: Can we please make Annie throw her bear instead of insta-spawning it
Translation: "Please Rito, stop annie from hurting yasuo or any other mobility champion (a.k.a. the entire list of champions that Annie counters)"
: Lol I remember when carry supports were the meta. Lux, Annie, Nidalee, basically anyone who, at the time, was normally played in mid lane (yes, Nidalee was a mid laner before she was a support) was taken into the support role for solo queue so that they could carry in the event that the ADC was a boosted {{champion:62}}
Pretty sure nobody was called "boosted" back then. A lot of us played carry supports because the servers were jacked up, and we didn't want to automatically lose when the ADC was just a DC.
: So, what if I (being a silver player) have exactly 3 friends who play LOL (who are also bronze/silver), and we want to play ranked together? What do the 4 of us do if we want to play together in a competitive environment? We usually end up doing normals, which is okay. But you get more DCs and off-meta picks in there which make the game less fun if we are really trying to win and get better together.
Then you and your exactly 3 friends are ruining the game of whoever you queue with.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot now that Rylai's in nerfed, can we get Karthus's W reverted?
: I want to thank @Riot for helping me finally make the jump to play Support more than once every year
Well for those of us that have been queuing support for years, we now have to wait up to 2 whole minutes for a game because autofill is trying to balance everything out. How did all of you other role players cope this long?
: I've said it twice now: Targonian aspect illaoi. celestial theme, give her aurelion-esque tentacles, bam. that's a 975-1350 skin right there.
Parznip (NA)
: Can we get a Teddy Bear Volibear skin?
: I get honored somewhat frequently, but I haven't had the badge for years now, so honestly I have no idea how it even works.
You need to get a large number of honors from people who don't often give honors.
: The reason it's useless is because Co op vs AI players honor so frequently that they are essentially the only players to get badges. Make it top 10% and if someone gives a lot of honor it gives less weight.
> [{quoted}](name=Theorchero,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3j4TMeA4,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-12-06T17:44:34.448+0000) > and if someone gives a lot of honor it gives less weight. That's already how it works, and it has always worked that way. Also, honors towards people in your friends list carry almost no value.
WinBoat (NA)
: Riot, Can You Make Another Mage Item That Gives Magic Penetration?
No, go buy runes if you want more magic penetration. With the right build, you can be dealing the equivalent of true damage to anyone below 96MR based on magic resist reductions and penetrations.
: Is this FPS issue only happening when playing Elementalist Lux?
I used to have this problem for the better part of Season 4 against Syndra wave ability graphics before upgrading my computer. It might be an issue with glow effects on certain processors. I never found a real fix for it, but a few updates and a new computer later, it was gone.
ybuR (NA)
: "Mages should get have more ap" -mage mains
I'm fine with that. Most mage builds end up over-stacking CDR anyway. While we're at it, let's reduce some of the ridiculous CDR that AD assassins get, and leave it to the utility items for Supports. -A Support Main
: The 50 rules of League
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=sTlibRzH,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-30T21:25:07.721+0000) > > 27. Yordles are not sexy. No Exceptions. {{champion:78}} You don't dream of being snaggled by that tooth?
: Hey now, I actually think people are dumb enough to think it's a bug.
They fail to see that {{champion:412}} {{item:3085}} is the compensation for that issue :P
: Let's count how much AP we have lost since the beggining of season 5
: I need 17,000 IP in order to finish my first rune page.
Sucks that Riot is reworking the Rune pages in season 7. I can't decide whether or not to spend IP on it since they might remove the costs some day.
: Is deathfire touch a fundamentally flawed keystone?
: Can we actually make ADCs have a BAD early game?
No, then people would just play yasuo bot lane more often.
: [Poll] People Who Like Supporting
: Why do the last three players get to ban in Drafts if it's the top two that get counter-picked?
Because otherwise Last pick not only gets no bans, but he also gets his champion stolen by the enemy team.
Rioter Comments
1337JMAN (NA)
: There is NO need for Autofill in low elo
Riot wants your game to be stable. When you join up to play a game, you enter into a peer-to-peer web structure with the other players of your game in order to maximize reaction times and stability.** In order to ensure that everyone has mostly equal footing, the matchmaker has to find 10 players who:** 1. Are geographically close together 2. Have similar ping rates 3. Have similar ELO 4. Can be ordered to fill each of 5 roles no more or less than twice In high traffic regions in the bronze-plat ELOs, this is not much of a problem. A while back Riot released some info on the autofill system: https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=https://news-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/articles/2016/june/DQU/graph-autofilling.jpg?v=1 _At that time_, unless you're in the upper tiers of Diamond, you wouldn't run into autofill much. There is some small percentage of bronze players who have to be autofilled, simply because those players are the lowest of trolls and there aren't many legitimate players near that ELO (lose every game for 100 games in a row). Riot has most likely changed the autofill algorithms a bit since then, as they have stated the often do behind the scenes. They want to get a good balance of speed while allowing *most* of the players to get their preferred roles. As they already had a major screw up once by allowing larger ELO ranges to play against each other, I suspect they are focusing most of their attention on Autofill rates to combat queue times. Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/rethinking-ranked-fives-and-tuning-dynamic-queue P.S. Your statement of not receiving your role "80% of the time" is completely false. You gain autofill protection after autofilling OR playing a support game. If you really don't want to get autofilled, choose to play support for every 5th game. It's not that bad. Sincerely, -A Soraka main
: iSona iBlitzcrank iVern
phil701 (NA)
: How does Sona charge her phone?
What does Sona say when she picks up the phone? {{champion:37}} "..."
: I'm d3 with veigar/ww only on EUW.
Confirmed: Season 6 Diamond 3, 130 games as Veigar with 55% win rate. Excellent job, sir.
Junkο (EUNE)
: Q will deal 740 damage with 800 AP, while ult will deal 925 WITHOUT taking R increased damaged for missing health into account. An average ADC has 1900 health at level 18 (even though by level 18 you will go way over 800 AP on Veigar, but w/e), as you can see Q+R will just fall short of killing that ADC, but if you take into account that Q essentially deleted almost half their health, and the really unnecessary TLD proc if you AA after casting ult (which you should, no reason not to) the ADC is dead, magic pen runes and Void Staff make their MR useless against this too.
Once in a blue moon, when I mistakenly take AD runes with Veigar, I find it fitting to build {{item:3146}} on him. If you haven't tried it as a joke yet, I highly suggest it. It gives a nice 80 AP and 250+30% instantaneous point and click damage to your burst. That brings the full combo without considering meteor strike to be 730 - 980 + 165% - 240% at level 11 (if CrestKnight's numbers are correct). and it includes a slow. Not to mention since all these numbers are on single target burst damage, you heal for 33% of the damage dealt. In any case, I think the conversation went off on a tangent that could be easily explained away. If Veigar misses his cage, and therefore can't hit meteor (even though he often can anyway), people might be able to escape his burst. If you miss the Q, then his R no longer 1-shots mages so you might be in trouble. However, if Yasuo dives in and misses his knockup, he ALSO can't instantly murder people. If we're going analyze a mage designed to kill champions by first assuming that he misses two of his basic moves, then what's the point? That's the same as saying a Lee Sin can't use his Q or E in ganks. He won't kill anyone either. **TL;DR If you miss cage and meteor, then it sucks to be you. That doesn't mean Veigar is weak, that just means you fucked up the combo.**
: you talking about those 30mr targets? or the ones who built bv/ga?
Oh, you haven't tried building Veigar with full magic pen runes and every magic pen item in the game? {{champion:45}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3136}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3135}} + 21 pen on runes melts just about everything.
: Every 3 hit proc has a visual stack indicator except for Brand's
Brand has a 3 stack passive? I just thought that shit was random or linked to one of his spells.
: It's Official, Riot has made Shaco an AP champ.
Monarchk (NA)
: Autoattacking a plant should NOT use up Sona's Power Chord
Yeah, I posted this in bug reports a few days ago. I assume they just forgot about that interaction. Sona's power chord used to proc on wards too. They'll fix it eventually.
: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
https://media.giphy.com/media/64ml8or9esy7C/giphy.gif Laughing Fish, I give you a gif of a dancing Data!
: "Stay Positive!"
/surrender 'Ally team has refused to surrender, 1/4"
: Zaunishmen Zauneans Zauns Zaunorritos Zaunamigos Zaunamons Zaunari
I think the Zaunish are communities who have decided to forgo technology to live a simpler life.
: You'd be paranoid about your breathing too if there was insanity gas floating near your home...wait... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CIbbnW2WsAEOTrn.png
I go to my local hell station for all of my flammable and combustible needs.
: I forgot to log in to the alpha before November 15th :c feelsbadman
I think if you ever logged into the alpha client then it will count. So as long as you were a tester before it went down to be turned into beta, then you should get the icon eventually.
: Well you have to eventually, might as well since solo q will be up at basically the same time the client is 100% done
There's also a good chance that soloq will not be available on the legacy client. Riot has stated that any new features or queues may be exclusive to the Beta, since they don't want to keep adding things to legacy any more.
Artéx (EUW)
: Guys, where do you find your ranked teams in the new client?
They don't exist. And they won't exist since ranked 5s and 3s are being absorbed into the flex queues.
Rioter Comments
: I haven't run into any bugs so far. I think my computer just can't handle it nearly as well as the old client, and it makes me sad because it's so new and beautiful, but I can barely run it. I'm gonna need to upgrade if I want to enjoy this game anymore.
It seems to be connection issues more than graphics. A lot of options hang on a server response that can take over 30 seconds at times (such as selecting your preferred role in draft party)
Wygol (EUW)
: Is the beta client super laggy, or is it just me?
It's not just you. For some reason, a lot of the buttons in the client seem to wait on server response. This wasn't an issue in the Alpha so much, and I suspect it's because of the increased traffic from people using the beta.
Salron (NA)
: Does exhaust really need to keep it's resists reduction?
I swear the number of people who keep asking for support nerfs is getting out of hand over the years...
: Probably have report the troll function to as to why you're team dodging like if they say "I'm going to int" or go something like ghost cleanse supp teemo and have riot go through the logs and ban them temp or perma depending how often they force people to dodge a queue and past history
You can't report someone after you all dodge.
Rioter Comments
ItsOrval (NA)
: Maybe make a limit, like 3 votes a day for dodging. So people wont waste theirs 24/7.
You misunderstand. I don't need to use my dodge votes if I can just pick something dumb enough to force other people to dodge. This is already a common problem with Junglers and Mid laners who try to hijack roles if they don't get the right one. With dodge votes, they would have a ready made excuse for trolling: "If they had a problem with my pick, they should have voted to dodge".
ItsOrval (NA)
: *New Idea* Vote To Dodge:
"xXDragonSuckerXx" doesn't get jungle, proceeds to pick soraka top lane just to have his team vote for dodge.
Ghxztt (NA)
: http://pre04.deviantart.net/3542/th/pre/i/2014/256/b/3/love_your_support__draven_draaaaaaven__u__by_sanshikisumire-d7z16xq.png dont forget the best support of all
Wouldn't Draven report himself for not picking a real support? Edit: Sorry. My bad. It's Draaaaaaaaaven.
: Been playing Support since before Support was a role (Preseason 1/Beta). Simple answers for the above sections: **Gold Income as a Support** - Make it so support champs scale off something entirely different than AP/AD. Make their items stronger through tank stats for tank support items and cdr/movespeed/gold per 10/mana hp regen for the mage supports and heal/shield supports. As they scale they do not gain in damage but rather utility. This could be seen as a radical shake up, but it would make a huge impact to have insane supports providing longer cc, better shields/heals, but at the end of the day, still unable to 1v1 anybody. A support should always be rewarded for being one of the first to group up, and provide vision/utility. **Recognition** - I think everyone who mains support receives the recognition they always wanted. Ally recognition is all that matters. I don't need the "Pentakill Woman" telling me I made a "Penta Save" because that seems worthless and hard t judge. Only solution I see here is more stats in the post game. Shielding, Keystone numbers (how often did bond of stone or windspeakers negate dmg). **Itemization **- Feels good with 6.22 making items cheaper. Two quick fixes here and a control ward idea... Make Sightstone after a certain champion level gain another ward charge AND increase total green wards on map ex: At level 11 Sightstone has 5 wards and you can place a max of 4 on the map (scales with Ruby and Sightstone + Support item merged items). Maybe make the Merged item have an added benefit to the ward you've placed ex: I buy Eye of the Oasis typically an item for Soraka, maybe for X seconds my placed ward provides a heal. Maybe a Tank Support who scales buys Ruby or Equinox gains a reduced damage aura around his wards? This makes a supports wards truly the most impactful, and will incentivize purchasing wards. With more wards available for a support, he can still ward for vision but also have a few pocket wards for fights. Also maybe a control ward gains more gold per ward killed after being placed? 30 gold + 10 gold per additional wards killed. **Pre-Game** - This section sucks. I feel like gold per 10 runes blow, the xp runes do not even feel like they work, and there has never been utility style runes. Mastery side is decent but I was personally upset when they got rid of the xp per 10 seconds when underlevelled. I used to purposely let my ADC get level 2 so I could create a steady source of xp for lane phase, and reap free xp all game. I thought it was a clever use of the mastery. I have always felt that supports should get their own Tree on the mastery section. 3 Lines down to 3 keystones one for heal/shield, a mage support, and a tank support. The secondary 12 pt tree could still be unique as mages might go ferocity, tanks in resolve, and utility supports in cunning. If any of your above sections gets a radical shake up, please make it this section. Believe me. This one matters the most. 6 years of supporting. This. One. Matters. Most. **Laning Patterns** - I don't personally understand why this section is being questioned. This feels great. Very rock paper scissors. I main healers/shielders and I know I negate mages damage to allow my adc to out win trades, but I also know how I am weaker against the tanks or the hook champs. Lanes feel amazing. Do not change this. I recently hit 1 Million Soraka mastery, so please whatever you do... don't touch her. You cannot have her. ~Utility Backline I have all the answers, and I am big league smart.
inb4 they nerf soraka's heal power and range again to maker her more 'active' in trades. I'm not near your mastery on Soraka, but I have been playing Soraka and Sona since season 3, and I'm always disappointing by the sheer number of nerfs they have received over the years.
Oglaf (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=dunkeroni,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ymzp8W5A,comment-id=00070001000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-15T15:15:14.613+0000) > > I was under the impression that DRAFT pick was disabled on those servers? Wat?
Isn't that what this whole post is about? That Draft pick was disabled on EUNE? Riot removed Draft and is forcing your server to play Blind pick instead of Draft. Now you're telling me that Blind pick is also disabled, in addition to Draft pick. SanKakU above stated that Blind pick was disabled in certain countries. I now understand what you mean by "literally unplayable". I was previously unaware that both Blind pick and Draft pick has been removed from EUNE. My apologies for the confusion.
: While everyone's complaining about their Flex queue MMR and other stuff
Actually I've found that playing ranked Flex right now is very relaxing. As a gold player in Bronze 1, I can dick around as much as I want and not only do people not complain, they don't even realize that I'm cooking dinner while playing mid. The hard MMR reset in ranked brought a lot of people down, so there's plenty of chaos to be had there :)
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