: what if death's dance dealt more damage than it mitigated?
You take it as a true damage bleed. So you are still taking more damage than 30%, perhaps even more than a 35% buff mainly because all your defensive stats are void.
: 40% ** edit cdr when if you got 18 into the 2nd tree and pick up intelligence you can get 45% cdr so his Q is 8 second cd and then you get 45% cdr that brings it to like 4.4 seconds his E 9 seconds - 45% is 5seconds his ult at lvl 16 (max rank) is 80 cd -45% would be 44seconds and with is naturally tankyness he could easily get off more then one Q and E per team fight and you want to E the entire team to provide aoe damage and arm shred to help your adc kill them
: I understand that, but you nerf champions for being too strong. The situation you're describing is Yasuo's WW is OP and he's not balanced...
Its not OP, but it could use some tweaks for game improvement. I'm fine without a nerf. I'm fine with one.
: Buying a champ
Yasuo, so you can get flamed while having fun
: If yasuo is fair, why nerf him? ...
It's more for game health and increasing skill cap. It's a negligible nerf for any seasoned Yasuo player.
: The only nerf I want for Yasuo, is that the cooldown on dash be increased to 1 second from 0.5.
I think this would be a good early game nerf, but he loses his functionality if he can't dash often in the late game. So perhaps 1 > 0.75 > 0.5 > 0.25 > 0.1
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: teemo mid is actually viable
Well yeah I picked it cause it was viable but the rest of my team comp was... awkward
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: Best way to deal with being camped is to forego CS, play safe, and your other lanes should be able to push heavily since the jg and lane are absent. It's up to your team to make up for your loss of CS
The problem though was that our bot lane was getting destroyed and our top lane was pushed back to his second turret. Is there any way to just catch up without getting caught out.
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