: Since it was requested the other day, I'm going to make good on my offer of a peer review. Apologies that it took a while to get around to writing this up, but, what can you do? > ez adc: WTF' ez adc: IS THAT BULLSHIT ez adc: that fucking minion block ez adc: that got u the kill This, I'd like to point out, may potentially be flagged as negativity, though I imagine one-off exclamations like these tend to be regarded the same as "GG EZ" - not enough to warrant a punishment on its own, but likely could contribute to a punishment in the light of other behavior. > ez adc: nah i was running back u idiot > ez adc: report bot Insults and report-rallying; the first line, you could've been well enough off without calling whomever an idiot. As for the report-rallying; more reports do not increase the likelihood of a punishment, and the IFS only needs one report to trigger a review; there's no real benefit to having more reports filed against a single player, and consequently, report-rallying can be flagged as a form of harassment. > ez adc: xin why do u even bother gnaking this idiot ez adc: just gank me ez adc: she doesnt know how to play ez adc: 0/3 ez adc: with 3 ganks ez adc: how did this ez even get gold Insults (calling someone an idiot and exclaiming that they don't know how to play), score-shaming, and passive-aggressive insults ("how did this ez even get gold); none of those behaviors are acceptable. > ez adc: thus league is a fcking joke ez adc: 1/5 adc ez adc: 0/4 mid ez adc: a jg yhat doesnt even gank ez adc: do u not have cc? ez adc: she always pushed up ez adc: ur actually blind if u dont see it This seems to be the point where the first game's chat log just devolves into negativity, insults, flaming, & arguing. > ez adc: but xin why would i fight ez adc: u dont provide any damage ez adc: so no point right ez adc: report adc ty And it's capped off with more arguing and another call for reports. --- > ez adc: agith ff ez adc: top fed ez adc: how does a gold nasus feed a silver ez adc: boosted ez adc: nvm he trolling ez adc: hes trollin bro ez adc: please ez adc: nasus just admit it ez adc: ur trolling ez adc: u see ez adc: fiora ez adc: he just flashed for no reason ez adc: please report Game 2 starts off pretty quickly with flaming and report-rallying. Regardless of whether or not someone is legitimately trolling, flaming them, calling for reports, & calling for surrenders isn't going to help anything. In fact, if they _are_ trolls, you're basically giving them exactly what they want - a reaction. So by flaming them, you're basically telling them that you're easy pickings and validating their trolling. It's Internet 101: "Don't feed the troll". > ez adc: lol this kaisa doestn even know how to farm ez adc: bro ur gold 4 ez adc: you actually have no room to talk ez adc: anyways report this nasus ez adc: how am i trolling? ez adc: dont push lane ez adc: do you know how to not push? ez adc: you really think im the one trolling? ez adc: wow u must have gotten boosted ez adc: she doesnt know how to farm The flaming continues, moving on to harassing Kai'Sa, rank-shaming (or, moreover, leveraging rank to insult someone), more report-rallying, and detrimental arguments. > ez adc: the kai sa hits minions ez adc: instead of jhin ez adc: and u think im trolling ez adc: u deserve silver ez adc: lol stfu xin ez adc: u cant even jg ez adc: account buying? ez adc: boosting ez adc: HOW DID THIS NASUS LOOSE TO THIS SHIT FIORA ez adc: and nasus ez adc: standing in base ez adc: afk ez adc: yes go troll some more ez adc: ty ez adc: lol xin inting too ez adc: has ult ez adc: never uses And at no point for the rest of Game 2 does it ever get any better. You quite literally spent the entirety of that match flaming and harassing your teammates. --- > ez adc: WHY CHASE ez adc: ff 15 Game 3, while shorter, does of course still contain misbehavior, starting with the above negativity. Nobody really wants to hear people exclaim that they want to surrender at 15 - as it were, people rather dislike those who can't commit to a match and readily opt for surrender when things start going sour. > ez adc: panth stop feeding ez adc: LEARN HOW TO WARD ez adc: ah yes ez adc: u fed him ez adc: 0/4 Harassment, score-shaming, and directed negativity. > ez adc: bro u lost lost hahahaha ez adc: cause u dont know how to ward ez adc: morg hasnt hit a single q And more negativity and harassment both. --- Between these three matches, you show a readiness to harass and insult your teammates when they underperform, and a consistent degree of negativity alongside it. And since this was, as you said in your previous post, a few days following your 14-day ban being cleared, this behavior is more than enough to warrant the permanent suspension. > ...I didnt swear at the people i only pointed out what their flaws in hope that they could improve and elevate their gameplay. Unfortunately, the way you went about doing so wasn't actually conducive to them improving. Nobody's going to improve if they're being called "idiot", or being chewed out for "feeding" or being basically yelled at that they need to "LEARN HOW TO WARD"; flaming and harassing players isn't going to help them improve, and, unsurprisingly, there is terminology to describe such a counterproductive method of trying to help others; Destructive Criticism. Criticism delivered with the intent to break (people) down, rather than to build them up. While there is certainly something to be said about people needing to know that they're screwing up in order to improve, that's basically _all that you were doing_. And that's what separates Destructive Criticism from Non-Constructive Criticsm, as well; non-constructive criticism is pointing out issues or flaws; destructive criticism is hammering at them to ill-effect. If you're wanting to try and help people improve, you're going to have to practice Constructive Criticism; you have to build them up, not break them down. It's one thing to tell someone that they messed up, but it's another thing to help them figure out how to do better next time and encourage them to keep going. That's what constructive criticism is, and it's the most effective form of criticism one can offer. If people are going to improve and do better, they need encouragement that they _can_. Calling people "idiots" is not encouraging. They need to have a direction to go in regards to their improvement, they need to know _what_ they should be doing; "Learn to ward" is something so broad and general as to be virtually useless as advice. There's much more to giving advice and criticism than that, of course; delivery and accepting when people aren't ready to improve are both necessary skills as well, but at the core of it, if your goal is to help others improve, then the biggest problem is the way you're going about it.
no worries thank you for your time. I'd just like to point out that i wasn't literally score shaming... they pointed out my score and my flaws so I just replied by doing the same thing. And you mentioned harrassing kai'sa but she was literally attacking minions instead of the opponent so I pointed it out because others didn't believe she was inting. FF at 15... I don't understand whats so wrong with saying that, its not like im going to stop trying my best all it means that the game at the current stage is probably going to be a stomp so might as well be ready. Also, wdym directed negativity... In no way did I direct negativity in game 3 I pointed out the obvious, as i remember he was getting mad that he was being camped so i pointed out how to solve the issue. I feel like the conduction of flaming doesn't go both ways. Game 2 fine I flamed because my team was inting but I did not direct negativity i made my case on how kai'sa and nasus were trolling, I didnt realize more reports affect didnt mean anything, the way i saw it was that the more people who reported the more likely it was going to be reviewed by an actual person. Game 3???? really directed negativity if you looked at the other chats of my team mates it was literally answering their question on why their jg always gank but ours doesnt.
: So do you in most games where someone isn't playing well say to report them? because that is by Riot games considered a form of harassment and is a ban-able offense if you do it enough and get reported enough for it. Also you were a bit of a dick in chat so that also has something to do with it. With this being a Perm ban that means you are also a repeat offender. You called your Nasus in one game boosted (less toxic way of saying he is garbage but people still know what you mean). Questioned how someone even got into gold, pointed out peoples scores nothing you said was constructive criticism at all. So yeah likely earned that ban.
I understand where you are coming from but the chat log only shows my position, if you look at the game im just defending myself later on, it gets to a point where this seems so one-sided as if im just talking to myself. Trust me when I say that nasus was trolling you can even look at the photage. But if you where in that game being flamed im sure u would undestand what lead me to typing these in response
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: I can offer a peer-review, yeah. You'll have to post your chat logs somewhere; be it in this post or in a new one. I can't guarantee that I wouldn't find some, if any, of your behavior toxic, but I will at least extend the benefit of the doubt that you probably did improve to some degree from the 14-day ban.
I was under the impression that you would be able to view the chat logs, If not how would I?
: > ...all I'm saying is fix your system. You seem to be under the impression that I work for Riot. As it were, I don't. It's not my system, and I'm in no position to fix anything - even still, just saying "fix it" doesn't exactly help matters even if I could. > ...when you're inting I suspect riot doesn't even have an algorithm to determine inting. They have a system in place, and it is at the very least accurate, if not reliable. Could it use improvements? Definitely. Is Riot working on improving it? To my knowledge, yes. > ...don't even try and excuse the inting problem with a "both get dealt with"... _Both get dealt with, whether you believe so or not._ Imperial Pandaa gave you a litany of examples in their contribution to this comment string. I'm not excusing the problem, I'm simply telling you, both _do_ get dealt with. > ...I know for a fact no one I have reported for Inting has ever gotten a ban. I can only wonder how you came upon such accurate and telling information that you could know for absolute certain whether or not someone got banned. And if you're stalking people's match-histories (which to me seems the only viable way of getting said information), might I add that, for one, that's against the [Terms of Use](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#code-conduct), and two, do you not have anything better to do than waste time stewing over how one random player screwed over one match out of hundreds of thousands that you'll play? > I have already reported the two people who inted in my last game but just like all the other people I have reported nothing will happen to them. You don't know that for certain. You're assuming as much, but if you reported them _and_ they did intentionally feed, they will get punished. Thing is about that; it takes a while to discern intentional feeding, because you have to determine _intent_. And that's not something that can simply be determined in a matter of seconds. > So why don't you help me... What do you expect me to do? I don't work for Riot, and I have no power to do anything more than you do. Beyond that; Naming & Shaming is against the [Boards Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/ITFIpNUE). The Boards isn't the place to be reporting people, even if someone here _could_ do anything about it. > ...do something instead of telling me it's my fault. Let's assume for a second that I _could_ do anything; that I held some position in Riot, and had the power to levy punishment. Even if I did punish those players, you would not know. Riot policy requires that they do not disclose any information about the status of other people's accounts, so I would have to extend that same policy to you. Their punishment is not your business. So even if I could do anything, and _did_ do something, you'd still walk away dissatisfied because all I could have given you was a "I'll look into it". But as your peer, as simply another player, I cannot do anything to punish another player. So all I can do is explain _your_ punishment to you.
Actually, in all honesty, I really don't believe I was being toxic in the last game I was reported, could you please take a look at the chat logs? I mean I'm pretty sure I didn't use a swear word or personally attack a person. I commented on someone's playing style sure but that chat log compared to ones I was banned 2 weeks for does show improvement
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: Damn they banned you on my birthday?!?! Fuckers. Thanks Riot. Ruined my birthday. Anyway, dont speak for me. Ive never been punished before. If what you say is true, every player would be banned because according to you "no matter who you are... you cant contain yourself". Come on man. MOST people CAN contain themselves. Otherwise their rules would be very bad for business, as everyone would be banned like you. As far as the mute thing, I kind of agree. But for a lot of people, the damage has already been done... thats why you mute. It comes after the offense. The insults dont bother me, but I've seen people troll literally because "when someone is rude to me, they dont deserve to win". So now I gotta lose for sure, because someone else insulted them. They cant allow players to break the rules just because theyve decided that someone is trolling. I hope you can understand why that would be a complete mess of a system. So instead, they punish it all. Trolling, inting, flaming. They just punish both. And people dont mind (except the ones getting punished) because most people just want to play and dont care how upset you are in game and we get annoyed by kids flaming eachother online in the middle of a game. So dont expect much sympathy from the boards. You can contain yourself. You have the ability. It may not be easy, but you can. If you really cant because of some kind of mental disorder, then I'm sorry for saying you can, and youre just gonna have to disable chat.
The problem is I know for a fact no one I have reported for inting has EVER been banned. Again im not trying to get my account back im trying to bring attention to the problem of people inting and how riot doesn't seem to even care if they banned or not for inting sometimes.
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You guys really F'd up this time. Like with this server move and this patch guys, like omg nobody has a good time like they used to.{{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:72}}
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