: Why does matchmaking come up with so many blowouts?
because the balance team decided "we want decided games to end faster" which is the wrong way to look at things the way they should be looking at the game is "why the hell are we even having games that are _decided_? every match **should be** close because the matchmaking should be evenly matching player skill levels as close as possible"
Torkl (EUW)
: 1. Runes. 2. Nerf to almost every tank item in the game. 3. Buffs to almost every single damage item. 4. More gold in every game(platings, shutdowns, drakes and so on) which generally favors damage type champs. 5. Way too many mobility and true dmg skill champs.
it's not actually true damage from skills though if we look at the [champion list](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_champions) and sort by release, the latest champion to have true damage was sylas and that's only if he steals an ult with true damage. Then we have zoe who's bubble has true damage and that's not something that is going to be shredding down a tank, her entire kit is much more about catching and bursting squishies. And then way back in 2016 is Camille who has true damage on her Q which is an actual tank shredder but it isn't really too far reaching out of her role, given she was designed to be a melee top lane duelist champion in similar to fiora or the top lane rare yi. if we look at the [champion list of reworks](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Champion_updates) (again sorting from most recent) the last champion to have actual true damage put into their kit was fiora back in 2015. **HOWEVER** one of the things to note about some of the reworks that _have _ true damage in a sense is a result of the new runes, specifically of course conqueror, which is used by a multitude of reworked champions including irelia, urgot, and mordekaiser (mordekaiser specifically abusing it with his innate passives' % max health magic damage aura which is converted to % true damage because of conq and is one of the most non-talked about but actually broken parts of his kit) You also of course have champions that are just plain and simple overtuned from a stats perspective like kai'sa, who due to how much magic damage her innate passive does is plain and simple unitemizable for survivability
: so about people banning you're champ
Doesn't it change the icon for the champion pool to indicate that a teammate is hovering intent on that champion before you click to ban it? I think it has more to do with selfish, reckless players on autopilot for hate-bans who don't care about their team more than people not knowing that they are decreasing their odds at a victory by sabotaging a teammate
: What if Intent was replaced with Skillful?
it would break him because he would feel no incentive to build crit items he can now immediately start working towards a ravenous hydra to give him big ad and lifesteal and aoe damage or a titanic hydra if he wants the flat health to survive skrimishes and teamfights instead, following up with a second item spear of shojin or cleaver for more windwall uptime. Or if he still wanted attackspeed he could go into either blade of the ruined king or trinity force first for either tank shredding or more burst damage against squishies. Basically if he didn't have any reason to build into crit to dps, he'd start accessing the counter-itemization part of the game much faster. heck we might even see yasuo picked outside of midlane, like in the jungle, where he can freely build into a completed smite-item (like enchantment:bloodrazor) without missing out on his main dps source. Imagine getting surprised ganked because the darius pulled you and now there's a yasuo lifting you off the ground. Having that crit passive actually ties up yasuo's hands a lot more than what you'd think. He's not getting lifesteal or health or armor or cdr or anything if his first two items are always PD/shiv->IE, he has to work on that crit thing for about 6k gold to finish his core. until that 6k is over with he's just a guy with a 20 second windwall and never more than 2k hp heck the ideal yasuo build in project odyssey was actually a lethality yasuo build that somewhat dipped a wee bit into attackspeed. turns out going full into crit items like infinity edge is actually very pricey and very slow tempo.
Xphineas (NA)
: I think if this were to go through, it would be likely supports and ADCs would both build support items, like what used to happen, while a fantastic idea, it can be easily abused
I feel like that issue though, is a simple fix;make it so if someone last hits with the conduit item, other players with the conduit item don't share the gold
: Game modes won't come back, here is why:
there's also the part where they're sinking 25+ million dollars into esports while also having much of the games funding being a large number of stock investors who expect their money back with interest that payback money has to come from somewhere and upkeeping servers for a massive non-paying f2p playerbase is costly as is developing them
: Some current thoughts about Mordekaiser.
so you want a manaless version of taliyah W?
: So I don't really know how to deal with Aatrox. So I decide I'll look up his spells in depth.
it's especially bad because alphabetically speaking, aatrox is in the top left on the champions page and therefore the most likely to be clicked champion assuming someone who has never heard of any of the champions wanted to check the roster and wanted to read up on them in order
Lapis (OCE)
: What do you do as support when adc won't help you ward the bot lane bushes?
ping the bush that's getting abused with enemy missing pings, danger mark pings, and press tab and left click on your trinket to indicate it's on cooldown. while you wait for them to learn you can just play back; support isn't required to move forward to last hit, and at a minimal level all you have to do is just be there to soak minion death exp to become "relevant". Or you could do what every else on this thread is recommending, and be the toxic, unhelpful, person that refuses to teach and help players and attempt to sabotage/get your partner killed, so nothing is learned. Which will cause the problem to continue on in future games, eventually circling back and making you run into the exact same issue in a future games of yours.
: is it weird to imagine that animals have little light voice in their heads?
that's called fear and the running is a reaction response
Zlysium (NA)
: How in the hell would the game play out if item drops weren't random? You get to pick which items you get? Then you end up with everyone running the same items and builds. If you mean making item drops guaranteed but still random which you get. Then sure but in what way? Will it be guaranteed up until you get X amount or maybe minimum 1 guaranteed per npc round? I don't see how this ends up pleasing anyone since even then RNG will still favor some people who get the minimum and then luck still showers them with gifts. I would much prefer a secondary weighting system that adds weight to champions you're super close to 3starring. Lacking a single champion and then requiring 20+ gold in refreshes until they show up is f**king depressing.
> [{quoted}](name=Zlysium,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7PIQwxAn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-20T02:42:02.038+0000) > > How in the hell would the game play out if item drops weren't random? You get to pick which items you get? actually dota underlords lets you pick out of 3 choices and it seems to work great for them
: Pyke is just 1 year old and this will be his third skin, ROFL Jinx already have a lot of skins and her last one have been realased not even year ago. Rito srsl? That fkin favoritism and money hype. But great video tho, I must appreciate this.
BuT gUyS its nOt Project Ahri so we dun gooD rite?
: Can we get an option to not be matched with premade groups?
Not gonna happen. Riot's way too afraid to damage that part of the playerbase. If such an option existed and a sizable number of solo-players decide to opt out, then the people that often play in a group have their queue lengths heightened. You might of course have the opinion of "screw'em, I'm not having fun, and I'm just as much a customer as those people" but riot values people playing with their friends much, much more than a person playing solo. A person who's playing in a premade most likely set up that group by pulling someone who probably doesn't even play (or want to play) league to begin with which means that, that person effectively is recruiting a new/skeptical player and increasing the playerbase count. Which means they are adding potentially monetizable customers to the game. It also makes it harder to lose a player since asking a friend to play with you forces them to commit time to playing the game to satisfy a friend. It's why riot literally forced dynamicQ for a year even though from the beginning everyone hated it (everyone being, literally every part of the player base including pro players) and collectively asked riot to remove it. It sucks of course, for the individual player that riot caters to the business/investor/market side when it comes to game decisions like this, but it's the cold reality and decisions like this have been happening for years. At best we can hope they do what dota did to premades and make it so if the premades are acting toxic, that reporting one member of the pre-made counts as a hit against all of them (which vastly discourages premade toxicity against non-group-members).
: *Just* Sion? Or other tanks as well?
Galio when he was played mid/top, if you looked up any rune pages for him on sites like opgg or championgg, aftershock was the most popular, but this weird electrocute keystone build was the highest winrate+second most popular rune page. I've never taken that keystone myself, but I can only assume it works since galio's natural trading combo involves E->passive->w->q->passive which is plenty for triggering electrocute (and obviously it works well with aftershock too).
Shaian (EUW)
: Why I think Zyra's design approach after MYMU was wrong
Giving zyra massive aoe plant spawn triggers on her spells to the point that you don't have to aim them took away so much skill expression from her
Sillae (NA)
: Players: We want Nexus Blitz to be a Permanent Mode!
there is a "tested" playerbase/market for it though... ..in china. which is where the majority of dota autochess playerbase has been playing from since january. And we all know how much riot has been focusing on the chinese markets over their own NA audience (ahem rivenwukong balance) and honestly, they shouldn't care about the NA boards, it's an extremely small minority. You look at the most popular post on the front page and it usually has less than 20k views. Most don't even get past 5k views. Half the posts you see on the frontpage have less than 20 upvotes. One or two will occasionally surpass 100 votes. and these posts are supposed to be the most popular mind you. as a business, riot only sees numbers and those weak numbers make the boards a minority. welcome to being the 2nd rate minority customer, where requests and pleas like nexus blitz or urf mode are addressed maybe once every few months
: Oh boy, got a hextech chest for my S rank game!
you could try to get mastery 6 and 7 on all champions with each one costing like 2k-3k BE each to unlock per champion, it's something you could sink that excess BE into.
GankLord (NA)
: I want a new champion that has to commit
too bad for you, they're not going to do it Riot redefined the term "assassin" to no longer mean "focuses on 100-0 priority targets" ,but instead to mean "100-0s priority targets using mobility to both enter and escape". Which is why they label champions like rengar/nocturne/pantheon as a "diver" and not an assassin. Because every assassin needs some way to pull out. Which is why every new assassin champion is given mobility to do exactly that, pull out with zero room for punishment if they were to go in at a bad time. And since the label of assassin is much broader and sells more, and "diver" to them is a subrole, they will never make a champion that has genuine combat commitment.
Subdue (NA)
: Mathematically speaking, you're about as well off with BE as you were with IP
it feels like garbage because every time you get exp after a match you feel unrewarded. it takes about 7 wins (first win of the days) to get a level up which awards you with a capsule with shards worth a total on average around 1k BE. 6 of those wins leading up to the capsule feel completely empty because there is no reward beyond exp that can't be used for anything. the 7th one where I level up? I get to check the shops/disenchant the shards to handle my rewards. Even if in the old system, a single game wasn't enough to get a tangible reward in the old system, it does create a visible linear growth that makes me feel like I am genuinely inching to my goal. (even though in the old system you could sink your IP into things like extra hextech chests or champion shards or even really dumb meme runes for dumb meme runepages like full armor rune pages or full gp/10). when 6/7 games I play don't feel rewarding at the end of the game, and I ask myself "do I want to play another" and the answer is "no" then of course the system as a whole is failing. Overwatch's system works because it's completely tied to a cosmetic non-gameplay-influencing skin system. I don't feel like I'm missing out on a new champion or a completely new gameplay experience by not leveling up. When I get a bunch of useless icons and a quote from a level up crate in overwatch, it's a pleasant bonus surprise for playing rather than me feeling like I'm finally getting the paycheck in the mail that I've been needing.
Moody P (NA)
: Why would Klepto be a support rune? They're the least gold dependent role.
because they are the most consumable dependent klepto also awards wards and potions (including mana). it's also highly expected of supports to spend their entire laning phase poking and interacting with their lane opponent than farming minions giving them the most opportunities at triggering it when runes reforged came out and klepto was revealed, a rioter even mentioned it being designed around support champions like sona and zyra who are heavy on harass.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Prestige Caitlyn Splash updated!
Going to play devil's advocate here but they probably are against moving her head (and therefore her neck) due to how the head is supposed to line up with the scope of the gun (and also be "behind" the stock from a perspective sense). It's not drawn and I have no evidence that they did, but I can only assume in concept sketches and rough drafts, that they have lines on how caitlyn's eye would have to line up to peer into the scope properly, and that to re-draw either the gun (which is like half the image) or the head would be too much work (compared to redrawing her chest).
: I disagree. Almost every time I see {{champion:54}} lose, and they become a boring lane. Even if you win, or even if he has clear counterplay. hes just not that fun to play against. {{champion:157}} a well hated champion where hes completely trash, loses games, and just has one toxic ability that just make it completely unfun to play agsinst. But hey. if the Wall is down, there is a window of Counterplay. 24 second CD, thats pretty fair. {{champion:1}} a forgotten champion thats also pretty low in winrates. where she has a you die now button with flash tibbers. or a champion i just despise {{champion:34}} I hate playing against her. Shes not fun. however shes fair. Simply some champs isnt that fun. even if they're bad or even fair. You can even get other games in the mix, Bullet hell games, darkest dungeon(which is just RNG sim) and maybe the darksouls games. They're pretty unfair. BUT they're still fun. A champions can still be impossible to win against Like some DoomBots. But they are still fun to play against. Now I cant say what champions are fun to play against. as fun is different from people to people. Or what champ you play against what. But I can give an example, I find it fun to play as {{champion:27}} against {{champion:203}} and try to toss her out of her own ult.
everything you've said supports OP's point though you find singed fun against kindred because singed is doing something that wins. Winning is fun. You only have fun when you win. You have fun when you do something that makes that kindred lose. Is the kindred having fun on the other side when that happens? Is it fun to lose your ult? no. Zero sum game. And the fun you had was made in winning or doing something that leads to winning. Find an instance or match up where you have fun getting destroyed to prove OP's argument wrong. One where you don't get salty or upset or annoyed and say "I only lost because X" and instead you step back and applause and say good fight well played. One where you'd be okay with that happening again because it's fair. That's actually having fun without winning. (PS, setting a sidegoal like "I want X KDA and don't care which nexus explodes at the end" doesn't count as not-winning, there needs to be genuine commitment to the win objective that was failed for it to count as a non-win, going "well at least I set and beat my own personal goal" isn't being happy in defeat, it's being happy that you won on the side). You'd be very hard pressed to find an instance where genuine defeat happens and players are actually happy. No one likes to lose. Find an instance where you didn't have satisfaction or a good feeling after destroying someone, shutting them down and winning the game. And if that moment is followed by "well they're gonna respawn quick" or "I'm gonna have to go through that ordeal again", then that doesn't really count since it's quite clear that there wasn't a full win against them. No champion is fun to play against because every opponent is an obstacle which will apply pressure and therefore stress and we all hate stress
: Karma mains asked for a gameplay update. We did not ask for number buffs.
it doesn't matter if no one asked for number buffs if you wanted actual game health and gameplay fixes then that era of morello-gamehealth-balancing is gone. All they do is set up balance levers of numeric fixes and then flip the switches when the winrates reach the threshold. It doesn't matter if those number changes fail to address the actual gameplay concerns of the playerbase. All the balance team wants to see is those winrate/playrate/banrate percentages at acceptable values and then they can call it a good job game fixed and go home.
Rockman (NA)
: >Pyke goes toplane
and good riddance
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Karma, Lux and Brand support should not be a thing as long as auto-fill support exists
I feel like most people that pick damage mages in support role.... ...are the people who got autofilled. like they wanted to play damage mage midlane. The game said "no u play support instead buddy". So they play damage mage botlane in support role. Which I can only assume is why riot's balance team never nerfed them fully out of the support role. Support's a bottleneck for queue times, most queues are waiting on getting a support to play (well, except for like the past few months where jungle was made so terrible that it became the autofill role).
: Give Blind Pick role selection
or since they are happy to rip ideas off of dota just do what dota does for it's allpick mode where there's a map and you can just click and drag where you want to lane. No shouting in chat. no people spamming chat with copy pastes of how "I said mid first look my copy paste shows it"
: Nah there was a keystone that had a knights vow effect on it
I assume you refer to [Bond of Stone](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Bond_of_Stone) the boring 4% damage reduction keystone (boring as in that personal damage reduction didn't change your playstyle at all), that let you absorb non-relevant amounts of damage from your teammates? (cause let's face it, 6% damage reduction for a squishy adc is not gonna save anything). was replaced like midway through the season with the "cc enemy champions to mark them, allies attacking marked champions heal".
: > is just a really buff dude in chains which doesn't exactly scream interesting character no real stand out features besides his shackles Is intended to be an escaped convict leading a revolution. >suffers from the same, her void symbiote looking like something you'd see in rule 34 rather than as living eldritch body armor Is intended to be a high speed marksman, and seriously, you can cover up the chest with her helmet. How are people still offended by the cleavage?
why is Slyas buff and clean looking if the man is an escaped convict? I'd assume he'd be scarred physically in some form and there should be some nod to his magical side like having some runes or elemental part to him that indicates he's a magical man of sort. Kai'sa is intended to be a human that lived so long in the void that she cannot merge back into society (they specify this in her lore-comic that she's basically indistinguishable from the void creatures she hunts to normal humans). She's supposed to be fused with her symbiote to the point of unrecognizability and supposed to look horrible enough that Kassadin (her father) wants vengeance against Malzahar (the guy who put her through this). She looks fine, clean and in control. She should look on par with Kassadin for physically warped if not worse than that.
: When you're feeding as new Mordekaiser, and you spot a 3/15/4 Yasuo in your sights:
whenever I lose lane top, but my midlaner won their lane and the enemy team decides to lane swap so me the shit player gets matched with the enemy's shit player
: Is "Playing a Simple Champion" an Insult?
An insult only goes as far as the receiver accepts it. Don't let them get to you. That being said, a lot of people are going to hop onto this thread to tell you that either: 1."Simple champions force you to compensate due to a lack of tools", which is not true at all. You don't play Garen any differently in how you approach situations. The combo of silence into spin is always going to be the way he's played. You could make the point that knowing when to go in is the skillcheck, but knowing when to go in as say, an Amumu is just as valid. Either way you are analyzing the situation as a champion, it's just one of them had to fire a skillshot that costs mana to go in, the other right clicked. 2."Simple champions are harder because they require you to play other parts of the game" (such as the macro or the itemization parts) which makes no sense at all. Every champion in the game requires you to play other parts of the game. Dodging skillshots, splitpushing and picking items isn't exclusive to one set of champions, _**everyone has to do them**_. The part where the champion also in addition has to aim and lead the skillshots they shoot or juggle an axe or combo a barrel, that's just another ball to juggle which is why it's considered complex. Finally, complexity in league isn't really... a thing to boast or care about. Dota has complex mechanics and heroes that require good micro of abilities and units under control, immunity interaction knowledge and strategic oversight of the entire map. This game can mostly be boiled down in gameplay to focusing on one task at a time be it simply CSing or getting your team to group up for baron. League is a casual experience at it's core. Always remember to good luck and have fun with it.
Spotty (NA)
: why do people buy early access games?
if the game in it's current state is fun and enjoyable for what it is, then I'd buy it. Whole point of games is to have fun and pass time. That and it supports the devs if I like them. I don't at all regret getting slay the spire or oxygen not included before their full releases.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=T2ZPHbax,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-02T21:43:26.808+0000) > > Sona just needs to be nerfed that isnt why it works.
the balance team doesn't care and will nerf anyways
: Inb4 "nO tAnK mEtA, ThAt MeTa Is ShIt" I mean, I rather playing in a tank meta than a meta where everyone one shot you for no reason at all. Or when you got half your HP removed by one spell at lvl 1
but bruisers should be the default top lane meta! don't you love facing jayce, rivens, pantheons and renektons in every match? don't you love getting firstblood cheesed at level 2 by a jax or irelia or tryndamere and then being locked out of laning for the rest of the game because walking near them will kill you? Isn't it the best when you _**don't**_ have to face a shen who bought {{item:3751}} as their first item, completely shutting them out from going near you under your turret, and who only last hits passively in lane? How could you possibly hate having this {{champion:107}} {{summoner:14}} in your top lane?
: GROUNDBREAKING IDEA RIOT: Matchmaking queue "Quality / Time Slider"
They can't because it will increase queue times. Queue times matter because league of legends is contrary to popular belief, the least popular moba out there with the smallest playerbase. Which is why they can't afford alternate gamemodes and they have to try and had to shut down every alternate game mode they have ever built. If so much as one person queues differently then the remaining 9 other players who still play this game can't play (this kills the video game). This change you've proposed, messes that up and as such is an impossibility.
: The case for point-and-click hard CC
The majority of mobile champions are melee range and it's extremely predictable where they are going to be. if they were "so hyper mobile that they are completely immune to skillshots" then the majority of champions in this game would be unviable. They aren't. It doesn't matter if camille/yasuo/riven can move fast. They kill you (or your teammates) by either autoing you at melee range or using their melee range abilities (at you guessed it, melee range). Aiming at (or preparing to aim at) someone who's going to be next to you isn't hard.
: Yeah that's why i said that about the cd that will be less, but it's still a **lot** of cd. Let's be honest, before the introduction of Dark Harvest, Karthus was a meme champ. "Hard to play" "Extremely easy to gank" "Only CC is a slow" "Half of the champ pool can dodge his ult" "Nowdays there are many items that makes his ult useless" Karthus was never touched and of all sudden he is broken? It's just the typical case where a champ has to be nerfed only because a keystone.
don't forget the first rune in the sorcery tree is literally a free maw of malmortius passive that specifically absorbs karth ult when it matters and that's been in the game since the runes came out
: Jayce is dog on ARAM lol He spends 100+ mana to poke one guy with Q every 16s and the Q is blocked by units, he doesn't do anything other than that, every other long range champs either pokes and/or teamfights better than him.
mana literally does not matter in that game mode you get so much mana just for existing that it's impossible to run out unless you are deliberately hammering your buttons off cooldown on zero enemies just to see the fireworks
: kalistas ult yuumi does not want to be in the middle of the enemy adc and support for when the support chucker chucks u at them only way It would be beneficial for yuumi is if to save her but kalistias want to ult u in for the knockup
> [{quoted}](name=Bulletproof Car,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=niPATxdE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-20T21:46:57.581+0000) > > kalistas ult yuumi does not want to be in the middle of the enemy adc and support for when the support chucker chucks u at them > only way It would be beneficial for yuumi is if to save her but kalistias want to ult u in for the knockup Since you don't seem to know how Kalista's ult works, I will be the nice guy and tell you: when kalista ults, the champion who was launched collides with champions (knocking them up), and **then** _is put at their maximum attack range away from who they collided with_ this means any ranged support will land 550 units away from their enemy (since their attack range is about 550) Yuumi in particular can also press W to immediately latch her way out of danger while the enemy is being knocked up ensuring she takes no damage from this interaction.
: "Their context of play is still only 0,001% of the player base."
because the other 99.999% play their best to imitate them when you play basket ball and your coach tells you to approach the net to do a lay up by running in this specific direction, it's because that's what the pros do and they want you to imitate and be as good as the best players so you can be better than them. And even if you aren't imitating them, and you learned from someone else, then you are imitating someone who got their strategy imitating someone else; who if you follow the chain of learning , leads to the best players. Who are who we are talking about.
Galiö (NA)
: Things that dont make much sense about Galio
it's because he's magical that's literally all you need to know doesn't matter if you think it is a massive cop out of an explanation, it's magic. It's supposed to break the rules and follow other ones and probably break those rules too. Galio just happens to use and is made of, anti-other-magic-magic.
: Surefire Way to Improve the Game
would chug performance even worse and people are already struggling with the client that they need to close it to reach reasonable framerates bad idea next
: Why don't supports take Kleptomancy?
Here's what happens in league of legends as a support when you go attack the adc with autos: You walk up to them. You auto attack the enemy carry who has 550 attack range with your 550 attack range. They attack you back. They have AD items. You don't. You lose that trade. If it's caitlyn, then you take an extra auto when you move into attack range, and an extra one when you move out because balanced 650 attack range. This has been how it's been historically since the very beginning of the game. There is a reason why spellthiefs edge and it's entire line of items triggers off of spell damage. There is no "safe support harass with ranged autos" botlane. There is a reason why champions like Soraka and Morgana and Sona go spellthiefs and max their non-interactive no-counterplay no-dodge abilities. You aren't going to see these champions with 20 armor and the lowest base AD in the game trading autos with someone that started dorans blade and has a BF sword on the first recall. What does Klepto change about this in terms of security? You gain like 50 attack range which means nothing, you are still going to be chunk'd for trying to use your rune. If you are playing an enchanter and think "well I'll shield myself before the auto", well at best you do that and get a mana potion to make up for the mana cost of casting a shield to begin with. What productivity was done there? And the danger rises the further you go into the game, trading autos against an infinity edge is like using a wooden sword against a dragon. It's just way too risky. Oh and if you are melee champion obviously klepto is a massive liability compared to any other keystone choice. You are taking 2-4 autos just to get in range of someone and 2-4 just to get out. This auto damage does not include the damage from minions that will also dog you down and creepblock you for trying.
: Healing and Sustain Creep is a Neglected Discussion that has Caused Huge Balance Issues
>**Just a reminder that old masteries only offered 2% life steal and spellvamp.** literally the first mastery choice in resolve (the mastery tree before we had runes reforged) was health regen (or you could pick x% bonus resist) so I don't know about you saying **only** lifesteal/spellvamp. There was also a feast mastery option in the ferocity tree where last hitting gave a burst of health. A long with dangerous game in the cunning tree which gave health and mana back on takedown. In fact the first 4 choices you made into any of the 3 mastery trees covered sustain in some regard. The mastery trees before we even had keystones increased potion duration (utility), flat spellvamp (utility), flat lifesteal (utility), health regen (defense), a free starting biscuit (utility), and the feast (offense) mastery which gave health for each minion unit killed instead of being locked to a big burst heal cooldown. Also indirectly, you could also start with extra starting gold (+40) to buy an extra health potion (health potions cost 35 gold back then). Maybe you have forgotten but there was a lot of sustain options back then. This was, by the way, a time when you could get 5 health per auto attack for buying a _doran's blade at level 1_. And this insane healing worked on any attack including minions.
: Whoever said Vayne has a weak early game lied
to be fair what you've seen probably has more to do with skill gap if the vayne player is really attentive and maybe mains adcs/vayne and has the super mindset of "I gotta auto every enemy champion in range, every single time, punish them perfectly the entire game, while staying safe and minding their punishing abilities" then they are going to control their lane if not win it by virtue of outscaling/snowballing. And some of those players have had 8+ years of practice for that.
Brindar (NA)
: Hextech Jarvan walk animation
they updated a variety of champions walk cycles (namely those with leaning) like lee sin, lux, shen, twisted fate in an effort to make their hitboxes fairer in that they would match their model's position. The issue is this wasn't tested enough so they look very awkward and cheap and weird. Like the champions got sticks up their backs.
Moody P (NA)
: "I only need one shot" - Ashe
"my aim is ~~steady~~ spraying a 60 degree cone"
Solargeo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GOAWlkZd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-04T12:51:32.396+0000) > > Because most tank item abusers haven't been ranged. > > The most recent tank item abuse (Barring champion-specific abuse, which is a special case) I can think of was tank Ekko/Fizz/Yasuo, none of which are ranged. > > The reason that there aren't more ranged/melee splits is because, for the most part, items *can* be balanced around both, simply because there's not many ADCs or mages that really want to delve into defenses more than necessary, because otherwise they lose too much damage. The only hard and fast ones have been those rare instances where an item was inherently broken on the unintended class - hydras on ranged, for instance - or where it gives an effect Riot does *not* want to let ranged (or melee) champions have because it'd just be a case of the former. I heard Yasuno gets armor pen for no reason after ulting. if no take that out and give his abilites long cool down.
yasuo gets armor pen post ult because on release they intended for him to be viable both top lane and mid lane if he's going top lane, he needs to be able to duel/kill tanks, which if he can't because they build a chain vest, defeats the purpose of having a lane winner duelist type champion there. Same deal why darius gets armor pen, or garen gets armor pen, or j4 gets armor pen, or wukong gets armor pen, or fiora gets true damage, or jax gets hybrid dmg or irelia gets true damage or shyvana gets % hp dmg, or you get the point
Wyrin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MysticShaker,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dkq0UrTt,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-04-03T20:27:58.330+0000) > > So is Apex legends. But despite Rito games Respawn does not ruin their game balance for e-sport or skin sales. > And they (respawn) have much more fcked up publisher behind their back - EA/Respawn vs Tencent/Rito. Apex Legends also hasn't been out for nearly a long enough time to run into these problems or have them identified, so your point is mute. Believe me, a couple months from now there will be plenty of forums with people having just as many bad things to say as they do about League. Also, Respawn made Apex with EA having little to no knowledge of the product, Riot was bought out by Tencent after the game was already made, with a presumably strict contract in place letting Tencent have more of a say in Riot's finance decisions. If anything Riot had a more fucked up publisher behind their back. Basically don't state such a clearly biased opinion in such a matter of fact manner. This thread was meant to celebrate a game being free to play, not another forum for you to trash it because you lose games and have the emotional resilience of a toddler.
> [{quoted}](name=Wyrin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=dkq0UrTt,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-04-03T20:36:46.536+0000) > > Apex Legends also hasn't been out for nearly a long enough time to run into these problems or have them identified, so your point is mute. Believe me, a couple months from now there will be plenty of forums with people having just as many bad things to say as they do about League. Also, Respawn made Apex with EA having little to no knowledge of the product, Riot was bought out by Tencent after the game was already made, with a presumably strict contract in place letting Tencent have more of a say in Riot's finance decisions. If anything Riot had a more fucked up publisher behind their back. Basically don't state such a clearly biased opinion in such a matter of fact manner. This thread was meant to celebrate a game being free to play, not another forum for you to trash it because you lose games and have the emotional resilience of a toddler. I love the hatred and immaturity you can visibly see from this post. From the clear 1 downvote "I disagree" to the guy you are responding to, to the saying that emotional rageposting is bad immediately juxtaposed by the ad hominem attack of comparing them to a toddler. There's even clear cut straw grasping part where they immediately expect Apex to corrupt and go sour. And then they go on to hiss at the premise of bias! aaah. Oh and they also said mute instead of moot on the first line. This is like the prime essence of the boards. Everything wrong, everything hypocritical, everything biased. Perfect specimen. 10/10
: Feels like everyone forgets that Neeko can disguise as other champions
because no one cares, and the concept of catching someone by surprise doesn't exist your opponent doesn't care who you are they just want to stack 5 bleed dots on you and dunk you the fact that you have a healthbar that indicates you are on the opposing team is all the information they need and they will treat you all the same regardless of what champion model you have the premise of bamboozling your opponent by pretending to be someone else doesn't matter if everyone plays hyper aggro champions with the "I'm the hero in my own singleplayer world" mentality where you never have to consider what your opponent is doing or react to what they are doing since the only power that matters is hitting your enemy first and hitting your enemy hard.
Manxxom (NA)
: Nothing will screw your mind over more than this
I mean you could go super nihilistic and expand on this there is no reason why we should bother with any letter or language as our primary form of communication there is no reason why we should bother with communication at all there is no reason why we should bother with helping each other there is no reason why we should bother helping ourselves there is no reason to keep going on since nothing that happens will affect anything in the grand scheme of it all
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