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: Thanks Riot for banning me for saying FF 15 when i have 2 trolls in my team.
Sounds like something league would do. Especially sense the complaint system relies on an autonomous system. also i wount be suprised if they try to rip you they are really greedy when it comes down to it they even set this 2019 thing up as a scam i bought that pass and it said 2000 points for 100 prestige points then now its 2200. will never spend on another pass again
: You're definitely not the only person who feels this way, so we hear you, and it's something we're talking about internally. We always knew shit was gonna be crazy during preseason, so right now we’re just reading all the feedback and taking note of the problems like this that folks are pointing out. If complaints about it are still popping up after people have had time to play with the nuances of the system, we’ve got a few changes in mind we could make to make things feel better.
Simple 1. go back to ip * you can only buy champs with blue essence there literally nothing that you can unlock other wised 2. let us re roll champ share * its not like it needs to be a permant champ shard im sure people would be happy just getting a new champ shard * you can also set the reroll so that it takes like 6 shards to get your new champ shard(by new i mean a random champ shard that you dont already own or that your lvl 5 with a champ that you be playing ) 3. stop giving thees POS Emotes that no one wants because your just make people mad when you get to level 40 and you get some crappy emote(got me SMH saying really why at least give me a good emote not something no one wants) piss people off * it doesnt help you guys that the emotes look like blizzards over-watch emotes * level 40 i get this emote maybe make it so you get a skin shared or a chest maybe move the skin shard to every 20 levals idk emotes are a waist of time * if your not going to let us purchase emotes with blue essence * get rid of them there unnecessary (league is suppose to be its own game its not like we need blizzard stuff) 4. if your going to change something give summoners rift some cosmetics like make there a 4 season thing or even a month 2 month thing but start out with the seasons even Pokemon has different terrain (i dont care if league uses my ideas its why i told you also if i ever make my own game its not like league can copy right seasons) Sorry im not trying to be rude but this maid me mad and im just trying to suggest some stuff that may help
: They're just greedy and wanted people to be more reliant on riot points. You can pay a small amount of riot points... or 6300 be for something like a new rune page... I'm on a low level account and I can't get any new champions. When I hit 12 I got 400 blue essence.... what am I supposed to do with 400 blue essence or a really bad champ shard once every 4 days? Riot is just greedy, there's no other logic that you could throw behind this nonsensical transfer. Also, before this patch was released, they started a "rune sale" so that new players would get rid of all of their old IP points trying to get runes. You thought Riot was being nice, but they were actually just still being greedy and trying to get you to waste IP so you got lower BE with the conversion. Can't let people get fun, new champions without paying $10 on a (kind of low quality) game. Notice how there are a bunch of crappy features on the launcher, plenty of issues in game, etc., but all riot is concerned about it raking in money from people who want new champs, new skins, or more rune pages. Another noteworthy greedy point for Riot, with mastery pages you could build up to or over 20 (i believe); good thing they got rid of that too so that you were more likely to pay for rune pages. TL;DR, Riot is s*i*, and this game would be infinitely better if they sold it to Blizzard/ or some other company.
WTF NO THEY WOULD NOT BE ( I THINK )BLIZZARD HAS HORRIBLE GAMES ESPECIALLY WOW IS HORRIBLE SO IS THERE HEROES OF THE STORM THAT GAME IS GARBAGE I hope riot just learns..... I kinda wounder what riot will due if they end up outlawing loot boxes in America(because its a legal topic right at the moment) Also i chose to delete my comment earlier i dont want them banning me for hurt feelings
: An Industrial Engineering student here that knows a thing or two about maths. The quote that I wanna address goes as follows: "Carl the Casual plays two games every night. He wins one and gets his First Win of the Day, and then loses the other." What you are doing here is taking the statistical average of a 50% winrate and apply it to a small amount of games to make use it in an example, which is generally a valid thing to do. But then the assumption is made that for any given day you get at least one win, which is wrong as seen in the following: -the chance of winning a game is 0.5 for every single game that you play -the chance of winning 2 games per 2 played games is therefore 0.5*0.5=0.25, -the chance of winning one game and losing the other is 2*0.5*0.5=0.5 (because you can either win the first or the second game), -now the last case is losing 2 games which happens with a 0.5*0.5=0.25 chance You can tell this is right because the percentages add up to a hundred (25%+50%+25%=100%). The cases in which you do get the "First win of the Day" bonus are: one win, two wins. The chances of one of them happening is equal to the sum of their percentages 0.5+0.25=0.75. So the chance of you getting the "First win of the Day" bonus is 75% instead of the 100% that was used in your assumption. As I was writing I noticed yet another flaw in the assumptions made. You say that the casual player plays ON AVERAGE two games per day which might be a number that comes from your database and seems pretty reasonable. The assumption made based on this is: the casual player plays two games per day. From experience I think a great majority of players would disagree with this statement since for example, we play more on weekends than during the week (which I am sure the aforementioned database contains proof of). So if you wanted to get statistically representable numbers in the BE calculations you would have to find out about, for example: how many days a week does the casual player play a game ? To combine both of these corrections you would have to also figure out how many games the casual player plays on days when he does actually play the game. From there on you need to also find out what the chance is to get a win on that average day. For example: If the average number of games per "playday" would be 6 the chance to not win a single one of them is 0.5^6, so the chance of you getting at least one win on that day would be 1-0.5^6=63/64 which is about 98.44%. Let's suppose you only play once every three days (example number since I don't know the real number) this would lead to the same average of two games per day. Now to calculate the average amount of "First win of the Day" bonuses you get in a given amount of days you multiply 1/3 with the 98.44%. This would lead to a chance of 0.328 which I will round to 33%. Note that this is a statistical number that would express the chance of a casual player getting the first win of the day bonus on any given day, if you didn't know if the player would actually play.This is just for the given numbers I made up, but feel free to use your own, just keep in mind that you have to get to two games per day on average. In the example given in the article this number would be 100%. Now if you use your own numbers you will always get to a chance below 100%. Now I am done with the neutral part of explaining the mistakes made when trying to make statistical averages fit into an exemplary calculation and I wanna speculate as to why they were made. The first thing that comes to mind would be incompetence regarding maths, which I will not consider here since it would be insulting and, given the number of people working for Riot, highly unlikely. I mean someone must have checked this right? The second option is intentional miscalculation and misrepresentation of data to trick the consumers/players. And lastly I wanna mention that there is a third case of statistical cherrypicking: you calculate some number of blue essence players get until level 40, but as far as I know the amount of xp needed to level up is not constant but rather increases with later levels. This should not be disregarded in your "oh so representative, statistically accurate calculations". Sorry for the increasing anger but I don't believe that this can be brushed off as"oh they just made a mistake whatever". Honestly I hope I get a response like "Seems like we did not do the calculations for the new system properly. We will look into this." but I just do not think it will happen. Thanks for reading this overly long rant. **TLDR: The calculations in the article above are not statistically representative, but rather cherrypicked or simply wrong.**
Also you have to consider that not everyone is use to the runes so it makes the game trash and your more likely to get a lose more then you are going to get a win i mean iv had days as of late where all 3 lanes are losing and are feeding so ill be lucky to see a wining game out of the 4 games
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: Post game rewards currently grant XP and not BE, but there are[ discussions in this thread]( that may change that in the future. You can find BE through honor, master, and leveling though.
tell them there killing this game


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