience. This would also increase the level of competitive play.


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