: So umm Yorick can't summon maiden in Morde's Shadow Realm?
Are you talking about spawning it before you get mord ulted and your pet not following you? Or are you just saying you can't summon maiden in death realm at all. Because if it's the first option, it's like that for every champion. All pets, zed shadows, gp barrels, etc all vanish when you go to the death realm. However, if you can't summon pets at all in the death realm even after you get ulted, I feel as if that's a slight problem, especially for yorick considering he relies on his maiden a ton.
: Diamond 4 is inexcusable garbage, not worth it, and I blame the ranked system.
Unfortunately, a hard reset will not really do anyone very good. Not just in diamond, but everywhere there's an influx of players that aren't in the elo they should be, just because of how bugged ranked has been at the beginning and now people of lower skill level are playing against each other at higher elo's. The skill level between plat and silver, for example, is much closer than it has been any other season. I'm currently in my promos for diamond, where I never expected to be, and honestly don't believe I should be. Diamond used to be top 1% of players I believe, and was truly an accomplishment, but now it's like top 4%. I was hardstuck gold last season and somehow I'm now almost diamond with a 62% winrate, which should not be happening if the elo's were actually an accurate representation of skill. The only suggestion I would have that's not a complete reset would be to just drop everyone down to diamond 4 or so, and make everyone's mmr even. (gain and lose same amount of LP). This way, only the best of the best would be able to climb back to the top, while the rest would either drop or be stuck. Perhaps plat 1 would be even better, as one of the major problems is that there are too many players at D4. But not just in diamond, across the board I feel as if players need to be dropped. How I see ranked system working is that the lower the tier, the more players there should be in that tier. Yet that is not the case, as Iron is one of the smallest tiers, and gold has nearly double the amount of players as last season. The problem is not that matchmaking suck ass as everyone is saying, it's just that there are too many people that should be lower tier that are higher tier than they should be. Iron needs to be 30ish% of the playerbase, bronze 25%, silver 20%, gold 15%, and plat+ should be last 10%, (give or take a few percentage). Gold and silver should not take up ~60% of the ranked playerbase. Riot tried to include these new tiers to even out the ranked playerbase, but they failed to actually put people in those tiers, and now most of the people that ended bronze season 8 are now silver-gold season 9, and so on. That kind of turned into a rant, but I really do believe that everyone should be sent down tiers. If you are truly better than your tier, you should climb and get out of the tier you were sent to, otherwise you should stay there until you improve. This will also fix a lot of problems with matchmaking, as players will be closer in skill level than what they are currently.
: Holy mother of god leveling up an account is pure HELL
If you don't care about having fun and just want to level it, tt beginner bots is the quickest way. It's slow and boring, emphasis on the boring, but it works and can get you level 30 in a week or two of grinding.
: Tank meta was the lesser of two evils
Uh, no. Tank meta did not mean drawn out fights, it literally just meant if you weren't a tank you would be getting blown up by tanks while CC locked so you can't do anything. Tanks were essentially what bruisers are today, unkillable and somehow did a shit ton of damage and having much more CC than your average bruiser. Remember chogath and how he could have like 5k health but still press one button and kill someone? Yea, I don't want to go back to a meta like that. Sejuani ulting you and killing you before you can even move, maokai fucking healing through every form of damage, bot lane dominated by tank supports, none of that was fun. Think of Tahm Kench today, nearly unkillable while still shredding through health bars as if he was an assassin. It was that but essentially done by every tank champion in the game.
: Qiyana on Aram/Twisted Treeline
Well, for aram I would assume grass stays the same, and the ground has two different parts. One's a rocky, brick path part and the other is snow. Perhaps you get earth form if you target the brick path and water if you target the snow? Idk, I find it hard to believe that they will drastically change the map however for this champion. As for TT, brush and rock probably work the same, I have no clue how they would implement water form, however. Perhaps they might take this new champion as an opportunity to update some older maps/gamemodes and to give them a fresh new map and modernize some of the gameplay?
nelogis (EUW)
: Welcome to "What the hell just did so much damage to me?!"
Love the guide, knew most of them except the nocturne and gangplank passive stacking. But it was interesting to read as I do agree many of these minor damage instances get ignored quite often. One I think you should add however is the Ekko w passive, I actually did not know about this until about 2 weeks ago, and none of my friends knew about it either (other than one but he mains ekko). I always thought that once Ekko used his full combo and didn't kill you, he was pretty worthless, but I didn't know he had a build in execute in his W. Perhaps edit that in, unless I'm just dumb and most people knew about it already. Great guide tho! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
sVzMyron (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=fire263,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fdBjEdKQ,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-05-30T00:19:41.662+0000) > > I'm really not seeing why you believe you should climb when you're not doing much better than your supposedly "trolling" teammates. lol what are you, blind? Or trolling
> [{quoted}](name=sVzMyron,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fdBjEdKQ,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2019-05-30T01:34:00.026+0000) > > lol what are you, blind? Or trolling You are not performing well at all, you have games that would fall under the category of soft inting. 2/10, 4/8, 3/12, 0/6, etc. And this isn't just a few games either, most of your games you end up losing and you don't perform well. If you really wish to climb, you have to improve, because currently, you're dragging your team down despite saying that it's your team that's trolling.
sVzMyron (EUW)
: bronze IS elo hell
I'm really not seeing why you believe you should climb when you're not doing much better than your supposedly "trolling" teammates. Your scores don't necessarily prove to anyone that you are outperforming people in your elo, in which case you should not climb, and many of the games where you lose you're performing just as bad as your teammates. Yes, bronze players aren't necessarily the best, but that is why they are in bronze. If you really wish to climb out, you should be able to carry most games, as those supposedly bad teammates you get are the same elo as your enemies. Bronze players don't generally know how to end games or to take objectives when they should, and you can easily capitalize on that in order to win. Try maining only a few champions, you seem to play a lot more than you might be comfortable with. Yi's a good choice, you play him a lot and he's a hyper carry which will make carrying much easier. And despite what most people say, if you advise your teammates on how to do better in a non-toxic way, 95% of the time they will listen as long as you're not 0/10 and you aren't flaming in any way.
Lan Fan (EUW)
: Any "No meta" thing is troll until a pro plays it, and it's annoying
Agree completely. Reminds me of when Irelia was reworked, I immediately started playing her mid in norms, and about a week of practice and I took her into ranked. I had to go through about 10 dodges every time because people thought I was trolling. Ended up going 18/6 first ranked game with her in mid, and kept on doing very well playing Irelia mid. It was just so painful because people would keep flaming if I did bad, and some even flamed before game even started (if they don't dodge first). Then Faker plays Irelia mid, and instantly becomes the next meta. Wish people would have more faith in off-meta builds, and not wait until some Korean pro does it.
: Is Zed His Mobility And Damage Too High Compared To Other Assassin's?
I'm a Zed main, but I'm going to try and take this conversation in the least biased way possible. First off, I don't know where you're getting those damage numbers as for all my tests I got at least 300+ damage less than what you have written down. (Taking standard Zed runes, electrocute, double adaptive shards), so those damages aren't quite accurate, and unless you're counting infernal drakes/baron buffs, or any of that sort that I'm not including, you will not get those numbers. But even then Zed still does have some of the highest damage late game, however, he also has some of the most predictable and easiest to counter damage as well. Being logical, hitting a triple Q on Zed is not as easy of a task you might think it is, you have to consider location of all your shadows and where the enemy is moving, and it's quite easily dodged especially with the amount of mobility in this game now. If you're also going for a triple Q in order to maximize that damage, you're also using one of your mobility spells which means you can't use it to escape, essentially giving him only one dash out just like most assassins. Whenever he ults, he also is giving you some time to prep your CC or any burst damage you have, as he will always appear behind you, making his very predictable and easy to counter. His pop also gives 3 seconds of time in order for you or your support to use shields, heals, etc, which is more time that you have to survive, which most other assassins will not give you. And a cherry on top, although it's an overused quote whenever someone complains about Zed, stopwatch/zhonyas really does negate his ult damage :) Compared to other assassins, he is essentially the only assassin without point and click damage, with his only point and click being his ult, but his ult requires you to hit your other damage in order to make your ultimate do a lot of damage. He is probably the assassin with the highest risk but also one of the highest rewards, as seen by the amount of damage he **CAN** do, which is why many good Zed players decimate while others fail to do so. His damage is high, but also easily countered and predictable which is why he is given such high damage and good mobility in return.
: Rigged Matchmaking
Matchmaking is not rigged, it matches you with players that are around your MMR. You could swap some of the lanes, your jungler for theirs, your top for theirs, the system would still say it's a fair game based on MMR of all the players. It just picks each top and each jungler and etc based on random. It cannot predict who is going to feed, or predict who is going to hard carry a game. Why would they design a system intended to hurt some of the players? If it was rigged, it could only be rigged for half the players, and another half would be benefitting from this. But that is not the case, despite everyone's complaints it's doing a fairly good job with it (minus the games where we have irons matched with plats, I feel like that's just bugged). And your team supposedly being "monkeys" does not mean much if you are not more skilled than the enemy. How a player is expected to climb is by being better than the opponent, if 4 other lanes are evenly matched, but you are better than your opponent, you should in theory win, and thus climb. Looking through your match history, it's not really showing you to be much better than the elo you are currently in. Expecting your team to be better is not realistic matchmaking, at most you should expect your team to go even, and in order to win you must be better than the enemy.
: I found out how to deal with Zed
Commencing stopwatch is probably better imo as a secondary rune, as most zed players will just hit you with a Q before trading in order to proc boneplating. I like biscuit as well from there, although time warp tonic is ok if you're going for corrupting pot. Exhaust is better than barrier, as exhaust reduces Zed's damage by a ton and lasts duration of his ult, making it a much better choice than barrier which is just a short shield, whereas exhaust cuts down his damage and movement speed (less damage he does to you during his ult less damage the pop will do) Although depends on who I play and who else i'm against, I like Dorans into darkseal into ninja tabis, and if he's not doing well go my regular build from there otherwise I will build a seekers as well. Adaptive+Armor+health stat shards is a good combination into Zed, reducing his damage by a bit and still give you that bonus 9 adaptive force. As long as you're not spamming abilities or playing Ryze/Anivia/Cassiopeia, then you should be set with this setup. After your Ludens echo (or Archangels), I would finish Zhonyas unless he is really far behind or there's more major AP threats. {{champion:517}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:8}} are some of his worst matchups, if you're still having trouble and main mid lane, try learning one of these champions versus Zed, or if you have no other matchup that you hate more just ban him instead.
: In your opinion what champion rework was the best?
Good Reworks: {{champion:19}} Solid rework that keeps a lot of aspects of Warwicks old kit, while at the same time making it fresh and more interactive to use, which is what all reworks should do. {{champion:28}} I never really played the old Eve, but this rework personally I feel as if it was pretty solid, and managed to make her into a champion that's balanced, not too strong overall but still can be deadly when played by one tricks. {{champion:20}} Same reasoning as Warwick, kept aspects of old kit while making it more fun and interactive than just pressing E every 5 seconds. {{champion:5}} Personally, I loved this rework. He's still simple to play and easy to use like the old Xin, but made more fun to use and with new mechanics that skilled players can make use of. {{champion:81}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:17}} Although not all of them are out yet, these minireworks that Riot has been doing are imo the best decisions that Riot has ever made. Reworking the champions in a minor way, adding fresh mechanics while still making them mostly the same as before is exactly what I like to see. I hope they keep doing these types of reworks to keep game fresh without having to use too much resources into a full scale VGU. Meh Reworks: {{champion:3}} Would be better, but like a lot of tank champions with a lot of CC became a problem in pro play, and Galio experienced many minor changes since rework and many major buffs and nerfs. He used to be an antimage like he was supposed to, then turned a burst mage, and now he's more of a tank support. I would like them to try and make him an antimage again, but as of now his tank support playstyle isn't half bad and he is better than what he used to be. {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} I'm grouping these three together, as on release of rework all of them were an unbalanced mess, (although urgot was in a good spot until pros realized how good he was). Most of them were nerfed and buffed and nerfed, until they had another minirework making them all viable and slightly easier to balance again, and now they are all in a mostly balanced state. {{champion:50}} I thought he was a pretty solid rework, and I still believe he is, except when ADC's died and he took over bot lane, he was nerfed into the ground and has kind of been left there since then. Would be good, but I feel as if he needs a bit more love. Bad Reworks: {{champion:84}} No surprise here, an abomination since rework was released. They keep trying, yet keep failing, and for months she's been an unbalanced mess, with extremely low winrates, high banrates, and extremely high winrates in pro and for high elo players that know how to use her. They're still nerfing her despite having a 43ish winrate, which just goes to show how terrible this champion ended up to be. They really need to just rework her again, or at least give a mini rework like they did with urgot, aatrox, and irelia, as the minireworks they have been doing have ended up being quite successful for champions that have been problematic. Well, this turned into a long rant, but just my opinion on some reworks. The ones before these champions I generally don't remember the old kits, so I can't really give much insight on them.
stoyo8 (NA)
: What ha penned to WW and kayn top?
Well, Kayn top used to be decently strong back when deathfire touch (I think that's what it was called) and it's interaction with Kayn was still in the game. It's someone of like a burn effect, and each tick would give him an orb so he would get transformation really quickly, and Kayn becomes quite strong once he has his transformation. However, if played today he will most likely just get completely destroyed before he gets his transformation, and just overall becomes out-classed. As for WW, I don't remember him being top much, but that probably won't work as well today as he has high mana costs and lot less damage compared to many other top laners, without much cc without ult as his fear is somewhat unreliable since most top laners have dashes that they can use to get out of range. He also gets completely destroyed by ranged top laners as unless he ults he can't get on top of his laner.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Katarina's AD ratios.
Well, conqueror is a pretty viable keystone already on katarina, since she can stack is relatively quickly and benefits a lot from healing/bonus damage. As for AD>AP, I would still prefer to stick with AP, as although her AD ratios on average are higher than her AP, there's a couple of reasons that make AP better. - All her AD scalings minus shunpo scales off of bonus AD, meaning base AD is not calculated - You can get much more AP than you can AD - Her daggers (which is her primary damage source) will eventually scale to 100% ap ratio, which is one of the best ratios in the game and is the same ratio as the Bonus AD scaling on her daggers, But you get more AP than you do AD meaning late game AP does much more damage. - Her Q does not scale off of AD, and is kinda necessary for your Q to do damage in order to survive laning phase as it's your primary poke and way to get CS - She doesn't synergize with many AD items as crit would be pointless, lethality is also quite pointless considering all her abilities do magic damage, last whisper and black cleaver are pretty useless as well as again, she does magic damage, and the only viable options for AD items on Katarina would be something like Death's Dance, or going a bit bruiserish and getting Steraks and such. Overall, hybrid Katarina might sound good, but AP is just generally better and if you're planning on playing this in ranked I would stick with AP builds. However, there are some fun builds that can be tried going AD, perhaps a bruiser Katarina build.
: > [{quoted}](name=fire263,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xNYkXOaI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-13T20:46:09.619+0000) > > Because Pyke is not tanky like other initiation supports, his heal isn't that major early game, and when he goes in he uses any form of escape and because he is squishy if he plays it bad he will end up dying. None of the other engage supports have an escape either. And they don’t get very tanky, nore do they put out even close to as much damage.
They don't have an escape because they are much tankier, champions such as thresh, leona, braum, etc have a shield or much more cc in order to engage and stay alive, and are generally tankier and buy tank items. Pyke isn't tanky at all, he's like any other assassin, he just has a bit more sustain in his passive.
: Weaknesses of supports.
Because Pyke is not tanky like other initiation supports, his heal isn't that major early game, and when he goes in he uses any form of escape and because he is squishy if he plays it bad he will end up dying.
: Daily reminder that the jungle needs to be nerfed
Or... Just have it so jungle camps are worth more xp and gold again so they are much more valuable, so junglers will be spending more time farming than ganking, and if they gank they risk being counter jungled and losing out on all that gold and XP while the enemy jungler gets all of it.
SikhRS (NA)
: Is Clash Still Going to Be a Thing or Is it Abandoned?
>Clash >Should have an update on where things are up to and the plan going forward that we'll be sharing later this month. Apologies for some silence, we've been heads down working through some technical stuff. From Meddlers last gameplay update post, probably not coming out for a while but at least we will be updated on its status soon. I would probably check in on dev corner throughout this month for the update post as I believe it will be posted there. There's also a Rioter that is posting pretty frequent twitter updates on clash, but I don't remember which one. If I find it I will edit it into this post.
Galiö (NA)
: Bronze cant queue with Diamond..?!?
> [{quoted}](name=Galiö,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iRAkpOnL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-09T20:32:39.518+0000) > > Bronze cant queue with Diamond..?!? He's talking about normals
: [Discussion] Which Champion do you think is going to win next years VGU?
I doubt Shyvana will win as her kit is probably the most up to date out of all the champions, and is still seeing play. Volibear I feel like does need it, but he has a very low player base so most people don't care enough in order to vote him, and his kit can still be somewhat viable. Nocturne probably doesn't need it as much, but thematically is one of the most interesting so I feel as if a lot of people will vote him just because they're curious as to what he will turn out to be, and his visuals could be updated as well. Mundo is possible, but I feel as if he is in the same boat as Volibear in which not enough people care enough, and a lot of people don't like this champion either. Fiddle I feel like will possibly win as he's quite a popular champion for new players, people want his point and click fear removed, and there are not many ap junglers and a lot of people would want an up to date ap jungler.
: The system will put you vs harder enemies AND will put trash on your team. It doubles down. I ran a 80% by changing the lane and Champ I played when before I was hovering a 50% and the system Hard shoved me over and over instead of letting me climb.
> [{quoted}](name=XXXMurderPenguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5pAKUHaN,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-05-08T20:28:39.690+0000) > > The system will put you vs harder enemies AND will put trash on your team. It doubles down. > > I ran a 80% by changing the lane and Champ I played when before I was hovering a 50% and the system Hard shoved me over and over instead of letting me climb. No, the system is not supposed to be putting you with worse teammates, perhaps it might seem that way but the system does try it's hardest in order to match equally. It just might not be happening as well or as often considering matchmaking is a little fucked this season, but it is not supposed to be purposefully putting worse players on your team.
: its too easy to demote tier and get your mmr fucked
If you go on a large winning streak and get high mmr, the system does not try and force you at a 50% winrate by giving you "trash" teamates, rather it just puts you in harder matches against higher elo players. If you fail to play well in these matches, then the system drops your mmr and tries to even it out to where it thinks you will be, and obviously, the system believes that you should not be in gold if your mmr gains are this low. The system is not rigged, if you are not outperforming in your matches your mmr will not go up, and the system believes you are underperforming which is why your mmr is bad. And if you have not managed to climb in 800 games, then the system has no reason to be giving you high lp gains and will keep you at this mmr until you start performing much better winning more, or until you drop.
Shazzbot69 (EUNE)
: Cassiopeia passive rework
Or we could let Urgot buy 3 pairs of boots because he has 6 legs :^) Just kidding, I do believe Cass should receive some sort of passive, or perhaps just a secondary passive to add onto her current passive. I don't really have any ideas, but a movespeed passive is kinda bland and doesn't really seem like much effort was put into coming up with it.
: Champion balance and skill.
I usually don't stray far away from my mains, although I am currently leveling a second account which im hoping to learn another role and a new champion roster in order to climb. I can't really say much about this topic, but I can still say that I think this is quite true, as there were certain games where I would just be sick of my main's for that day, and just first time some random champions that's meta and do really good despite not knowing what I'm really doing. An example, back when Galio was overbuffed for like two patches, I was on like a 4-5 loss streak in ranked and this game I was up against Vladimir, which is a matchup I struggle with. I was bored, knew it wasn't going to end well if I picked someone I play, so I just picked Galio and completely destroyed lane. I would miss like 80% of my Q's from range, but it didn't matter as I would just E in, w, q, auto and they would just be dead right there. I was so bad with farming with him I averaged around 4-5 cs a minute that game, but it didn't matter as by just playing someone who was just completely broken at the time one me the game doing high damage. However, although it is easier to play meta champions and climb, I still feel as if you can still climb by one tricking, as once you reach a certain point and know all the mechanics, combos, and matchups with a champion you can climb just as easily. Meta champions just take a lot less effort to learn and play because they are just simply stronger.
: Those champs didnt get nerfs because they found rage blade they dont need compensation when it goes away. hell any champion that used to auto attack for the majority of their damage used Rageblade for a time. Thats like saying that Jax and Shyvanna need compensation buffs for it going away too.
The only difference between Jax+Shyvanna and Kog+Varus is Jax and Shyvanna don't rely on Rageblade anymore and don't use it because they have much stronger builds, so they would not need compensation. Kog and Varus are one of the few users of rageblade who actually rely on it and a big part of their kit relies on this item. Sure, Varus can just build lethality or go crit, and Kog can also build crit, however, none of those builds are really as strong which means their overall power will be a lot lower without rageblade, which is why I believe they would need compensation buffs if rageblade was removed. Who knows, perhaps they will find another build to use if rageblade actually gets removed, but I highly doubt any other build can top the rageblade one. However, I would rather they just removed phantom hit's interaction with true damage effects so Kog, Varus, Kaisa, and anybody else who uses the item can still use it while still nerfing Vaynes true damage output by a lot.
: A post against the removal of Rageblade because of Vayne
Although not all posts state it, many of the posts saying to remove rageblade also mention to add compensation buffs to champions such as Kog and Varus, and possibly Kaisa although I believe she will be fine without rageblade. If they do remove rageblade though, I don't think anybody would really be against giving Kog or Varus compensation buffs as even now they are not performing the best compared to other ADC's, but I would rather they make Phantom Hit not be able to double stack true damage on hit effects (such as Yi's wuju style or Vayne's silver bolts), as true damage just doesn't have much counter and making it so champions can't double stack true damage effects with rageblade would imo make it much more balanced.
: Please remove the penalty for dodging champion selection in ranked queue.
The reason there are dodge penalties is so players can actually get into games. If there were no dodge penalties, people would dodge everytime they didn't like their team comp or they didn't like the champions on the enemy team. This would make it so you would most likely have to go through 30 minutes just to get into a game, because people keep dodging if they don't like the team comps, so dodge penalty is there to prevent people from dodging too much.
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Rustypug (NA)
: whats your nicknames for champs that only you and your friends say?
{{champion:432}} Brad {{champion:33}} Ramoose {{champion:4}} Fisted Twate {{champion:267}} The Fish {{champion:141}} Kanye {{champion:31}} (Whenever we play Cho'gath you must refer to every champion on enemy team as Lunch) Few others, but the rest I assume are used by most people, such as Katarina being referred to as Kat.
Rester (NA)
: Rageblade Kalista Interactions + Build Idea Help
{{item:3153}} into {{item:3085}} is standard, and I don't really think you can really replace these two as your first. Rageblade is actually a pretty core item on Kalista nowadays due to the interaction (most people just don't see it cuz it's rare to find a Kalista in your games). I would go rageblade third into pretty much anything, Kalista can make use of most ADC and on hit items. Very situational, I would pick from these items: {{item:3022}} Slows and tankyness {{item:3031}} Snowball into bigger leads, ton more damage {{item:3080}} Healing, tankyness {{item:3812}} Healing, survivability, tankyness {{item:3139}} Healing, Cleanse, MR {{item:3035}} Any version, just some nice armor pen {{item:3046}} Crit, survivability, attack speed {{item:3026}} AD, revive, armor I'm not a great Kalista player by any means, but this is pretty standard for Kalista and what you would see most Kalista players these days build. I don't recommend Randuins or really any tank item as it's just not that beneficial for Kalista, considering your auto already does less you want a bit more damage on that auto, and many ADC's items have built in survivability, such as GA, phantom dancer, Bloodthirster, etc. Frozen Mallet is quite a good choice though, it also makes it pretty difficult to catch up/escape Kalista.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: What is the logic behind the RP system?
Ummm, are you referring to LP?
: Would creating secondary accounts and logging them into a coop match
Well, technically it would work and I don't think it is against any rule as creating smurfs is not a bannable offense, however, I don't think there is any way to play on 5 games on the same computer. So in order to do this, you would need to have 5 computers in which you can play league on.
: > [{quoted}](name=fire263,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEyyM41f,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-03-27T19:57:40.109+0000) > > Just for fun, I'm going to try and guess who the champions are. i dont think any of them is real. vayne has 53% winrate and almost 30% pick rate and 36% ban rate for example. her stats only **increase** for higher tiers. there is really no discussion or confusion about if she should be nerfed, and other champions would have felt the nerf hammer within two weeks. vayne is sitting in this spot for more than **two month** now.
> [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EEyyM41f,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2019-03-27T20:20:21.015+0000) > > i dont think any of them is real. > > vayne has 53% winrate and almost 30% pick rate and 36% ban rate for example. her stats only **increase** for higher tiers. > > there is really no discussion or confusion about if she should be nerfed, and other champions would have felt the nerf hammer within two weeks. > > vayne is sitting in this spot for more than **two month** now. I'm definitely not denying she needs nerfs, I hate playing against her, many others do as well, and her play rate, ban rate, and winrate are not healthy. But I still feel as if she is the #2 slot, as pretty much every single statistical site puts her at a 51% winrate (op.gg, u.gg, champion.gg, etc) with only lolalytics putting her at around 52, and the play rate and ban rate of the second champion is nearly identical to what I would think she would be around, high ban and pick rate, along with it being relatively close to all statistical sites as well. I know these sites aren't always accurate, but they do get their data from somewhere so it's most likely decently accurate. Again, I'm just guessing here and I could be (most likely am) way off, but I'm now curious as to why you think my guesses are wrong.
: So. Who would you nerf?
1: I would say needs a nerf, you could make the argument that the winrate is just inflated by one tricks, however that ban rate definitely means the champion is not fun to play against, and would probably need some nerfs in order to lower ban rate and make them healthy. 2: Definitely warrants a nerf, play rate shows that it's not just one tricks playing this champion and ban rate means that this champion is really disliked by players. The winrate considering play rate is also too high, especially if this is supposed to be a high difficulty champion. 3: Should probably be looked at, however, I don't think there's enough info on this yet to warrant any nerf. The play rate is low enough that you can make the argument that it's mostly one tricks, and the ban rate is nothing overly too high. 4: This seems like some sort of support stats, play rate is quite high however. Should be looked at, but I wouldn't say needs a nerf atm as the ban rate is very low, meaning it's most likely some champion that is not frustrating to play against. 5: Seems to only be a problem for higher tiers, but even then all the stats don't warrant a nerf just yet. Just for fun, I'm going to try and guess who the champions are. 1: Yorick, not much play rate but very strong and banned quite often. 2: Vayne, high ban rate, high pick rate, and since she's somewhat difficult not as high winrate. 3: Riven, ban rate feels a little too low to be her but can't think of anyone else 4: Jinx or Sivir, almost certain, both have high pick and win rate but relatively low ban rate 5: Neeko, stronger in higher elo's, decent pick and ban ratio as well. I feel like Zed is in here somewhere, just don't know where
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Rustypug (NA)
: whos your 3 favorite champs for every role?
Top: {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} Jg: {{champion:64}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:113}} Mid: {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} ADC: {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:157}} Support: {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}}
: Lethality needs to seriously be looked at.
Because without lethality we would get flat armor pen, and I really don't think anyone is looking forward to having to deal with a Zed or a Kha'Zix ignoring 20 armor as soon as they get their first item, which is a lot more armor pen than lethality gives, at least for the majority of the game.
: Much needed QOL buff for Yasuo
Remove the emote spam limit as well, so he can flash it as many times as he wants in a row.
: My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall
I agree with this myself, considering I enjoy trying off meta builds as well. I never really tried many builds using these two items, but I remember going double tear Anivia and having a ton of fun with it. Archangels is pretty standard already, and Muramana increases your mana by a ton, giving you much more bonus AP and even some AD so you can do a bit of damage with auto's, and the onhit passive of Muramana synergizes great with Anivia E. Sad to see builds like this go, and I hope they end up bringing it back and find another way to deal with Ezreal, as now that it's put into the spotlight I'm thinking of some other weird builds utilizing these items that I will never be able to try.
: Banning items over champions.
This is just a flat out dumb idea. There is a reason why pretty much every class has a core item that they build first, because most of that roster benefits from that item the most. Gives them early stats that they need, and buffs the champion much more than most other items can do. If you could ban these items, then this leaves many classes failing to have a good powerspike, and thus render them very bad. Take Irelia for example, Triforce is a much more important and beneficial item than Titanic would ever be. Let's say you decide to queue up for a game of league of legends ranked, and then both teams ends up banning items. I'm going with the extreme here and assuming that both teams end up banning the same exact items, most likely core items such as {{item:3078}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3003}}. With the banning of ludens, that essentially guts {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:163}} . Well, some of these champions can still be relevant building archangels, but oh wait, thats banned too. There's also the archangels users that we must now render useless as well, {{champion:69}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:81}} (Granted, Ezreal can also go back to usual build of single tear, but he loses out in a lot of power without archangels). Are you seeing the problem here? Just by banning 2 items 31 champions are rendered near useless as they rely so much on that certain item to powerspike. That's 21% of the champion roster, aka 1/5 of all champions unusable. And many mage mains also play other mages so saying "Play another role" isn't a solution. With the banning of infinity edge, essentially all crit ADC's lose one of the best items they have, making them 50x worse than ADC's that don't require crit such as Vayne, lucian, ez. There goes another 10-15 champion. Triforce is a little more flexible as many bruisers that build triforce build black cleaver, but they also become weaker with Black Cleaver build, and some can't do that at all such as gangplank, rendering another 10-15 champions useless. Duskblade is also the same boat, youmuu's and duskblade are pretty interchangable for first item, but when you get to second item it becomes a lot worse as one without the other is a lot worse for most assassins than you think, and they also lose on a ton of late game power, making another 10-15 champions unviable. And this is only the one rare extreme case in both teams banned same items, most likely you will see the banning of other certain core items, such as black cleaver, bork, or protobelt. Now that means more than 50% of the champiosn in the game become a lot, lot weaker, and many players are left with nothing that can comfortably play, along with Riot having to deal with a balancing nightmare of who's too strong one all core items are gone. This idea will never work until we double or triple amount of items in the game so each class has multiple options for starting items.
Besteau (NA)
: What do you guys do after a long day at work/school?
When I come home I usually make myself a cup of tea and a little snack to eat, sit there browsing over stuff on my phone, then procrastinate on the computer for the next hour. Not an effective way to get work/homework done, but after a long day I enjoy just sitting there for a while with a warm cup of tea. If I'm having a really bad day I will make myself hot chocolate. Your cats are adorable by the way ^.^
: What are your thoughts on the Aatrox Rework and the current state of Aatrox?
I love his new Visuals, and as far as that part of the update goes, I enjoy it. As for gameplay, his whole kit just isn't that good. His entire kit just revolves around his Q, which isn't a very healthy design. His E is designed to help him hit his Q, his W is designed to help him hit his Q, his ultimate movespeed and damage buff could also be means to hit his Q and increase it's damage a bit. I really wish they would add a little bit more things to his other abilities to make him not just a hit Q win, don't hit Q lose sort of champion, because that strays a little too close to his old design, just instead of being an auto attacker he's now just a Q spammer. I wish they would change his W into something that isn't just a way to hit more Q's and make it a bit more interactive, and give his passive some sort of movement speed buff because as of now it's nearly impossible to hit all three Q's in the knockup section with only one dash. For all you Aatrox mains I'm sorry at what has happened because he really is not that good right now, and probably will stay gutted for a long time until he gets looked at again and Riot realizes that his design isn't much healthier than what it was before.
: Will D4 go down to P1 in the update?
Don't think so, it says floored at D4 which I would assume means you can't drop below D4.
: > [{quoted}](name=MiracleMorg94,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yFu72jmN,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-03-04T13:33:39.730+0000) > > Zhonyas is barely a counter anymore, if that. Zed can ult almost three times in the timespan that the active is down, thanks to Riot nerfing the CDR on it because all the Zed mains cried about it. Plus the armor was nerfed a shit ton too so it doesn't do shit against him. > > He can just kill you right after and then you're right back where you started when you come back to lane- he has ult up again, Zhonyas is down and you can't do shit. > > Tsk. LOL 3 TIMES IN A LIFESPAN? I'M NOT EVEN GONNA DISCUSE THIS WITH YOU, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT LMAOOOOO
I mean with 40% cdr and ultimate hunter which is what most Zed's get, it is 40 seconds. Zhonya's has a 120-second cooldown meaning that he can ult 3 times in the cooldown duration of a Zhonya's, although ulting the same person instantly after you get ult back up is a bit unrealistic.
: Why does Reksai's Burrowed Q not crit?
Because there's no reason for it to crit? The only other abilities that can crit are pantheon Q (if under a certain health) and gangplank Q, and both are targeted like an auto attack. There's is not a single physical damage skillshot that can crit, so I don't see why rek'sais should.
: Vlad W vs Zed R
Vlad W does not make you invulnerable, it only makes you untargetable, which is why abilities such as ignite still damage you in your pool. Since Zed ult had already targeted you, the damage was pretty inevitable, and you should've instead W'ed immediately so he couldn't get any damage off during his ult, making the pop damage nearly nothing.
: Wishlist for Practice Tool
- Allow us to fully stack/charge items, such as spellbinder or tear of the goddess items. Annoying having to spam your abilities a ton in order to stack these items. - Make it so cooldown refresh actually does refresh the cooldown of everything, such as yasuo E still requiring you to wait 6 seconds or so to dash to the same target or having to wait a couple of seconds for lethal tempo to come back up. - Adding on to the level up function of enemy bots, allow us to give them gold as well in order for the bots to actually have items. It kinda sucks having to wait an eternity for the bots to farm up and for them to buy items.
King Zeus (EUNE)
: [+1] High Noon Sylas
Wait, this is actually really good, and fits in with the changes they made to the high noon skin line.
: yasuo nerf needs to be undone.
??? This nerf literally just reverted the buff they gave him when the crit rework came out, this is literally just making him what he was before the crit rework.
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