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Hotarµ (NA)
: Doesn't change the fact that the majority of the playerbase doesn't hate it/hasn't formed their opinions yet. Also, preseasons have always had wild shifts and updates. League has been changing rapidly since S5, they're trying to keep it fresh and keep attracting new players + eSports attention.
Are you not reading all the complaints on this forum? There’s a fine line between keeping it fresh and breaking the game
: Elder is designed to be a game ending buff. It has so much power because it is meant to allow the team to end ASAP. It only spawns when a team has 4 dragons. If the game is a stomp, this will happen around 26 minutes. If the game is close, with traded dragons, the game will likely be at 40+ minutes. Both of these instances call for the game to end soon.
why should they now dictate how long a game takes... as said above, I rather play a 40min match that is really close then a 25min match that was decided 5min in all because riot decides to throw a gun into a knife fight and say "first to get it wins". Played since S3 and this has got to be the dumbest shit that they have done.
Ventira (NA)
: Good, that means there's reason for people to actually exercise good obj control. These changes feel like Riot's (admittedly heavy handed) attempt to promote better teamplay rather then the assassin-stuffed burst-fest we've suffered under in S9.
you are one of those fanboys that if riot made a buff that if you push a button it would instantly kill the entire team; you would reply with "good, it forces people to buy a pocket watch early!". Face the facts, the buff is overpowered and has many mentioned, it leads to a losing team instantly winning simply because of luck. Its a stupid change and needs to be fixed.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >Will they listen to their audience and remove elemental drakes, or cling to their changes due to the sunk cost? My guess is the later. _My guess_ is that you're assuming the entire community overwhelmingly despises the Drake changes even though it's been a grand total of one day on the live servers. Say what you want about the balance team and their decisions, they're not stupid enough to bankrupt their entire game and company due to pride or stubbornness. If the majority of the community (keyword: **majority**, not the occasional boards/reddit post) actually dislikes the change, then they'll revert it. Edit: and for the record, I'm not the biggest fan of these changes, but I'm going to give it some more time before I cast final judgment. Would definitely like to see the RNG toned back or removed entirely. Maybe that's just me.
no but the team is stupid enough to implement these changes and fix things that didnt need a change [support items] and ruin certain support champs. All we need is one day to realize how stupid these "dragon souls" are and a buff that wipes an entire team. As always, they went overboard with this shit
: I think dragon changes are a bit overblown by the community. Infernal's damage buff for 1 drake has been nerfed. Ocean's health regen continues in a fight, but is also lower and no more mana regen overall a small buff. Cloud has been changed from movement speed to Ult CDR which is dependent on situation on which is better finally mountain was changed from being only good for taking objectives to providing defenses. In essence what has really happened is the other 3 dragons were brought up to parity with Red dragon. Dragon RNG also feels LESS in some ways to me because I know the first 3 drakes will always be different. No more triple mountain, or triple infernal in the first few minutes of the game. I know if the first drake is cloud that I dont have to worry about the enemy team stacking clouds. If the first is infernal same thing. The only thing TRULY strong about drakes is the Souls, which are way stronger buffs and elder, but these are both end game finishing buffs that SHOULD be strong. The game is already decided by the time a soul is acquired or elder spawns, but giving up first dragon for first herald is a trade I would make every time because herald often means first tower. I wouldnt want to give up later dragons, but those early dragons aren't any stronger than they have been, they are just easier to take and getting a soul/ elder is game ending, but they should be in my opinion. That rewards objective play and control, and not just controlling it once but CONSISTENT control, because getting 4 dragons at a reasonable time means you didnt give up more than 1. What I think people are really feeling is how ridiculously snowbally everything is. If a solo laner dies and misses a couple waves they come back potentially 2 levels behind. If your jungler dies and falls behind the camps low xp and low respawn times means that they werent farming while dead, the camps werent being set to respawn and now they are going to be 3 levels behind solo laners and 2 levels behind their enemy jungler. Add this to how juicey those dragon souls are and you have the snowballing mid and jungle ganging up on bot lane all day to try and get that 4 dragon win condition secured.
I agree that the single dragon buffs are a nice change and makes them all seem helpful. And ya I agree how everything snowballs even further now. The issue is that these stupid dragon souls/ elder dragon make that problem so much worse!
: So far I'm liking the new dragon changes. TBF I've played one game so it's not much to go on but it was fun! I love the changes they make to the jungle. It doesn't feel too crazy but it's different enough that you feel the change. With elder, I actually love that it's an execute (there's some bugs with it I've heard but, once those are worked out it should be nicer). When the elder spawns, I already want to hurry up and end the game. Most of my games in last season never even saw an elder and those that did were usually already decided and just a slow death. When elder spawns, if one team is winning, they will likely get elder and finish up the game. If they don't, they are throwing their lead. If the teams have been going fairly even, elder spawning is essentially a "teamfight here to win" beacon. One of the more frustrating things with this past season has been games that have been decided but take another 10-20 minutes to end. If your team won't FF then that's 10-20 minutes you could've spent playing another game! Elder drake spawning, to me, means that the game has gone on too long and needs to end. and THAT, is something I enjoy. Looking back when games took 40-60 minutes on average, the game was still fun but it was sloooooow. They added Twisted Treeline and I LOVED it because the games were so fast paced (20-30 minutes). Now TT is gone but our main mode SR now usually wraps up in 20-30 minutes. Faster games means I can play more League :) As an aside, I find it funny how I've seen the boards complain all season at how games are decided at champ select or within the first 5-10 minutes, and now it's about Dragon executes deciding games at 35 minutes. Not a jab at OP or anyone here, just something interesting I've noticed
ya as you said you only played one game... wait till the elder dragon buff works against you and your like "ok wow this is drastically unfair". I get they are trying to reward taking the objective but as riot does; they constantly go overboard with something. The new dragon changes are great and balanced. S9 cloud drake wasnt important, now a CDR is very helpful as an example. But the dragon soul BS is so stupid and that really overpowers a team. Now if the soul lasted for a few minutes, I wouldn't mind but come on...AOE dmg, shields, riot. And yes, riot didn't address the biggest issue S9 had, which was the game was decided in 10min/ champ select. The match system is still broken. They really don't get that most players wouldnt mind waiting an extra few minutes so that they are matched fair rather then being matched quickly and getting a useless teammate who isnt in your ELO. Overall this has been a shitty patch and if they dont fix/ nerf some things, I am done with this game.
Hügö (EUW)
: Good thing me and 3 friends just found anothet game we actual have fun with. So vOv
: They have clear, defined, different strengths.
yes one that gives you an advantage that the enemy team can still play against... another that steam rolls the opposing team regardless of what items they have...
: I mean what's busted about it? The enemy in the clip have more gold then you and if they won the buff that's the consequence. New elder is to close insanely long games. In order to get it 1 team has to get 4 dragons and get the dragon soul which gives you a massive advantage. If you arent winning with dragon soul and you lost elder. You should lose the game for sure
That logic is flawed. The elder dragon buff is too overpowered. Ive said this numerous times; the baron buff provides a "power play" [exactly what e-sports calls it] bc the team who has it has an advantage HOWEVER the opposing team can play around it/ can still contest.... unlike the elder dragon, it really doesn't matter what the enemy team does bc the buff is so damn overpowered. I agree with what one user said where the champ that actually kills the drg gets that buff.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You get gold with kills/assists and the passive gold generation etc You get 1k gold with the item, you don't need to pay for supp item upgrades and the passive gold generation was buffed It's actually pretty damn nice
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Lulu,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V3dw5g88,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-21T00:23:39.855+0000) > > You get gold with kills/assists and the passive gold generation etc > You get 1k gold with the item, you don't need to pay for supp item upgrades and the passive gold generation was buffed > It's actually pretty damn nice right and if your team is behind or you adc isn't the greatest... your SOL and don't build anything ever. These new changes are not needed. They really gotta stop changing things that don't need to be fixed.
iiGazeii (NA)
: This is preseason. Things are experimental. They're trying out big changes and seeing the impact they have, and they'll come back later and adjust if needed.
that's complete bs...I really don't think they play test as much as they should. Any mage supp takes a huge hit this season bc lack of mana regen..
Zira (NA)
: You're not wrong. Gradually the boards seem to become more and more negative, with less and less response from Riot (it's a vicious cycle). If Riot had more business sense, they'd realize that the people who bother to write on the boards are people who, for the most part, are the people who care the most about this game. Yet they continue to ignore us. Unfortunately, it would take nothing less than a huge drop in the playerbase to get Riot's attention. I'm not one to hold out hope for that any time soon, but my days go so much better without league.
all they do is cater to the 0.2% of players... I hate when companies do that, it what killed starcraft 2. Like they devote all their time to mastering this game. I feel like as the seasons go on this game is less of a pick up and play and more devoted to understanding every nuance to be remotely good/ actually win. Sure it should reward skill but this is a new level...
: the dragons are good, stop complaining and learn the game.
lol I actually do, however when you have jg basically babysitting bot now and no incentive to gank top bc of how OP drgs are... there is quite a problem. As said before, the buffs are cool however the stupid "dragon soul" isnt needed and the elder dragon buff needs to be reworked. What I like about baron buff is that it gives the team a "power play" however if you are on the opposing team you can play around this...with the elder dragon buff, team fights become cake.
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Morrhen (EUW)
: They're here to stay, sorry mate. Once Riot commits to a change, they're staying with it. Sooooo, you gotta generate a lot of gold, if you want to have 4 placable wards AND additional stats for your FREE item. Tbh most upsetting thing about the changes is removal of regen itself. Nothing else.
> [{quoted}](name=Morrhen,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BJ03AAPZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-20T21:42:27.427+0000) > > They're here to stay, sorry mate. > Once Riot commits to a change, they're staying with it. > Sooooo, you gotta generate a lot of gold, if you want to have 4 placable wards AND additional stats for your FREE item. > > Tbh most upsetting thing about the changes is removal of regen itself. Nothing else. agreed! the mana regen is gonna punish caster support.... this such bs!


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