: Worked hard on this, hope you guys like it.
nice job man i loved it. i wish u would of done a littel better on the script it doesnt feel quite smooth. but all and all good video and keep at it{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Sanngriðr (EUNE)
: Someone tell me the point of soloque again.
i dont know if its nostolgia but dude i remeber playing the early days of league, and legit every game had some silly shit going on, broken champs that delete u in a second, even the losing games were more fun than the massacres of recent seasons. i feel the game is too compatative or stressefull even if i have a huge lead. i wish things get fixed cus i wana play the game that i fell in love with again.
Rioter Comments
: Thank You
10 years and the game is still as fun and addicting as ever, but i do miss the days when every champion was fukin broken and the random massive bugs i misse those dayz alota laughts back then. as well i would love if u could bring back snowy sf and some old stuff like heart of gold for a week so we would really feel how diffrent league has become.( english unfornately isnt my forte)
thank god, and with the removal of spell vamp items mord just hit the gutter. mord rework did nothing, they didnt even try to rework him like the other juggernauts, one of the worst reworks ever done by riot.
: What’s your story?
my cousin showed me league when it first came out, i have been playing league since season 1.i still am in love with this game after 6 years.this game has been a big part in my life since this is my number 1 hoby. i would love to work for riot after a few years but that would very near impossible, i would like to work there beacus i love this game and i want it to get better and also restore some of the old things that we miss *cough* heart of gold, runterra lore... i hope this game never dies and we keep growing together.i first played league when i was 11 years of age and now i am 18. i love this game and that is my story.
: What’s your story?
mu cousin showed me league when it first came live, i have been playing league since season 1.i still am in love with this game after 6 years.this game has been a big part in my life since this is my number 1 hoby. i would love to work for riot after a few years but that would very near impossible, i would like to work there beacus i love this game and i want it to get better and also restore some of the old things that we miss *cough* heart of gold, runterra lore... i hope this game never dies and we keep growing together.i first played league when i was 11 years of age and now i am 18. i love this game and that is my story.
: I offered a skin to the last player with zero deaths. He said Challenge accepted.
i have a story: during the project hype when project yas was 50%off somone sed that he would gift it to me if i would get a penta with yas. so in a teamfight we were fighting and i got a quad, and the dude just comes up and steals my penta, THEN he sed that i didn't get a penta so he won't gift me project yas. sad story actually but it is true. RIP project yas dreams
: When you're support and your ADC just died, so you tell him to play safe
100 points {{champion:67}} spotting, and gryffindor wins.
Psýcho (NA)
: Jax, Nunu, Fiddle, etc. ever getting a visual update?
actually all of the beta and season 1 champs should almost all of em get a visual update, or a rework cus they playstyle is just not compatible to the new league, like the weird ap ratios on some old champions, or weird abilities like nunu q and w that are almost useless outside the jung, not having a specific role to play on a team like a pure tank like nunu that was a support in season1,etc...
: Instant feedback powers up
so i left some games the past three months due to shitty internet connection, would i be elgible for ths positive player reward, i have been getting it for two or three years now
Bellows (NA)
: Sooo, can we pretty please buff Twitch?
i think twitch would need a small rework getting rid of his q and w for more usefull spells to either reposition himself, pell himself, or an instant AS stereroid.
: The next champion is upon us
I CAN'T SEE what u mean.
Sonber (NA)
: How do I convince a Bronze Tier player to believe he is bronze?
this is the only season i started playing ranked, and i have been in bronze 5, but after i set my mind to it and played to win i started wining game after game, but sometimes i loose the promos, now i am on a loosing streak, and i found out its all in my head, cus i got the mechanical skill to be gold, but i sometimes get too tired to care that much, os its sorta hard.
: Remember those anomalies in the jungle in bronze
wow, this is like the smartest thread that was ever posted in here, i feel intimitated by how much u all know.SO,SO MUCH INFORMATION. but i think that my freind {{champion:161}} would have a better explenation. ITS ALL IN THE VOID.
Shénzhì (EUW)
: The Darkin Weapons
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ75ChovsJM&index=28&list=PLqcmIv0mORZii4BttOaPrUltMfHRp83te this one is made by redmercy
: How to troll people on the boards --- MUST READ BELOW
these are the incoming nerfs for the juggernauts on patch 5.18 that riot is intending to do.
: Happy BURFday
nice idea, but sorry to break it to u kido, but that would be very impractical, with 36 k ppl playing daily, and over 2 million players base , theoraticly it is a birthday is 3 ppl everyday of the year, wich means if they get for example all a mystery skin wurf 520. thats alot of lost money if u can do the math, it would be more of a loss than a win. but its a nice idea and very considerant of u. so i wish u HAPPY BURFDAY for every day of the year <3.
º O (NA)
: Unpopular opinion
i dont think that was that getting bad is what made him quit league, or getting trolled or something, what made him quit making league vids is riot not giving a fuk about him, cus he is promoting their game, he is a league youtuber and riot doesn't even thank him, there isn't a riot made event espacially for content creators in north america.
: [CHAMPION CONCEPT] DhaMa, The Force of Balance (Art and Concept by Samuel Youn)
why are u reposting this, isnt DhaMa an old champion concept? i remeber seeing it a while back
Kouga (NA)
: @Meddler - Scope of future Ezreal changes?
ezreal just isnt as good as b4 and u cant choose him over other adcs, u cant play him adc cus he would get outscalled by other and more populare adcs, ap ez has bad wave clear and super squishy and doesnt have any type of cc to face other mid's. i feel that ez could really use a rework and making him adc or apc, he is in an awkward spot and thats cus of his mixed ratios and ap scalling.
: Upcoming test for XP gain in Russia
what about runes, dont u have some change planned for them, i would really want u to rework the rune system completly
: That's it Riot, I Officially Quit
the BM yi build is coming{{item:3006}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3020}}
: Let me ask some different questions, because perhaps people 'abusing' it might not be the only way to think of it. For players on the losing/outnumbered team, how will they perceive teams that choose to not show them mercy? For winning teams, are we creating an expectation or a feeling that unless they show mercy that they're not as good of players as those who would have? **EDIT: Gotta get back to work, but I saw this thread and wanted to facilitate a bit of discussion. We appreciate the desire you guys have to help make things better!**
why not have a mercy from rito by not loosing 20 or 25 lp, and just loosing 10lp, and if they win they would get a bit more lp than usual.
: Vlad just needs a hardcore rework. He is a fun champion, but if he is strong in even the slightest way, then he suddenly becomes OP. That is why he isn't buffed. I don't remember when his last buff was, but Riot knows better than to fiddle with him too much I think.
he is kinda like mord b4 this rework, rito just prefers not to buff him or nerf him cus they too dont know how to deal with him, expect a vlad rework that will change him completly and makes him shit to play then
salvaro (NA)
: Bloodmoon Diana
the second blood moon diana picture looks so much like the bankai of one of the charecters in bleach
: Yes. But only 7 out of 10 attacks leave the victim permanently maimed, so you should be ok.
i have been attacked by one of those raptors, one of the worst things i experienced after beeing attacked by a creatur named gromp? and since that day i have been memed.sad but true story
: Riot Gutting Armor Items Right as my Internet Speed gets Massively Upgraded
ASSASSIN's are back, AND they are stronger than ever, or untill they get nurfed to the ground
: Quitting after 3 years
i played for 4 years, not on this account tho, but i never gave up, and league now is more than something i do for fun, its evolved into a passion, and yes i am still in bronze, but that is only beacus i never play ranked,and now i am starting to play ranked more, and i will never give up even if i am way better than the people i play with, ebacus i am better than those ragers, toxic whiners, god complex players, and dont remeber even pro players have 50% win rate in solo q( challenger that is). So yah its gona be bad, ur gona get mad, ur gona loose, ur gona meet some awfull people but at the end of the day if u are playing ur best and trying to improve, u ARE going to improve. And if i are as good as gold players then u dont have to work as hard to win cus u can carry. OR u can just make a 5vs5 ranked team.
Salmighty (EUW)
: @Riot Will we get anything new about Darkins in the near future?
sooo, u do know that darkin doesn't exist anymore, and that's beacus no more intitute of war, and as well no more league univers. So they are not called darkin anymore, they are nothing but creatures
: This would be bad idea in the sense of 5 ad comp... NO PROBLEM now all my skills do a shit ton of AP damage and my auto's are unchanged. Also he could abuse items like {{item:3157}} easier
> [{quoted}](name=Bl4ckTe4rz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GQyVOOLg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-14T07:23:30.900+0000) > > This would be bad idea in the sense of 5 ad comp... NO PROBLEM now all my skills do a shit ton of AP damage and my auto's are unchanged. Also he could abuse items like {{item:3157}} easier i am saying that the sepcial item u buy u can only buy it once a game
Rioter Comments
: Sounds like karma to me.
u can say that karma TROLLed him!! HAHAHAHAHA
: > [{quoted}](name=stuartk11,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9rmaVRb5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-12T22:30:13.933+0000) > > I was expecting the first line to be along the lines of: "Can you not bloody read?" Sorry to disappoint but I'm not in the mood for jests. my apologies.
that is what i felt when i first played mord on pbe, angry, but it was more sad angry than anything
: It is over, my friend. We have failled. No matter how much we try, everyone else will forever see us as whiny little bitches that completely deserved this. CertanlyT does not care for Mordekaiser...he never did. Mordekaiser is dead now, and there is nothing we can do about it. Your team will not accept you picking Mordekaiser bot. Your team will not pick an ADC top/mid to make up. Mordekaiser will be utterly unplayable in solo que, and it doesnt matter how powerful or weak he becomes.
forgive us our lord {{champion:82}} we have failed to protect u, we were nothing but mere servants to ur royal op butt, now we will see u fall from grace, u will no be as great as b4, but at least i will remeber the times i have played with u, laughed with u, and raged with u, but i always carry with u. RIP MORD PATCH 5.16
sp441 (NA)
: To all Mordekaiser mains out there: I am so, SO SORRY. I may not have done anything to you, but I feel like somebody owes you an apology, and you aren't going to get it from CertainlyT.
so now, evrytime i enter a game i must say " RIP MORD ON PATCH 5.16", who is with me on this one!
: Riot Games API Challenge 2.0
u know what i want; urf and one for all in one game mode. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY upvote me so that rito hears us
: I'm a simple man. I've played Morde since his release: Feb 24, 2010. He's all I know.
rip solo lane ap mord{{champion:82}} patch 5.16. i love my mord, i stomp games with him, if i dont know what to play ion aa matchup i jsut play mord, i dont like the changes :(
: you know, I never thought about that. :P Probably why I'm still in gold and haven't advanced any
lol i am in bronz and i know that lol, a tanky malph doesnt have the dmg to finish u on his own, and if u cant do alota things the same time u can just flash his ult or pretend to go somewhere and then go the other way when he is far away from u cus he wil have the tendency to ult u at max range
: Every Riven player builds the same shit and plays the SAME way. There is no creativity or individuality to her at all. To be honest, i'd be disappointed in myself if i decided to play Riven because she's an easy ass champion with a toxic playerbase. If i were to ever get a pentakill with her i wouldn't be happy at all because its such a regularly occurring thing that it would not even be borderline impressive at all. It's no fun when you're playing against a champion that can literally be ignited at really low hp but survive with little to no hp because of that bullshit shield that she can use OVER...AND OVER again. I just don't have the balls to play such an overpowered no-skill champion. Saying she's easy to shut down is bs
i build{{item:3158}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3156}} not in that order tho, and even if i loose lane i win game
: Inb4 riven mains infest this thread saying "shes hard to play" .
: Highly doubt it. It seems like she's always a balance subject, but her stealth thing is pretty cool and unique. I wouldn't expect to see anything but numbers tweaking in the near future, though I don't even know if there's anything planned for her on that front either.
so..balanced OFC, after she got eved and got the riot nerf hammer so hard she went into oblivion after her releas. I miss old eve where u would kill the enemy team with them even knowing. and ALSO why do i see u the most in the threads?u seem like a cool dude btw
: Dante's Inferno... the video game.
NO,NONONONONONONONONO! they removed heart of gold from league cus it was too dam good. EH memoriz, when i used to build it evry dam time and get tons of gold. when i build it even when i am playing ap mid just to fuk with their mind. RIP HEART OF GOLD and RIP atma's imapaler my go to item when i am a tank
iLuma (NA)
: PSA - Giving Away Free Skins & Rude Winners
but, where i my free skin LOL! but for real thanks for beeing so dam generious, i never knew what was ur deep dark secret for giving out these free skins, BUT now i KNOW!! that ur just kind :)
Jamener (NA)
: Petition to keep the Bilgewater ARAM map in circulation
i think the new map should be used for a new game mode
: Shen's the perfect example of lemons and lemonade
did u know that shen and akali are the only two ninja that their q isnt a projectile wich makes sound on impact, and that is a now what of the defining factors of ninjas. And shen is the only one that relies on his auto attacks more than the others. But anyways he might get a rework soon.
: Y'know.... Smite has a Sandbox mode....
yah they have, but thats not what the sandbox mode that we want is, we want mroe freedom, we want to costemise almost everything
: Refer-a-Friend retires in thirty days
RIP RAF, will be remembered {{item:3070}}
: Come join **[Factions!](http://leaguefactions.net/)** You're still a Summoner here.
omg, i didnt know this existed, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME!!
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