: @Riot a serious discussion regarding League champion sexuality
you should watch a game of the reworked taric on youtube not necessarily an entire game but just too see what his various animation look like (taunt, joke, auto attacks, etc) he became the embodiment of his meme haha
Dasaru (NA)
: Link me the replay and the time because I don't believe you. You would have to be massively outplayed to lose that fight (less than full hp, sitting on 5k gold, standing in a minion wave, doing stupid shit in general, etc). Anyone can outplay a potato 3 levels higher than them.
: My LoL Day while riven was disabled
I'd much, much rather play against a riven than against a yasuo. At least, if i shut down riven, she stays down. yasuo, on the other hand, somehow always manage to come back
Exactly (NA)
: Riven is all skill :^) takes years to master. Kidding, my first game with her was a free win. (Not ranked, but still) That champion just takes common sense and thats about it.
She actually does take skill to play. Of course, she's easy to pick up (very straightforward skillset) but being able to play her on a relatively high level does take a lot of practice. Being able to unload everything you have including every empowered auto-attack within a 1.5-1.75 second time frame isn't as easy. And no, I don't play riven lol. I just don't care playing against her.
: divine means to guess, devine is just a made up word to piss off grammar nazis
devine actually means guess in french
: Well, I have a hard time choosing which colors to use. So to fix that, I use layer filters to create a base in which I can color over top of. If you want more information on that, I can provide it. As far as the actual technique? I use a standard hard round brush to lay in the colors and details, and smooth it with a large soft brush. The only real tip I can provide, is make the program work for you, not against you. If you need to use special brushes, or many layers with filters then do it. It's not cheating, you are just utilizing your tools to the fullest :)
would be very appreciated :) I don't use photoshop but it should be fairly similar thank you ^^
: Here's a Morgana :3
hiii upvoted :3 I very much like the way the skin was colored and if it isn't too much asking, would it be possible to get tips for that? ;o I also like to draw and I am fairly new to digital drawing and applying colors is the one thing I always struggle a lot at >.<
Vixanys (NA)
: [TL vs C9 Game 3](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuUxfv2ykgQ)
Vixanys (NA)
: They were running a Jugger'Maw. Which is Top Lulu/Janna Support. Kog'Maw. Then Second Threat mid (for TL it is usually Corki) and a early player maker jungler or late game tank jungler. I hope this is the game you were talking about. If not, I apologize for assuming :P
may I have a link? I'd be interested to watch it


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