: > [{quoted}](name=epicchef,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yQYirEKj,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2015-07-16T18:38:36.145+0000) > > does riven's shield do damage? does riven's shield have 2 shields in one? no, but diana has only one set of shield that can damage, the second shield is weaker and has less scaling than the first . riven doesn't need damage on her shield to be potent jeeze she has 4 abilities that do damage, and thats 2 BUTTONS. Mobility on it beats damage anyday because you can't catch the coward when she is at low health. Where diana LIKE LEONA, is a balls to the wall all in champ, she can't dance all around the map and live.
hmmm that's weird. diana has 4 damage abilities as well. kind just like diana using q and r. TWO BUTTONS. And Leonas have 0 balls. That's why they build tank. too pussy to take damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=epicchef,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yQYirEKj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-16T00:06:19.523+0000) > > diana has no escapes but gets a lrger shield + lower cd what part of 100% ad SCALING SHIELD don't you get
does riven's shield do damage? does riven's shield have 2 shields in one?
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: yes cus her highest ratio is 80%... on her passive 30 and 20 on shields one and two, and 60 on ult... not good ratios really lets look at riven Q 60% ad PER Q 100% ad on w and e and ult for 20% of ad AS BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE but yes diana is the problem. Also diana has no ESCAPES, where riven can use her mobility to engage and disenge
diana has no escapes but gets a lrger shield + lower cd
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: A funny vid i made hope you guys laugh :^)
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: Did you know it costs almost half a million IP to buy all the champions?
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Dr Poro (EUW)
: Riot gives you bad team on purpose after 3 win streak!!! Or do they?
See I would want to believe you, but you are wrong. They need to keep everyone at a 50% win ratio if they want to keep the game "fair". People hat get past gold are just slightly better than the rest. Not by a land slide.
Ixoziel (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=epicchef,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6VREJXIs,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-07-02T21:06:44.056+0000) > > I'm saying that he is a bruiser dipshit. He is suppose to be countered by tanks. tanks > bruisers. bruisers > adc. bruiser > assassin. assassin > squishy. How exactly is he a bruiser? He has a mode that's completely ranged, then he has a melee mode. That's not a bruiser. It's like calling Nidalee strictly a cat. You do realize he has most of the traits of an ADC in ranged form, right? Including poke and auto attack scaling. Your "balance" flowchart was stupid. Many bruisers are great against tanks, although assassins usually suck against them. Nocturne and Vi, for example, are both great against tanks. Vi can shred max hp and armor while Nocturne can out-sustain and dps them. Of course, all tanks are different. While those two are great against Maokai, they're awful against Rammus and Malphite. You need to stop trying to define and balance entire categories and focus on individual champions. Most things don't fit neatly into a single category.
lol i made this thread to troll. nothing better than gtting comeone to right down a ton of shit and not read it.
Ixoziel (NA)
: Shouldn't you be whining about someone that can do real % hp damage, like Kog'maw or Malzahar? The % damage on Jayce is on an ability that he has to be in melee range for and he can't spam it.
I'm saying that he is a bruiser dipshit. He is suppose to be countered by tanks. tanks > bruisers. bruisers > adc. bruiser > assassin. assassin > squishy.
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: Error when trying to install league.
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: I'm surprised the community is still making Kalista threads.
doesn't change the fact that she is annoying as fuck
: You Guys Are Overreacting
nasus also has AA's
: Yeah... I think that having money doesn't allow you to shitpost someone in your OP just because they have a differing opinion of you.
srry 2 busy counting money
: If you chose to continue playing games through a rough patch of connection issues, you accepted the fact that you were going to dc. That is not Riot's fault. This was your choice. Talk S**t about me more in your OP.
sorry couldn't hear you over the sound of my money irl
: Towers are just too weak
Boards, I do not understand you guys. You guys want a tank meta but don't want the consequences of one.
: Leaving one game doesn't automatically result in a 20 minute ban unless you had already ditched games before hand.
herp derp it was happening through a few games and it was fucking obvious that it was coming from their side so i assumed i wouldn't get banned
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: Riot/Meddler, Elise players are grieving. Can we talk about her?
I have no idea what goes through riot's head when they nerf a champ that doesn't need to be nerfed. I think they play a pin-the-tail on the donkey type game to decide who gets balance changes.
: She doesn't have a reset button. Why do you think Zed and Leblanc were such big problems on the board?
she has 3 dashes that potentially heal her
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: I feel sorry for all Elise players at this point.
She is actually still useful imo. one of the only people that can fight cho gath
Stacona (NA)
: Vladimir Balance Changes
his Q range needs to be reduced not increased
: > [{quoted}](name=epicchef,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ao2w7pWG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-06-27T15:30:11.062+0000) PJSalt
I live in NA but i wouldn't expect a drunken pubman to understand that joke
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: Oh boy, I'm so excited for this Vayne flavor of the month
When I say this I am downvoted by weeby ass vayne mains
: promos are the DUMBEST THING
If I fail one more promo im done with this game
FHMarshy (NA)
: http://na.op.gg/summoner/?userName=fhmarshy 3 games played ever = Zed main Zed isn't OP by any means anymore. If you get your ass handed to you by one, you simply got outplayed. Get good son lmfao
FHMarshy (NA)
: And someone is still complaining about Zed lol
: is it really necessary for fiz to have a high dmg invincible ability on a 6 second cd?
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: The Riven hate on these boards is pretty unbearable sometimes. If Riven could not combo, she'd be shit tier. She has no base stats and a shield that lasts for a second and a half as her "defenses" she'd last a teamfight about how long I last in bed.
: annie is the worst of all^^ cancer champ of cancers
Illiad (NA)
: Battle Bunny Braum
sounds like magic mike
Dylvish (EUW)
: I never understood noobs like you, who cannot simply find a counter to her, if they dont like her. Personally, when i lcok annie, she is useless all game, now and ever before.
Her counter is CC...I'm just saying she is an annoying little fuck. And did you say Annie is useless?
Dylvish (EUW)
: Is Katarina even worth playing now??
Thank god that bitch is trash now
: Could brand get some mobility?
He does way too much damage to have mobility.
: Does anyone else think its time to nerf Irelia again?
Agreed. She is way too strong and too hard to kill.
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: "Skilled Riven"????? There are no skilled rivens below diamond elo. Also next time don't play AP volibear and tell your toplaner to get more than 3 cs per minute and build armor if you want to win 8) The riven in your game was shit but you're just worse than her. Better make a shitpost on boards for free upvotes instead of trying to improve 8)
"AP Volibear" "Worse than her" . lol I was just trying to have fun not tryharding. IT was just very annoying that she could get no kills and somehow comeback from it.
: Did your gnar have no armor, or what? Did he not get a ninja tabis? Armor is the best way to shit on Riven, especially since her enhanced autos will do a lot of the damage. And if she runs into the middle of your team with just a brutalizer and tiamat she is very, very squishy. One form of cc and she could be very fucked.
ok. but I had 7 kills and 0 deaths but she somehow was able to 100-0 me and gnar even with just a brutalizer?
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlrrrEIXVLE diamond 1 riven. enough said.
LOL I played on my friend's diamond account. Players are slightly worse than bronze there. But that Riven sucked.
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: last time I checked you get refunded RP so riot loses no money when you refund cause you already spent the money. It is true that I guess they lose some money when you refund a skin and get another one instead of just buying the new one. But many people are like me and have spent too much money on this game and are not spending another cent until we're absolutely certain about our purchase; Adding a refund policy would make people like me feel more comfortable about purchasing more skins, which means I would have to buy nonrefundable RP, which makes them more money. I'm not saying give us an unlimited amount of refunds but 2 a year maybe, and you can't save them and stack them up, I would buy more RP if that were the case.
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