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: Lol your reasoning is pure guesswork. You dont know any of that, you just straight made it up, honestly. Think about it. You're just asserting all this nonsense of "people will..." this and "people will..." that. Its completely made up.
I gave an example of Tyler1 getting banned 17 times without becoming any less toxic, so it does have evidence to it.
: The point of a perma is to be harsh, though. To tell you "hey if you screw up again you are NEVER getting your account back", not "eh you lose your stuff but you can come back in a year".
"A year" is not an insignificant amount of time like you insinuate it is in your quote.
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: Tyler1 was ID banned, a step beyond what most players would ever get and different than a permanent ban. It means that Riot was banning Tyler1 on sight. He never got any of his accounts back.
My point was that no matter how much he got banned, he was still toxic, so permanent bans didn't really affect him.
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