: Teamfight Tactics
Nobody: Riot: This isn't autochess, you're autochess. Literally Nobody: Riot: Fine it's autochess
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: Since you're updating old champions visuals.. can you finally update vladimir ?
As a Vlad main, I swear, if they give Vlad those neanderthal Ezreal auto attack animations, I will not play league of legends anymore. I will move on with my life, get a degree, a job, and start a family. And do you really want me to start a family, have kids who grow up to be more Vlad players? Do you want me shoving my Vlad main opinions down people's throats? That's what I thought. This never happened. Move on to the next post.
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: Awesome way to milk more money out of your playerbase instead of just removing totally useless champion shards from normal loot boxes and having them relegated to the leveling system. You are soo pro consumer ... what a joke. GL to all the fools who decide to pay for the RNG spin the League of Legends wheel of luck based loot systems that you PAY FOR. Whales man this is what you have done to gaming. EA < Riot Games < Ubisoft < Capcom In terms of cheap loot box tactics you just pushed yourself above Ubisoft and are just under EA. Thankfully I ain't the fool and haven't spent more than 60$ on this game in the 5 years I have played it. And tactics like this are EXACTLY why I DO not invest more money into this game.
you're just salty because you had an 0-5 support nunu in your last game
Couffe (NA)
: Making people be honor level 2 is kinda stupid. Most people who will participate in clash want to play with friends so they normally wont even flame.
thats exactly what an honor level 1 player would say
: Unleash Kayn's Carnage to Earn 2 Special Icons
how am i supposed to get a double kill or a killing spree if I can't play the champion?
: Patch 7.14 notes
Where is the blood moon Vlad skin?
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: That was last split, what have they done this split? I think it's awesome they were able to do what they did last split, but honestly, what have the done this split to show they deserve to go?
They made it to semi finals and lost to the #1 team in an extremely top-heavy region, at least placing top 4 in NA. The top 3 teams are sent to worlds, which means even if they place 4th, they still deserve to go based on previous accomplishments.
: Feeling sad CLG will 100% go to world if TSM win the final which most likely will happen... IMT and C9 both deserve a world spot at least more than CLG this time. Thus as a TSM fan I end up hoping C9 wins final this year...
Yeah dude they don't deserve worlds... It's not like they had the best NA performance at MSI vs the best teams of each region and placed 2nd right behind the world champions... and they definitely didn't win spring split... TSM won spring split too right?
: Lock In: NA Finals Icon Competition
Why are so many TSM fans salty about CLG getting to worlds? I think you need a reminder that CLG at MSI was the 2nd best team in the world, right behind the World Champions: SKT. Oh yeah they also beat TSM Spring split and won NA. They overcame a ~17k gold deficit vs undefeated RNG at MSI and won. They were the only team to beat IMT last season. They had the best record of any NA team to compete at MSI ever. Oh, and they did all that with 2 rookies. They've had an amazing year and deserve to go to worlds because they earned it.
: Patch 6.6 notes
rito why u nerf maokai saplings right before urf
Dantilq (EUW)
: I personally feel like it's a bit of a cop-out to keep Q very intact. The spell is one of the core reasons why Vlad feels so stat-checky to fight. It's simply not a healthy and good ability, no matter how much it might feel core to current Vlad (which is not really the epitome of great game design). It's similar to old poppy and her ultimate, it was very core to her, but still not healthy for the game. Free sustain+Damage+Point & Click is not really a good combination of things. The only counterplay to it is to not be within range. That spell is one of the main reasons why Vlad can become a bit of a lane bully against some melee match-ups. Also sustain have a tendency to become very uninteresting, as it works very well against minions, and with no other resources, like mana he simply pushes you out of lane. At a certain point sustain get to the point of, if you don't kill the guy in an all-in, you might as well not attack him, creating a very non-interactive situation, where both just ignore each other and attack minions instead.
i feel like u just got rekt by a vlad in solo q
nancymon (NA)
: Hey there! :D I started off by loosely drawing the shapes of the Flash icon in Photoshop. From there, I used a triangle generator tool which randomly creates triangles in places where you click on the image. The more you click, the more triangles will spawn from that point. I focused larger triangles on the edges of the image and smaller triangles around the shapes of the figure. Once it got close to what I wanted, I used Illustrator to crop off the weird triangular edges and to fine tune (manually changing shapes and colors). Good luck with your project! I'm happy to answer any other questions you have. :)
so basically flash was designed from a bunch of small trinity force icons?
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Lyte (NA)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
I didnt read all of the post yet, but did they remove ranked 5s?
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
Hi! I'm a {{champion:8}} main. I think I could help out some here. So to talk about whats core to Vlad's identity---hes a vampire. I think that his q ability should remain the same. If you make this a skillshot I will be very sad. His pool (w) is also very key to his kit--i think it should stay the same too. His e and r abilities are what define him as a teamfighting mage... but I have faith that the designers can revamp those abilities well. One more thing--his passive. I personally like the passive, along with Galio's passive--they are probably my favorite ones in the game and it seems to be very defining in their identity. (speaking of galio--he needs a rework more than any of these mage champions){{champion:3}} {{item:3070}} So a recap for Vlad's abilities (imo): -----Q=please keep POINT & CLICK NUKE, this is my favorite ability in the entire game !! Pls keep this <3 -----W=pretty core to identity--makes up for lack of movement and is pretty key to his kit when waiting for your QE spell rotation and your ult to pop. Definitely keep this, maybe change the numbers. HOWEVER, {{champion:127}} definitely stole {{champion:8}} 's thunder with the double invulnerability bursty teamfight playstyle. -----E= key to his playstyle, not his identity* Vladimir's E=teamfight. Doesn't have anything to do with vampires though. But then again I haven't watched vampire diaries, so idk. -----R=most champions form a playstyle according to their ultimate. (Zed=assassin, Shen=splitpusher, Vlad=teamfight) I think that this ability should continue to synergize with his E(tides of blood). I also like the idea of infecting enemies with Hemoplague. -----P=(passive) Vlad's passive is key to his playstyle. Tanky teamfight mage who trades cc for damage. His passive does a good job of compensating for the lack of mobility. Without Vlad's passive he is just a teamfight mage with no escape--which would be a problem. The extra tankiness is nice but he should remain an APC and not a tank after the changes. Summary-----Q and W=core to Vlad's identity. Should keep. Passive, E, and R=core to Vlad's playstyle--which portray him as a teamfighter. Now for the issues that bother me when I play them. I didn't have any issues with Vlad's kit, I honestly enjoyed playing it(hence my 2000 games of Vlad). I loved playing full ap Vladimir. I liked being able to 100-0 a target and chunk the rest for 1/3 hp when I was fed. But with AP item changes (deathcap 4000 gold !!!) they left me sick to my stomach. You know the feeling you get after you eat Chipotle with extra hot sauce? Yeah that's what it felt like to me. The full build for Vladimir is generally about 1000-1500 gold more expensive. The games are even shorter now so this was a MASSIVE nerf. Seriously my hopes of playing Vlad to master tier just jumped out the window and landed in a dumpster on top of my Galio strategy book. Well that's my spiel, but honestly that was the main issue I had playing Vladimir. Basically I didn't like the fact he got nerfed(indirectly). But I did enjoy figuring out strategies to play around his weaknesses. Also, I think that Vladimir has seen so much play because he is "noob friendly" and fills the role of AP Mage for top lane--which is rare. It gives players who don't main top a simple, good AP carry to play top lane. At the end of the day, if I was in charge of remaking Vladimir, I would keep his Q, W, and Passive. I would design his R to make you really feel like you're infecting champions and at the same time keep its AOE capabilities. I would synergize his E (tides of blood) with his ultimate in some way. If you didn't read this: Keep Q+W. R is nice... but can be tweaked. Passive is nice. E can change. Keep synergy with E+R. Keep Spellvamp. If you actually read all this--thank you :)
SamFkn1 (NA)
: About ball of stat champions...
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Lugg (NA)
: Stressful is one way to put it. Frustrating is probably the better term. If I am in a solo lane, I win it over 90% of the time. I don't get caught out and I don't get caught out. If my opponent roams, I ping the other lanes and give them a heads up. But guess what, it does no good because they don't listen and get killed. Then I'm stuck facing a team that now has a kill and an assist against me. This continues the entire game, all game until the other team is so fed, that (even though I have shown I have the higher skill level) I can no longer fight against them. If I'm bot, we win there as well (unless my lane partner feeds like a buffet, which happens way too often). We win lane only to find out that the rest of our team has fed, so we are against 3 fed opponents just to our two. If I'm jungle, I usually have two lanes that have lost lane and died before I even hit level 3. So now I can't gank those lanes without fear of giving up a double kill and when I go to one lane that is ahead or winning, the other jungler is camping there waiting for a countergank. I try roaming as well, only to get flamed by my own teammates for ganking their lane and supposedly KSing their kill even though they were losing their lane. So how the F do you overcome idiocy of that degree? I always try to be positive and lift my team up, but the majority of the time, they are just way too heavy to carry.
I looked at your match history, and if you actually want to get better, then don't play ranked until you consistently get over at least 150 cs @20 min. If you find it frustrating, then that is hindering your performance. You are blaming your teammates, while there are plenty of flaws in yourself that you continue to overlook. Another thing you can improve is to not win lane 90% of time. Win lane 100% of the time. If you push yourself, you can do it, but you need the proper mindset so that you can concentrate on your performance. Whenever my bot lane feeds in solo Q, instead of flaming them, I tell them--don't worry, I like shutdown gold ;) ^Mindset matters.
: Petition to make Leona's ult global
Only if you rework diana & give her a global leona ult that only works in fog of war places
: > [{quoted}](name=extra delux,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TwsAJmkW,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-10-15T22:21:30.517+0000) > >this specific gp10 item is for ad carries Stopped there. {{item:3142}}
As you read past the part where you stopped, you will see that I specifically talk about {{item:3142}} only because you mentioned nobody else made a claim for it. I'm trying to help. If you're just looking to argue, then this will be my last message.
Pelkrock (NA)
: Good stuff man, I have been working a lot on improving myself. What is lmls though?
Imls is a Lol coach. IMO--he is able to help you understand the intricacies of league better than anybody else. *This isn't a sellout. I came here to help some people climb, and watching his videos helped me out a ton. lastshadow9 ^is his youtube name
Darkwind (NA)
: I mean i don't know what to tell you. It is that bad. Most plat 1s are thirsty as hell for diamond, which makes them rage really easily. Since they're plat 1 , they also tend to have a lot of ego. The boosters are everywhere, and yeah they drop, but new players just get boosted up. + the name of the game is whoever throws least hard wins, so the game is quite dependent upon whether your team happens to get caught out. Not saying you can't carry, you can- it's just toxic as hell and much harder to carry than p2 or d4, from my experience and that of my friends throughout diamond.
Every league has their stereotypes, and there is some truth to every stereotype(otherwise it would just be a rumor). From my experience, a good handful of players stuck in plat are extremely stubborn & have massive egos that couldn't be pierced by a Season 4 max range nidalee spear. I'm talking about a decent amount of players around P2-P1 with 800+ ranked games. They think they are good enough to get diamond, and for good reason---they probably are. The main thing hindering them is their mindset. Their ego is blocking their ability to reason and admit imperfections, stopping them from climbing to diamond and creating a sense of elo hell.
Lugg (NA)
: The climb from Gold to Diamond is MUCH easier than the climb from Bronze to Gold since you actually have teammates who have a clue on how to play.
If you don't have teammates that know how to play, then your opponents wont know how to play either. You have 4 teammates, 5 opponents, and yourself in a game. If you are losing 50% of games and in bronze-gold, then stop blaming your teammates because you don't know how to play either. Getting from bronze to gold is just a stressful way to learn the basics of League.
: Very interesting to get more from a high level player than "get good and carry lol." Thanks for the advice. Did a search for Imls and not much came up. Who is he?
It's nice to get some positive feedback, thank you! Imls is a Lol coach. IMO--he is able to help you understand the intricacies of league better than anybody else. *This isn't a sellout. I came here to help some people climb, and watching his videos helped me out a ton. lastshadow9 ^is his youtube name
Amici (NA)
: So in other words you became a 1 trick pony. I think majority of people are already aware 1 trick ponies climb faster then people who play many things lol. Also you forgot to put swain as a counter pick :P hes a pretty strong counter to vlad
Actually funny you mention that, I was going to list swain on the counter picks that I had to deal with finding a way to play against them. The first time I laned against a swain, I got dumpstered. The reason I didn't talk about it in my post is because I cut a lot out that seemed unnecessary, only giving a couple examples. I tried to keep it shorter. How I learned Vlad vs swain matchup: At first, I tried to just buy magic resist items to get around swain(the same tactic I used for fiddle and malz), but swain would still out perform me outside of lane. So after a few 1v1s against my friend (who happened to main swain top at the time), I learned how to counter him. I took advantage of swain's mana cost--specifically his ult. I would almost never pool in lane, unless swain's w would lock me up for a kill. Using pool as vlad sacrifices a good chunk of health, which is a vital mistake when trying to out-sustain swain. After swain's E wears off, he loses out on a ton of damage. Eventually, I could judge his damage(knowing I wouldnt die), while the swain would leave his ult running and drain a huge part of his mana bar. After I had {{item:3065}} {{item:3152}} it was GG. I wouldn't use my E or W when I fought swain after 6. I would just spam my Q, chug potions, take minimal damage from his Q, and avoid his W's. Now, every time I lane vs. a Swain, I wipe the floor with them, no matter how high their elo. This is the main advantage of being a 1 trick pony---you learn your champion's limits so well, that you can consistently win lane through mind games, baiting them into situations which they think are optimal, but are actually detrimental. I'm not saying one trick ponies are better than jack of all trades though: Mind games, understanding of damage thresholds, and consistently making good decisions tend to be easier for a one trick pony because: a OTP will be more familiar with 1 champion, which allows them to devote more of their concentration towards other aspects of the game due to their movements and mechanics being so natural. When compared to a Jack of all trades, the JAT will devote more of their focus on a champions mechanics, movements, cancelling auto attacks, attack moving, etc. The massive benefit that the JAT has over the OTP lies in their varied champ pool. They are able to adapt to any meta, and any position, which becomes an important advantage in solo queue. One thing that I have noticed is that OTP's play more with confidence and leadership(when on their main champion), while JAT's are more willing to be team players with unselfish attitudes. I think a mixture of 3JAT's and 2OTP's on a solo queue team is the best, because it offers a variety of strengths and adaptability that benefit the team overall.
pvp2015 (NA)
: "-So instead of spamming whatever was meta, I picked one champion --regardless of whether or not he was meta." I want to try that but what if my main is Blitzcrank?
Blitz is an amazing champ to carry solo queue with. I've been carried before by blitz and lost games because blitz hooks catching my teammates. A good blitz can be a nightmare to deal with, best of luck to you mate!
: New champion titles
{{champion:8}} Team Jacob
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: > [{quoted}](name=extra delux,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TwsAJmkW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-15T17:04:31.118+0000) > > Avarice Blade is designed to generate gold by farming (and gp10) to make up for a kill ~300 gold or so, that you've fed to the enemy team OR to help scale a late game carry who relies on farming. It isn't supposed to make your farming worse, it is to reward you for farming properly (last hitting). The only way it would be considered "unpredictable farming" is if you're pushing a lane. If your goal is to hard push waves, then you should have gotten a pickaxe or bf; avarice is the wrong item for that. So really, if you want reliable farming with avarice blade, make sure to put yourself in a situation where you're not hard pushing waves, but rather freezing them. Conceptually, it's just not logical, regardless of if it's practical. Also, a lot of champions that love Avarice (Tristana, Yasuo, Tryndamere) like to push, so your point about Pickaxe or BF doesn't cover every case.
Actually, conceptually, it's very logical. The logical concept? Simple. All gp10 items give bonus stats OTHER THAN gp10. (This is just how Riot designed the game. There is no why. This is like saying why do all champions have abilities AND passives? --Because that's how Riot designed them.) Building on my previous point, this specific gp10 item is for ad carries(adc's or champions like tryn). Other gp10 items like spellthief are optimally designed for mages playing support. Spellthief is not popular among mid lane champions because it is inefficient, and provides a very LIMITED, WEAK BUILD PATH UPON UPGRADING. Also, the gold generated from this item is mostly granted to you upon attacking an opponent, where as in mid lane, you will lose the trade so poorly due to the lack of combat stats it provides compared to other options. It is simply not META(most effective tactics available). While avarice blade's passive gold is granted through farming, not fighting. In some situations, this IS meta. Below is an explanation of a situation in which building avarice blade into Youmuu's can be the most effective tactic available. *Note: because this is a situational item, I gave an example of why a Pickaxe could be a better option. **You said nobody made a claim for {{item:3142}} . Here is one. -----You build Youmuu's primarily for speed, AND if the stats of ad, armor pen, and crit are OPTIMAL for your build. -----------Example: Master Yi. Master Yi loves all those stats. He loves to crit, he loves ad & armor pen. He loves to move fast too. But why does he need crit? The crit helps simply helps him clear monsters in the jungle, and extra combat stats for dueling champions. There is no missing last hits in the jungle(unless it gets stolen of couse--but this is why you have smite to secure opjectives). This is a logical example of building Youmuu's out of avarice blade. If you want an explanation for static shyv I can make one too, but I feel like it's much more obvious and easier to find an ideal situation to build it in compared to Youmuu's. Also, if you have any questions about specific cases then please specify them and I'll be happy to help if I can.
spcc309 (NA)
: Top Lane Pool/Tactics
First off, that is a poor mentality for going into top lane. It lacks any sort of aggression and is also selfish. It's basically saying: my team will carry me if I don't screw up. Most everybody had the same thought process that you do at some point, so no need to feel bad or anything. But here's the case: if you don't die and have 300 cs at 25 minutes, are you guaranteed a win? No. Actually, you might even have less of a chance of winning, or already lost. If you have that much farm in a solo que game, then your team is fighting a 4v5 game most likely. Unless, of course, you have a team comp that can handle clearing waves, defending sieges, and avoiding picks(and your teammates play accordingly). Also, if you're afraid of dying and you're playing the TANK on your team--the meat shield who takes the damage for your carries, then you're playing wrong. You're saying you play Sion, who has a passive that only activates upon dying that deals tons of damage, and you're afraid of using it? This mentality will get you stuck in some sort of "elo hell" that you may or may not think exists. In reality, you are afraid to make mistakes because your teammates will Q_Q at you. What you need to do is practice being aggressive, you need to make calls for your team, right or wrong, admit and learn from your mistakes. DO NOT be afraid to make mistakes. If you make mistakes, don't blame your team, blame yourself. Your ego should be non-existent. Watch pro players and streamers, mimic what they do. Analyze your games, see what you could have done better or think you could have done better, and try it out next time you're in a similar situation. Experiment with runes! Go in custom games and try level 1 strategies like farming a camp--even Vladimir, who has a very weak lvl 1 can farm a camp. These are things that I did that got me from gold 3 to diamond in less than 200 games earlier in the season. Next, to answer your questions: 1 -Pick the easiest possible champions for top lane. Pick brain-dead, no-mechanics champions. Have you ever played a champion and gotten flamed in all chat after playing it because it requires no skill? PLAY THAT CHAMPION. Have you tried Vladimir? Nasus? Rammus? Granted, Nasus does have a skill-shot in his kit, but it is LITERALLY A BATTLEFIELD. Quite hard to miss. The champion that would be easiest for you to pick up is Nasus. Want to farm all day? Stay top not die? Boom. Nasus. But I would recommend you pick one champ and spam it in solo-que. One trick ponies are flooding Challenger in NA, and for good reasons. It is the quickest, most efficient way to climb. You will be so good at that one champion, that you will crush your lane opponents and CONSISTENTLY carry games with that champion. Pick 1 back up champion that can play against your main champion. Pick up support(since nobody wants support in solo-que), if you suck at supporting then pick Leona and go aggressive. Learn from your mistakes and get better. Get stuck mid lane? Jungle? Play your top champions at Jungle, mid, even support. 2 -I hope this is a joke because I'm not answering this. 3 -All you need to know about trinkets: blue trinket=adc only, change on 2nd base. Sweeper: support gets every game as soon as sightstone completed. Invisible top/mid/ad/jg on enemy team? Then anyone is game to upgrade sweeper(adc would upgrade it if you want to 1v1 Vayne, Akali, etc). It's situational for top/mid. Jungle usually gets sweeper after first/second back, or upgrade yellow, depending on how their playstyle. Yellow trinket upgrade with the 2 green wards is your priority top lane. You are on an island. This yellow trinket is your lighthouse. Upgrade it whenever you start split pushing or around 25-30 minutes when baron & dragon come into play and you need to help your TEAM(notice I didn't say support) with vision. -Don't know when to get wards? Just buy a ward every time you base. This will get easier when you farm better. Losing lane? Buy green ward. Winning lane? Buy pink ward. -Place your trinket from 2:30 to 2:45 to spot a jungle gank. -Get 20 rune pages -Get a full armor rune page(4/26/0, 0/30/0, or 0/27/3 masteries) & play rammus top. Rush homeguard ninja tabi, and then thornmail. Enjoy. -Watch pro players stream -If you want to get gud, spend all your league time towards improving, rather than playing aram -Struggling in ranked? Go play normals. Try hard. Winning normal games increases your normal game mmr(seperate from ranked). Play 100 normal games before touching ranked again. Rinse, wash, repeat. -On tilt? Stop playing league after the match you're in ends. Don't play for the rest of the day. It's a GAME designed for you to have FUN. If you aren't having FUN, why are you playing it? -Teammates feeding? Who cares? Not you. Care about your individual performance, but don't judge your performance with any bias. Don't be a selfish player. Deny every /ff20. How else are you going to get better at late game? -Complement teammates for doing good. -When picking champion pool--pick champs you enjoy playing. Not the latest champion that Faker played. -Know the meta, don't be the meta. Main champion got nerfed? Stick with them. Losing lots of elo after nerf to main champion? Stick with them. You will gain it back. When everyone else quits playing your champion, then they won't be familiar with playing against it, while you know how to make the best use of their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. *Remember: Champion stats reset after every game. Champion knowledge and skill doesn't. Pick a champion and stick to your guns.
: Why does Avarice Blade give Crit, but also gold for successfully farming creeps?
Avarice Blade is designed to generate gold by farming (and gp10) to make up for a kill ~300 gold or so, that you've fed to the enemy team OR to help scale a late game carry who relies on farming. It isn't supposed to make your farming worse, it is to reward you for farming properly (last hitting). The only way it would be considered "unpredictable farming" is if you're pushing a lane. If your goal is to hard push waves, then you should have gotten a pickaxe or bf; avarice is the wrong item for that. So really, if you want reliable farming with avarice blade, make sure to put yourself in a situation where you're not hard pushing waves, but rather freezing them.
: Who's your best champ?

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