: @Riot: I'd like to donate all my RP
Dont buy RP its not worth it
8Sion7 (EUNE)
: Hi i mean for a week all players get 10 rp and for party days get 100!
You know hextec is kinda like this for free RP but I warn you dont waste RP you will regret it and do something stupid one day just to have your account banned
: Ok this post seems to be sending mixed signals. First, you say you're dumb for scripting. Then somehow you are blaming Riot, that any money on them is wasted. It's only a waste if you decide to go script again (or do other things to get you perma'd).
yeah i deleted the crap off my computer there response time was too fast but I am not paying for RP ever again. So finacially I am happy
: banned because i was trolled in promotion series....
dont bother riot wont care if you like the game just start over. Also dont waste money on RP.
Rioter Comments
: looking for some people to play ranked games with :)
: When I Do When the NA Client Is Down
I am on LAS same speed but in spanish. I speak it so no issue there
: About leave queue
this post makes no sense
: I got Perma banned
Ir happened to me too 2 days ago is riot having issues?
: Ive been in normal que for 1 hour.... why
dude if your in que for 5 minutes reset it.
: It takes 10x more skill to play AGAINST Fiora than it takes to play AS Fiora
: **True Story Inbound when I was in Bronze II** {{champion:42}}: "You useless Support. Why didn't you go in with me?!!" {{champion:89}}: "Zac came, they have an Alistar, and you were only at 200 HP." {{champion:42}}: "I had package you worthless (female dog)." {{champion:89}}: "I can't save you from three people when you're low and you're going in." {{champion:42}}: "Don't come bottom anymore, you're going to hold me back." {{champion:89}}: "Don't be like that, we can win. Just farm up and we'll-" {{champion:42}}: "You're Leona. You're supposed to be a frontline tank and take everything on for me. I want you to go in, stun that Ezreal so I can get some (planting flowers) kills. This is why you're still in Bronze, and you'll never get out. You're the worst Leona I had ever seen, you're supposed to die for me because you're not good for anything else. I'm going to mute you now, and I want you out of bot lane. You (planting flowers) suck." {{champion:89}}: "... Have it your way." _Goes help out the other lanes instead._ We ended up losing, despite we came close to winning while Corki fed & raged from there no matter how things turned out. But I kept playing as a smart Leona instead of a narrow tunneled one that dived whatever without thinking. By the way if that Corki is still out there- **I'm in Gold 3 now** ..
the reason i cant support anymore. :(
SrbLud (NA)
: You played at least 4 matches after writing this...
just checked your right lol http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=kindaiwantto
Twiggles (NA)
: Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag. I'm not sorry.
best youtube video ever
: Why I'm starting to hate being a Support main
i agree supports need to be able to do more or just not exist. Being a sup main is hard in my low elo of silvir cause I depend to much on everyone else. Now I main mid/jg
: I like how Riot has effectively killed the support role, and still hasn't even addressed the issue.
i am a support main but people dont play good enough in my elo that i have no choice but to avoid sup entirely cause sup cant carry or pick up dead weight.
: id rather stay 10 min in Q get my main role or sec and play .. not to waste 20 min with 2 junglers and zed supp because the last pick decided that to instalock :| TY RIOT FOR DYNAMIC Q !!!
: To everyone that has a ship for Annie
hello everyone my name is markiplier and today we are playing ...
Makalai (NA)
: Grade not appearing after games.
agreed no one can see grades anymore
: 10 Baits you won't believe worked
wow wtf why is this upvoted such a click bait
: League less lonely: launching Clubs
How do you switch between clan tags if one of them you are the leader of? I might want to play a different clan tag depending on the game. or is this automatic?
: I didnt sign up for fucking ranked 5v5's
sucks to suck deal with the new meta {{champion:32}}
: Store Visual Update heading to PBE
someone give me a pbe account
Arie (NA)
: Community Skin Spotlight
Dang it Red Riot. Now has a feature. That skin concept is so old
: Need help with a username!! (Mystery Gift Prize)
how about scammer cause you scam anyone you can fool
: Help, I can't log into League
gift me my skin scumbag i will find you you piece of crap
: Please, Read My Case.
never done anything bad how about stealing my money 6 months ago. I bought you veigar and you never used it punk. You still owe me a mystery skin from that long ago. I also notice you like to hack in mincraft. Dude you need to go die in a fire prick.
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
time is going up again dang i should of left it running this whole time
: Download the free League Friends mobile app!
Uncompatible, lol my phone is a toaster.
Puppet33r (EUNE)
: I always queue up as fill main and 90% of my games are support. I'm becoming way too good with thresh and it scares me.
it might be because your elo is higher. Lower elos tend to support more.
Puppet33r (EUNE)
: Wait... are you saying that someone picked fill and got something other then support?
yes you guys make me laugh. I main support and sometimes i get mid when i put sup/mid probably 50/50.
: Just because you're a duo doesn't give you the right to circumvent pick order (we'll call the new system pick order still) and always get what you want. Until *everyone* can queue for one role only, duo's shouldn't get it. Once everybody has that option it's kind of irrelevant whether you're duo or solo (or more). To increase the chance you both get bot lane, both of you queue for the same role and one of you queue for the other. One of the roles will be guaranteed (just trade it to the right person), and the other is likely.
try it because riot made that option not avaliable we tried duo queing our prefered roles but it said we were not diverse to start.
Tyre (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rezandra,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=M98zQjOm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-18T17:31:49.602+0000) > > Under extreme circumstances maybe, like if somebody has been AFK or disconnected since the start of the game. > > But early game is a much different beast from late game. Comebacks happen all the time because a team comp is better at late game. That's why I've learned to never give up unless a game is obviously over. And if you're an experienced player, you should know when that is. It literally doesn't matter, if the entire team is discouraged enough to surrender before 20, I don't think any comebacks are likely.
i agree i upvoted your post. Sad people hate this.
: I agree, if you get 5 people to agree to a surrender before 20 it should be allowed. The only thing I'd worry about would be people spamming the surrender vote from 1st blood on (you know how some people get...), but I think if you could only start the vote before 20 once it'd be fine.
yeah but id rather go on with my life when someone dies 3 times in rapid succession. 90% of the time its gg. Also waisting time is not fun
TBT Drop (NA)
: looking for 5 man dynamic que
or you could solo q in dynamic if you dont want to wait also "lfg" chatroom has people who are like you.
: Need support/adc for team, silver or gold
bronze1 good oh wait nvm you have a gold. GL with everything
: Free Mentoring / Coaching (limited places available)
IGN:farmcoolgames would like to get some help in improving my skills. I main support and Jungle. I can adc sort of (cs is weak) and top lane is average for me in which i just pick garen in almost all situations. Mid is really tough for me
: are you sure it wasn't 12 minutes ago? that's how long the counter said on mine?
i probably should go tell riot cause it still says 12 hours weird and in games it says 700+ minutes in game
: This be a bug for placements
I was placed bronze 3 for winning 7-10 so its no bug
: Gameplay idea.
are you seeing that this was posting 12 hours ago when it really wasnt. It might be me but every comment is 12 hours more than iut should be
dennisfu (NA)
: why i have 9 wins 1 loss in first 10 matches,i only got bronze v,big bug.
Menteur (EUW)
: [CLIENT] Wrong names of masteries in Draft
: [CLIENT] Friends in game time not showing on friends list
Bump I just got this issue today so it hasnt been fixed yet
: I'm just going to say it, I miss season 5.
I like this season better i am climbing ranks more with dynamic que now solo que isnt so bad anymore
: Looking to create team for dynamic que / ranked 5s. [Bronze - Gold]
: Champion Insights: Jhin
: You know what shouldn't be a thing? Insults for no reason. Your other comment insulting me out of the blue was reported.
you need to learn about the roles before "assuming" things. sure i was "rude" but i was being honest.
Kairya (EUW)
: Huh. Are we playing the same game?
: I don't mean you can't get it. I mean you CAN be support so no one should complain about it.
Kairya (EUW)
: Just put in Mid as secondary....
ha that doesnt even work i have put sup/mid and i seem to get mid more
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