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: Unfortunately, we're probably not getting anything but simple buffs in 9.5 if what Meddler said is correct. It's sad to see that they're not willing to put more work into him right now, though I hope that's going to change because Aatrox is one of my favorite champions in the game right now and it sucks that he was completely gutted because he could be abused in professional games. And about the mini rework, what kit changes do you think are needed to make him better in SoloQ and less powerful in pro play?
Imo he needs to fully become a juggernaut like garen/darius/illaoi. His base stats should be buffed to match them and he should be healing for % missing HP. He should have 2 charges of E but the 2nd charge can only be used to move your Q. If he's not gonna be allowed to heal off minions give him rhaast level healing. Revert Q scaling nerfs. His ultimate is what makes him a proplay pick so idk how they'd do this stuff other than nerfing his ult hard. Maybe put the revive on his passive and aatrox fills his blood well every time he damages a champ and when he its sweetspots he fills the bloodwell more and give him a new ult
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: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-20T16:08:17.098+0000) > > Her weakness is she loses lane to kennen like every other champion. (Sarcastic voice here) > > No. She doesn’t have any weaknesses. If the riven player is even decent at her, she doesn’t have any. Her weakness is entirely dependent on the person player her. So if the riven player is good enough she can become immune to CC in team fights? Didnt knew that. Riven has 0 reach into back lines without flash, its easy to pin her down with tanks and then kill her with your team before she does anything in team fights, assuming your team isnt 0-30. But yeah, if your team picks a bunch of assassins with no frontline dont be surprised that riven can mop the floor, and that is not riven's fault.
"Riven has 0 reach into backlines other than flash" Except y'know, 4 dashes on extreemly low cooldowns Or her just hopping a wall to dive the backline Also why does it have to be a flashless riven? Riven with flash just dashes in, flashes, clicks stun and the teamifght is autowon kinda like malph R except she does assasin levels of damage
: > [{quoted}](name=feintfiend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-20T15:49:29.828+0000) > > The fuck are you talking about? > We are not in 8.22, so good luck trying to use outdated data to prove your point.
50% winrate 13% pickrate (highest top) for a supposedly high skill champ those numbers are way too high.
: > [{quoted}](name=feintfiend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zp5yRAxZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-20T15:23:59.090+0000) > > High skillcap isn't an excuse for having no weaknesses. There are very clear weaknesses. You'll notice them if you play Riven.
What are these weaknesses?
: No champion should be able to Litterally cast every ability in one animation. She has low cooldowns a lot of cc a low cooldown shield and even her ult is on a low cooldown. All of her abilities are aoe too so she aoe one shots an entire team while being tank and can still fight after cause all her abilities will be back up.
My biggest problem is how she kills you instantly WHILE YOU'RE STILL CC'd and she can do this with bruiser items no lethality at all. She just flashes and its a garuanteed kill. Also her shield is waaaay too big for a supposedly "squishy" champ.
: 49.9% wr 13% pick rate So broken guys, its easy to make up numbers i know, but the highest WR riven has got in the last year was 53% on the last patch before they re-reworked ER into shojin, which dropped her WR by 3% because its much worse. Anyways, OP is using false data/numbers, where are the mods to remove this thread?
The fuck are you talking about? Edit: This one is recent
: Just like Yasuo, a high skill cap and unlike yasuo, a bit more counterplay. A good Riven, like a really good riven, will probably still eat your ass on a silver plate though.
High skillcap isn't an excuse for having no weaknesses.
: Actually curious, did Nasus need those stacking buffs?
He really didn't need the buffs and now he's hidden S tier. Imo this cancer binary as fuck champ should never be as strong as he is now, its not healthy for the state of top lane if nasus is strong.
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: Tanks SUCKS, building armor feels horrible, champion that are not tank killers are tank killers.
{{champion:92}} is so busted but i rarely see ppl complaing Absolute AIDs champ to face. If they're good there's no counterplay entire lane depends on how well they know the champ.
: Gnar is UNPLAYBLE right now.
Cancer champ I hope they break his kneecaps and spit on his grave
: Do note cost effective items have draw backs. You can build cheap items and get more immediate value sooner however when everyones builds are done you will have bought way less. This bothers me so much I wish they would add more expensive tank items with higher values and better passives. I always think a trinity force of tank items. Both resistances, HP, CDR, Mana, and two passives... one for healing and the other for shielding.
I'm all for increasing the costs of all tank items if Riot wants to keep their stats, or their stats should be nerfed to match their costs.
Ralanr (NA)
: Poppy’s Q only does a full 16 when you get hit with both procs. Usually she can only land two if she stuns you, or if you just stay in it. Frankly I would rather have all the 16 on the second proc. Sion has high base damage because all of his abilities are unreliable. His Q can be cancelled or dodged relatively easily, his W can be broken or you can get out of range relatively easily, his E can be avoided by not using your minions for cover (and it got nerfed), and his ult is incredibly telegraphed. One could argue that all Sion needs to do is land his CC to do his full combo, but that’s literally anyone with a CC ability in their combo. I don’t play Ornn enough to argue for him.
Bruh {{champion:14}} is best top laner in the game right now. Also {{champion:78}} is lowkey very strong and sees a ton of play in high elo korea. If poppy hits you with the middle of the Q you're garunateed to get hit by both procs because of the slow unless you burn a dash. Also if she uses her low cooldown E on you you're garuanteed to get hit by both parts of Q.
Moody P (NA)
: Conqueror isn't even evil. Tank kits and numbers are busted and have forced Riot to make tank items nearly worthless for everybody else. Most conqueror users are mid tier champions.
Legit. I am 100% for removing ALL true damage from conqueror as long as certain tank itemization/damages recieve nerfs in return.
: Tanks need to be able to farm and pose a threat to their laners so they need dmg or other champions can low risk harass them all lane phase preventing them from farming to become useful later. Thus they are given these ridiculous stipulation based damage values in order to be able to compete. The advantage that fighters and bruisers have is they scale up their damage way better. Thus the tank will build tanky and the fighter/bruiser will build more of a mix. If you wanna beat down on a tank that cant do threatening damage back to you then just go to the practice tool and wack on the dummies.
So they get damage, tankiness, better teamfighting, CC and utility? Picking a tank should mean you're forgoing a good laning phase for superior teamfighting, why should they get the best of both worlds? How is that fair?
: why mages auto attacks deals physical damage instead of magical damage?
Their itemization is already broken, why would you want to buff them.
: You refer to "WEBMs" - the "highlights from the folder" - but then you say you "can only view them in client"? The client doesn't play .webm files. It only plays back LoL replay files. Which files are you trying to open, exactly?
I'm referring to when you go to "Documents" than "League of Legends" than "Highlights" all the saved WEBMs for replays show up there. prior to 9.1 I was able to view them there and edit them but from 9.1 onwards I'm only able to view them on the client. This makes me unable to edit or post them.
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: Definitely would rather see them attack the base damage in Urgot's kit rather than nerf the scaling. The problem with Urgot is his tankiness + base damage without having to build offensive items to wreck people. They should actually increase his AD scaling and just nerf his base damage so he actually has to sacrifice something to be effective.
Yeah I'd prefer if he didn't just build {{item:3071}} for damage and built stuff like{{item:3812}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3042}} {{item:3161}} {{item:3085}} too
: > [{quoted}](name=feintfiend,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ehncy9HV,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-14T17:47:20.916+0000) > > On live Urgot shield scales off 30% max HP and on PBE riot is planning on halfing that to a 15% max HP shield as well as nerfing his passive damage. > What if you added AD scaling to urgot's shield so he can't just build black cleaver into full tank and has to itemize for multiple damage items in order to be a threat? He'd still do good damage but he'd be significantly less tanky. That might even take him out of the pro scene ehich favors tanks while keeping him decent in soloQ. Nah they got to kill him like {{champion:113}} then buff him to be op once more like her.
Eh she's not really OP atm. When conqueror gets changed she'll be sleeper OP. Especially since farming junglers like Yi won't have enough gold and exp to kill her before she CCs him to death.
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: You seriously can't tell me that this is okay....
What the hell is wrong with a 51% winrate?
: A champ without any agency herself is broken. Ha. Haha.
Haha nice joke! Making your teamates never die and healing them to full in seconds sure is low agency!
Done25 (NA)
: At level 18 with redemption Soraka has around 1.8k hp. Every 400 hp heal costs her 180 HP. So there's really only a team gain of around 220 HP. I get more than that just by hitting Q as Yorik. Not to mention Soraka herself tends to die to a harsh sneeze.
Funny how you convienently aren't factoring in the her ridiculously high HP regen from support items and spammable Q Oh wait you main enhanters what a coincidence!
Raquan (NA)
: As an enchanter abuser myself I can confirm Soraka is broken.
Based and redpilled tank support
Moody P (NA)
: People will not ever admit that Soraka has been toxic and unfixable since the rework but you're right
I don't know how people teamfight against soraka and think "wow this is so healthy"
: Considering everything instant kills this immobile champion with VERY conditional cc, she’s perfectly fine. And just a FYI. There is a 800 gold item, a 1500 gold item and a 1000 gold item that shuts her down entirely. Might be worth investing in them.
Nope she isn't fine. Yes I agree damage is overtuned but soraka is a HORRIBLE bandaid fix to this and teamfights against a soraka just feel shitty since you know you'll autolose if they have a brain. Grievous wounds need a buff the healing reduction isn't even noticeable. At least give her heal a sizeable mana cost or soemthing like kassadin R so she isn't an unlimited heal battery
: Well there are grievous wounds on an 800 gold item {{item:3123}} pretty good counter if you ask me.
Grievous wounds need a serious buff. Soraka's and many other champion's heals seem to be "balanced" around building grievous wounds so they're insanely strong if you don't build it but when you build it(sometimes making your build suboptimal) it doesn't even put you on an even playing field.
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0XFallen (EUW)
: atm yes it is, bit it goes in the right direction ( in recent past they just continued to buff his late game ti compensate his early game) Snapback is really unhealthy though, at least I wouldnt go less then 0,2 sec. If you want to kill someone safely ( who is low) you can now w back and r with the increased range. I would rather have something else instead of R snapback, maybe reduced E cost
Reduce E cost and increase its base damage it costs 50 energy and it does less damage than janna Q lmao But yeah immediate snapback could be unhealth but the changes in OP are still an overall nerf and make him much much worse lategame when he's supposed to be the premier lategame assassin
0XFallen (EUW)
: Zed pbe changes opinions?
It's a straight up nerf If you're removing R passive at least give us snapback
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
Any compensation buffs planned for Aatrox?
: aatrox has subpar solo q performance? what?
He had a 44% top lane winrate prior to this new patch with harsh nerfs.
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: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Do you feel that {{champion:266}} was overnerfed and could use compensation buffs, for example reverting his Q scaling nerfs? He's in the gutter right now, absolutely unviable in soloQ.
: Funny how mages taking over toplane was a problem, but the mage take over of botlane was just adcs crying. Hmmmmm
Over half of this forum is mage mains mass downvoting anything that calls them remotely strong
Saevum (NA)
: Aatrox has a 47.13% winrate on mid lane and a 46.82% win rate on top lane. If you look at the best Aatrox players, you can see an Abysmal knowledge on the champion cause their winrates are not even close to 50% and all of them have 50+ games on Aatrox. Nerfs were well deserved. He is being picked by non-mains which is altering the actual truth. Rumble: 52% win rate in Mid. 50% win rate in top. It's not his fault that the likes of irelia and renekton exist. Urgot can also give him problems. But he's far from 'dogshit'. Gnar: 46% win rate Top. His mains have him close to 52%-50% at his lowest. You can't be serious. I dont know where you are getting your league Rates but its far from the truth. Sort by top and winrate
Saevum (NA)
: Gnar is fine. His teamfight potential is still there, he has recieved nerfs but not "abysmal" ones. He can hold his own to the likes of Darius. Aatrox? impossible to land Q's? aim properly more like it. Rumble niche? he's still really good even for the likes of Jax and Nasus that are still a threat.
Gnar has a 44% winrate, the lowest winrate of all top lane champions Aatrox had a 44% winrate prior to his nerfs, although it is higher after the nerf I expect it to fall after a few days have passed and enough data is gathered read his patchnotes his dash was gutted unless the enemy stands still u only hit 1 edge Barely anyone plays Rumble he loses way too many matchups and can't bully effectively againsg many brusiers/fighters. If you knew anything about Rumble you'd know he's better mid than top nowadays.
Saevum (NA)
: Non of them are dogshit, there are STRONGER picks, yeah, that is more debatable. But calling these dogshit or weak is far from the truth.
Gnar has been one of the worst champs in the game for a while now, Riot purposefully gutted him for proplay his winrate is abysmal and even his mains think he's oure garbage. Aatrox was hovering at a 44% winrate top before these heavy nerfs thst make it impossible to land multiple Q's. He's gone. Rumble is extremely niche but still subpar and gets outdueled by many "scaling" champs early into the game.
Saevum (NA)
: Gnar, Kled, Rumble, Aattrox, and other top picks and Junglers disagree. Top lane is a fiesta, but not yet a wild one. edit: I didnt mean top picks as tier. But for top lane.
"{{champion:150}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:266}} are top picks" You're joking right? All these champs are dogshit, except MAYBE Rumble but he still needs buffs
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