Xidphel (NA)
: Other people's chat wouldn't do much because then you'd see MORE people in this shit-throwing contest and deserving of punishment along with OP.
Which would allow the instant feedback to ban both players? Or is the fact that the report system isn't capable of analyzing context?
Syrile (NA)
: Lots of repetitive attacks here. "kid" "babygirl" both are said in a derogatory way. As just a couple of examples. Excessive pinging death timers and telling people how bad they are /after/ several warnings, it does make sense that you got banned. There are quite a few comments that are made in that list that sound like you are trying to tilt your team or repeatedly tell them they are bad as if you are trying to antagonize them.
Yeah its funny how the teammate who called me a moron and accused me of throwing after I calmly told him to let go of dragon, is still playing. lol Calling someone a moron should be an instant ban.
Hotarµ (NA)
: What does your reform/report card say you _specifically_ got punished for? (You can find this out by trying to log in to the banned account) Normally this behavior isn't considered zero-tolerance language, so it should have just gone from a 25-game chat restriction to a 14-day gameplay ban. The only thing here that may have possibly triggered the skip would be this line: >eeveevolution: ikkk and that's just because it has 'kkk' in it. That's a bit of a stretch, though, honestly. If you're positive that you didn't have a 14-day ban on the account at any point, I'd suggest filing a support ticket as nothing here should have made you go from a 25 game chat restriction to permabanned. If anything, Riot will explain your punishment history and give you more insight into your account.
I filed the ticket. Got the two week ban. That's fine with me. Just shows how flawed the instant report feedback system is.
Glîtchy (NA)
: so pinging a deathtimer is considered toxic? honestly I don't exactly get how
Apparently, it is. Also you cant write out someone's score. "1/5 " as that is negative behavior.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >I've spoken to a riot agent and they said that any small or minor negative behavior is bannable. Including pinging someones deathtimer, writting out a players K/D, arguing over a dragon lost. I was banned for just this one game's chat log. I just want to clear up the misconception here as I'm not sure if the support agent explained it properly or you misread it. _When your account is on it's final warning_, any negative action (such as pinging a player's death timer repeatedly, flaming, trolling, etc.) will result in a permanent ban. Your account was permanently banned because you didn't change your behavior after the multiple chances you were given, it didn't just go from a clean slate to a permanent ban.
Well this was coming out of a 25 game ban into a permabanned. More importantly, is this even a reportable offense?
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