: you will get the unfinished new laggy client and you will like it
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: My GF has been dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide and numerous times after a match she would break down crying because of some of the shit people would say to her in game. I've seen people insult her, her play style, call her a waste of space, telling her to kill herself, etc etc. When she brings up the fact that she has tried to kill herself before the players would respond with something like "try again and do it rigth this time". Everytime I saw this happen I would report it and give a very detailed account of what happened and yet nothing is ever done.
Yep that sounds about right, nothing happens. ^_^ 5/5 riot customer service would kms again
Wuks (NA)
: Support Singed isn't banable, but that's not the point.
What do you mean play to win? People flame, int, feed, and singlehandedly flame their teammates into losing games, but don't get as much attention as this does from Riot, and ONE OF THEM is a far more systemic issue in this game.
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: Advantage: Free sustain, vision, and escape. Disadvantage: Accidentally clicking it, especially team fights LOL.
There's no point telling advantages. Both teams get them. Why not give everyone 0 flash cooldown? That's an advantage, except it's pretty fucking dumb
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
"That said, games played during the preseason will have some impact on where you place at the start of the season." Alright, what the fuck, can we at least have SOME downtime where I don't need to stress about ranked?
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: Take 5 minutes to clean that screen. Looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years. It might even help your LP gain.
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Statikk (NA)
: Assassins Pre-Season Class Update - Systems Tweaks and Smaller Scale Updates
Why the fuck make this needlessly complicated? This is the best you guys can come up with?
Elikain (EUNE)
: Evelynn (or any champion for that matter) should be appealing for the majority of the player base, not just her dedicated mains. I used to be an Eve main and the thing that turned me off was the constant AP Jungle item iterations (i really felt her damage spike with Magus enchantment, Runegliave was bad and Runic Echo is somewhere in the middle) and her nerfs to revolve around these item purchases. Her kit is just outdated and that makes it binary, IMHO. It's bad not because she was designed badly but because the abilities no longer work as advertised because all the new champions and mechanics came to League. It did not withstand the test of time. The thing is, her stealth mechanic is her core ability that is this strong and because it is, the rest of her kit needs to be bellow average because the stealth play pushes you over the edge with her. The thing is, once people learn how to counter you (ward your camps and play conservatively), you'd rarely get the opportunity to do anything and you feel like the 10th wheel in the team - just a useless champion that doesn't have any fallback mechanics to rely on. I really hope her Assassin Update would bring something new to the table but if it doesn't, her VGU is guaranteed. So in terms how much you should expect from this update, probably Swain level of tuning that won't delete her from the VGU Timeline.
There's no reason for every champion to appeal to every player. That just makes them extremely homogenous. It's unfair to decide that every champion must be amazing and all great. That's not only not possible but not a good idea. One should understand that variation exists among champions.
Reav3 (NA)
: When we get to her full VGU her ult would almost certainly be on the table for change. To respond to the post below. I think that Eve's fantasy is that of a Assassin even though she currently functions as a Diver. When we do full VGU's we usually want to make sure the gameplay/narrative/art all feel cohesive which would most likely mean pushing her gameplay more towards a Assassin rather then a Diver.
Just don't insist that making her more complicated is really the solution. Occam's razor is an element I believe riot forgets.
: I've made a horrible mistake
That's why downvotes and upvotes are all entirely stupid.
: Why is there not an mastery that makes so u can have 2 pink wards out?
I actually disagree. This is complicated. It's just not a good mastery because you would need to balance this mastery with another similarly intriguing mastery. That's just power creep right there- unless you don't mind it or something. We don't have any other masteries that can compete with a double pink mastery. And also note the incredibly small amount of wards that most % of players purchase.
Leonerdo (NA)
: Patch 6.18 isn't for you. It's for the pros.
: Patch 6.18 notes
This is a great patch!!!
Sukishoo (NA)
: >Not sure if this can't be done because of copyright stuff but instead of a superman "S", vi can just have a "Vi" or "V". They could do it, I mean they have Super Teemo after-all which is a Superman reference.
Ahhh right.. Well so much the better then!
TFBaam (NA)
Well, everything has got to be better than nexus siege.
: Cass could use a new one. Not sure about illaoi she is pretty new of a champ and not sexy either {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
^ That's exactly why riot knows who they can pander to.
: New fiora in game model
I can't tell the difference What's the difference lol? I can only tell her hair.
: Dodgeball Ahri?
LOL that's great
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: 16 of the top 20 winrates are ranged champions right now
LOL that's a good point. Well I guess it's riot's meta, the early game meta. It's still early game-focused. Not as much as 6.6 era, but still quite a bit.
: And that Annie line, You wanna play too? It'll be fun! Anivia too. https://67.media.tumblr.com/d893e0966aef64d25d23742d1254c28a/tumblr_nequjkVuS01sdk5d7o1_500.gif Jeez rito wut u thinkin
I actually don't see how that's too bad at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bulbonic plague,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=s6xN11X0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-07-28T04:40:13.808+0000) > > That's understandable, however why have I seen threads before which directed players to do this via a player support ticket? > And furthermore, the support ticket directs me to the forums for player moderation in the first place. > > And suppose... On top of my previous question- > I get a message from an unspecified person whom adds me, and I'm unfamiliar with him. He gives me an ad to a boosting website, encouraging me to use it, then removes me. > This is smart because I'm unable to report him at all now. In cases where the person didn't report them in game for whatever reason, we'll direct them to put in a support ticket. If people name & shame on the Boards, the messaging we send directs them there as well because it's assumed if they're trying to report them on the Boards, they chose not to in-game or weren't able to. Some will recommend to people to do it anyway, even if they reported in-game. However, that's fairly pointless as it only takes reporting them once to have that game reviewed and just contributes to Player Support being backlogged with tickets thus delaying their ability to respond to players. If you add someone you don't know, my question is "Why did you add them?" You're opting in to a conversation at that point with no idea what that person is going to say to you. They do this because they know people will add them. At that point, it's too late to heed the advice of "Don't add people you don't know" so your only resort is to screenshot the message and send in a ticket to Player Support. You'll get a copy/paste reply and they'll look into it and ban the account, but they won't ever tell you that. It's the same thing we do here on the Boards.
Thank you. However are you saying the report system takes up a case even with one report? Thanks for corresponding so far- Said person also openly explained that he was capable of his attitude post-game because post-game chat was not logged in the system at all. Which was exactly where he decided to shine up. My case is simply that there was extremely larcenous attitude, if reviewed and seen, would decidedly be reported. Just for instance- If this man threw out: Racial, religious, ethnic slurs, excessive cursing, death threats, etc etc, then my predicament would be that nothing has been processed. Let's just take for instance, that this WAS done and said by the person- then assuredly there's very little question, I suppose? (Unless it is true that post-game chat isn't tribunable'able. My intent is just to fill in the gaps for what hasn't been done, because I'm informed whenever one of my reports are acted on. If you add someone you don't know, my question is "Why did you add them?" Um, technically I did not add them. They added me. Sorry if my wording was confusing. I logged on and a friend request was waiting for me. I was unsure if I should decline it, but I didn't remember the name. I accepted this request because I was enthusiastic that perhaps I just forgot someone's name I played with the night before, and it simply turns out to be an ad bot. I wasn't concerned about this myself at all- I just had in question if riot would have wanted anything to be done because otherwise, there is no report I have to carry out. But I'm not sure I understand if you understand me- "Don't add people you don't know" Doesn't seem like very good advice- if someone adds me post game, I would technically not know them at all. And also, for instance, in my example, I don't suppose that I was doing wrong by accepting a request. I wasn't personally troubled by this issue. However I had imagined that you would find it significant because this is a loophole exploit for the ad bot.
: you are being a baby. hence the thumbsdown
In what way? Checking to what extent the League tribunal system allows me to go, and doing my best to report toxic players is being a baby? And thumbs down is useful in what way? In my OP I'm just suggesting that a thumbs down is actually a useless thing to do for a post like this, and that I'm more concerned that people think it's useful in any way. I was under the impression that league was against flaming. Was I wrong?
Arrowe (NA)
: Leave the lobby
: tl:dr - You already reported them. No need to do it twice. If you reported them in-game, that is the BEST way to report them. Putting them into the automated tribunal system helps better track problem players and remove them from the system. It's only when you can't report them in the client for some reason that you would then look to submit a separate report via a Player Support ticket.
That's understandable, however why have I seen threads before which directed players to do this via a player support ticket? And furthermore, the support ticket directs me to the forums for player moderation in the first place. And suppose... On top of my previous question- I get a message from an unspecified person whom adds me, and I'm unfamiliar with him. He gives me an ad to a boosting website, encouraging me to use it, then removes me. This is smart because I'm unable to report him at all now.
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: @Riot Can Kalistas New splash art be fixed before release.? Her hand is messed up
: 14 Day Suspension.
Wait... you got suspended for that? What the fuck......????
Zuil (NA)
Well, to be fair it's just one of those things people should remember. Riot can't actually implement this. Not only are they unsure who the jungler is, I'm not sure people want to enforce a meta this strongly. And for instance I can sometimes not end up fixing masteries. But the game shouldn't tell me- although I think the pre-game timer should be longer. I once took strength of the ages on Lux in a ranked game... I did lose that one, yep.
: Looking for ACtive mid laner mains and top laner mains Silver-Plat
I'm just curious, but why are you looking for people in such a wide range lol
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elduris (NA)
: You can already [submit a ticket to player support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), if the player's attitude was really that egregious. Watching a replay of the game won't tell the support specialist anything they wouldn't know by reading chat logs and looking at match history. So, you've pretty much got the system you were hoping for already.
Wait what? When I try to use the ticket support link you showed me, if you go through the steps it ends up just telling you to go to the boards.
: The Reintroduction of Tickets
Wait what? that one feeder that you ask to report..... and in response everyone in lobby honors him. Why would that happen?
Jetjoe (NA)
: Please start adding perma bans for AFK players more often
That's not a permaban, that's just a ban. Doesn't riot already ban for that?
: Found a boosted player, but not sure who has boosted them.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: Teleport should stay nerfed
I kind of disagree, but entirely because of bias. Because I suck at laning I have the habit of just getting kills and snowballing from teleports. Since I play lux exclusively in lane, when I do teleport, at least pre-nerf, I generally made a decent impact. However the increase of one second to 4.5 basically means all teleports, even for counter-ganks are now far less effective, and will probably encourage me to stop running teleport on 100% of my games as Lux for good. I'm personally not sure if I like this change because it relegates teleport to an almost purely lane presence use to just waveclear a giant push. There is not much else it will be able to be used for as effectively, I think.
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: Watching the first 15 seconds of the video and I can tell you, yeah pretty much. Works for all champions that can initiate trades flexibly. Look for an opportunity to spook the shit out of your opponent, do so, and get the early game advantage. There are multiple variations of how to do this. In the first clip, all he's doing is abusing cooldowns. Notice how the TF in the video farms with his cards right away. If TF does this, he has literally nothing else to defend himself from a trade. He can't Q and kite, he can't test his E on the following auto attack duel, and he certainly can't W after literally just burning it right away. He is utterly defenseless and that's the perfect opportunity to literally walk right up to him and smack him a bit. This can apply in a lot of situations really. You know how Junglers keep track of flashes so they know who to hunt down again within the next 5 minutes? Well think of that at its base level: If your target doesn't have an important cooldown to defend themselves with, why not go in? Target doesn't have flash? Dive them. Target doesn't have literally the only basic ability they have at level 1? Go in. It's that simple.
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D3m37r1 (NA)
: When u think about it, the players kinda helped with the malz rework.
What???? WE'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEZHAR? NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I THOUGHT THIS WAS ENTIRELY RIOT'S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!???????
: A quick summary of the Gameplay boards
Honestly I don't really give a shit. The system isn't perfect but it works. I never had the joy of the supposed golden age of SoloQ, however what's here works alright. I can see that the current system essentially just causes more stress because of dynamicQ's effect on winrate randomness for SoloQ players, however you just need to play more games as a result.
: git gud
Do you guys realize snake town is kind of joking? Just because OP is colorblind doesn't mean you can't joke around. I assure you snake town doesn't legitimately insist OP should "get good".
: {{champion:134}} tears my balls off and pelts me with them ._.
: What can be done about Annie?
Um I play lux midlane into her and she literally ignores the minions and just pushes me to tower. Not even fizz does that. Fizz still has to respect the minion wave, but Annie can solo just push me back tower. I have to poke her from absolute max range because Annie can flash ult me and I die instantly. So if I get close enough to hit spells accurately it puts me within flash ult range, which will cause me to die instantly, although I could get a first item QSS in lane. I had a few games recently where I laned against Annie's. I zoned them pre-6, however post-6, my annies leave their stun up permanently. This means I cannot get within flash-ult range. Otherwise I will die every 5 minutes. They actually just sit right outside my turret range and taunt me. Jungler ganks can't save my lane. Annie support should be meta.
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