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Rustypug (NA)
: whos your 3 favorite champs for every role?
Top: {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} Jg: {{champion:64}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:113}} Mid: {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} ADC: {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:157}} Support: {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}}
: Lethality needs to seriously be looked at.
Because without lethality we would get flat armor pen, and I really don't think anyone is looking forward to having to deal with a Zed or a Kha'Zix ignoring 20 armor as soon as they get their first item, which is a lot more armor pen than lethality gives, at least for the majority of the game.
: Much needed QOL buff for Yasuo
Remove the emote spam limit as well, so he can flash it as many times as he wants in a row.
: My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall
I agree with this myself, considering I enjoy trying off meta builds as well. I never really tried many builds using these two items, but I remember going double tear Anivia and having a ton of fun with it. Archangels is pretty standard already, and Muramana increases your mana by a ton, giving you much more bonus AP and even some AD so you can do a bit of damage with auto's, and the onhit passive of Muramana synergizes great with Anivia E. Sad to see builds like this go, and I hope they end up bringing it back and find another way to deal with Ezreal, as now that it's put into the spotlight I'm thinking of some other weird builds utilizing these items that I will never be able to try.
: Banning items over champions.
This is just a flat out dumb idea. There is a reason why pretty much every class has a core item that they build first, because most of that roster benefits from that item the most. Gives them early stats that they need, and buffs the champion much more than most other items can do. If you could ban these items, then this leaves many classes failing to have a good powerspike, and thus render them very bad. Take Irelia for example, Triforce is a much more important and beneficial item than Titanic would ever be. Let's say you decide to queue up for a game of league of legends ranked, and then both teams ends up banning items. I'm going with the extreme here and assuming that both teams end up banning the same exact items, most likely core items such as {{item:3078}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3003}}. With the banning of ludens, that essentially guts {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:163}} . Well, some of these champions can still be relevant building archangels, but oh wait, thats banned too. There's also the archangels users that we must now render useless as well, {{champion:69}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:81}} (Granted, Ezreal can also go back to usual build of single tear, but he loses out in a lot of power without archangels). Are you seeing the problem here? Just by banning 2 items 31 champions are rendered near useless as they rely so much on that certain item to powerspike. That's 21% of the champion roster, aka 1/5 of all champions unusable. And many mage mains also play other mages so saying "Play another role" isn't a solution. With the banning of infinity edge, essentially all crit ADC's lose one of the best items they have, making them 50x worse than ADC's that don't require crit such as Vayne, lucian, ez. There goes another 10-15 champion. Triforce is a little more flexible as many bruisers that build triforce build black cleaver, but they also become weaker with Black Cleaver build, and some can't do that at all such as gangplank, rendering another 10-15 champions useless. Duskblade is also the same boat, youmuu's and duskblade are pretty interchangable for first item, but when you get to second item it becomes a lot worse as one without the other is a lot worse for most assassins than you think, and they also lose on a ton of late game power, making another 10-15 champions unviable. And this is only the one rare extreme case in both teams banned same items, most likely you will see the banning of other certain core items, such as black cleaver, bork, or protobelt. Now that means more than 50% of the champiosn in the game become a lot, lot weaker, and many players are left with nothing that can comfortably play, along with Riot having to deal with a balancing nightmare of who's too strong one all core items are gone. This idea will never work until we double or triple amount of items in the game so each class has multiple options for starting items.
Besteau (NA)
: What do you guys do after a long day at work/school?
When I come home I usually make myself a cup of tea and a little snack to eat, sit there browsing over stuff on my phone, then procrastinate on the computer for the next hour. Not an effective way to get work/homework done, but after a long day I enjoy just sitting there for a while with a warm cup of tea. If I'm having a really bad day I will make myself hot chocolate. Your cats are adorable by the way ^.^
: What are your thoughts on the Aatrox Rework and the current state of Aatrox?
I love his new Visuals, and as far as that part of the update goes, I enjoy it. As for gameplay, his whole kit just isn't that good. His entire kit just revolves around his Q, which isn't a very healthy design. His E is designed to help him hit his Q, his W is designed to help him hit his Q, his ultimate movespeed and damage buff could also be means to hit his Q and increase it's damage a bit. I really wish they would add a little bit more things to his other abilities to make him not just a hit Q win, don't hit Q lose sort of champion, because that strays a little too close to his old design, just instead of being an auto attacker he's now just a Q spammer. I wish they would change his W into something that isn't just a way to hit more Q's and make it a bit more interactive, and give his passive some sort of movement speed buff because as of now it's nearly impossible to hit all three Q's in the knockup section with only one dash. For all you Aatrox mains I'm sorry at what has happened because he really is not that good right now, and probably will stay gutted for a long time until he gets looked at again and Riot realizes that his design isn't much healthier than what it was before.
: Will D4 go down to P1 in the update?
Don't think so, it says floored at D4 which I would assume means you can't drop below D4.
: > [{quoted}](name=MiracleMorg94,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yFu72jmN,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-04T13:33:39.730+0000) > > Zhonyas is barely a counter anymore, if that. Zed can ult almost three times in the timespan that the active is down, thanks to Riot nerfing the CDR on it because all the Zed mains cried about it. Plus the armor was nerfed a shit ton too so it doesn't do shit against him. > > He can just kill you right after and then you're right back where you started when you come back to lane- he has ult up again, Zhonyas is down and you can't do shit. > > Tsk. LOL 3 TIMES IN A LIFESPAN? I'M NOT EVEN GONNA DISCUSE THIS WITH YOU, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT LMAOOOOO
I mean with 40% cdr and ultimate hunter which is what most Zed's get, it is 40 seconds. Zhonya's has a 120-second cooldown meaning that he can ult 3 times in the cooldown duration of a Zhonya's, although ulting the same person instantly after you get ult back up is a bit unrealistic.
: Why does Reksai's Burrowed Q not crit?
Because there's no reason for it to crit? The only other abilities that can crit are pantheon Q (if under a certain health) and gangplank Q, and both are targeted like an auto attack. There's is not a single physical damage skillshot that can crit, so I don't see why rek'sais should.
: Vlad W vs Zed R
Vlad W does not make you invulnerable, it only makes you untargetable, which is why abilities such as ignite still damage you in your pool. Since Zed ult had already targeted you, the damage was pretty inevitable, and you should've instead W'ed immediately so he couldn't get any damage off during his ult, making the pop damage nearly nothing.
: Wishlist for Practice Tool
- Allow us to fully stack/charge items, such as spellbinder or tear of the goddess items. Annoying having to spam your abilities a ton in order to stack these items. - Make it so cooldown refresh actually does refresh the cooldown of everything, such as yasuo E still requiring you to wait 6 seconds or so to dash to the same target or having to wait a couple of seconds for lethal tempo to come back up. - Adding on to the level up function of enemy bots, allow us to give them gold as well in order for the bots to actually have items. It kinda sucks having to wait an eternity for the bots to farm up and for them to buy items.
King Zeus (EUNE)
: [+1] High Noon Sylas
Wait, this is actually really good, and fits in with the changes they made to the high noon skin line.
: yasuo nerf needs to be undone.
??? This nerf literally just reverted the buff they gave him when the crit rework came out, this is literally just making him what he was before the crit rework.
Lapis (OCE)
: Are there any girls in challenger?
Well, I don't play on OCE so I couldn't really tell you if there are challenger girls there, but in NA at least there were 3 or so confirmed challenger last season, and that was only the ones we knew. A lot of the challengers we don't know gender, so if I had to guess there is probably like 5-10 challenger girls, or just might've been challenger at one point recently. But gl on your climb to challenger, hope you make it!
: Fix The ENTIRE bronze system or rank or whatever is that is going on!
First of all, that was actually a pretty enjoyable post I just read, because despite not being bronze it's like deja vu of my last ranked game. Second, this is just how ranked usually goes, and you're going to end up having to sometimes deal with games in which there is nothing you can really do, no matter how well you play it becomes unwinnable. Statistically, all players in a game have an equal chance of just not being good, meaning there can be 5 bad players on the enemy team, but only 4 on your team provided you are actually better than your elo, which should statistically mean you win a bit more games than you lose which is enough to climb. Unfortunately, unless you play a ton of games this trend can go either direction in which sometimes you end up losing much more than you win for a while, and it's just the frustration of playing league ranked. There's nothing that Riot can do, playing bad is not punishable and unless they are flat out right clicking enemy fountain or afk, they won't go punished. As annoying as it is, this also does not mean you can flame for someone doing bad, and you end up just having to move on. I recommend detilting a bit, perhaps play some norms with some troll builds, urf, or even just play another game and come back later, as that is exactly what I'm going to do right now as I'm quite tilted from my last ranked game, considering it was my promo game as well.
: This is what new players see when they queue up for intro co-op vs AI
I have not met this problem yet, but this is definitely a big reason added to the already growing list of reasons on why new players don't have a good time playing this game. If Riot wants new players to play, they have to improve the quality of matchmaking at lower levels and fix a ton of problems such as what you just mentioned. - Smurfs are ruining the quality of games at the lower level by just completely destroying their enemies (Wish there was an option to identify as a smurf when you make a new account to help prevent this) - Despite update in tutorials, it still doesn't really teach the basics or how to play - Trolling smurfs that just flame new players constantly - Trolling smurfs just running it down for fun in order to make the game harder for new players who can't as easily beat the bots - And as you mentioned, now scripters running it down in bot games\ I don't really see how new players will enjoy the game with all these problems, and I hope they eventually fix a few of them. New players won't continue playing if the quality of their games are just straight up garbage.
: Rek'sai has no counterplay whatsoever - will she be hotfixed?
Because she really isn't as strong as you make her seem to be? Perhaps if she became very fed she could pump out a lot of damage, but at that point that would most likely be just good jungling and playing well. Even if she is as strong as you make her out to be, she's been trash tier for almost an eternity, so let the rek'sai mains enjoy her for a while.
Why2Rods (NA)
: Promotions for out of position LP now LIVE
Yep, pretty happy about this. Only my midlane role had finished it's placements, and considering I usually only play midlane and have been winning a ton 3 of my other roles had made it to 100 LP and stuck there, but today all those roles made it to the next tier. Glad they added this and should make my other role placements easier.
Zezilian (EUNE)
: Why Zed got buffed ?
Because it wasn't a straight buff, it was a power adjustment in order for Zed to perform like an AD assassin should, able to snowball early and be strong mid, but fall off late. Previously, Zed's winrate was low at early game, even lower at midgame, and only went above 50% lategame, and this trend had been happening pretty much since they put more power into his ultimate, sometime season 8 or season 7. For someone who's supposed to snowball very early and then use that lead to win midgame, Zed didn't really have an opportunity considering his only mobilty and major form of damage without ultimate had the 11th longest nonultimate ability cooldown (not including charge abilities such as hawkshot). Taking out the lategame power from his ultimate (which could easily give over 50 AD, over 100 if they had a jhin or rengar lategame) and moving it to early game Q damage and slightly shorter W was intended to readjust his power and make him able to more reliably get kills early at the cost of losing a ton of AD late game. This also means in order to be relevant mid-late game he has to hit his Q's, as his r auto e wont do as much damage as he's missing out on a ton of AD. So consider yourself grateful that his braindead combo is nerfed and he has to hit Q's in order to do damage.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=fire263,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OBtzOmzV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-21T18:26:03.037+0000) > > Well, I still feel as if some bruisers/juggernauts will be able to abuse conqueror, such as Irelia ulting a ton of people than just Q'ing and stacking up the conqueror easily, and ADC's definitely will be abusing conqueror (looking at Ashe, because if they didn't patch the thing where one Q grants 5 stacks she's going to be godtier). As for tanks being ruined, I agree with you that pickrate will probably be up as true damage numbers are going down so tanks should actually be a lot better than before, since conqueror is only 10% true damage and IE no longer gives true damage. > > People complaining about Zed nerfs, and yea his early game is stronger but people underestimate the amount of AD his ultimate gives, especially if there is a Jhin or Rengar on the enemy team (around 50-100 late game), but his banrate will most likely go up for a while, but settle down when they realize he's not as strong as they think he is. > > As for Yasuo, when has he never been permabanned? > > Mages will most likely stay the same, and I don't really see any of them that will abuse conqueror other than Cassiopeia, I don't even think Ryze will be that good with conqueror. On the note of conqueror though, I feel as if some weird picks will arise from it's introduction that people did not expect. Perhaps someone like Lucian might take it, being able to proc it easily with his passive, or even Hecarim top might come back with him stacking it easily on his low cooldown Q. For a Zed ult to give him 100 AD late game the enemy would of needed around 633 AD. Which tbh only Jhin can reach.
Rengar can also reach 600, which is also why I said 50-100 AD as it's pretty situational and depends on who is on the enemy team and what they're building. I've even had games where majority of enemy team was ap in which I could barely get much AD while playing zed.
: Experiment with the New Patch
Well, I still feel as if some bruisers/juggernauts will be able to abuse conqueror, such as Irelia ulting a ton of people than just Q'ing and stacking up the conqueror easily, and ADC's definitely will be abusing conqueror (looking at Ashe, because if they didn't patch the thing where one Q grants 5 stacks she's going to be godtier). As for tanks being ruined, I agree with you that pickrate will probably be up as true damage numbers are going down so tanks should actually be a lot better than before, since conqueror is only 10% true damage and IE no longer gives true damage. People complaining about Zed nerfs, and yea his early game is stronger but people underestimate the amount of AD his ultimate gives, especially if there is a Jhin or Rengar on the enemy team (around 50-100 late game), but his banrate will most likely go up for a while, but settle down when they realize he's not as strong as they think he is. As for Yasuo, when has he never been permabanned? Mages will most likely stay the same, and I don't really see any of them that will abuse conqueror other than Cassiopeia, I don't even think Ryze will be that good with conqueror. On the note of conqueror though, I feel as if some weird picks will arise from it's introduction that people did not expect. Perhaps someone like Lucian might take it, being able to proc it easily with his passive, or even Hecarim top might come back with him stacking it easily on his low cooldown Q.
Jinto (OCE)
: New Kayle's Abilities (Theorycrafting)
I could possibly be wrong, but I feel like her E (or ability 3) is something that you activate to get that AOE wave damage, and her passive is what actually increases her auto attack range. If you notice in the video, her first few forms don't have any ranged autos, and she only gets them when she transforms which I feel is linked to her passive, which means her passive most likely ties with that ranged increase. Her E makes her autos do that AOE cone damage, and I think it is just an auto amplifier for a while that gives her a somewhat built-in Tiamat. The transformation itself probably occurs when she reaches a certain level, as Riot did say they want her to be a lategame ranged carry and early game melee champion. As for Q, I agree it is most likely her current Q but with a little aoe that slows, and I agree with what you said with ultimate. As for her W or ability 2, I really couldn't tell what it was, it does seem to give movement speed but that's about as much as I could figure out. I also thought that her E might change depending on what form she is in, and during the first form it makes her do a little stabbing thing and her sword glows (as that was an ability shown in trailer that only happened in first form). I'm just guessing here, and I believe we will be finding out later today.
: The Bias toward Yasuo is real..
Well, we don't know just yet if it's countered by Yasuo windwall. I actually feel as if the little shockwave thing for Kayle's autos is an ability that is toggled to create that shockwave but is not what makes her ranged, and her passive is something like throughout the game her auto attack range is increased. I feel as if the auto attack should still be able to bypass Yasuo windwall, although the shockwave might be blocked, but until we actually know what her abilities are I guess we can't tell. As for Morgana, I don't really think she was a good pick into Yasuo anyways, but I do agree it looks like her ultimate is now a projectile, as previously the chains would just appear, but now it fires out from her onto the enemies which defines it as a projectile, so unfortunately that will most likely be blocked by Yasuo windwall.
: "Sex sells" is legitimate as long as it does not hinder character identity/theme/coherence
Have to completely agree here, I also don't like how Kayle takes off more armor/clothing the further into the game she goes. I was already pretty shocked by her first form, but later in the teaser, I did not think this was Kayle at all. I can see the first design, I guess it looks somewhat realistic, but I really hope they remove the later forms where she takes off her helmet, as that is not the Kayle that anyone really knew (feel bad for people who spent money on unmasked kayle, now going to be essentially pointless skin). Imagine if they took Mordekeiser, took off his helmet, and made his suit some skintight material for his rework because that's essentially what happened to Kayle. I hope they at least change some of the visuals for the later forms, and would like a little less of a Kaisa skintight suit vibe for her armor.
Rioter Comments
: Ranged champion hatred.
I don't really have a problem with range, it's just another stat, just like health, armor, AD, AP, etc. In return for having no range, melee champions are usually given compensation stats elsewhere, typically in armor, mr, and health, along with some sort of mobility in order to get on top of ranged champions. If you notice there is almost no one that's ranged that has a long range dash, with the exception of someone like Azir except he has someone long cooldowns and requires skill to use his dash, while many melee's have long range dashes and sometime multiple of them (Zed, Katarina, Irelia, etc). I find it hard to believe that people are complaining about range, as melee's have plenty of stats/abilities in their kit to make up for lack of range, and many melee's also have a ranged ability (such as Zed Q or Katarina Q) in their kits as well. If people are complaining, it's probably a more psychological thing in the fact that people get frustarated from the fact that someone can damage them while they cannot do the same back due to lack of range and mobility already used (or you're mord in which case feels bad man), which is when range becomes a complaint. Dunno, but it sounds somewhat stupid to complain about, because it's essentially as if your complaining that health is broken, or mana regen is broken, or armor is broken.
: Zed overkill at pro play from 100-0
First of all, Zed in the first clip was a level above, had items while Cass did not build any armor, hits pretty much everything, uses both summoners including ignite which is a damage summoner, rushed nothing but damage, and not to mention his abilities are a lot longer cooldown than pretty much any burst mage/assassin. Zed would have to wait another 22 seconds for W to come back up which is 22 seconds in which he is vulnerable and with pretty much no damage. And you're telling me an Annie, Zoe, Leblanc, or any burst mage or assassin will not kill his/her target using every single summoner, having damage items, proccing electrocute, hitting every single ability they have? He's a fucking assassin, he is supposed to kill targets very quickly for the tradeoff of having high cooldowns. Any burst mage/assassin would've done the same, and even have lower cooldowns and be able to do the same thing again. For the second clip, this is just completely biased. He has no items, he doesn't proc thunderlords (which is a lot weaker version of electrocute), doesn't even get an E, and one of his Q's goes through the minion (and this was a time when a Q going through a minion meant that the Q would do absolutely 0 damage). Zeds W cooldown was also a lot shorter during this time to compensate, 4 seconds shorter than what it is now. He is essentially hitting one Q since the second one is nearly 0 damage, and a Zed today would do about the same damage by just hitting one Q on a target. There is essentially nothing different other than W cooldown is lower then and the damage past the first target is also a lot lower back then as well.
: What I really hate about Yasuo and Zed is
Not really for zed, buying hexdrinker pretty much makes his damage nonexistent, he really needs the lethality to win. You can also build a seekers which is pretty much the equivalent, but when stacked better gold value and it builds into zhonyas which just negates zeds kit completely. Is he annoying at first? Yea, but as long as you stack a bit of armor and perhaps get a stopwatch he is pretty much useless, and with high w cooldown he is essentially without escape or much poke for 22 seconds. Not to mention most mages completely outscale him and pump out much more damage than a Zed ever will. As for yasuo, he's a bit overtuned right now so yea he will be annoying to fight, but his early game isn't actually that good. In fact, it's probably one of the points in the games that you will beat him, with high windwall cooldown, easy to proc his shield, and whatever. Whats probably more annoying is the fact that despite seemingly setting him behind to 0/5, he finishes his crit items, gets 100% crits, and proceeds to become relevant in the game again with seemingly no effort.
: do i follow a fed zed?
Well, it somewhat depends on who you were playing. I'm going to assume that you were playing a mage, which in that case it would be your botlanes fault for not backing off when you pinged. Even if you were playing someone like talon, your bot lane should've at least backed off far enough not to get caught, and as long as you pinged early enough it would end up mostly being their fault. If you also did not have much health/mana, there wouldn't be much that you could've done, so in that case don't follow. In games like this theres not much to be done other than tell your botlane to actually back off when you ping, then mute them and keep on playing.
: > [{quoted}](name=fire263,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5hqfbiiY,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-02-13T21:29:24.366+0000) > > Because muting allows you to block assholes and people who have nothing better to do than spam or flame in the chat. I'd rather have the option to press a button and not have to listen to flame or spam than just sit there lowering my braincells by having some guy flame me in chat. There's a difference between muting and muting all, you can still communicate with other teamates who have something better to contribute, because if someone is flaming me odds are they wont be talking with me to come up with a great plan on how to steal baron and time soon, and you can easily communicate by pinging. And mute all isn't a bad thing either, if I'm on a very bad lose streak and getting very tilted, I'd rather mute people before they start flaming and prevent me from tilting even more. Nonsense, you don't lose braincells when people talk to you. You should never tilt anyway, muting is just an excuse to be easily tiltable for you and it isn't doing you or your winrate any good. It also isn't doing your team any good when you decide to stoop under communication
But when the communication they I receive is just "you suck ass go kys" I'm not going to bother reading that and just sitting there. If they're flaming, they're not just going to suddenly stop and try and coordinate plans with me. I'm not muting nontoxic people that actually want to try and win, they can easily still talk to me, I'm just muting people that do nothing but try and flame. It's doing myself good by not letting me get tilted and it's doing my team good as to maybe make the player flaming shut up and start playing instead of wasting his time and effort typing me an essay on how I should uninstall league.
Tusutaki (NA)
: My Patch Notes
Interesting changes, +1 for actually creating a constructive post although can't say I read all of it. Personally, I like the pantheon changes, although it would have to be changed so it still has damage reduction on monsters as that will make his jungling a bit too strong, considering he is already pretty good as an early game jungler. ZZrot I'm fine with the mana but the health should be replaced with MR, as ZZrot is that niche item that gives both stats. But if you're throwing in some mana and Eternity passive, it's going to need to lose a bit of base stats if the cost won't be changed.
: Why isn’t blind given role selection?
Kind of like this idea, but it won't really work considering it will increase the Queue times by quite a lot and most players prefer blind pick to be a gamemode where you can quickly and easily find a match.
: I just had the displeasure of playing with the most garbage player in all of League of Legends.
This is more funny than anything, and I will let you know I laughed for a while after reading this. But come on, you're telling me you have never had a bad game or anything in your entire life? Have a little sympathy and don't just flame the player. And btw this is the NA boards so someone playing against or with the person who I assume you're talking about is very unlikely. Still appreciate the good laugh though.
DiQiu (NA)
: I was thinking that the system should at least try to match similar elo player.{{item:2050}}
Well, that would mean they would have to completely redo the MMR system for flex, and considering that SoloQ is much more of a priority I don't see that happening any time soon.
: You haven't seen what happens when a zed kills a jhin with his r then..(I know its rare but its still funny)
That is pretty funny, you can get like 70 AD from a jhin late game.
asud (EUNE)
: Syndra Syndra Syndra
Let's hopefully write a constructive response, and not some rant I go off into. First things first, no, I will not deny she is weak. She is pretty weak right now, but like many mages still good in capable hands. There are plenty of mages that aren't necessarily strong but can still be playable and usable as long as time and effort is put into it (Anivia, Asol, Ori, etc). > [{quoted}](name=asud,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ZVj8LYs2,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-13T22:43:06.992+0000) > > I wrote a dozen of these and will continue until i get a rioter. > Why is it that a champion, designed as lane bully, actually gets bullied in lane by pretty much everyone? Actually, She probably does a lot better than a lot of mages in lane, and definitely can win some matchups. Yes, she has counters, but pretty much everyone countering her is an exaggeration. > Why is it that, the so-called Press R to delete champion actually can't execute a target with 20% hp and no MR with a 5 ball ultimate, while someone like Lux does more damage with AOE, global spell, and also gets rewarded if she kills you by taking the time of her cooldown. Well, first of all your R does plenty more damage than a Lux R, even more if you have more balls out, and it's point and click for the tradeoff of not being AOE and having less range. Lux ult on paper is better, but you can't just compare one champions abilities to another without looking at the rest of their kits. > Syndra is the single, easiest champion to kill in league of legends, yet she isnt rewarded at all for keeping alive and hitting those abilities. She definitely is rewarded for hitting Q's, and your E is one of the best CC's in the game imo. > Her Q is primary damage spell. And while most mages have like 80% Ap ratio on their primary spells Syndra has only 65%. Yea, but her Q is also on a much shorter cooldown and 65% ap ratio is quite generous for something that's almost a 2 second cooldown with CDR, not to mention more damage rank 5. > And again she has one of the hardest skillshots to land in league of legends. Won't argue with this, her Q is hard to hit. > Against syndra in lane, you can literally forget the boots as you can see her Q animation and walk out every time. If you have hands she cant hit you. Above > same with her E, even easier with her W. Not really, her E is an even faster Asol ultimate in terms of CC, easily being able to disengage with any melee champions, not to mention it can turn into AOE super long range stun. W is somewhat hard to hit but it's good waveclear and the slow is quite strong. > most mages can outpush her. All mages outdamage her. Not really, her waveclear is one of the best and her damage is no joke if she's hitting spheres. > Literally everyone. But even that wouldnt be an issue if she brought something other than damage to the table. Good catch potential, long range AOE stun, slow, consistent damage with Q, easy disengage? > Her kit is designed so she has to build glass-cannon full AP So are most mages, and she can still buy zhonyas etc. > She has no sustain, no shields, no movement speed. No reliable CC. Her CC is quite reliable > she has to cast 2 of her spells to CC a champion. 2! that is only seen by Brand in this game. But Brand can go liandrys first item smash head on keyboard and get a penta. What can Syndra do? She still can CC with one E or W, for two abilities she gets one of the longest range CC's that's aoe. > Press all buttons. Die. While getting outdamaged by support who has 2 levels less and 2 thousand gold less. Well if you're just pressing buttons and hoping for the best I don't think that's how you should be playing her. > They could literally buff half of her kit like they did to Sejuani, and she would still be mehh tier. Not quite, and Sejuani changes were more of a rebalance not a straight buff. > Slow on her W isnt even a real slow, its irrelevant. 45% slow lategame is pretty strong, lasts 1.5 seconds too. > Her stun is the easiest thing to miss in this game and even than its not that dangerous when ure cool cuz she cant kill you. It's super long range and AOE, easy to hit in teamfights. Yea, no. > She needs massive buffs or mini rework, Not massive buffs, and her kit is still viable enough that she doesn't need a mini rework. > Like get movespeed when you hit Q Could be interesting. > or killing minions with Q gives part of the mana back. Yes, this would be nice. > or make the ultimate into some sort of execute, so garen with 50hp cant just press W and survive with 40 hp. Perhaps, but then damage would have to be lowered if you just use it on a 100% hp target as that would be quite strong of an ability. > Or give her a shield which procs of of some combo or whatever. Doesn't fit her theme, nope. > Something that isnt braindead but instead rewards mastering the champion and playing her correctly. She is quite rewarding right now, perhaps not strong but definitely usable. I could see her getting buffed, but you seem to make her out to be kalista tier, and no, she is nowhere near that. Her kit is still usable if played right, and can be quite good when combined with a solid team which is why she's still played a decent amount in LCS. Some buffs and QOL changes would be nice, but nothing much more than that.
DiQiu (NA)
: GOLD RANKED FLEX QUE WITH DIAMOND AND GRAND MASTER???????????????????????????????????
Flex mmr and soloq mmr are completely different, which leads to unbalance in matchmaking of flex queue. You should not go into flex queue assuming you will have even teams as it really does not happen.
Uriel (EUW)
: Where did my rank border go?
In ranked you should have a border based on your rank, but in order for it to show in normal games you have to select the ranked border. In your icons menu you can see on the left that there are two options, a level border for your icon or a rank border for your icon, you have to select the rank border in order for the border to actually show in norms, urf, aram, etc.
: What if muting was disabled
Because muting allows you to block assholes and people who have nothing better to do than spam or flame in the chat. I'd rather have the option to press a button and not have to listen to flame or spam than just sit there lowering my braincells by having some guy flame me in chat. There's a difference between muting and muting all, you can still communicate with other teamates who have something better to contribute, because if someone is flaming me odds are they wont be talking with me to come up with a great plan on how to steal baron and time soon, and you can easily communicate by pinging. And mute all isn't a bad thing either, if I'm on a very bad lose streak and getting very tilted, I'd rather mute people before they start flaming and prevent me from tilting even more.
: Zed's bullshit ulti
As a Zed main I can agree that his late game damage is kinda bullshit. A decent while back they kept buffing his ultimate for lategame only which kinda turned him into a lategame monster that didn't really fix his suboptimal midgame problem (His winrate is actually worst during midgame). I really don't understand why they did this, buffing the cooldown to make it about 30 seconds lategame with 40% CDR and ultimate hunter, along with the death mark pop damage of his ultimate going from 45% of damage dealt to 55%, which even if it only looks like 10% is kind of absurd. Most games these days don't last as long so it's somewhat hard to find a lategame Zed, but if they do it pretty much becomes a braindead R, E, auto on most adc's. New changes are helping, but I really wish they could revert ult changes and put the power somewhere else in his kit that's more skill expressive than this current lategame bs.
Xènryo (NA)
: Revert Phantom Dancer to what it was
There's this thing called punctuation, just gonna let you know.
raphtor64 (EUNE)
: stormrazor is a bit useless
Because stormrazor isn't really that useless. It's more of a niche item now, considering it's not too good without other energized effect items, but it can be very strong on champions that take fleet footwork, and one or two of the other energized items. Stormrazor now costs 3100, so let's do some math to see if the item is worth the cost. The 55 AD it grants is 1925 gold in terms of longswords, and the Attack speed is 25% which is about another 600 gold, 2525 gold value so far. But then include the fact that you basically have a built in glacial augment that is decaying slow rather than increasing slow, which imo is better as it gives you sudden kiting potential. For ADC's, that is very powerful considering most ADC's are intended to not have much CC to make up for their damage output, and an item like this is very strong. It also increases heal of fleet footwork by 30%, the number of bounces of statikk shiv by 30%, and the range of RFC by 30%, and I may be wrong but I assume the energized damage is also increased by 30%. To put that into context, Caitlyn with RFC and statikk can auto you from 850 units away, (650 base plus 150 RFC, + 30% buff which is about another 50% = 850 range). That is the same range as a twitch in his ultimate. If you have one of the three items, I believe it also increases the slow by 30% as it states "Your other Energized effects are 30% more effective and also slow their targets by 40% decaying over 1 second". It doesn't increase the slow with just stormrazor, but since it applies a slow to other items energized effects, those should in theory slow as it's part of the other energized effects. I may be wrong with some of this though. It's definitely not a bad item, but it's not one you should rush or get early on. It's more of a lategame item that you combine with RFC or statikk and gives you more teamfight potential with the slow. I personally think it's a pretty good item, and it can be very powerful for lategame teamfights, but not as strong if you don't have any other of the energized effects or you rush it.
: I agree , maybe the true damage was a bit too much. But for example targets marked with his ult CANNOT be shielded and have reduced healing? sounds fair-er to me.
Cannot be shielded imo would be a bit too far, most enchanters would already lose their minds if the mutilator effect was a thing, lol. One of zeds already biggest problems is how ult reliant he is in order to duel, and I'd rather the power be spent somewhere else on his kit other than just his ultimate.
: How to balance Zed - Reward good players , punish bad ones. Make this happen - upvote.
Like the idea of doing more damage for hitting more Q's, but no to the true damage one. He is not intended to kill tanks, and should not be able to kill tanks, as this will just make zed pretty much good against everyone, and will just make him pick or ban pretty much. There are some changes/buffs that I would like to see for Zed though to hopefully make him good, but not too broken in low elo. (Just a list of ideas, not suggesting add all of these lol) - Let Zed choose which way he appears out of his ult (hovering your mouse over which direction you want him to appear) - Buff Zeds energy refund for hitting more Q's, make him run out if he's missing but allow him to stay in fights if he's hitting his Q's, as I find energy to be a pretty big problem on him. - Give his ult a mutilator effect on his target (The one Aatrox passive gives, reduces shielding and healing by 45% on the target) - Revert ult cooldown buff, but decrease the cooldown on W. - Give his ult an effect that reduces target armor by a flat amount for the 3 seconds before the death mark pops. Just throwing some ideas around, I don't think he needs much damage increase as currently it's fine, he just needs some utility to make him a bit more viable. He also should not get any %armor reduction as that kind of just invalidates tanks, but rather get flat armor reduction to destroy squishies like he was designed too.
YoRHa 9S (OCE)
: Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?
Personally, theres not many mechanics on Yasuo that I find too annoying. I think one of the more major reasons why he is constantly banned is just the amount of games he's played in. After seeing the same champion many times over, you will start to get annoyed by facing that champion. I remember when I played against malzahar like 5 games in a row, and despite winning most of them I was just sick of seeing him, so I started banning him for the next 2 days. Many people find yasuo fun to play, or enjoy his edgy lore or whatever, which is why he's played in so many games, and I think people are somewhat sick of him. His kit imo is fine, his shield passive and windwall are slightly strong, but considering his shield is very easy to break before going in it's not that annoying. His tankiness is also a lot lower than most melee carries which makes up for the strength in defense he gets from windwall and shield. If I had to change anything from his kit, it would be that his windwall doesn't come up from him, as it makes even casting it very late block things, even if he throws it in the completely opposite direction. The other thing I would change is his crit passive. Perhaps it's not this due to this mechanic, but the problem I have with Yasuo is no matter how much you set him behind, he seems to easily catch up with just one good teamfight. I assume it's because of his crit passive, and that it allows him to reach that 100%crit powerspike that ADC's need 3/4 items to get, which is why he becomes relevant so easily is because he only needs 2 items in order to do things no matter how behind. Perhaps give him like a crit damage amplifier or something, but this double crit passive allows him to become relevant in games too easily.
: Ludens Echo, Zhonyas Hourglass and Banshees Veil are broken and should be nerfed or reverted
Zhonyas is fine, I'd rather get the component (seekers) nerfed considering once stacked up it's one of the most gold efficient items in the game. But the completed zhonyas is fine and this is coming from an assassin main. Banshee's is also perfectly fine the way it is, the passive shield really doesn't do much, the MR is a bit high but it's intended as ap counter, and mages need CDR which is why majority of their items have it. Ludens I agree though needs a few changes, as currently it provides so much and is one of the biggest powerspike items in the game, providing most mages with anything they need. I would like to see the CDR unique passive of 10% removed from it at least. I would say remove the mana but mages don't really have any other reliable mana item if they don't build seraphs, which not all mages like to use, and GLP is pretty much useless minus glacial augment build if that's still a thing.
: Your Top 3/Worst 3 Champion Designs
Best 3: {{champion:39}} Before people flame me for her being a complete abomination or whatever, I personally find her one of the most fun champions in league to play as. Her dashes can be annoying, but it can also be extremely fun to be able to reposition yourself so easily by dashing to certain targets again and again. I also love her lore and the stories that come with her. And to fight against her is not as oppressive with the recent nerfs, I think it actually put her in a quite reasonable spot. {{champion:236}} Broken af right now, but even when he's not strong I prefer to play him over all other adc's as he's not as much of an "auto attack to death" but rather you use abilities to get your passive procs. I also like his little dash, as a small thing like that can produce some pretty flashy plays, especially if you have essence reaver and then just dash around everywhere. {{champion:238}} Call me an edgelord if you want, but god I love this guy. Not a good design imo, but most bad ones are the ones that are fun to play. Worst 3: {{champion:82}} Just a bad design in general. They tried forcing him to the bot lane, but hes actually just doesn't do well there unless you have a hook support or someone who can cc an adc long enough for his fatass to walk all the way there. He has no way to stick on people, and is just one of the most kitable champions. But then if people actually fight him melee range it becomes a complete abomination with the amount of healing, shielding, and damage output he has. He doesn't have any balance between the fact that he gets kited, but almost always wins 1v1 melee, and it's just not very rewarding to play as, and not fun to play against if your champion fights him head on. {{champion:157}} Not much to explain, I don't mind any of his mechanics personally. What I do hate about this guy is how no matter how far behind I set him in lane, and generally I can, he always seems to find a way to become a presence in the game against (This could be due to some of his mechanics, idrk). The 0/10 powerspike is not even a meme just because he actually makes it come true by just something stupid like a 3 man ult, and then completely turns the game around. Although I will give him a few points for being somewhat fun to play as. {{champion:30}} He autowins teamfights late game with one button, not healthy at all.
: how does ornns passive prioritise item upgrades?
I believe it's the first item that the player purchased. So if the player bought sunfire cape first, and then icebourne it will upgrade the sunfire. I also believe they are working on a way to choose which item to upgrade for the player, in case you wanted something else upgraded instead.
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