: Pro tip of the day: dont give money to riot until they fix their systems. Matchmaking literally pitted bronzies against high gold despite them having 50% WR
Which ones had the 50% winrate, the bronze or the gold? :o
: Yup we should never let prisoners out of prison. It's their fault, they're in there.
While true, a permanent ban is Riot's version of "Life without the possibility of parole". The chat restrictions and 14 day suspension are just regular sentencing. Sometimes a ban gets over turned. That's like getting exonerated due to DNA evidence. :D --- And making a new account? That's like reincarnation. Maybe you (not you personally, obviously) are serving life without parole - but hey, give it a shot in your next life/incarnation. Maybe you'll do better. It's like finding Jesus... or something. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The passive expectation to play therapist to mentally unstable teammates is honestly enraging.
I have two words for you: --- **Participation Trophies.** --- I'll let you do the rest of the social math.
: I’m in my mid 40’s and will continue to game until I can’t physically hold a mouse or controller anymore!
Don't worry man, by the time they put us in the rest home we'll have brain-controlled mouse and keyboard as standard on every laptop. League will be in season 45 and there will be 500+ champions to choose from.
: > [{quoted}](name=SovereignMammal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JAEW1pGm,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-05T04:23:19.771+0000) > > Don't apologize. > Apologizing has bred the weak nanny state we now live in. It'd be pretty funny to see a society where no one makes amends for aggression bc they think it makes them look stronger. Anyhow, I think the strongest thing is calm, self-control. It'll get you further in life than being impulsive will.
You can see just such a society in the DPRK.
: Please don't bypass the boards filter. Thanks
Wackyorb (NA)
: Account hacked and banned while not in use.
I'm convinced it's family/friends testing out cheats on a buddy's account. Pretty low thing to do. I'm sure there are plenty of cheaters/scripters who are getting nabbed/banned, but I'd wager a few are just folks who didn't properly secure their account. Hopefully riot has a little mercy on th latter. 'Twould suck you lost your account due to oversight. I've never had an account hacked/stolen, but it would blow nonetheless.
Wackyorb (NA)
: Account hacked and banned while not in use.
You should open a support ticket. I know there's a process for account recovery - i'm sure someone more in the know can assist.
Myfarlin (NA)
: Chat restricted over ONE game where I was being griefed. This is just ridiculous!
I've been playing since season 3 and never been griefed. Oh sure, I've had people TRY to grief me. Try their hardest. But it doesn't case me any grief. It's the mindset man. Don't let yourself be griefed.
Cathanne (NA)
: hate speech is not subject to anything, only a very braindead binary "zero tolerance" system You could say "blacks are not even human, and I despise them and don't want them near me because they stink and are obnoxiously loud" and get no punishment because the system is too stupid to recognize that as hate speech. However, if you say "guys report Nasus, he called me a %%%%%%." "Wow, he just called me %%%%%% again, I have to mute him, I can't deal with this" you will be instantly 14 day banned.
It's almost like the IFS can't determine intent and instead makes determination based on specific keywords or something...
: How can a Vietnamese guy reduce ping in NA server?`
never heard of WTFAST. I'd suggesting moving closer to the United States. That should improve your latency.
: what champions are the best at cuddling?
Personally, I'd like to make a cuddle sandwich. Kayle and Morgana, with fatherdarius in the middle. {{champion:10}} FATHERDARIUS {{champion:25}} They can wrap me in their wings, and do... whatever it is a succubus and angel do when they're cuddling. If we add Teemo and and his special 'shrooms to the mix, then: "To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic." Good times all around. :D --- P.S. Yeah it's two female characters, I was raised mormon in Utah so some ideal mental images are hard to shake... LOL
: Notre Dame is Burning
"They gave me coal for snowdown, so I gave them kerosene." -- {{champion:1}}
Oxóssi (NA)
: I don't know what sports you follow, but even professional matches get heated. Sometimes even amongst players of the same team. Generally speaking, unless it boils over into a physical altercation or is aimed at an official, it occurs without consequence because it's handlers understand that emotions run high in a competitive context. On the other hand, you'll never see players intentionally troll or throw even pickup games because the consequences are immediate. You'd be pushed off your team and barred from playing.
You've obviously never watched NASCAR. I've seen a driver force another driver off the track or into a wall, purely for revenge. And even a mean word can get a driver fined or suspended.
: I wonder how many people are going to be cool enough/old enough to know what song you're referencing. Probably just me. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
I was never cool - it's totally an age thing here. :\
: Remembering why I left league.
Ranked League is going to be a witness, to ultimate test of cerebral fitness.... At least you get your kicks above the waistline, baby.
: will the one known as "slim shady" please stand up
He's like a head vacation to listen to do, because he's only providing for us, the things humorous which we share, with our pals in our own abode.
: will the one known as "x" please give it to me
The artist formerly known as cough suppressant?
: guilt by association is not a thing... and Riot refuses to disclose any mention of how they determine if she was an accomplice in these crimes If someone steals a diamond from a jewelry store and gives it to their girlfriend, there's usually a profiling involved and unless the person involved was a girl with the same characteristics as the girl who had the diamond, there would be no way to prove that she was an accomplice without some physical record of plans or a witness that could not be discredited
: League of legends players are too soft
zounet (EUW)
: question about the spirit world
Look into the the concept of paragons, ala "dungeons and dragons".
: What if.......
What if there's a teapot in orbit around the earth?
: Some people are overly sensitive though
I entirely agree. I think that's what the difference of valid vs invalid reports covers. An overly sensitive person might report something that isn't legitimately report worthy. That's okay though, that report wouldn't do any thing. However, that same overly sensitively person might report valid behavior, and by encouraging them to report whatever makes them feel uncomfortable, Rito gets a larger number of reports through which they can sift and identify legit behavioral concerns. The more data the better, I'd think. YMMV
: Someone told me they loved me and I'm weird about intimacy so, yeah...reported. Good tip Rito
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Yeah, that's why we still have a report system. If you think that their behavior is in any way detrimental, you should report them and move on.
That's kind of my thought. Honestly, I'm not as report-happy as I was when i first started in season 3. I used to report for all sorts of things. Then I mellowed out and now I try to save the reports for the stuff that bothers 'me' (feeding, griefing, ragequit/afks, etc). I use to get really offended by chat insults and would report them all the time. Now that being said I still do if they're... 'persona' (i.e. get cancer and die). But if it's just someone spouting off "get good", "pwned" (saw that the other day, are we still in the 90's? lol) then I just figure they're blowing off steam and I don't let it bother me. Granted I play for fun - not a lot of ranked, probably too many ARAMs. If I was more serious about playing (i.e. ranked) I might have a different outlook. Higher stress environment, there might be some things I'd let slide and other things I'd consider even worse (like a ragequit). But I think the system as designed (to encourage what bothers 'you') works well as a catch-all without needing different reporting systems for different modes. Just my take. Don't know why this subject interested me - first time I've seen that tip but I thought it actually made a lot of sense.
: > [{quoted}](name=kingDeDeDarius,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vmzqcno5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-12T16:38:11.167+0000) > > The problem is the word uncomfortable is incredibly relative and easily abused. Not just any kind of discomfort should be reportable. I mean since Riot promotes and coddles that kind of mentality of being offended by anything, they're not going to reword this "tip"
My thought is it is kind of a catch-all. "Report that which you think needs to be reported." Maybe it's over-reach like during the McCarthy era or how homeland security encourages you to keep an eye on your neighbors (or is that just my hometown), but aren't valid reports just tossed to the side anyway? If I'm wrong I'd like to know.
: The problem is the word uncomfortable is incredibly relative and easily abused. Not just any kind of discomfort should be reportable.
While I agree in principle, I make the distinction between 'valid' reports and non-valid reports. I look at non-valid reports kinda like this: I used to to work 911 dispatch (police/medical/fire). We would get crank calls from time to time, and even well meaning calls of 'suspicious activity' (usually from the elderly). 99% of the time that suspicious activity was just someone getting home from work late at night. Sure, the police resources could have been put to better use I suppose, but in those 1% of cases where something came of it (arrested a burgler, or found a storage unit full of stolen goods, or stopped a domestic violence episode) it was a good thing. I like to the 'valid' reports make the invalid reports worth the effort.
Xidphel (NA)
: I'd love to but the report button is at the result screen. I settle with mute (just mute. Muteall is overkill) until I reach that point if the issue is chat-related.
That makes sense. While I can see the benefit of having a report option in-game, i could also see it used as knee-jerk response when someone does something you don't like. Having the report feature after the game gives you time to cool off and decide if: A) you really want to report / if the report is warranted, and B) if you think it's truly a valid report.
Rioter Comments
: yeah you are right, Im putting things in perspective and how it is received on this end. Is this discussion about putting blame or trying to improve. If you wanna make it about blame. Its on us. Nothing to say. Is it getting better ? Hell no it isnt Now can we do something about ? This was my suggestion. Do you have something constructive to say now ?
I think the system works fine as it stands. As intended. The fact it makes you upset is... unfortunate.
: TIL: Inting is not inting if you (accidentally or not) do something in the match
I mean, he's playing singed. His goal is to run behind enemy lines and cause confusion, right? Or is that only on ARAM?
: Please get rid of level up and capsule notification/visualization
I imagine some people like it. I do. Maybe just make a setting to disable the visualization and notification?
Xidphel (NA)
: So you want people to make the decisions DESPITE the fact that you've proven them to be INACCURATE and CORRUPT with your example?
as long as said decision benefits the OP, obviously
: Rules are important because they tend to protect the weaker class in the society, as they might be disadvantaged if rules are broken. The case isn't different in this game. That's where riot is coming from. It's unfortunate, but just try to avoid getting banned
> [{quoted}](name=R107 Games,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=TbqEW1sN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-21T00:00:00.926+0000) > > Rules are important because they tend to protect the ~~weaker class~~** civlized humans from the selfish jerks** in the society... FTFY
DigiDank (NA)
: perma banned
Surely, you've misspelled the title of "_Grand **Nagus**_" - the political and economic leader of the _Ferengi Alliance_. You should apologize immediately to trekkies everywhere.
Xidphel (NA)
: That's... Very nice. Not sure how it has anything to do with this.
It suggests that the OP isn't the captain of his team, yet he is the captain of his own actions in game. And... Timothy McVeigh said it so... it has that going for it i guess.
Hotarµ (NA)
: You aren't the captain of your team, don't give orders. Suggest how you can win the game or discuss a plan with your team. Also, as others have said, post the chat logs here and we'll review them.
_"It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." _
: Do rioters enjoy that too ?
I served as an administrative law judge for 5 years. I heard any and every excuse that people could think up during that time. I visit this forum to try and help those who really desire to reform their behavior; however, I do laugh at many of the excuses people/players provide for their toxicity. It's human nature to try and mitigate your own culpability and liability.
: Can ARAM rerolls give you a 2 second window to get the champ back before someone else can take it?
: Why is it only two Champions have a Spellshield built into their kit?
Al3K5j3Car (EUNE)
: Red envelope
I've only earned two of them, got 10 tokens each. I mean, i'm getting them for free though, so I have zero complaints. I play for fun, anything extra is just gravy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cactus Merchant,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kjrHkt2F,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-03T14:48:44.933+0000) > > Given that I've gotten a chat restrict before for~~ trying to coordinate people~~ being toxic; > Also your team is in no way shape or form obligated to invade if your team thinks its a bad idea, why push that onto them? This sounds like you're a dick bruv.
> [{quoted}](name=Kriske,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kjrHkt2F,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-03T14:52:20.950+0000) > > Also your team is in no way shape or form obligated to invade if your team thinks its a bad idea, why push that onto them? > This sounds like you're a dick bruv. I think OP meant that his team refused to help him REPEL in invade, because he goes on to say they stood in lane while he "attempted to save the buffs".
: Why is this so hard to make it Riot?
> [{quoted}](name=ActuallyBanned,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=WbMl4VsJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-28T07:51:53.473+0000) > > This ignorance just proves me that Riot Games clearly **wants** toxic people to be banned, create another account, make **another spendy spendy** and boom #profit. > Even if this is true (it's not) Riot shouldn't be considered ignorant. They should be credited for their shrewd business acumen.
solopolo3 (EUW)
: Then don't play it?
There will always be those people who try to eat EVERYTHING when they go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Sëtíer (NA)
: URF and Trolls
: In league? Noclip would imply that you were using a cheat to allow your character to pass through walls without using an appropriate ability that would allow it normally (like Flash or Bard tunnel).
Plot twist: he was playing Kayn? LOL
: Can you be punished in-client for behavior outside of it?
I imagine threatening a riot employee IRL or something else equally sinister could 'inadvertently' result in a permanently banned account... in additional to myriad legal troubles. I'm just guessing though... LOL
Brotha (NA)
: Congratulations Riot. You've defeated me. (Honor Idea)
Not sure if sarcasm or mensa level genius...
: if the game wont last long after the replacement comes the exp/level difference really matters you wont be much help if you stay behind dunno if you didn't think about that since you didn't say anything about it sad that lol doesn't follow a universal shared level for all team members like heroes of the storm does
Yeah, hadn't really thought about that aspect of it. Maybe it should put the replacement player at the average exp/level of all players in the game? Or maybe enhanced xp gains for the first few minutes (maybe for an equivalent time that the role was afk)? So for a 7 minute afk, the replacement player gets 7 minutes of enhanced experience, to give them a greater chance to catch up? I'm sure there are a thousand holes in this idea, LOL. But it's good brain exercise to speculate.
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