: Update the Tribunal System or Give Leniency
Thank you everyone for replying and bringing insight to the situation. But, this doesn't exactly answer my main questions. Should someone be blamed FOREVER for a couple mistakes? I had 1 mistake prior to and then the 2nd mistake was a perma-ban. So it's not like I'm a really bad repeating offender. The first time I got banned, the word I said was meant as a joke, but the word is seen by bots and gets you an auto-ban. I've been playing for 8+ years. Take this for example. You are used to messing around with your friends and used to swearing and having a good time. This would be like your World of Warcraft or Call of Duty/Counter Strike. Then you go to work or school and you have to really, really watch what you say. Most of us accidentally say something they didn't mean. And that's what happened when I first got banned. Why am I going to be blamed for the rest of my life for being toxic, especially when I wasn't even the one who started it? I am going to be banned for the rest of my life. Don't you think that's wrong? Really try to put yourself in my shoes. Thanks.
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