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Cherysse (NA)
: it starts revealing targets when they are under 50% hp, and this threshold increases with ad and ap, and the idea is to practically doom targets, so it comes along with a long range execution as well. Besides, it is for the satisfaction of watching them die (?
The problem is more or less that it reveals at all. Riot has been really stingy about handing out skills that can reveal others. I've made my fair share of champ concepts and it always ends poorly when i try that mechanic. To put it bluntly players love champs that can bambuzal others and it usually revolves around when their in and out of vision, which is more or less countered only by wards and trinkets, as riot wants it. So i wholeheartedly say keep dreaming about such things if ya want because I know I have and they were promptly squashed because it upsets a status quo.
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: "like angry dragon duck" LUL best thing i've heard today. Also OOTD rengar wearing a duck suit
lol reminds me of krillin in dbz abridged from team4star "What was that?" "I believe that was the space duck lord freeza..."
idk i think it would work out better if they just upped the damage some, make it more risky to dive. After all for those that can already dive its a relative easy choice to make since it usually means they are either high mobility or evasive. if there was more up front damage to make them reconsider it would be, id say, equal risk for the reward.
Cherysse (NA)
: Doomfire -KEYSTONE-
meh, The concept is cool but the fact that it can reveal someone as well when they're near death is more or less ridiculous useful for an easy long range execution. For one they cant recall since their taking damage for what 12 seconds or more if you get a full rotation off and then they're revealed as well so its pretty much a free shot for anyone who can snipe to do so.
: Skin Theme Concept: Order Of The Duck
oh and ootd j4. lol his ult would make a pond XD
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Soruah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=fatyboomboom,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=ELv3rhzK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-06T07:22:56.941+0000) > > I always like to see poolparty skins and viktor has been ignored in the skin department for some time now. Not really.. Kat, Zed and Viktor got those Death Sworn skins
oh yeah, i almost never see him played anymore so i guess i forgot he was in that theme {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: > [{quoted}](name=TsundereHeiress,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=7U9Jg1Fh,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-04-05T22:07:28.215+0000) > > That's what I said. Especially with the current issues of racism and stuff coming back even stronger. Lately you can't go on YouTube without seeing a Trump supporter get 110% racist on some random person. I practically said hold off on the idea and I get $h!t for it. Well, you know what's wrong? Why can't a native american character get that "american" skin instead of a white character (such as quinn) who has historically been seen as a invader to the americas? Wouldn't it make more sense if a native american got that all-american skin? That's like giving a south american invader (spanish) character a skin over a native south american.
plz dont bring politics into this fantasy world. Idc who's in office, they definitely would lie about at least half the shit they promised and leave a new and/or bigger mess then the last for the next president after that to use as a platform for them to lie about how their gonna do better.
: Malzahar Mini Rework
Your just making him a perma ban for draft, he's already very scary the way he is now. If he had all that other stuff your talking about he'd be nerfed back to where he is. Don't need a yasuo jr runnin around, ruining perfectly competitive games.
: Add a Title have a Ameriquinn skin?
oh like the anivia skins. Man... I gotta watch Team America World Police again now {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Elderwood Evelynn
Im a casual gamer and I approve this idea. Plus i wanna tell my friends when we fight an evelynn w/ that skin "Beware the tree w/ titties, it grabs ya when ya least expect it and ya finish early" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: you probably watch hentai
If you even know what that is you probably do too {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Legendary Skin Idea Project Irelia
I never thought ashe fit into project skins. Hers was good all the same but literally every other champ in the project skins is either a mobile assassin/carry or duelist. Irelia would definitely have a home in project considering her theme fits the skin line like a glove.
Looknook (NA)
: A new Skin for Vikto
I always like to see poolparty skins and viktor has been ignored in the skin department for some time now.
: Why haven't we gotten Bug Catcher Mordekaiser yet?
lol next april fools maybe. Like the idea though
: > [{quoted}](name=fatyboomboom,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=mR32wPvp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-06T06:35:59.764+0000) > > you know what I'm talking about just think about what they'd look like As both a wukong and Shaco player(Main shaco) I think as neat as it is for shaco, i would be sort of disappointed when they could do a lot more exciting concepts first. (It would be his first effect changing skin) And for wukong, i think it'd be a great idea
I suppose but shaco's already played out the scary clown in so many different genres as skins already. For a clown he doesn't have an actual joke skin yet, save maybe nutcracker.
Kissie (NA)
: Every skin line Janna
Janna does need a bit of love, the only good ones she has imo is the news one and sacred sword.
: My list of skin ideas (feel free to add yours)
The Xayah and rakan skins would have to be in the same line, project skins are sleek cyborgs and program skins are full on bots. They'd work great for either but they need to be in the same line together. Really liked the jax and yorick skin ideas, jax hittin stuff w/ a broom or pool net and yorick summoning a big mom as his ult and kids as mistwalkers. I also keep reposting my idea for Surprise Party Bard and Dark Star Tahm Kench. **Surprise Party Bard** would be a party clown and the chimes he collects would be party whistles, cupcakes w/ a candle, or balloons. For his Q he'd throw a bundle of streamers. His W would be a cake with candles that get added as it charges. The E gates would look like bounce house doorways and you'd turn into a present while your traveling. Finally, his R would put party hats on everyone and streamer whistles in their mouths and the ground would be littered with presents. **Dark Star Tahm Kench** would be made up of purple and black asteroid debris that floats together in his body shape w/ light from the dark star shining through the cracks, while the star is located where his throat should be. The passive stacks would be in the shape of a vortex and they'd be purplish black as you fill them in. Q would release a slimy tentacle from the dark star. The W would look the same for the most part accept his stomach would shine more since the star sucked something up. When his E is used Tahm would be surrounded by the outline of a black hole for its duration. His R would open his mouth like it already does and expose the dark star and he'd go shooting into the sky when it was triggered, then the ground where he lands would turn dark purple and cracked as he crashes there and spits out anyone he might have w/ him.
: These are some great skin ideas, here are some of mine 1. Corrupted Star Guardian Jhin, Viktor and kayn (chosen to be star guardians but decided to use their powers for evil) 2. Project : kayle (I see potential) 3. Secret Boss Darius (we have the normal bosses, final boss Veigar, why not a secret boss?)
Like the Darius Idea {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Kelg (NA)
: I made a "You're already dead." Mordekaiser emote
looks ok, still won't pay for an emote w/ rp though.
: You mean his E throws a staff at him? His q's the invis blink.... And his w is the box not his e xD
you know what I'm talking about just think about what they'd look like
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: Please think through which Champions belong in which skin lines next time
lol you got a point. wu shoulda been the dark star skin for sure and j4 shoulda had this one, just fits better that way.
: So much cc in this game /s
what do you expect, most of em last little more then a second and stackin em is the easiest way to single out someone and punish them for their mistake.
: All Aspects have a stun. {{champion:80}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}}
Is Zoe's sleep considered a new effect or a stun?
: All champions originating from the void have some sort of true damage
Void Champs have 2 things in common: *They all have an ability that augments basic attacks *How their names are written/pronounced ex: Kha'Zix, Kai'Sa, Vel'Coz, Cho'Gath, etc.
: Battletoad Zac / Ivern
what does a battletoad look like? I mean not much to consider here, at least link a pick or a description. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Here's a review - **Overview** First and foremost and especially with non traditional/alien names, you should always include some form of phonetic explanation to how to pronounce the name. Im not exactly sure how to pronounce your concepts name, so it just personally urks me, particularly since i like the look and overall concept of it. But that's a personal gripe. And throughout i will freely interchange 'poison' and 'toxin', even with knowing the difference. **Appearance** As for the look, excellent artwork to give the appearance of something nasty, alien, and most importantly deadly with its toxins. Nice touch for the artist to include a reference. I also personally appreciate the quad pedal nature of the concept, kind of giving in to its claw enhancements and the ferociousness you state in the lore. **Lore** From a visual perspective, it just need some blank spaces in between the major sections, to help improve readability. The major focus of the lore was the deadliness of the toxin, and i expect to see that reflected in the kit, along with the fear it causes from it decided to attack or inflict its poisons. Another point is the missing soldiers, but nothing was said on why Tafn'Smah needed to take them in the first place. The title of Blightfather is nice, and is only gained through being the biggest and strongest, and could be used if you want to expand the lore to include a challenger to this title, or maybe how it was defended before and demonstrated by them to be rightfully earned. Or maybe taking the soldiers could be used as a point to defend the title. I guess im trying to say that i'm not fully seeing why Tafn'Smah is where they are or what they want to accomplish/avoid while they are there. In short, you have alot of 'what' but no 'why' outside of constant hunger, or it is just that simple? ***Abilities*** **Passive: VoidBlight** It said that you have the dps amount shown for his resource, but as a design in terms of concept and UI visuals, I don't like this. On a different point, i see how the devouring of dead enemies units fit the constant hunger theme (which is somewhat being shared with ooze spiting Kog'Ma, so be ready to hear some criticism on that). Back to the dps numbers, that can be replaced hunger bar, which after x seconds depletes and reduces the radius of their passive per second if hunger has not been satisfied. This will need a increase of the radius of the poison around Tafn'Smah to about 250, reducing it to only 50 radius when the bar is at 0. Additionally, the numbers for regeneration and power increased can be simplfied. With the above suggestion, you can replace power increase with static power growth at certain levels (say 5/10/15/20 +4%/6%/8%/10% AP at levels (1/6/11/16). As for regeneration, you can put 8% for champions and larger or greater jungle monsters, and .5% per minions and minor jungle monsters. Also, i like the name of this passive. **Q: Wave of Decay** The damage scaling is way to low. 40/50/60/70/80 could scale from 40 - 200 and still be reasonable with the additional damage from the auto attacks. You also have the damage being damage over time, unless you mean Tafn'Smah toxin so powerful it just hits you all at one while coming from the claws. Other than that, a generally good skill. **W: Clinging Death** Ok. This is a good display of the great levels of toxicity, and the ability to have it trail and follow those who really get hit with the center of it. I would put some clarifying statements of the slow only lasting while in the area or having it stuck to the enemy unit. The grounding is something that can be expanded since you have some "power banked" since the ability cd is really high. I would suggest that a area of 100 units of a enemy having the goo stuck to them also haves the grounding effect applies to their allies. But the 5 second long grounding is way to long with or without this suggestion, and i propose no more than 3 seconds at max rank. **E: Shifting Plague** Nothing in the character gives the feeling or impression that they should have a blink. I do think that extra movement speed would do well for them with changing its from a blink to a lined skill shot that applies the VoidBlight in the area, and grants them the armor, magic resist, and movement speed while in any area effected by VoidBlight. Also, it will help with chase downs or ganks possibly greater than a one time blink, especially since consistently being next Tafn'Smah should be avoided. With a 5 second duration and 45% cd possibille this would never be off cooldown, i would suggestion changing the cd or reducing the duration to 3 seconds, and keeping the cd refresh on nearby deaths. **R: Blightfather's Reign** I'm seeing a continued pattern of area dominance with the skills. Here is another point with that. And i think its fine with the theme and concept. However, that passive is way too over powered. A free Void Staff... but its an easy fix. have the magic pen apply to only those effected by VoidBlight, so there is a work to be done instead or raw free power. It may not be much but a bit of gate to that power is needed. My suggestions to the ability would to change the duration of 10 seconds, but have a long casting time, of say 1.25 seconds before it goes off. Then every 2 seconds while Tafn'Smah remains in the area, the radius of the area increases, up to 5 times for 200 each. Then have the regeneration gained from the passive to automatically apply for any enemy unit dying within the area without needed to step on them. You already have armor and magic resist from a different skill so damage reduction would be alot here - which i dont think 'hard to kill tankyness' is what you going for. I'm not sure how i feel about a flat cd reduction, but it will be a point i think is fine to keep at the moment. **Final Thoughts** I think this has a great start, and a good concept. A few changes to either thematically fit a bit better, or be simplified in design could help. Best of luck with this.
Thanks for the review, it gave me a lot of good ideas for editing and filling in things I was drawing a blank for (like the secondary bar)
: Some things that should be added to blind pick and keeping league clean
A lot of this is moderately inolace in other game modes. Honestly i dont want much changed for it because when it gets late the games in my experience are a lot more competitive.
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SlownD (NA)
: Skin Idea - Dark Star Xerath
I love it, always love the dark star theme
: Poro King Yorick?
Omg i dont need to read anything i can already see it YES!! It can be a halloween or xmas skin.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Can we get more pretty female skins please...
Ahri's popstar skin could become a theme
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CuSn (NA)
: Just recently Bots have been going into matches taking exhaust and smite and farming the jg all game, waiting for human players to finish the game, since they cant chose how many bots are on your team, a player might be all alone with 4 jg bots sitting afk in the jg.
I'll have to keep an eye out for that, I might have seen a few examples of it already, even for as little as i pay attention to the game these days.
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: Oh man how dare Riot as a company try to sell a product they make that is purely cosmetic for RP HOW DARE THEY! Its not like theyre releasing some blue essence shop in the preseason that will include emotes...oh wait they are.
IDC if riot tries to make money off their work when possible but if they intended for emote prices to land on a free currency earned for playing then why would they start it off as pay real $ for it? Doesn't this feel like a drug dealer testing the waters to see if their customers will deal with a "convenience fee"?
: > [{quoted}](name=Beyond Legends,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Q3PHXhPA,comment-id=00010001000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-12T16:30:30.513+0000) > > How do they calculate that. but my point is that very few FTP games simply gives out free cosmetic additions such as emotes. It's climbed to more than that, as of present.
Games like overwatch are sold to players in the classic way that you have to purchase the actual game before playing, completely fair. Their EXTRA content (emphasis on extra) is also earned for playing or by paying, also fair. A game like hearthstone is based on the concepts of trading card games, which has always been about pay as you play on. This is nothing new, I've spent more then a pretty penny on magic the gathering cards and felt no regret for it. I don't blame game development companies for trying to make money on extra content and I especially don't blame blizz for where they took hearthstone. Its a logical conclusion for where that games standing right now based on where i saw other strategy card games from the past go. That's why I stayed clear of it, despite friends and other blizz games offering free prizes for trying hearthstone out. Just as I said in my original post, I still haven't paid a cent towards those overpriced bits of art and its up to other players to decide for themselves as well were to draw the line for a financial investment into a game. If you think something is absurd with a game don't buy into it. The obsessive need to complete a collection in a video game is easily prayed upon by the owners of said games. This entire thread, to me, has just been about putting my foot down about things i consider stupid as a player and to point out how easy it is for video games to cater to addictive personality traits. Which to me comes back to that whole obesity argument and restaurants' responsibility for it. The answer, to me, being they have no responsibility for their customers choices, they're simply selling a product/service. Its in the customers hands to decide moderation and whats fair and by continuing to buy into what their angry about continues to make it fine. The same applies to video game content as far as I'm concerned with this article. If you don't like what a game like hearthstone has become then tell some people if you feel like it and leave it behind, I've done the same to WoW when i stopped feeling the same community presence and how horribly it started pandering to a lazy player base (in my opinion).
: Honestly I call bullshit on that statement. Most game you have to pay for emotes through a random loot system, and Overwatch is a paid game and even then you have to grind for them.
Yes they're a part of a pay system in the games your talking about but there's also opportunities to earn that very same loot for free as you play in most cases. Riot used to allow people to pay for runes with EITHER rp or ip. If they included an ip option to purchase these emotes this post would have never happened.
: LoL blizz makes to pay extra for a Paid game. Riot runs on a FTP model and compare to other FTP games Riot is quite generous.
Ya and most of their games are better supported because of that extra cost. That's never been in question with them, it was the original business model for any games made when most of their games got off the ground. Extra shit I can understand having a price tag but emotes aren't something that should be considered extra, they're a method of communication. In an online game where teamwork is implied methods of communication shouldn't cost extra. I read from someone else that they planned on switching the pricing to IP's replacement essence as well. I was not aware of this when I made the post. More or less i was outraged when i discovered riot was trying to make bank off something that I've seen universally free from other games I've played. Also I'm not sure if anyone else noticed these tactics riot just tried with emotes to essentially make money off of players with addictive personalities. Everything about their setup when I started playing some years ago were just fine. Then these money grabbing tactics started popping up here or there. Anyone remember when you could easily spectate a random game or most anything in the client? That got done away with when it was decided that it was a possible threat to their paid streaming. I know I pitched a fit in the forums when that happened because I used to love spectating games in the client as i was eating or doing something else. Then when they've become an established brand for a few years they pull this crap with emotes. From what I'm seeing this was blatantly done to appeal to addictive weaknesses. Having a game as play for free and make money off the gameplay from those who are truely interested is fine and a fair trade but to try and drop a real price tag on something as simple as emotes (which is normally offered for free with chat methods) just makes it feel like their now just attempting to squeeze as much as they can out of the players. I get riot needs to make ends meet and expand but this game has been slowly funneling to a heavier price tag, all the while attracting players with the enticement of free to play and making it easier for players to be reminded of things they can spend real money on. For those in charge of riot at this point its not about a fun game and a healthy community. Its about how much more they can make off it. That much has become plainly obvious with these overpriced emotes.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: > Come on now Riot I thought yall were comin up with was for players to dump their excess IP Unless they specifically stated so, aren't ya disappointing yourself? You raised your own expectations, ya assumed your own prediction, and you let yourself down with the actual result. Frankly myself, I'm not surprised. With Runes out of the sales frame, they just replaced it core to the games theme of it's F2P, cosmetics.
fair enough, never underestimate the new riots greed i guess. Sad to say i think its worse then blizz now
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: Why Do People Double Up on Lethality?
Ok then, thanks for clearing that up guys, that shit just pisses me off then. I mean if they're just trying to differentiate between how certain passives can't stack it would make a lot more sense for riot to simply disable players from having multiples of the exact same finished item. It would of also cleared up my confusion on their wacky concept of "unique" and "unique with a name" and i don't think anyone stacks the same exact items anymore.
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