: Typing bad words and saying "kys" gives you a Chat restriction, you definetly got one buddy, also, i left you without arguments....GGS
lmao I never said that, if I did I would have gotten one you're probably thinking of someone else
: You are the rammus right?? I don't get anyone banned buddy, you got chat restricted by yourself, YOU were the one insulting me, and you were the one standing in the middle of the jungle refusing to help and asking for reports... While i took like 10 kills for mundo, you were griefing in all chat. You know Im right, and you know we wouldve won if Ryze didtn go afk...Thats just the sad truth
I didn't even get chat restricted because I never said anything that wasn't true
: So Ive been spamming River Shen
"> 1.- if you have good people in your team, they wont flame or report you, and will just play. > -on the other hand if they are bad people they will insult you and try to report you, since they insulted you, they are the ones who get banned, IVE NEVER GOTTEN THIS MANY "Instant feed back report" messages in my entire time playing league. LITERALLY every game i report someone they actually get banned or chat restricted (i didtn even get the trolls in my promos banned, those guys kept playing like nothing happened, which is sad but im happy people that insults in chat actually gets banned)" Perhaps for maybe once in your life you can take a step back and reflect on what you are saying. Clearly if you are getting someone banned in almost every game you are doing something that is unhealthy for the game and making it an all around more toxic place. Yes people down vote this without providing reasons because anyone who understands the current state of the game sees you as a joke who obviously doesn't understand it. Yes maybe river shen could be a viable strat in VERY unique situations where you have a team comp built around it. However, you ignore this and play it regardless of yours or your enemies team comp and that is where this "strat" turns into blatant trolling. If you would use your head and play it as a situational pick people wouldnt be mad at you, but when you are sitting there laughing to yourself while you're making the rest of your team miserable in a game where people are supposed to have fun I don't think that should be allowed. You ignore any logic with this and any counter argument, you see as people who are too bad to understand your grand plan of river shen. You're not original with this, it's not a revolutionary thing and theres a reason its only played as a joke or to troll. Its because the current state of the game is not set up for this kind of thing.


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